ADV: Airlines Also Got Stimulus Package

I just signed up for the 21km category of this year’s KL International Marathon.


This time round, I plan to give myself a treat and splurge a little bit.

My body is gonna be very sore after doing the half-marathon, so I thought about upgrading myself to business class on the return journey. My tired legs would certainly appreciate the extra leg space.

So I went online to check their business class fare prices, thinking if the difference is not too much then it might be worth the experience.

And then I noticed something a little different on the MAS website.

What is this "Economy +" thing on their website?!

How come I never see or hear it before one? When did that come about?

Apparently, it’s the same as Business Class, but at a lower price.

On Economy+, the trip from KL back to Kuching costs RM635 and includes priority boarding, access to the Golden Lounge, Business Class seats and royal treatment by slightly better-looking MAS air stewardesses.

Hmmm… tempting.

Of course, logic took over and the prude in me screamed, “Oi! You haven’t even made it in life yet. Who are you to fly Business?”

I promptly settled myself for normal cattle class instead.

As it turns out on economy class the fare is even cheaper. I booked their Balik Kampung weekend fare, and the one-way flight is just RM130 all-inclusive.


I have been flying Malaysia Airlines a lot more often since they’ve slashed their prices low during the start of the financial crisis. Even in times of crisis, people still need to fly. That’s why they called it the MAS Stimulus Package. 

Economy+ and Balik Kampung mentioned earlier are two of the nine different deals introduced by MAS to stimulate the economy.

Giving the economy a bit of tickle on the belly, if you will.


There are other specials, of course.

MHFlex 1+1 is buy one full price economy tix, get one free. Kids Fly Free is buy two adult economy tix, get one child tix free. Both are available for bookings made in person.


There’s something for those belonging to the upper echelon of society.

Business Companion is buying one full price business tix, get another one at 50% off. Premium Match is getting the same price flying MAS first or business class, if another similar class tickets were booked on another airline before.


There’s something for bargain hunters as well.

80% Off Domestic & ASEAN and Weekend Getaway are special low fare deals for all bookings made over the Internet that could make flying by MAS worth the extra premium.

Surely that’s gonna stimulate anyone’s package.


All in all, there is something in their bag of tricks for everyone.

Everyone’s packages are stimulated. No one is left out.

Of course, some paranoid people might say, “But Kenny, what about swine flu!?”

What is so scary about swine flu? Not that many countries are affected. Besides, it’s not like pigs could fly.

Shibuya Crossing

If you got a blog, start feeling lucky. You can join their Facebook competition. 9 prizes are up for grabs and the top prize is a Business Class seat to Sydney or Tokyo.

I recognized a problem though.

The MAS Stimulus Package is so freaking gigantic that it is actually confusing me a lot. That’s what happens when you got a promotion that’s targeted towards everybody.


But before I could err… stimulate my own package in frustration, I was introduced to the Grab-A-Deal website where all these are made sense of.

This website is awesome. It scouts ahead and publishes the lowest MAS fare for all domestic and international flights. From time to time, there are “hidden gems” waiting to be discovered.

Like £96 (RM 509) from London to KL.


Ridiculous. At such a price, even Harry Potter would not be using his broom to fly.

Yeah, Harry Potter. That’s what he said when I met him. He told me that himself when I bumped into him in the UK.

True story.

See? I ain’t lying!

My favourite auditions from Britain’s Got Talent so far: Susan Boyle (of course), Flawless (hot dance act), Jamie Pugh (WOW), Kay Oresanya (funniest act ever) and Sue Son (not a big fan of violin, but damn that girl is cute).

46 Replies to “ADV: Airlines Also Got Stimulus Package”

  1. Wow, that is such a good price for flying from UK to KL!! 96GBP!! Worth considering to fly back home for short vacation. Hahahaha!

  2. Wow Kenny, nice add and info there, at least i got some reference before i gone to KL somehow…
    Hmm…Slight better looking stewardess???

