A Shot At Scolari

The fever has barely died down weeks after Spain became Euro 2008 champion, and already football fans have something to look forward to.

One of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League, Chelsea Football Club is coming to Malaysia.
All the stars: Michael Ballack, Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, John Terry, newly-signed Deco are all likely to coming to Shah Alam Stadium as part of their pre-season Asian tour.
And here’s the kicker (no pun intended).
ProEvents, the company responsible for bringing Chelsea to Malaysia is asking me to speak to all-time legendary football manager and Chelsea’s new coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari.

My phone interview with Big Phil is scheduled to be on the 21st July, when he brings The Blues to Guangzhou, China to play against the Chinese national team.
This to me, is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is not gonna be easy interviewing the legend who has been in football for so long, and done so much, including bringing Brazil the World Cup. How am I gonna start the interview?
Which is why I am putting the call out there to all kennysia.com readers.

Please help me interview the Chelsea coach Felipe Scolari.
Leave me a comment with your questions. On the 21st July, when I get my chance to talk to Felipe Scolari. I’ll ask the question on your behalf.
As a token of my appreciation, 12 of you who asked the best questions will be rewarded with two match tickets to watch Chelsea vs Malaysia at the Shah Alam Stadium on the 29th July.

So here’s your chance to ask Scolari everything that you ever wanted to know about him, football, or the EPL in general. You can ask him anything you want.
Which player does Scolari wanna recruit the most?
Why do football coaches do that funny dance everytime their player made a mistake?
And why do football players always run away so fast after they scored a goal?
Is it because when they SCORE, they must LARI? Is that why his name is also SCOLARI?

Please help me interview Scolari. You ask the questions, I’ll pass it on and I’ll give you some free match tickets.
Go on, the floor is yours!

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Ten Reasons Why Najib vs Anwar Is Like Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue

By now, everyone should be aware of the highly entertaining fued between Singapore’s queens of controversies Dawn Yang and Xiaxue.

Everyone should also be aware of the dramatic battle of one upmanship between our future prime minister Najib Razak, and our other future prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who notices this. But… don’t you think the fight between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim is so similar to the fight between Dawn Yang and Xiaxue?
Here, let me explain.
Najib = Dawn Yang
Anwar = Xiaxue

What? You mean you haven’t noticed?
As glaringly different as these people may be, they actually have a lot more in common than we give them credit for.
Let’s look at the long list of similarities of these two “almost equally high profile” bitchfights, shall we?

Xiaxue Vs Dawn Yang Anwar Vs Najib
Xiaxue and Dawn Yang are two big time bloggers in Singapore. Anwar and Najib are two big time politicians, both of whom are deputy prime ministers predicted to become Malaysia’s future Prime Minister.
Dawn Yang has a hate site, authored by Dawn Wayang. Najib also has a hate site, authored by Raja Petra.
Xiaxue accused Dawn Yang of lying about plastic surgery. Anwar accused Najib of playing a role in the Altantuya murder case.
Dawn Yang vehemently denied allegations of plastic surgery. Najib vehemently denied having ever met Altantuya.
Xiaxue insists on calling Dawn Yang a liar. Anwar insists on calling Najib a liar.
Dawn Yang used her manager Noel to make Xiaxue shut up. Najib used Saiful (or more accurately, Saiful’s ass) to make Anwar shut up.
Xiaxue refused to shut up. Anwar refused to shut up.
Instead, Xiaxue used the increased publicity to introduce to everyone…
Mr R!
Instead, Anwar used the increased publicity to introduce to everyone…
Mr Balasubramaniam!
It was then that an explosive bombshell was dropped. It was then that an explosive bombshell was dropped.
Shock! Horror! Dawn Yang went to Bali on Valentine’s Day with Mr R! Shock! Horror! Our deputy prime minister likes anal sex!

Now don’t you agree they are just soooo similar?

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Nomination For kennysia.com Kuching Food Awards 2008

A year ago, I wrote a entry titled the kennysia.com Kuching Food Awards.

