ADV: Duty Of A Child

Recently, a not-so-close-friend of mine called me up out of the blue.


This friend of mine, I don’t hang out with on a regular basis. In fact, I don’t know him very well at all. All I know is that he’s around my age, drives around in a luxury car and claims to draw a handsome 5-figure monthly income. I also know he’s somewhat of a self-made entrepreneur, having come from a poor humble background and built his own business entirely from ground up.

But the fact remains that we’re not that close friends, so when he called me up after not seeing me for about 12 months, I knew it wasn’t an invitation to go out for a beer.


He said to me, “Kenny, I need a favour from you.”

Sure man, what can I do for you?”

I’d like to borrow some money from you, if possible.”

Well, how much are you talking about?”


“WHAT!!?!?!” I literally jumped up from my chair in shock. “What the heck you need that much money for?”


Apparently, this friend of mine had borrowed some money from his friendly neighbourhood Ah Long. And now, because he couldn’t pay, he found himself in trouble with the loan sharks.

I probed him further for answers. He revealed the real reason he needed money urgently was because his mother was hospitalised.

His father, like mine, was no longer around. Being the eldest and the only working child in the family, it was up to him to fork out the cash needed to pay for her medical expenses. When his mother was first hospitalised, his savings dwindled down to zero. He was broke by the time she needed to be re-admitted into hospital. So he approached the easiest people to get a loan from – the sharks.

Eventually, I helped him out. (Not the full amount lah of course.) He was infinitely grateful for that.

To be fair, he has been nice to me despite the limited time I knew him. Part of me scorned at his stupidity approaching Ah Longs for an instant loan, knowing full well all those warnings from the likes of Jack Neo’s movies. Another part of me felt a sense of respect towards him, because he was only fulfilling his filial duty as a child.

And then it got me thinking, what would I do if I were in his situation.


I maybe 27 this year, but I’ve lived long enough to know that life ain’t just gonna throw you sweet roses all the time. I lost my dad 4 years ago. I came face-to-face with this cruel fact of life: that no matter how strong and healthy your parents might seem like right now, eventually they are gonna grow old, eventually they might fall sick.

When that happens, it is up to us to fulfil our responsibility as their child to pay any edical bills that they may incur. There are no two ways around.


This friend of mine, he spent so much time building up his business that he hadn’t the foresight to think about what to do if someone in the family were struck down with a life-threatening illness.

None of his family members has medical insurance. When emergency struck and huge medical bills were needed to be paid, he panicked. He had to sell his car, borrow money from Ah Longs, even swallow his pride and borrow money from not-so-close friends of his.


It could have been worse.

Being the only working child in the family, he himself could have be struck down by illnesses. And if he’s not able to work, who’s gonna take care of his old mother and young siblings?

I’ve known since a long time ago that a life insurance policy is one of those things that every responsible working adult out there must possess. Not just for myself, but also for the benefit of my family. Sure, I am healthy and kicking right now. But who knows what’s gonna happen down the road?

Being insured means I pass on any financial risk I might face to a third party.


If you already have an insurance agent you deal with, go ahead ask their advice for something that suits you and your family. If not, PRUHealth from Prudential is something worth looking at. The policy is pretty comprehensive, covering most of my hospital bills even if I had to be hospitalised overseas, and pays me back a no claim bonus if I stay healthy.

Everyone in my family has a life insurance policy. We all start young because the cost of insurance increases with age.


If one day I ever found myself in the unfortunate situation like my friend’s mom, at least I know my family won’t be selling off the house or the car to pay for my medical bills.

Knowing that fact gives me a peace of mind. It gives them the peace of mind. Better to pay now when I’m healthy, then pay later when it’s gonna be a hundred times more expensive.

Sure, it’s a bit potong steam when I’m paying Prudential every month and all I’m getting is a piece of paper. The fact is, I won’t know the value of that piece of paper until I’m in trouble.

To put it bluntly, in life, shit happens.


And when that happens, it’s better have that elusive piece of paper ready to wipe it off. 😉

MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon last Saturday was unexpectedly awesome.

