ADV: Do You Know UNIQLO?

When I think Japanese fashion, a few things immediately come to mind.

Cute girls in kawaii short skirts…

Harajuku teenagers in outrageous cosplay outfits…

A man in a cow suit talking on his handphone…

Oh wait.

Okay, maybe not the last one.

One thing I know for sure about Japanese fashion is that it’s always unique, always attention-grabbing, and also always very very expensive.

When I was in Japan early last year, one of the things I enjoyed most was visiting the boutiques there. Not only are their store displays creative, I like it that their shop assistants go an extra mile to make you feel welcome. These Japanese girls have the chirpiness of a canary. Everytime someone walks in, they are greeted a "HELLO WELCOME!" and a smile that never seems to fade.

Heck, some of the bigger stores even hire a “greeter” whose full-time job is nothing but to smile and bow at customers as soon as they walk in.

Being a sucker for good service, normally I would flip out my credit card immediately when someone do that to me. The problem is… the cheapest T-shirt in a typical Shibuya boutique costs at least RM300! It’s way more than the amount I’m willing to spend on a simple piece of fabric.

After all that window-shopping in Tokyo, I finally stumbled across is one boutique store that offers everything chic and stylish, yet easy on the wallet.

They are called UNIQLO – one of the largest clothing retailer in Japan. It’s my favourite store in Japan – think Topshop stuff at Cotton On prices.

I stocked up on a whole bunch of T-shirts and fleece. My favourite stuff in their store is their video game inspired UTs – creatively packaged inside a cylindrical jar!

I totally bought it. And they aren’t too expensive either. Only RM30!

“Tonight the stars. Tomorrow the Moon.” That’s some kick-ass philosophy to live by.

“A T-shirt is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love. That’s the UT philosophy.”

Deep, very deep.

The point of this whole story is this.

I haven’t been back to KL city for nearly 2 months. When I finally returned to KL again last weekend, I was shocked to see that KL Plaza has received a complete make-over and is now called Farenheit 88.

Then I received an even bigger shock.

UNIQLO is coming to Malaysia this 4th November.

I just about died from fashion orgasm.

UNIQLO’s selection of fleece wear.

Don’t think you’ll be wearing a lot of that in hot and humid Malaysian weather.


A sneak peek inside what goes on behind the doors. I already saw a pair of khaki pants I wanna buy, and it’s only RM49.90!

A quick search online yielded some interesting prizes they have in conjunction with their grand opening.

The first 500 kiasu customers who queue on on their opening day will get 1 in 100 chance of winning an all-expense paid holiday to Tokyo, Japan.

For those who are a little bit less kiasu, there are online games on both their Facebook page and you can play to also win a free trip to Tokyo, Japan.

There Go Uniqlo website was particularly an interesting one. The website asked for my location. So I input my Kuching address and the website showed me a “clothing trail” all the way from Kuching to Farenheit 88 in KL.

Gee, thanks!

Trust me, if I could swim across the South China Sea, I would!

But hey, a free RM20 UNIQLO voucher ain’t that bad.

So now the khaki pants I wanted is only RM29.90! If that ain’t a bargain I don’t know what is!

36 Replies to “ADV: Do You Know UNIQLO?”

  1. hahaha
    it failed to load my location when i typed London
    but London oxford street has got 2-3 of its store
    i have yet to visit all though
    but the price and stuff are really bargains!
    would be happy to visit the KL store when I go back =)

  2. been to Japan for honeymoon end March this year. Brought few cloths & pants at UniQlo at Giza. Quality good & price is cheap!!!

  3. on unrelated note: wow kenny, how did u manage to capture the interior of those fashion store in japan? i tried doing same thing but almost every store i was warned with a cross of hands saying no photos allowed – i was not taking photo of the shirt’s design

  4. I have a friend from Japan, I ask him whether the clothes selling in uniqlo Singapore is the same as in Japan?
    He answer “NOooooo, it’s totally different”
    So now are we buying the clothes for its brand?? Or the design itself? Because for me I don’t think the clothes from uniqlo singapore is nice at all…. In fact I would say that it’s a more expensive version of Giodano or Hang Ten.
    What do u think?

  5. eh i dun think u can det ur khaki at rm29.90 loh.coz the voucher is only applicable to non-sale items only and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discount cards or bank promotions loh.aikss can use?

  6. I noticed how unfrequently you update your blog now Kenny, so unfrequent that I don’t visit your blog every once/twice a week anymore like I used to, and when you do they’re usually adverts. Hope to see more personal stories/rants from you again.

  7. your blog had lost the touch
    it is all about commercials now
    guess it doesnt bother you either since you had made so much out of it and some where else

  8. shopping, shopping, shopping … have anyone ever wondered how many pieces of clothing a person needs in their entire life? I think currently even if i did not wash my clothes for 4mths, i still have fresh clothes to wear!

  9. I remember first hearing about Uniqlo from a Japanese fashion mag more than 10 years ago, and being amazed at all the ridiculously low prices.
    I used to wish that Malaysia would have an equivalent clothing brand that offers low, low prices coupled with trendy design and decent quality.
    Was surprised to hear that it was coming here, but as expected of all things Japanese that are meant to be affordable (what comes to mind are makeup brands such as CANMAKE, Majolica Majorca, KATE etc), prices become obscene.
    Oh how I hate Malaysia’s weak currency and economy.

  10. I was there 2 weeks ago. I was looking for (men’s) long johns. Yes, they did have those unnecessary “greeters” EVERYWHERE … annoying. I JUST DON’T CARE hearing “welcome” whatsoever, every single corner I turn in to. I was wondering where long johns were located, and I asked the first assistant there, the person (perhaps had no idea what) suggested that I look in the ladies’ leggings section (ground floor or somewhere). I went around, and then asked another assistant for what I was really looking for, the second person told me to go upstairs or somewhere (can’t really recall). And I went. At there, I asked the guy (who was squatting low doing his job) and he pointed to who-the-h-knows-where. Pssfff … I went around and asked the 4th person, who was kind enough to direct me to the right section. Found the thing I wanted. But not so sure about the size I should get. Asked the 5th person there, who was really nice and helped me out by checking the size chart and finding out my measurement according to it.
    Secara rumusan, my experience shopping there = bad! Except for the last assistant who really helped (me).

  11. I don’t think they know what Long John is as we don’t wear it in Malaysia. Perhaps you should tell them Heat Tech, their own version of long john.

  12. By the way Kenny, Uniqlo is the biggest clothing retailer in Japan, not one of the biggest. Perhaps you should do your homework for being paid to write ya..

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