40 Hours at the Medical Ward


I took so much pictures at the hospital, they’re actually thinking of sending me to a hospital of a different kind

You guys are too nice lah.
I disabled comments in my last entry because I didn’t want you guys to get too concerned or worried over me. Seems like I’ve underestimated the resourcefulness of kennysia.com readers.
Its only been two days, and already my e-mail and chatterbox were bombarded with messages from well-wishers. I might take some time to reply those e-mails, but I’d just like to say that those words meant a lot to me. From the bottom of his heart (what? I have a heart?), Kenny would like to say “gam-sia”. 🙂

My father smoking the most expensive cigarette in the world.

Yes, I spent my last two days at the hospital with my father. In a mad coincidence of events, my mother and my brother were both out of town for other equally important commitments, my sister has her own kids to take care of, so I ended up being the only person (apart from his siblings) able to care for him.

My survival kit for the next 40 hours. Yes I know its a little inappropriate but do I look like I care?

Anyway, it turned out that the wound on my father’s forehead was superficial. The reason he had to stay at the hospital for two nights was because his haemoglobin level was running low, and the blood bank was lacking fresh supplies for transfusion.
Well I was frustrated about the delay. Besides I think my father deserves only the best. So I flew to West Malaysia, slayed some young virgin girls and brought back some fresh blood for my father.

I’m sorry guys, but these annoying twats won’t be releasing any more albums next Chinese New Year!

Without a WiFi-enabled laptop I had lots of fun chatting to the wall. But in my 40 hours, I’ve observed that the scene at the medical ward was interesting to say the least. Seriously, before this, I thought my bedroom was the only place in the world where people would eat, shit and sleep at the same location.
One thing I find interesting was the doctors there.

Its a requirement to know how to do split legs if you want to earn a Doctor’s degree

I always had the stereotype that doctors are usually big fat balding middle-aged men with that sleazy look on their face, which was why I was quite surprised to see these slim-built good-looking 20-somethings wearing the sthetoscopes, complete with their hao lien Versace suits, Tag Heuer watches and overseas-educated accented English. WTF!?

Late night

The hospital turns into a spooky place at night

Staying at the hospital wasn’t that bad. Things only go bad at night because when you’re surrounded by sick people your mind starts playing tricks on you. Even normal things like an taking a lift becomes spooky.
I had the misfortune of riding a lift at 4am in the morning. It stopped at Level 4 and when it opened its door and no one was around. Normally I’d just be pissed off but when it happened last night I was so scared I hugged my balls for protection.
I like the picture of this corridor. It shows how quiet the ward was at night.

What? Is there something wrong with this pic?

Regardless, I’m sure glad this little ordeal is over. My father was discharged this morning and I finally get to sleep at my own bed for a change. Best of all, I’m finally re-united with my computer.
Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need a well-deserved sleep. 🙂

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  1. Good to know your dad’s ok. Take care of yourself too while you’re at it. Caregivers are no good if they’re not feeling too good themselves. 🙂
    All the best.

  2. Hi! Real happy that ur dad’s going to be fine. I’m also SUPER glad that i’ve FINALLY finished reading ALL ur entries! Anyways, just like to say ur blog is the best i read so far. Most true blog in my opinion, and thanks for sharing it with boh liao pple like me! 🙂
    Take care!

  3. hihi… i’m new to ur blog and wow! bowled over by ur previous posts. aniwaes, glad dat ur dad’s fine. ermz… i’m a s’porean, so i was attracted to dat last pic there, cos it wasn’t like anything i’d seen back here… esp w DAT JU-ON BOY. thanx *sarcasm*

  4. When my dad was at his last moment in Sibu hospital… a senior doctor brought in a group of 20’s young doctors. Instead of wearing designer suits, shining shoes, english with accent… this group was speaking foochow, slippers, jeans, handphone. wtf, then someone’s phone rang(cellphone must be turn off in hospital)…. my dad was dying, they were in there kakacaucau, have no idea what to do. if not because I wasn’t in the mood to throw some kicks, this group will learn a lesson. I am not looking down on those doctors, but please have some common sense.

  5. Finally, our Kenny Sia is back in business. Welcome back. I am glad that your father is discharged and ok now. 🙂 And that picture nearly freaked me out, k? Don’t forget I can’t watch or see anything related to horror!

  6. Oi bloody hell Ju-on is damn scary, can? It gave me nightmares, you know!
    Luckily I have balls of steel, but man, I damn hate that spooky white kid! Eeeee!!!!!

