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Friday, 09 September 2005

Short Talk:

My workload is getting slightly more managable now. We're still behind schedule but not that much. At least I can now go home from work by 10:30pm instead of 3:00am. Still, I had to miss one month's worth of gym just to see these projects come to fruitition. :(

Patriotism Misunderstood

(continued from last entry. I took a lot of time editting this entry before I publish it because I have to particularly careful with what I say and how I say it. The end result is not exactly what I wanted but I've copped enough shit already and I don't need more.)

This post today is not about me joining in on some childish mudslinging match between Singapore and Malaysia. I was just inspired to write this entry after observing how my fellow Malaysians react when negative aspects about our own country are being highlighted.

I'm grateful that Malaysia is a peaceful nation and, when compared to the many war and famine strickened countries around the world, we should really feel happy with what we got. There's been all these talk about racism in Malaysia, but I'm appreciative of the fact that I keep my Chinese last name, practise our own religion and celebrate Chinese New Year. In addition, I think Badawi is doing a fantastic job so far (not being sarcastic here) though I'm afraid I cannot say the same things for our other leaders in the parliament.

That said, Malaysia is not perfect. I acknowledge the fact that Malaysia is a developing nation, and that it still has a long way to go before it realises Vision 2020 (if ever) and becomes on par with the first world countries.

There are a lot of things not right about our country. 'Efficient' government departments, 'zero' corruption, 'excellent' public transport system, 'fair' tertiary education scholarship criteria, 'not enough' race-based political parties and so on, being the few of them. And the feeling I got is that majority of Malaysians, the younger ones in particular, either don't care about it, don't know about it, or worse, don't want to hear people talking about it.

When F (note I said F, not X. They're two totally different people) wrote a list of Malaysia's flaws on her blog in an entry titled 'Negaraku', I'm surprised she got flakked for it eventhough a lot of what she said is true.

Maybe its to do with the fact that she's a Malaysian living abroad. Maybe its the way she used another country as an example of "how things are done right". But among other things, she was called ignorant, superficial, even a traitor for dissing her own country. Someone made an interesting comment on her blog saying Malaysia's biggest flaw is not teaching its citizens to accept it for its flaws.

Wait a minute, Why should we accept the flaws of this country? Are we saying that we should accept handbag-snatchers, dirty streets and crazy-ass traffic officers seeking a contribution to their retirement fund as the norm? Of course not.

I'm just disappointed that there are people I know who's saying we should all just shut the fook up and quietly eat all the crap being thrown at us JUST because that's what we grew up with and that's the way things work around here. I mean, if I were to follow THAT advice during my fiasco with the Malaysian Customs, I'm probably never ever gonna get my money back.

No, I will not let you screw me in the ass just because that's the way things work around here. If you're being unfairly treated because of some stupid policy, stand up and speak up for yourself. Challenge the authority.

What everyone ought to remember is that love for the country is very different from love for the government. A lot of shits we had to put up with are the direct result of both the government's lack of planning/lack of foresight/lack of common sense and some uncivilised citizens. Keeping our cities clean is everyone's responsibilities, but how many people actually follow that principle?

We should ALWAYS love our country because patriotism is a virtue. We should ALWAYS be proud of the Malaysian flag because it is our identity. But we should NEVER EVER accept snatch thefts as the norm. We should NEVER condone corruption as part of the Malaysian culture. And above all else, we should NEVER stop challenging the government to work for its people. Each of us citizens have a part to play to make Malaysia a better place. One of the ways we can help is by talking, or as some people put it, 'complaining' about the issues.

There's nothing wrong when other countries are being used for comparison. I'm not saying those who've been overseas are holier art thou. Hey, we all learn from other people's successes and failures - that's why we study history, that's how we grow. Don't be too fast to shoot down someone, especially a fellow Malaysian, and accuse them of dissing our own country just because another country's name was mentioned. More often than not, it's after staying overseas and observing the ways things are being done elsewhere that we realise how things could be better done with our own country.

Of course, one has to be reasonable when it comes to this.

I'm not gonna compare Malaysia's hot, humid and rainy climate to Australia's clean fresh air across four seasons because we are not Gods and we cannot change the weather. I'm not gonna bitch about how, in an effort to boost birthrate, the Australian government gives AUD3,000 (that's RM8,500) to the parents for each baby born (it's true), whereas the Malaysian government gives you nothing more than a pat on the back and a "Well done!" because I know its silly to compare Malaysia's cash reserves to that of a first world nation.