I’m not that big a fan of rock music and wasn’t even thinking about going at first. But to be in a mosh pit (more like a drained out swimming pool) amongst the 15,000 fans, jumping madly to the All-American Rejects with a girl sitting on my shoulders is an electric experience I’ll remember for a long time while.

This live concert will be broadcasted on Astro channel 713 at 8pm, Friday 28 August.

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  1. well done kenny. what goes ard comes ard… I am sure you will have good karma. send my regards to ur friend’s mum. hope she gets well soon.

  2. hello,
    saw you in bangsar village on sunday afternoon in a pharmacy.. prescribing to …donno what..
    check list to recognize you from your back…
    1. your tanned slightly hairy hands
    2. watch
    3. iphone
    4. hokkien on the phone.
    didnt say hi because i only met you once in my office when you have to hand over your scrabbled underwear for some charity gathering.

  3. yeah. my mum dragged me to the prudential office one early morning and made me listen to what the girl there has to say. plans and all. and it’s really important to have insurance… for everything.

  4. While in Malaysia we seem to be suddenly seeing more ‘get medical insurance’ messages lately, over in America the debate has moved on to how everyone will be covered fairly and justly. This is the same debate that needs to happen here because basically, we have the same health care / insurance setup as in the U.S. Like in U.S., many of us depend on our employers’ policy for coverage, and similarly lose it when we change jobs or get fired. Also like in America, we can opt for insurance on our own, but it is expensive and we do not really have the power to ensure coverage at all times. We depend on Bank Negara to make sure the insurers behave. The question is, do they behave well? Would they cut our coverage in the middle of cancer treatment because the treatment is too expensive? Would they suddenly back out of paying for a kidney operation because it was later found out that I had a pre-existing condition, before signing for the policy, which may have caused the problem? These are all important questions because if we dutifully buy a policy over many years that an insurer in the end refuses to honour, we are worse off than not having bought any insurance at all.

  5. Thank you kenny, you’re an enlightened one enlightening others along the way. we as agents listen to all kinds of ‘excuses’ everyday but at the end of the day, it’s about getting what’s WITHIN OUR MEANS and RESPONSIBILITY not only to ourselves but OUR LOVED ONES.
    AND I love that you love Prudential too! 🙂

  6. Eventho I have no link whatsoever with Malaysia/Kuching, I have been an avid reader of But lately I have been somewhat disturbed by how this personal blog has turned into ugly commercial blog. Sure there is a life lesson in each and every post and some fresh humor embedded within it. But in the end of the day, I always have the feeling of Kenny in one way or another received compensation in each commercial story he wrote. I do apologize if I made a false accusation and I’d appreciate it if Kenny would be willing to address this.

  7. Singapore Guy, I have always been frank if I have been compensated for the certain entries that I write. I label them with “ADV” on my blog title, and it’s perfectly okay if you decide to skip those entries and wait for my next update without “ADV” in the title. This is like having a commercial break between your TV shows, but the advantage is that you know when it’s coming and you can skip through it if you prefer.
    Also, please understand that I have turned down many lucrative offers when I find the subject matter irrelevant to my readers, or if I don’t know how else to make it informative or interesting to my readers. Only the good ones that make the cut make it to this page. So although there is a commercial motivation behind the post, it doesn’t mean I simply write without any forethought. So I do hope you get something out of it. 🙂

  8. anyway kenny, nice post here, dun bother singapore guy.. this post will really help lots of ppl who still hvnt get the insurance when they are in trouble then they will know what is call problem.
    I had learned this lesson 🙂

  9. nice perumpaman and the end of the story! totally agreed. “I won’t know the value of that piece of paper until I’m in trouble. ”

  10. ADV or not, I think Kenny knows what to do. Got one Chinese saying, “What you don’t want, don’t give it to other people”.
    Ok la. Translation sounds a bit raw but that’s the deal right? XD

  11. ya, my mum actually forced me to buy a health and accident insurance (as well as for my current illness) when i started working for my gap year at 19. i didnt really get the point of having insurance other than saving up ,now i know its some sort of back up for us when we really have something happen. of course, we have to be careful with the policy written, and must be really clear what it covers. i had prudential too. im glad my mum have the knowledge and mind to teach us(my siblings) these social knowledge =)

  12. Don’t bother Singapore Guy lah, It’s okay to add some advertisement in your blog. Anyway you already put ADV in your title to let us know that it’s an advertisement.
    Already got Personal Accident Insurance, going to buy Critical Illness soon.