  3. I know you earn money on this advert but thanks a lot. If not for you then we wouldn’t be able to get such cheap flights to London in September. We just book our flights for RM1K per person plus taxes..

  4. I think I should start booking tickets for december… coming to Australia made me realise I missed out a lot in SEA countries

  5. Good luck in the KL marathon Kenny ! 😀
    21Km should be a piece cake considering what you’ve been through. 🙂

  6. nicely done! I’m sure MAS is very happy.. hehe… this entry make me wanna stay far away from my hometown so that i can take that balik kampung package… 🙂

  7. swine flu not that a big deal? i disagree.
    its already a pandemic, everyone please think twice about traveling.

  8. “What is so scary about swine flu? Not that many countries are affected. Besides, it’s not like pigs could fly.” – Kenny.
    Yeah right, Kenny.
    It’s actually no big deal UNTIL you got that flu!

  9. Everyone has their own stimulus package. The world economies, McDonalds, the publishing industry and now MAS.

  10. Thanks for going black (I would like to think I know the reason). You have my respect. Cheers!

  11. I don’t think Harry Potter can pay for air tickets. He uses Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, We use Dollars, Pounds and Ringgit.

  12. Kenny about Britain’s got talent:
    You left the kids out already?! Shaheen Jafargholi & Hollie Steel can sing!
    I’m rooting for Flawless to win though. Damn they’re good.
    And about MAS:
    It’s the experienced stewardesses that gets to serve business and 1st class passengers. Might be good for those who fancy the elderly though.
    There’s no quality control during job interviews anyway, so we shouldn’t expect much out of it. =)

  13. that’s what i think so too.. the downside of coming to australia.. too deep down under… :((((

  14. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s very responsible of you to simply dismiss swine flu the way you did.

  15. I’ve been fishing around for flights from KL to London.
    I checked Malaysia Airlines, and that package “Grab a Deal”, I couldn’t get it even after changing the dates 5 times.

  16. Swine flu not that big a deal?
    Why would’ve the WHO raised it to a Level 5 then – pandemic imminent?
    Think before you type that out, Kenny. Ignorance will only lead to the A(H1N1) spreading ever the faster

  17. Now, what makes you think I didn’t think before I typed that out? I’m not saying that people should be complacent about it, but the media tends to make things sound a lot worse than it actually is.
    eg. Y2K, Al Qaeda, SARS, bird flu, horse flu, pig flu.
    Sure, take precautions, watch your hygiene, wear a face mask. But life still gotta go on. I am not gonna cancel my travel plans to Singapore or Indonesia (which are unaffected by swine flu)just because 30 out of 6.77 billion, or 0.00000043% of the world’s population have died.
    This is not like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later. People are not suddenly into pigs in Mexico.

  18. u should be running the full marathon… what is 21k when u have done the full?? its like having sex without having orgasm… cheers

  19. Yeah,pigs cant fly,but dont forget the virus CAN fly!
    And i dont think MAS aeroplanes are 100% free from H1N1.

  20. FYI Kenny, masks aren’t gonna keep you safe from the virus. they prevent the spread of viruses from those who already has the flu, to the healthy people. so if THEY do not have the social responsibility to put on a mask, it doesn’t matter if you do.
    Also, yes there is no reason to PANIC!!!! right now. but the timing of promoting ‘unnecessary’ travel (which is the main cause of the pandemic) is a little off here don’t you think so?

  21. aiyo.. kenny aaa. always marvel at your oversea escapades.. can u next time write about sarawak’s nature please…
    i like hiking stories…

  22. MAS websites are not exactly user-friendly. When u actually try to book ur flight-dates, it goes “change class/dates”… perhaps cos the promo-fares are not avai. and u keep changing dates, until u just realise, the promo fare is not available for most dates… rather airasia then…

  23. That must ve airasia staff promoting airasia here hahaha
    Maybe one day airasia would come with a new tagline “We pay, You Fly” since everyone now switches back to MAS with their extra low fares.
    Well however rumours circulating that MAS made big time losses in Q1 2009? How true is this????

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