However, I'm gonna bitch about how in Malaysia 'courtesy' was an alien word to people working at the cashier counters before Starbucks came along and taught us how to smile and say 'Hi' to our customers, and not just stare and follow them everywhere when a customer walked into their shop like how some shopkeepers do because they're afraid you're gonna steal their stuff. I'm going to bitch about how in some countries, people study overseas because their results are too poor to get a scholarship into local universities; whereas in Malaysia, people study overseas because their results are too good to get a scholarship into local universities.

There's a limit though. I'm all for weeding out the negative aspects of our country but not at the expense of losing our Malaysian culture and identity. I mean, if the VCD seller at Petaling Street starts speaking to me in perfect English I'm probably gonna slap him.

I'm an optimist and I think, with the exception of a sad few, that most Malaysians love their country, including F. Home is where the heart is and so far I haven't yet met any Malaysians who is so ashamed of our own country they had to introduce themselves as Mongolians.

I think Malaysians in general just don't like to hear criticisms about their own country. Everytime we hear someone mentioning something remotely negative about our country we automatically go into defensive mode and attack the person making those comments. Frankly, I think that kind of attitude is sad. If that's our idea of patriotism, then I think we're pretty much screwed.

So all I'm saying is this, people: Be proud of Malaysia and love your country. Just don't love it blindly.




This device failed, which is why we attained our independence, but its repercussions manifested itself in a vague racial tension that ultimately led to the 1969 racial riots between the Malays and the Chinese.

Only after this event did the government receive a reality check on the true “racial harmony” in the country. Therefore, it needed to show who was boss, or rather, which race was boss.

UMNO’s new leader was now in the position to field strong pro-Malay policies as well as play up Constitutional powers granted to Malays — the one that mentions about how “no other race has the right to question our (Malays’) privileges, our religion (Islam) and our leader (the King),” as so eloquently defined by Badruddin Amiruldin, UMNO’s Deputy Permanent Chairman.

read the complete article here



i couldn't say it better myself.


Nice commentary you have here! Who could be better to critisize one's country if not the citizens itself. Those who had overseas exposures especially in developed countries will notice that Malaysia is already performing well and almost on par with them. But still we are lacking in some aspects and if we do not critisize it constructively, how could we progress? But talk is still cheap. What we need to do is have some action, the smallest step to take now is to change our mentality.


i used to have a controversy with a guy in a designforum. He seemed to be going around, giving talks in conferences and once, i went to one of his talk events, with collabs with a few designers. So 'unfortunate' that he googled his recent talk to check out how popular he/that event turned out to be. He stumbled upon my blog.

He was uber-disgusted when he saw my post in my blog, that i was criticising the event (NOT HIM) that it was lacking of substance and therefore, it didn't inspire or have i learnt anythin at all. Taking it all so personal, he disrespected me by posting my entry in the forum. But, damn, why would i be threatened? Because, there's always eyes around watching us, who are in this case, right or wronged.

And it's exactly what Kenny mentioned on this entry that reminds me of what he said - you don't support malaysian design scene, you're not patriotic, you're a disgrace to the nation and that makes you a betrayer!

Apparently, everybody was brushing him with compliments that he just couldn't care to know why i choose to find it uninspirational. If ONE is good enough, he doesn't need to be bothered with what others think about them, or rather they should share opinions/check on their weaknesses with other ppl. This is one of the many cases i found in forums, blogs, everywhere especially in Malaysia.

I absolutely welcome people going against me with a constructive debate, and not by taking it personally. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Aren't we?

IMHO, malaysians need to walk away from the family/the circle of their people, spend some time on their own, regardless if it's overseas or locally, it doesn't really matter. We need to do loads of thinking on our own, we are subconsciously being spoon-fed by thoughts and actions. We just have to stop being timid, and vice-versa, unable to accept criticism.

Judging from where 'some' of us are born in, we're brought up in a conservative family/surrounding, with all that 'Respect your senior, shut up or deserve to be labelled as a disobeyance child/rebellious kid' crap.