  13. Kenny is trying to give us an advice that we should try to protect our loved ones using insurance. We will never know what is going to happen to us now and then. If something happens, I believed most of us won’t know what to do. Just asked yourselves, will you be afford the hospital bill if you or your loved ones hospitalized?
    I think that we should try to buy insurance based on the amount that we can afford, generally 10% of our salary. Also we should buy only the insurance that suits us.

  14. Now I only know ADV is for advertisement. Hahaha. But good post 😀 is true that shit does happens sometimes, so everyone should buy yourself an insurance 🙂

  15. I can’t imagine it if I’m the only working child in my family, taking the important role to support the financial needs of the family. No, not especially if such misfortune happens.
    Thanks for the reminder that all responsibile adults should grab insurance policy.
    A 19-year-old eldest daughter

  16. you are so right there, disaster does struck everytime when we are unprepared. i’m 24 therefore maybe its time to think about buying myself a fund that could save my ass from going bankrupt.

  17. To put it bluntly, in life, shit happens. – Kenny.
    Yup, especially if you thought you fart, but shit actually comes out of your pants. So why not, that elusive piece of paper comes it handy.

  18. Good post, It’s persuasive enough.
    Certainly increase the awareness of us toward managing health risk and financial security, a bit.
    I have heard the same story from the insurance guy, some are better than urs version, haha.

  19. Yes its true. Since, I join Prudential for 1 year as Prudential Professional agent. Duty at Kuching Specialist Centre, Sarawak every wednesday and Thursday. I listen a lot of Patient story about Cancer and different type Sickness. If without any of Insurance Medical Cover, its really very very sad.
    PruHealth can cover up to from 50k up to 1.5 Million Medical Cost yearly.

  20. I understand how it feels. I lost my mother 7 years ago. It came such a sudden. Hospitalized at a well known private hospital, but didn’t do much until she get worst, and ask us to send her to GH. wtf? why do we pay so high for you to tell us to send her to GH after a week or 2?
    She had insurance but not the one paying for the medical bills. And didn’t get that much from Life Insurance… sigh…

  21. hi, Joon Liang… I did do a lot of education about Insurance… Its not tat as easy. Some people listen and some people might dont want to listen. I need to spend a lot of time to ask people ” Do you have Medical Insurance cover?” Need to very very patient to talk and educated every Customer.

  22. dont tell me its john lee again the so called self made rich man who translates languages which is all made up .. he borrowed from many ppl around including my family (thru we thaught he s not that kind of man ). and never pay up for so many reasons and never can find him anymore around.

  23. was that the pic you went for medical check-up when signing up with PRU? hahaha
    anyway, good post, most importantly, educational!

  24. i seldom comment here though i read all the posts… but i think kenny is doing a fantastic job of posting an advertisement WITH ALL THE READERS in mind. whether or not this is a cooked up story, this post reminds us how life is priceless and unpredictable, to love is to care and to protect.. make it early better than too late… oh ya… better check with all my family members on their insurance coverage…

  25. Very well-said Kenny. Many may not have put much thought into the future, particularly in regards to family and self protection. But at least reading this prompts one into starting that thought and hopefully, get something done about it. It’s all about what you can afford, for the time being, to do to protect your family and yourself.

  26. i was formerly a medical student. i join the profession because i thought i could help people by being a doctor. when i was a medical student, i see patients died on hospital beds simply because they did not have the money to pay for their operation. i was moved to tears when a son sold everything he had to save his father. he was a farmer. he just got married with a young child. i always remember that. it seems like it’s your fault u r born poor and the world do not give a shit. i wonder is it fair to his young son. this is not one incident but many. i left the profession knowing that reality is far from what i envisioned about helping ppl. today, i am a successful trader/investor. my family owns a successful biz and we help ppl around us by susidising our employees’ health insurance or reaching out to those who had no health insurance. does it make a difference? i am sure it does. as a doctor, i could only let the patient died. as a philanthropist, i give ppl another chance to live to see their loved ones. this is my story. u have a story too. we all play our part to make someone’s life a little better. that, to me is what true religion preaches.