It was meant to be a list of what I personally think are the best food around Kuching, Sarawak.
In the end, it turned into a topic of wild debate and controversy. Although there are many visitors to Kuching who found that list useful to find good food here, there are also many Sarawakians who hated me with vengeance because I erroneously left out a lot of good recommendations on my list.

See? Even Nicholas Teo agrees

The kennysia.com Kuching Food Awards honours the best-tasting food you’ll ever lay your tastebuds on in Cat City.
But it was last updated one and a half years ago. Since then many new eateries have popped up all over the place.
Good places go bad, bad places go bust, and big ass franchise chains from KL have taken over the casual-dining scene in Kuching by storm.

Yet, even with the unforgiving assault of the Starbucks, the Secret Recipes, the Sushi Kings and the Kenny Rogers over the past 18 months, I believe there’s still a place for good ol’ cheap hawker food in the unpretentious side of Kuching.

Carrying a RM3,000 LV bag to queue up for half an hour just to eat a RM4 bowl of noodle. Only in Kuching.

So here’s the thing.
I am a proud Kuching boy, and I stand by my belief that my hometown has the BEST hawker food scene in the whole of Malaysia. (Sorry Penang and Ipoh, its our time to shine.)
In two weeks time, Pussytown will be inundated with thousands of visitors from all over the world descending here for the Rainforest World Music Festival.
I’d love to have everyone enjoy themselves at the music fest, but I also want everyone to go home at least 2kg heavier after sampling all the good hawker food in my hometown.

Forget The Miele Guide. It is worthless. They have included Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, but tragically it does not even include a single Kuching eatery on their list.
That’s the reason why I’m compiling a fresh new list of the kennysia.com Kuching Food Awards for 2008, and I’m seeking help from everyone in Kuching to nominate their favourite outlets to include in the list.

Over the next one week, I’ll go on a food-tasting mission all over the city. Right before the visitors come down for Rainforest, I shall reveal which eatery is worthy enough to be on the prestigious winners list of the kennysia.com Kuching Food Awards.
I’ll be the judge with a few friends, and I’ll be as impartial as possible. Therefore any attempts to bribe with food, cash, hot chicks or otherwise will not be entertained.
Ok lah, maybe I’ll accept the hot chicks.

Here are the categories up for nomination.

1. Best Kolo Mee

Past winners: KY Cafe, Sekama Road; and Ah Ping Mee Stall, Siang Siang Foodcourt Tabuan Jaya

2. Best Sarawak Laksa

Past winners: Madam Tang’s, Petanak Road; and Chong Choon Cafe, Abell Road.

3. Best Tomato Kueh Teow

Past winner: Hap Hap Hin, Kenyalang Market.

4. Best Chicken Rice

Past winner: Good Thumb Food Centre, Dogan Road.

5. Best Beverage

Past winner: Teh C Special, Fresh Food Court 7th Mile; Iced Milo Dinosaur, Mambo King at Travilion which has since closed down.

6. Best Place To Have Breakfast

Past winner: Kaya & Toast, several outlets throughout town.

7. Best Nightspot

Past winners: Links, Kuching Civic Centre; and BarZing, Travilion.

8. Best Food Court

Past winner: Jalan Song food courts

9. Best Casual Dining

No past winners, but basically casual-dining places are one step above hawker food centres, one class below fine-dining. Prices are usually around RM15 per meal.
Sushi King, Bella Italia, Chicago 7 and so on would fall under this category.

10. Best Fine Dining

No true fine-dining exists in Kuching, so let’s just assume this refers to the type of restaurant you’ll bring your partner to on a romantic Valentine’s date. Prices in this category of restaurants are usually more than RM20 per meal.
Past winners: Bla Bla Bla, Jalan Tabuan; Magenta, Jalan Nanas.

So, who should be on my list this year? Nominate by leaving a comment.
Winners shall be revealed next week!

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