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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Santa Barbara

I always thought Santa Babara Polo Club is a brand of luggage bags.

Mana tau really got a real Santa Barbara Polo Club in California!



not funny one


You came to California and you didn't call me?


ya lo. not funny


A picture and two line in this post only... -_-"


er... ha-ha? whats the point of this post man.


kenny posts are getting lamer and lamer..prolly he is too engrossed in commercializing his blog


Nice trip. Please blog about it when u r free


Kenny Sia's blog is getting lame. being a rolay reader of KS for years, I guess it's time to take a break fr reading his lame/ commercialized blog.

sorry kenny, you used to be funny, but..


jeff c, if you've been reading Kenny Sia's blog for years, you should've known that he writes what he wanna writes. if you wanna read funny stuff, go make your own lame jeff_cibai_kennysia.com


wenfei, go suck Kenny's dick if you like him so much. make your own lame wenfei_sucks_kenny_lanciao.com


suck his cock? why would I do that?

I like what he wrote. Sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's funny.

You know what pisses me off?
You're just following others. Like a dog. People said that it's lame, you follow. People are saying that they're gonna take a break, you follow. Just look at how you commented back at me.

If you're really a.. uhh, loyal reader. Use some common sense, he's still blogging though he's running his business and stuff. You know what, try doing that and see how you would end up.


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