You probably might not noticed it because you're so gelled into their mindsets. All i can say is, take the pros, filter the bads. Do not hesitate on calling things turds. It's a good descriptor for work/opinions you don't like. You might piss off some people, but you might make a friend out of it. Of course, depending how rhetorically-intelligent you are.



great article... totally understand how you feel... being overseas really does open your eyes to how things are... and i realise that having been overseas for so long that i actually feel more for home, and feel more nationalistic away from home... i bitch about malaysia all the time, but when someone non-malaysian bitches about malaysia impartially, i bitch about them in their face... and i am not some guy who stays away from home, k... i go back to kuching at least 3 times a year...

and i just found out today that hang tuah is chinese... silly me... but somehow he's been removed from all history texts used in school... *fishy*

and whatever happened to the researcher who found the landing point in johor, near kota tinggi??


did i say bitch about malaysia "impartially"... oops... i meant NOT impartially... my bad...


hey kenny: great post. i believe that's why blogs like Screenshots and Brandnewmalaysian etc emerged in the first place.
Wonder if we could change the gov anytime soon?
Hopefully before our kids are born?
At the mean time, perhaps I am just going to continue shaking my head


I'm not someone smart, hence I can't leave a smart arse comment.

All I can say is, amongst the chaos, you are the only one who came up with something constructive.

Good on ya.


Malaysian here.

Living in Spore. Bred by the air here, groomed by the -cough- Newater here.

Can't wait to be a Sporean citizen/PR.


Only at Msia customs, would the brianless peepz question my dad if I AM HIS GIRLFRIEND.

Only on Msia highway, would the corrupted peepz sapped up my last ringgits.

And just because I am a chinese who doesn't know Malay, makes me such an inferior being that they could mock at me in language I don't understand.

I am not kidding when I say they only fell short of spitting at me and say 'PUI!' for holding a msia passport and not speaking malay.

And don't get me started on the professional conmen.

Still, I would love msia for some of their cute men, cheap manicures, cheap sushis...

and most importantly, the simple, pure sweetness of kampung life away from the sinister city life..


Regular reader here, Malaysian currently living abroad. Too much to say, so i won't ramble, But, excellent, EXCELLENT POST. Ah Malaysia ...


Well said Kenny. Having lived half my life in various foreign countries, I realised those who tend to be more patriotic and protective are the ones who have never left the country. One can never take a wider view if one has not been given the opportunity to, and therefore have no basis of comparison. They only know and see ONE way of living and that's the way life is meant to be lived. Hearing insults on "things that are meant to be" is a rude awakening. Its like saying "Kenny you should like men" and kenny says "KNN I dont like dicks" and Petite says "but how do you know? you have not tried...."


good job kenny.

lots of racial tension is kept inside the heart. generally, people know that they don't have the chance if they're not malay. that's why many don't try.

also, i think being so defensive, is the "mahathir syndrome". Tun gets so upset and defensive whenever anything is said about malaysia. i think the general public, especially those in the 10s, 20s and probably 30s have this syndrome because of the media.

you reckon?


I fully support what u publish here...Hope u dun mind that, I ''Angkat'' ur balls like this....wahahaha....keep it up, buddy!!! Great shot!!


Kenny, it is precisely with this mindset that some of your regular readers do regularly give you a nudge and point out the "mistakes" you wrote in your blog. We all love (is love a proper word to use?? sounds gay.....) you that's why we want you to improve. I suppose constructive criticism is always welcomed, right?


Bravo .. nice post kenny


you people have too much time.


I like my country but i hate my "goberment". But i have to accept it becoz it was elected by our own ppl. Racism is a big problem now, just look at how they change chinese street name into "malay" name, Church built like a "dewan raya" and they can't put any "cross" outside, u won't know it's a church until u step in, temple contruction have to halt becoz of objection from nearby residents.

Most of our "leader" always "Chui Kong Lan Pa Song", talk a lot, never do their work. And when ask, they will say "Semuanya OK" or "Macam ini punya lar" or "our crime rate are lower then Singapore".
I really dun know how they get "elected". *Sign*


kudos to ur post on this Kenny. Couldn't have said better.
It's time that Malaysians act to change other nation's perspective on Malaysia instead of bitching on how they dissed us. Change their mind about this nation by correcting our flaws, not deffending it blindly because how we love our nation. To all of you people who attack on others that commented on our country, remember that our own people complains alot about our own country too.


Kenny, this is life. and this is m'sia. i love it and i think it sucks at the same time.

Btw YC, u got that rite on the 'cute men' section.
for me, cute ladies too. msia is loaded with goodlooking ppl. in aspect ratio to population.
try overseas... america? uk? aussie? *sigh* nation of obesity. thnk gawd they have all da hot hollywood actresses, rachel stevens and holly vallance. *ok... maybe im wrong, msia may not be too 'pretty', but... lets all b patriotic k.*


Excellent entry Mr Kenny !!


Hi kenny, it is true that u only realise a countries shortcomings by being in another country for a period of time. Being in perth made u realise what our country lacked and how it could improve... and also that some of the things people go on and on complaining about is in fact caused by the lack of responsibility of the people themselves and not the government or the country.