  7. i bet u did enjoy perving at all those nurses =p
    anyway glad ur dad is in good care, hopefully he’ll recover soon.
    emm i hate hospital. as u say, my imagination also goes wild. GH always gimme that eerie feeling. hehehee..
    up to melb to find the married couple today! =p

  8. Hey dude, that looks like Dr. Pooh from Sixseal.com. I think he’s sneaking out some patients drug for private use…or just for the sake of blogging.

  9. HOI!! tat was scary lah. my heart stop a beat. anyway, very happy to hear ur dad’s okie laio. =)
    p.s: doctors (usually the interns) are damn cute!!! i’ve once lived in the hospital for no reasons just for 3 days check up wifout any results or wadsoever..and the only thing nice to look at are the doctors….sigh..

  10. eh sorry to hear about your dad. best wishes for him! but that doesn’t excuse you for scaring the bejesus out of me with the ju-on picture!!! >((

  11. Somebody pressed for the lift on the 4th floor? hehe
    as for the nurse…do to limited choices of eye-candy…i guess your choice is pretty legitimate. =D

  12. Glad that your dad’s okay.
    Aiseh! You didn’t meet any tall, long hair, fair, beautiful female doctor wearing Victoria’s Secrets, Hermes, Manolo Blahnik and a Koala bear on their stethoscope? 😛
    Split legs is a sign of hernia or swollen testicles, LOL! Actually the trolley was designed to be low for the patients to put their meals, taller doctors using it as a table to write will need to slouch over to lower themselves, or in this case, split legs.
    And please, don’t smoke in hospital, lah….. Haih! *shake head*

  13. Glad to hear that your dad’s A-Okie. Hope you get lots of rest too. It’s bad if you don’t get enough rest. And I think that nurse is cute too. ^_^
    Well, it great to see that your dad is doing well.

  14. Glad to hear your dad is ok. Have to continute be careful in the future though. My dad was so stubborn that when the doc asked him to stay overnite for at least three nites, he just wouldn’t listen at get out the next day. Now, his bone is still something I am very worrying about.
    Man~ that Long Leg Doc look too thin for me lar~ -_-”

  15. dear malaysia n kuching funniest blog,
    some of the pics kinda remind me of a scene from the movie sepet.
    all the best to your dad and your family.

  16. kahsoon, what ju-on? there’s something wrong with your notebook lah. 🙂
    kimm, and i thought you knew better. heh.
    MuN, such compliments! I’m flattered. 😀
    JnF, sleep well tonight. The Ju-On boy might be watching.
    Blackwidow, to you – its an emotional moment, to them – its just another day at work at the hospital.
    suspicious, who? the nurse?
    Brose + water_junk, and I thought Singaporean girls are cuter.
    whateverstreet, ehhh… you better not wet your pants can?
    Jason, wussy!!!! jk 😉
    J Schnorng, what spooky white kid? YOU AR?
    Chrissie, i know. Lots of patients groaning at 3am in the morning totally freaks me out.
    e, is that how Dr Poh looks like after too much drugs? hahaha! You better hope he doesn’t read this. 😉
    Tess, I officially hate you now. Intern doctors are NOT cute. OK!?
    aud, its ok you still look good with that scared look on your face.
    9, the question is… where is that ‘somebody’?
    miche, errr… no? 😉
    doc, heh. It was actually at the fire escape that I brought my father there to smoke. We couldn’t find a smoking area and I thought my dad deserved a fix after having 3 pints of blood injected into him.
    eKLim + Saffron + Carol + Lyon, alls (relatively) good now. Thanks for the concern, really appreciate it!
    fish-fish, yea I know. He’s been wanting to get out of the hospital after the first day. SGH isn’t the most comfortable hospital really. I was sweating profusely for two nights in a row. I reckon they can perhaps invest in an airconditioner. 😉
    Theroadie, what Sepet? Hang Cheebye ar?

  17. tsk tsk…mayb u soi lo. or mayb u’re in a male ward… but when i was in the female ward, they really put lots of damn cute interns and not to say cute male nurse in the women wards! ahahahah!! kesian..only got 1 cute nurse to look at nia… =p

  18. Good to hear that your dad is doing fine.
    The family’s scary story regarding HUS is this. Mom and dad pressed the wrong button, ended up in the basement. Back then, it’s the morgue…and it’s dark. You’re quite lucky that no covering something passes by…
    As for the nurse…well, the hospital is another good spot to ‘cuci mata’.