  27. I guess insurance is something that you must have but hope never to use. My whole family has bought insurance, it at least gives us a peace of mind knowing that in the event of any unforseen circumstances, at least we are taken care of financially.

  28. Since the day Kenny sia meet nuffnang’s timothy,,,i knew that kenny’s blog quality has lose the reader’s heart,,,,cmon kenny,,,we need good story,,,not advertisement

  29. Fact 1. Well , i have the same opinion with you. After i read this post , i get to feel like Kenny is advertising this insurance.
    Fact 2. You claimed yourself as an “avid reader” of this blog , Since you have read his blog for a long time already ,why don’t you believe Kenny isn’t posting an adv ?
    Kenny Sia gogogo !

  30. it’s normal to do a bit commercial la 🙂
    as long as the post still brings benefits to the readers 🙂

  31. I bought two insurance lately, both medical. one from prudential and the other one is maybank. i once worked as a financial advisor for maybank, and believe me make sure that once you retire, you have at least rm1.5 mil of lifetime claims of insurance. as you grow older, a lot of sickness etc etc. yeah you can rely on the govt. but according to insider info, in a few years’ time, the govt will only cover 50% or even less of certain surgeries. one example is a heart bypass. even in ijn, it would cost around 30k minus the bed, treatment, medicines or post care surgery. god forbid, if u had cancer, the cost might run into hundreds of thousands. for both my medical, im only paying rm250 a month, which to me is worth all the trouble. because if god forbid i had to go into hospital, i can be ensured that i’ll get a room to myself as opposed to a ward.

  32. We need more ppl like u.. =)
    is ‘weird’ that until now ppl still arguing on ADV entries in kenny’s blog… no eye see..
    me and my parents are not insured. everyone agree on the theory that “Insurance is something that you never want to have to use but is something you cannot afford not to have”
    but practically not many of us can afford an insurance base on our income.. thats one of my regrets

  33. this is the nicest ADV ever..
    very true indeed..
    Some of my friends’ parent, they dont have insurance is because they couldn’t find trustable agent. =(

  34. Hi Kenny!
    Great awareness.. and by the way, i’m from pru too.. lol…
    hope your frend’s mom is ok! all the best wishes to her!

  35. Hi Wety,
    Well, I also risk myself all these while…but I just got myself covered last year :p Life, Medical Card n PA.
    My gf’s sister is an agent and she study all other insurance clearly before deciding the best option for us.

  36. hi,kenny. if u r really consider on insurance like medical cards,may b u can consider AIA. as AIA medical card has unlimited lifetime coverage. yes,unlimited!

  37. I’m glad you are having an insurance program, like most of the responsible and loving people are. I’m happy that you are posting this to create wider awareness to everybody reading your blog.
    Just for sharing… Prudential has invested approximately Rm7 million into advertising its latest medical plan, PruHealth. It claims to ‘reward’ policyholders with No Claim Bonus. So good it seems.
    How they reward policyholders? Where the Reward money come from?
    Simple. Prudential overcharges policyholders with higher premiums!
    I’ve done my homework and know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sure Kenny and all of you guys out there can compare the figures. Maybe Kenny can upload the pages of Prudential PruHealth brochure? then, everyone can have a look.
    Prudential is charging higher premium, charging again (optional) for annual limit waiver, has the lower annual limit, has the lower lifetime limit, and overall having the most exclusions which it does not cover.
    Other insurance company’s medical insurance are much more cheaper and reasonable priced and much much better still!
    To be honest, if you guys are looking for the BEST or BETTER or GOOD medical insurance, go for AIA, GE or ING. The current PruHealth is next to WORST.

  38. Sorry. You are wrongly informed.
    Annual limit for the smallest plan is Rm50k. The biggest plan is Rm150k.
    Lifetime limit for the smallest plan is Rm500k and the biggest plan is RM1.5m
    In other words, the lifetime limit is 10 times the annual limit. Meaning, PruHealth only cover you 10 years for the worst possible scenario, then bye bye to you.
    So, do shop around should you will find an unlimited lifetime limit, where the insurance company will not say bye bye to you ever.