In 2001 i spent one month in India, and i totally loved the places i went to and the things i saw and everything that i experienced. Of course at most times i missed our malaysian efficient government departments, zero corruption, excellent public transport system, and so on.

Dont get me wrong here, i'm not being overly-patriotic, and i absolutely love india, but while i was there, Malaysia seemed flawless. This is what happens when one starts comparing 2 nations. Not that india is bad, but for a country that huge and populated, i dont think there is even a basis for comparing. How could i compare the scientific development of india with ours when they are a light-year ahead of us? How could i compare the level of poverty and hardship in india with ours when we only see 10 beggars on the streets of KL as compared to the thousands u'd see in the Madras? But i'm only human, and i ended up comparing and i knew that malaysia will always be HOME. I bet if any of us have been in an african country we would think that malaysia was heaven.

I know i just went around the bush like a hundred times, well my point is that one could compare malaysia with any other country, but it will never end. u can keep comparing n complaining til the cows come home. But are we gonna do anything abt those complains to make malaysia a better place? and as citizens do we practice our responsibilies? or is it all just lip service?

And just one more thing for those of u who cant stop complaining, try think of any country which has no flaws whatsoever. If u think malaysia is not good enough for u , u should seriously consider migrating to that country. but what makes u think u'll stop complaining even then?


Hi Kenny, this was a really good post. Good for you!


They need all these privileges because most of them are just like sperms. Globalisation will kill all this sperms if they maintain their one-sided policies. At the end of they day, their only customer would be the Goverment.

I will be in my comforting GSC gold class seat with my caramel popcorn. Watching the finest show of this century...

"Going oversea because the result was too good". Well said. That's why we will survive. Heck! We even have a martial art sifu in Switzerland.


forgot one more thing, for those who are whining abt those who complain abt malaysia, stop reading and start doing something constructive and make malaysia a better place. If a dog bites u treat urself not bite back :p


Haha! I must agree with you on this.

I am a Malaysian living in Perth too and thinking of staying there after I graduate.


My cousin in law was raped and murdered in KL. It could have been prevented if the police were doing their job.


Kenny, you've hit the spot this time. Well written... thought provoking but gentle.

So true Kenny. Guys, love the country, if not the government and be brave enough to admit that our country still have some way to go.

But not all first world countries are perfect (been to the Uk and Australia for my studies, so i know) - ask any Malaysian who has studied abroad and they will tell you that but there are things we can learn from them too and vice versa. Moreover, like nal1210 said, we can't compare from country to country as each is different.

Important thing is to take a good look at ourselves and see what we need to change for the better and do it. No shame in that right? Even if it is pointed out to us by others? That's the mark of a maturing country...


Well said, Kenny


Kenny, fantastic entry. Even though it isn't exactly wat u are trying to bring across, i think it is the type of blog entry that wont give u much more shit to handle.

Haha. But then again, maybe later some dumbass somewhere misinterprets wat u wrote (AGAIN), and start throwing shit at u (AGAIN). :)


surprising how good posts have so few comments =)

anyways, good job; something of this substance should be in the star. will wake people up a bit.


the best


Hi Kenny, that's a pretty constructive blog entry u have here. Instead of blindly believing in things we see, have to gauge whether we are believing in the "right" things as well. Monkey see, monkey do. Thats the dangerous part, can be so easily manipulated. This blog dun apply to Malaysia only, but to everyone who thought loving their country = defending 101% (even down to its bad points).


Well done, Kenny, absolutely well done.

I especially love the very last paragraph. Arrgh. You really are the man. Am not trying to compare, but I think your post had made it softer, yet more thought provoking than I did (in http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/2004/12/dilemma_of_stud.php)

Keep up the good work.


I love your entry!


Nicely done, mate. I mean, straight to the point and everyone showed their noble deeds.

But no offence dude, I foresee things will be the same for next 10-20 years. Unless Malaysians really do something about this. It's not just the government here that is not working properly, but most of the citizen as well.

We need more people like you and Jeff and Minishorts to bring up these issues, but more importantly, we need even more and more and more people to listen and to do something about it, and not just commenting in the blogs. Of coz you may write whatever you want, but what impact will it make?

How many percentage of Malaysians, u think, will read these blogs and appreciate? I believe not even half of the 17-24 age group. What about the rest? What about 30-50 age group? They are the one that form our freakin government. And what do they care? Golf. Or nothing at all?

As long as we have ignorant people in our government, and as long as there are more ignorant people to vote for them, we will still be living with corrupted traffic police scumbags and traffic dumb-ass offenders offering bribes.

