Male Meat Sex Parade

You know what I find utterly annoying?

CLEO Magazine’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors.
EVERY YEAR, CLEO magazine runs a list of who they think are the 50 most eligible bachelors in Malaysia.
EVERY YEAR, they attempt to destroy the self-esteem of ordinary men of the streets by spreading glossy photos after glossy photos of impossibly good-looking men flashing their million-ringgit smiles across their magazine pages.
EVERY YEAR, we have to put up with all those college girls, DROOLING and FANTASISING and GIGGLING among themselves silly as they go through the list of CLEO Bachelors like it’s some sorta Male Meat Sex Menu to order from.

This is how a typical conversation between two college school girls is like when they go through CLEO magazine’s 50 Eligible Bachelors.
Paris Tan: OMG. Like, do you have, like, the latest issue of, like, CLEO Magazine?
Giselle Chia: Yeah! Like OMG. It has, like, the 50 most eligible, like, bachelors in it!
Paris Tan: OMG can I have a look, like, please please please?
Giselle Chia: Yeah, come see see! *pulls out a copy of CLEO Magazine*
Paris Tan: OMG! Look at this one! He’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee.
Giselle Chia: Him? He’s ok only lah. Come I show you which one I like best. *flips pages* Nah, this one!

Paris Tan: OMG! You’re right! He’s damn hot. I want this one already!
Giselle Chia: Cannot! He’s mine! Choose your own one lah, come on!
Paris Tan: Haha ok lah. You can have him. Then I’ll choose this guy instead.
Giselle Chia: Cannot! He’s mine too!
Paris Tan: WTF? But I thought you already chose that one?
Giselle Chia: Ya lah. But this one for marrying, and that one is for shagging. *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*
Paris Tan: Bitch! Ok lah since you’re my bestie I’ll share him with you ok?
Giselle Chia: Ya sure sure! So I’ll have him Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and you can have him Thursday, Friday, Saturday ok?
Paris Tan: Ok deal!
*giggle* *giggle* *giggle*
Oi! What do you think us guys are? Toys for you girls to share and compare and pass around one is it!

I remember speaking to Mia last year about how this CLEO is objectifying men with their 50 Eligible Bachelors list.
She could only roll her eyes at me and go, “Well, but you guys have been doing the same thing with FHM for so many years. I’m sure you guys also compare among your guy friends which one of those FHM models you wanna shag and all that.”

But… it’s different!
“You’re just jealous of the guys lah, is it? ;)”

Jealous? No. I’m not jealous.
I mean like, sure, all those CLEO Bachelors are good-looking lah. Model type lah. Handsome lah. Eligible lah. That’s why girls like them lah.
And maybe I secretly think that guys being treated as eye candies and sex objects isn’t such a bad thing. I mean, which guy wouldn’t wanna be the object of desire of girls right? Shallow, but it’s true.

I know lah I’m too chubby to be considered “eligible”. Whatever man. I’m not jealous.
Ok lah, maybe I’m just a littleeeee wee bit jealous of all the attention they’re getting from the girls.
Just a little.
But please. How sissy it is for MEN to compete in a MALE beauty contest?

It’s like if any of they win, they’re gonna have to wear a tiara and sash saying “MR CLEO BACHELOR OF THE YEAR.”
Then go parade around in their underwear.
Seriously. Which self-respecting male would join a competition like that? I don’t know, man.

Hey look, WHO IS THAT!

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A Special Announcement By

My mom and I spoke to each other at length last night.

She was expressing her concerns that all these blogging is taking too much time away from me. Ultimately, I need to decide what is important in my life. And what is important right now is that I focus 100% on my career, spend time with the family, eventually finding a good wife, start a family and settle down.

It wasn’t the first time she had such a conversation with me. The only difference is that last time, I was adamant about keeping running. This time round, I am actually seriously thinking about quitting blogging altogether.

Short of running for Elections, I have pretty much achieved everything a Malaysian blogger can do and more. Because of, I have been to events I never imagined I’d go, met friends I would never have met otherwise and get my photos printed across numerous newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing else left for me to achieve as a Malaysian blogger.

Blogging used to be fun. People used to like me. Last time I used to get a lot of nice encouraging emails. Now I only get like 5 a month, and those 5 are from students needed me to help them do their thesis.

Worse, now my blog is also used as a medium to attack me as a person.

People leave comments and attack because my blog wasn’t critical enough, elegant enough, crude enough, political enough for them. I was attacked because I was a bad judge for Malaysian Dreamgirl. I was attacked because my blog has too many ads, eventhough I turned down many lucrative deals just because I don’t want my readers to feel bogged down by ads.

People use my blog to insult me because I am fat, because I have canine teeth that makes me look like a vampire when I smile, or because I speak with an accent eventhough I honestly could not help it after staying overseas for so long.

Sure, some negative comments is expected, but too much of it is seriously just too much for me to take. Like the last time when I blog about eating a snake in Vietnam, taking a photo with a topless tranny in Thailand, or even something as innocent as experience bringing a hamster to a restaurant.

It wasn’t like this before, blogging used to be fun. Now it has gone so personal it’s ridiculous. It’s getting extremely stressful trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Wondering again and again if what I’d write would offend people is driving me nuts.

I can’t even function normally anymore. I’m spending less time with my family, concentrating less on work and becomes extremely devoid on social life. I could hardly find the time and mood to go on MSN even.

After updating this blog non-stop for 3 years plus even during my supposed holidays, I feel that now is the right time to make a decision.

I therefore announce that I am quitting blogging forever.

Blogging was fun, but it has lost it’s meaning. Ultimately, there are things more important to me than updating a website. It’s time that I make amends, and do all the things I wanna do in my life before I lost the opportunity to do so.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years.

Wait, what’s today’s date again?

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