  39. Well…Prudential spends a lot of on their marketing campaigns (e.g. paying for a blog entry). BUT they’re definitely far from being the best in the market. Other insurance companies do offer better packages. If you guys want to get a medical insurance (which is expensive to begin with), it’s always wiser to spend some time going through your options. Just because something is obvious (the effect of mass marketing), it doesn’t automatically makes it good.
    By the way Kenny, I do think that your blog is over-commercialised these days.

  40. *thumbs up
    My mom is an agency manager for her prudential staffs. She doesn’t sell insurance to you if you don’t understand what you’re buying. So be sure what you’ve bought. Many cases when ppl who has insurance got into accidents and they never get paid! Be sure your agent IS ‘clean’ and they give you services once in while. Especially when you don’t understand whats going on lately.. Remember your right as an insurance holder~!!
    Cheers 😉

  41. Kenny,
    Just wanted to give my 2 cents. No your blog is NOT overcommercialized.
    Its just fine. Everyone needs to make money. The bloody commenters are not working for free are they? No I don’t think so.
    I think you do a great job trying to come up with a personal angle with your advertorials.
    BTW being a Malaysian overseas, I’ve always thought medical insurance in Malaysia is unnecessary. I’ve been to hospitals while I was growing up in Penang and they seemed they did a decent job.
    I guess that’s not the case anymore? 🙁

  42. So Kenny, did u walk your talk ? Or is it just talk?
    Did you sign up for Pru Health and what is the package like…?

  43. “we help ppl around us by susidising our employees’ health insurance or reaching out to those who had no health insurance”
    can i reach out to u for “help” too? 😛

  44. You can always get the cheapest medical card in the market or
    ‘claim” that they are best card. With Rm300 a year you can get one card. But you will only feel the real pain when using it. Most of the agent, not insurance company, overcommit the benefits.
    We have to believe what we pay, what we get. Unlimited medical limit seems to hard to believe, it must have some term and condition. Some company do offer higher limit in life, such as the cancer treatment and kidney treatment for outpatient only limit to 30K or 50K….
    Read the all the clauses before you sign!!!

  45. Is medical insurance is really that expensive? In all my life, it’s about hunting for the right one.
    My bf works for Nationwide in US. All insurance companies offer different packages. Whether we are covered by employers or not (thru 401k or otherwise), it’s always a wise choice to have an insurance of your own.

  46. kenny,kenny,kenny…..i wud lik tu suggest watching michael mooore documentary on health & medical operator.that might give some perspective.instead of promoting conglomerate & capitalism u shud promote sociolism & communalism.

  47. for every three of your post written, one of them sure commercial wan.
    I just got a weird feeling prudential paid you to do this, and tell you to sound not as commercial as possible, so that people can read it without knowing that at the end of the day, it is a commercial.
    Wat happened lar to the old kennysia? T.T
    Kennysia suppose to be a very malaysian blog, that reflects the everyday malaysian lifestyle of a kuching-born dude.

  48. PRUDENTIAL is the LAST insurance company you should sign up with.. they are unreliable blood sucking scumbags.. had bad experience with them b4…kenny if u r promoting them..screw u!

  49. Agree. I’m 21 and I never knew how important was med.ins until I was admitted to the hospital lately and find tht medical fees are indeed EXPENSIVE!

  50. i put commercial break also still kena scold. what turf. They read a magazine never complain about the ad. Summore they willingly pay for the magazine. A bit unfair right?

  51. Prudential is THE most EXPENSIVE insurance company in Malaysia….. There are ING, Great Eastern, Allianz and etc. …..Dont get pressured into buying a insurance policy by the commission-biased agent. Ask around before buying!!

