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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Short Talk:

When I submitted my entry for the Corntoz TV ad contest, I had to dress myself up as Susan Boyle in hopes that I could at least end up in the top 3.

Well, the results were announced today. And dammit, how could I possibly win when the winners came up with videos like these? Can you say “WTF”?

ADV: Elecoldxhot

This is a picture of a guy trying to mop the floor with his hair.



That was actually one of the contestants from the recent F&N Freestylz Show Ur Moves street dance competition. He’s from the Johorian dance crew Move, who absolutely entertained the crowd and ended up winning second place at the Grand Finals.

It’s ridiculous watching these guys dance. It’s like these people have absolutely no idea of the meaning of the word ‘gravity’.


For third place winner Wakaka Crew, it’s like gravity never even existed. Throughout the entire dance routine, they spent more time spinning on their heads than they did walking on their feet.

I’m pretty sure if one day they don’t feel like using their feet, they can still lead a normal life going everywhere by spinning on their heads. Can you imagine them like, going to the supermarket upside down? That would totally freak people out.

Sometimes I just wish I could learn some of these move from Most Outstanding Performer winner, Muhamad Haslam.


Seriously, this move would come in handy if one day I lost my car keys underneath the sofa.

Anyway, last time when I watched Britain’s Got Talent on Youtube, I thought Flawless was one of the best dance crews in the world. Those guys did well because they move together so fluidly and in sync. At that point, I thought it would be impossible for anyone out there to replicate their style.

I was wrong.


Quite simply, Elecoldxhot is one of the most amazing dance crews I have ever witnessed locally.

They are a group of five 20-somethings who hooked up three years ago. But last week, they emerged champions after beating 103 dance crews from all over the country. With that, the five boys took home a cool cash prize of RM10,000 and a trip to Korea to train with Gamblerz Crew, Asia’s best B-Boyz team.


Despite not being able to pronounce their name, I think Elecoldxhot totally deserved the grand prize. By no means was the competition a walkover for them. One of the team members, Ooi Kok Wei told me they spent many hours practising for this grand final, and even had to scramble for a last minute replacement when one of their original members was badly hospitalized.

Competition was intensely stiff and when I watched the Grand Finale, it was obvious that every single one of the finalists put in a lot of effort in coordinating their dance routines.

Wakaka Crew demonstrated death-defying moves.


N Crew impressed the judges with their funky wardrobe to claim Best Dressed.


Others, like Project Elementz, turned their dance routine into a full-fledged theatrical show.


Deservingly, those guys won the award for Most Entertaining Crew.

Then there were those who were happy just making silly faces at the judges.


Of course, those guys didn’t win anything.

In the end, it came down to style, creativity, originality and coordination. And it’s obvious that only Elecoldxhot had the total package.

Just look at how well-coordinated and in-sync these boys were.

It’s almost like he put himself through a photostat machine and made multiple copies of himself!

One thing for sure, all the dancers that night were energetic and mindblowingly captivating.

So captivating that this uncle can’t help but to sit very close to the stage


Too bad he to had to stuff tissues down his ears to prevent the loudspeakers from pulverizing his eardrums.



gosh....1st....nice talent


wow... the uncle looks so focused!


i once tried breaking and quitted after 30 seconds. T.T


May sure u dont 'break' urself into pieces XD


Once I look at the clip. It reminds me of Jabbawockeez moves.


Top 10? Omg~
Breaking needs some kinda martial arts skills...i tell u




wat a silly boy wif his noob face ..xD


lol i like the one with the silly face XD


arhh...too bad i can't go and watch it..i love watching dacing performance...woh they are defintely lucky to go and train with gamlerz crew...they are totally awesome...


i think the uncle is someone's dad! lol


Ok despite the annoying looping sound of "WOOOOHH!" voice behind the camera, i find below video cool too! I got goosebumps watching them mmmhmm.



Elecoldxhot is actually the Champion of the 2008 ASTRO Battleground Competition. Their group name was ECX throughout the contest.

They are very good indeed. I was captivated by their moves. Really enjoyed their performance.


this guys were from the battleground 2008, they won it last year


Wow.. trip to Korea with RM10K.. O_O


wow!.. nice moves!.. lol.. the uncle is sure fascinated.. :)


Wonder if the dancer with the face mask was really scared of germs or just being sarcastic hahah..


My side was full of small children who insisted on bumping into me and grabbing my pants. >.


damn funny lar.. learn free style to look for keys under the sofa. Only u can think of such a joke. seriously.



So long not reading all the words in your blog post. Especially this post


They are awesome! How i wish i could be one of their crew~ Haiz...


OHMYGOD. The guy who Started is my dance teacher!


His name is Chris Ooi and he used to teach me how to dance :DD


I've seen the corntoz video in Tim's blog.. really WTF..

*This is a picture of a guy trying to mop the floor with his hair.*
The is the double WTF..
So well descriptive!! HAHAHA~


i just love the top 3 winners of corntoz, totally creative and loads of efforts put it. but i like your susan boyle version too, hilarious. although i'm not that into hip hop, but i find the group Elecoldxhot has the move.


nice moves.. really talented..
another advert huh?...



Their dancing is not bad, though their name sucks though


You should check out america's best dance crew if you haven't heard of it especially jabbawokeez and quest crew. Trust me, they're theatrical and phenomenal.


Wow wow wow. Elecoldxhot is like whoaaaaaaa. Can't express my amazement.


this is awesome...


jeez lamo


eh u were there too? didn't u see sixthseal?


that uncle is the lead judge


diversity and flawless were WAY better


Some actually wore masks to perform? H1N1 or just gaya??? Great...


thnks 4 d pic...!


everytime when dancer had their head on the floor, I will keep my finger cross.. hoping they Don fall down.. or else, ouch.. the head hurt.. scary..


I would have ended up at the hospital doing all that stunts...


They are just so-so, the choreography was neat but too simple. anyone that can move precisely following a beat can do that.


Wow. Corntoz winners ftw!


Amazing moves. Next time are they going to try hovering in the mid air?


Awesome pictures. This is very stunning performance. Thanks for sharing this.


Much love - much love for this!

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