  19. Haiyor the Ju-On kid gave me goosebumps, the hair on my neck and arms were standing on end. Don’t let the heart patients get a hold of your dirty mags ah, might be too much for them to handle 😉

  20. Its good that ur Dad is OK now.
    Its funny you didn’t see any hot 20-something lady doctors….I know for a fact there are more of them in Med school than guys….Bet your stay at the hospital would have been THAT much more pleasant if you did….
    Oh, and be careful what pics you post….especially the creepy ones….you never know when you might be back in hospital at night and that image might come to mind to give you a wee suprise! hahaha!

  21. Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas

    mb said
    The extremely funny Kenny Sia of Malaysia is scratching his head for T-shirt ideas to commemorate Project Petaling Street . He came up with a few ideas, including this one, as a nod to us, his southern neighbours.
    Of course, when compare

  22. Nice post about them silly Caucasians not understanding our Chinese names. I’ve given up tho… I just state my Chinese name as my middle name. Although I’m lucky because my parents gave me an English name on my IC since birth so the entire two-syllabus hanyu pinyin name of mine goes into the middle name category. =)
    And yes… I hate having to pronounce Tan as Ten… although I think in the bay area, I can sometmes get away with the proper Tan pronunciation cos there’re alot of Asians.
    Another name issue from the other side of the coin – My hubby who grew up in the US is Wen-I but he goes by the single word, Wen (pronounce as “When” in Singlish without the ‘h’ sound). If not, he’d be known as ‘Wenny’ in the US. Anyhow, my family and friends in SG find it weird calling him “When” so they end up calling him by the Chinese pronunciation – Wen. But his Chinese name should really be the full Wen-I (ie Yi).
    Suffice to say… name pronunciation can be quite a hassle across cultures =D

  23. I can fully empathise with you kenny! My name is Soh Hui Ling and in UWA’s administration, I am registered as Hui Soh. What the #$#*( man. Dunno why they still can’t get the format of Chinese names figured out after so many gazillions of singaporean/mysian international students…

  24. i couldn’t help but notice, your chinese name on the credit card ‘Tze Foo Sia’ sounds like ‘the fool sia’… which i thought was incredibly funny as well. sorry though if it sounds rude to you.

  25. i couldn’t help but notice, your chinese name on the credit card ‘Tze Foo Sia’ sounds like ‘the fool sia’… which i thought was incredibly funny as well. sorry though if it sounds rude to you.

  26. My geography teacher in secondary school was Miss Kan… and my friends got the laugh of our lives when we heard the other teachers call her by her given name, Nina.

  27. Big deal!
    While the stupid malays scream and shout, the non-malays quietly dominate the economy of this country.
    The malays can keep their special rights and privileges. I don’t need it. If this is what having special rights and privileges mean, I would rather be like the non-malays who have nothing but are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Malay rights means, if you are Umno malay, you get university seat even you are fool……….that’s the right what we are talking about.
    Malay rights means, you must be given 5% discount whenever you are buying a new house. No matter how rich you are……….that’s the right what we are talking about.
    Malay rights means, you must be given shares. Once you got, you can sell it to non-malay and keeps on asking for one after another……….that’s the right what we are talking about.
    Malay rights means, it’s the duty and responsibility of government to keep them feeding with sliver and golden spoon……….The non-malays should not ask anything even the non-malays voted for BN.
    Lastly, the malays will never learn anything other than blaming non-malays for their failure.
    What malays should realise when they curse Umno is the indubitable truth that despite 30 years of handouts, subsidies, undeserved jobs in the public sector, undeserved overseas scholarships, undeserved places in public education, lavish expenditure of tax payers (mainly non-malays) money on all things Islamic, the state of the malays today is indeed as described, which in short is, pathetic.
    Who is to blame? Not Umno or implicitly the Chinese, but malays themselves.
    Can you just imagine how primitive they would have been if Umno had not existed, if May 13 had not occurred and if the perversion of the NEP had not transpired?
    No race in history has proposed without application, cohesiveness, diligence, hard work and ingenuity.
    These words are anathema to malays and so after all the handouts that no other race in the world in the history of mankind has got, they still look rather pathetic.
    Pragmatic malays know it and so in Malaysia the Bumis policy will carry on forever, until stopped by forces other than malays.
    I long for that day!

  28. Pls!!! no more those ju on stuff!! it kinda prevent me from reading ur blogs~~ scare the hell of me~~ bad reputation for kenny sia liao~~

  29. god damnit kenny~! i give u my respects reading all your blog from the very beginning while my friends having a good nap in their room…
    and u scares the shit outta me with that last pict~!
    and im not feeling sorry for cursing in my first comment to u! ahahaha…kidding…cheers~

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