  52. ok.. i m one of d prudential agents. and i can jus say that, everyone of you have each different opinion towards insurance plan, and ur choice towards medical cards. do not condemn, criticise when u dunno hows the insurance and the medical card works.
    jus call up any of the private hospital in kch or malaysia and ask them, which are the best 3 medical card that u recommend? i m sure prudential is one of them.
    bout the ncb, prudential will reward the following policy year when nothing happen. (INTO YOUR POLICY ACCOUNT). the ncb rate is base on which medical plan that u took up. the bigger medical plan u took up, the bigger it is the ncb. which insurance company has the NCB? prudential pruhealth medical card is now covers till age 100 depends on your options.
    “Prudential is THE most EXPENSIVE insurance company in Malaysia….. There are ING, Great Eastern, Allianz and etc. …..Dont get pressured into buying a insurance policy by the commission-biased agent. Ask around before buying!!”—– i really wonder how can u say such things!!! u dun like, dun buy!! do not condemn ppl’s product… and all the insurance products in malaysia is governed by bank negara malaysia! if prudential overcharge its clients for the premium, then how can bank negara approved the products to be sold in the market??
    besides, kenny is jus making us aware the importance of the insurance, if u guys who doesnt trust in insurance or dun like prudential, can jus skip the blog since kenny already stated its ADV!!!
    good work kenny!!

  53. Kenny, do you know the reason why your friend did not opt to transfer his mom to gov hosp? Yes, there is high patient load and all, but given your friend’s mom’s critical condition the hospital will give high priority to treat her first.
    Even if all loans fail, I guess warding your parents to gov hosp is way better an option than seeking loan shark’s “help” in continuing hospitalisation in private hosp.
    Expertise wise, I must say there are much more well versed specialists in gov (depending on the respective illness and centre) than private.
    I am not downplaying the importance of medical card and life insurance, it is very important! But provided your friend’s mom’s situation, transferring to gov hosp is probably the better option to make than continuing treatment in private.

  54. Was so move by the post at first…but than i saw Prudent :D.
    Life insurance is definitely a good thing to have, although ppl should definitely do research first to get the one that best suit their needs

  55. In fact, I had. Currently, AIA medical card, ECP + MCP package offer unlimited lifetime limit in the market.
    Maybe other insurance company will follow suit in the near future. But who knows when?

  56. Well, no offence to you, Flo or anyone else. I never meant to refer anyone as insurance idiots. I’m sorry if you felt so.
    I was just trying to share what I knew and I am never a selfish person. I personally have done my fair share of research and comparison. Just like Kenny, I was just trying to be helpful and spread the information and awareness around.
    A lot people claimed that they had bought wrong or inappropriate insurance that they don’t need. Well, I guess if all of us can be more informative then we can make better decision and insured with insurance plan which best suit us.

  57. Salutation 🙂
    It’s good to know that there are still some good people out who will put customers’ interest first above oneself commission.
    I’m sure your mom is a successful insurance agent and has been providing excellent service to her clients. Send my best regards to her, ya 🙂

  58. Well, alot people have the same experience as you or more or less the same experience as you.
    Insurance companies can always come up with the latest ‘best’ products. Just like handphones, things can get outdated and obselete. Insurance policy can too.
    So, we need to keep our insurance program updated from time to time. Don’t think that we should just buy the ‘best’ plan today and it is the last plan you buy.
    Just for sharing, my good agent is from AIA. He will always keep me informed and update my insurance program at least once a year.
    I know many among us have been cheated and felt ‘betrayed’ by insurance agents before. It is not wrong to just blame the insurance companies. Because in any business or environment, it is always the people who cheat on people.
    My advice, good products are easy to find. Good people (agents) are not. If you have a good agent servicing you, be grateful 🙂

  59. Great entry on insurance, Kenny 😉
    and to readers.. This is just one of the many options you can choose to buy or not to buy.. Just recommend the one that you trust and believe would benefit others and I believe the readers would be grateful for what you’re contributing. 😉

  60. As much as I am annoyed with Pauline Tan’s comment and her ‘professionalism as a Prudential insurance agent’… I do agree with her.
    Between insurance companies and private hospitals, go ahead and guess, who is paying who?
    Do you think private hospitals which are profit oriented would give a bad review towards their best pay masters in insurance companies?
    Doctors’ salary, is basically paid by insurance companies lol.
    No. You guys out there should never complain about any insurance companies. If you are not happy for paying silly money, it’s because you are not smart enough to shop around for better insurance plan. So, stop complaining.

  61. (Pauline Tan: You may be a very successful salesperson who have convinced many people into buying PruHealth but you shouldn’t insult the rest of our intelligence.)
    NCB or not… policyholders are still paying a higher premium in PruHealth.
    Considering paying Prudential one thousand plus nearing two thousands, compared to other insurance companies of just few hundreds for the same category of benefit in medical card.
    Give you NCB, so what? Just Rm500 at most (for the most expensive plan). And you still pay more than other insurance plan.
    In fact, if you have the common sense with you, for most of us, instead of buying just 1 PruHealth medical plan and get pathetic NCB, using the same amount of money we can even buy 2 or more other insurance company medical card.
    What we need is a reasonable priced insurance plan which provide us the best coverage. Not overpriced insurance hybrid plan with laughable gimmick!

  62. replying to common sense, i never insult other’s intelligence. sorry if i did.
    what i wan to say is that, everyone of us have our own preference and choices towards insurance plan. some maybe said we have the most expensive among the insurance company. but when u know what is stated in the policy contract, u will see the differences. and again, i am NEITHER insulting any other insurance compant NOR insulting ppl’s intelligence.
    ~~ “guaranteed renewal” and “non-cancellable” sounds maybe the same. but its not. (terms in medical card).
    ~~ “few hundreds” ringgit medical card and “thousand + nearly 2 thousand ringgit of medical plan”. i can only say this again, ppl will know the difference if they really use it… i used the medical cards few times, and i truly believe that, the price is worth it!!!
    not only prudential have the medical card plan, ING, AIA, GE, etc have their medical plan, all companies sure will be saying they are having the better medical plan for the clients. so, its up to u, and the public to make the right choice. am i right, COMMON SENSE? i do apologize again if any of my words “insult” u.. i never mean to say anyword to “insult” anyone.
    just a comparison, y ppl buy LV, GUCCI, Chanel, Coach and other branded bags comparing to RM 30 to 50 bags?? all are bags right? get what i mean?
    any other ppl who knows me, know my character. and i can say, i am proud to be part of Prudential. even some other agents in other insurance companies, u shd feel proud that u r still in insurance line as we all know that, its not easy to maintain in this line, and the qualifications to get into this line getting higher and tougher.. well, give yourself a big round of applause!! never condemn other insurance companies, never mislead our prospects or clients about our insurance plans.
    happy selling to those insurance agents who are reading this, and do make a right choice when choosing the right plan for yourself cos insurance plan are medium to long term. 🙂

  63. Like Pauline, I’m an agent with Prudential as well.
    Those who are paying so called “hundreds” as compared to 1-2K premiums for their insurance policy either bought them when they were young or they have not read all the fine prints on their policy.
    Whatever is your coverage, it is always based on how much premium you are paying.
    Quoting from ‘Pudently Insured’: “Prudential is charging higher premium, charging again (optional) for annual limit waiver, has the lower annual limit, has the lower lifetime limit, and overall having the most exclusions which it does not cover.”
    He/She seems to be overly bias, unreasonable and too personal when “spinning” the statement.
    Prudential exclusions are pretty standard and is the norm in the insurance industry. Annual limit/Lifetime limit are based on the premium that you can afford. When you buy a Proton, you don’t expect it to have the performance/quality of a Honda/Toyota. And if you want to waive an annual limit, you need to pay extra. It is logical isn’t it when you can have limitless annual claims and therefore to have your premium paid increased?
    The key to medical insurance is to tailor your premium to suit your medical needs.
    Please feel free to drop me a mail at or sms to 012-2097894 for a no obligation opinion on insurance matters.
    p/s: My apologies to you Kenny for ‘hoarding’ your site for a little a publicity act.

  64. errrr….anyone heard of gomen hospital…i have quite a few friends working as doctors in gomen hospitals and quite frankly, service is pretty good. of course lah, u have to go thru all the black face nurses first,err and the waits, but the consultants are pretty top notch and medication you receive are in majority imported stuffs, from good well known suppliers. we m’sians tend to have a very prejudiced point of view when it comes to government hospitals. so do your own research and think about it.

  65. Well written Kenny !
    So far I beleive there isn’t any insurance company offering Unlimited limit for medical insurance in M’sia.
    In fact if one thinks that the Annual Limit is not sufficient, he can take up PRUannual limit waiver which increases the limit instantly….

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