Education is the key, people and government are the de facto


Nice post.

I always wanted to ask those people that compare Malaysia to a less fortunate country and say Malaysia is much better than Country XXX; why do you compare to Malaysia to a worse-off country?

Why don't you compare Malaysia to a better country and aspire to be as good as that country? Why compare Malaysia against sewage and say that Malaysia is better when you could compare Malaysia to pearls and aspire to have Malaysia as good as pearls?

Why be satisfied with what Malaysia has instead of reaching further and trying to be more?


hmm..i agree with u kenny. it's about time we malaysians wake up from ignorance. ignorance is NOT bliss.


i agree with you 110%!

Malaysians have this habit to "merajuk" whenever someone point out something bad BUT truthful about something they don't like.

Even the word "merajuk" only exist (in meaning) in Malay and no word in any other language come close.

I agree completely with you.

We all must learn to take critisicm and accept that our country have flaws.

If we are so arrogant and think our country is so perfect, we might as well be like those people who critizise our country for no good reason - blind to everything but what we want to see.


Kenny, I'm totally agree with you... Somehow I starting to feel Singapore is pretty much the same as Malaysia.. In the diff approach.. I guess most people in both countries or maybe around the world love his/her country just by name..


I Love Malaysia!!!

Even tho i'm not gonna be there for a long time.. sigh.

I DO still hate the way people there queue up for toilet cubicles tho. Ha ha.


I'm one of those Malaysians (now studying abroad) who loves her country to death (shamelessly promoting it to my American friends, even putting down the surrounding countries: "You only have to visit Malaysia, the rest suck"...Haha don't really mean it la ok... Ok, I only mean it 35%...Ok 45%...) Anyway, I also admit to them that the government could be less corrupt, there could be less snatch thefts and rapes, there could be more equality among the three major races, and that our country could definitely be cleaner. But when you think of all the good we have: our night market, the friendly people (we do need more of those in Malaysia, though) and our lovely lovely food (which I so dearly miss and am always telling everyone they have to try), just to name a few, what's not to love?

One thing that embarassed me though, was how little I actually *knew* about Malaysia. I got here and when my American friends (or even Japanese or any other country) asked me stuff about Malaysia, like about the government and history, I found myself wanting for complete answers. This disturbed (and still does) me greatly. I couldn't decide if it was because I wasn't taught it, or if I just never bothered to find out, and I decided it was one of those things I thought I knew because you think you hear about it everyday from the media, but really, you don't. Know it, I mean.

Another thing I realized after I got here two years ago was how a lot of young people (at least, it seemed to me so) here in US care about politics. I was NEVER into politics at all back home; the most I did was hope that PAS did not win and that Mahathir continued to be PM. (That time I not old enough to vote yet la.) I didn't know anyone else in college (in M'sia) who was into politics either. Then it was 2004, and Bush and Kerry were going head-to-head; there were mini campaigns all over my University of Oregon campus. That's when I realized Malaysian kids need to care more about their "garblement," because, as cliched as it sounds, we are the ones who are going to lead the country in several years. I've heard that that there *are* Malaysian youngsters who care about politics and are actively participating, but there needs to be more of those people if we want to change anything.

So... In short, if you really want to change Malaysia for the better, get interested and start participating in Malaysian politics. I myself have since started reading more and more about it; that's a start, right? I'm also trying to keep in touch with political issues nowadays (being a journalism student, that's not too hard).

Malaysians boleh!

PS--Well said, Kenny.


Oh my god just realized how much I actually wrote. Er... Oops.


A well-written post that exudes your mature and clear-minded thinking. Keep it up!


I love Sarawak.


nicely put. i'm a singaporean , living in singapore, and i hope no where else. everybody loves their own country i suppose, so they don't like it when others show the negative sides of it. hell, i'll also fiercely protect singapore if any one slanders it. =) )




Well said Kenny. btw can I have F's blog url?



Congratulations, KennySia, you've just won yourself multiple Internets for this awesome entry!


Actually I don't think you can talk about patriotism like this, surely it's a very personal thing.


:) Finally, a post which doesn't garner hateful comments. Love it.


Hi Kenny boy! :) Ok I am a Singaporean.
But i really like this post. Kenny has really highlighted the important key notes here - love your country, not love your government. Every country has its flaw no matter how prefect it looks. Maybe some people are upset that Singapore is used as comparision but I guess the biggest reason is because of the promixity your country to ours. Living in Singapore is not a bed of roses, we have our share of problems (some sillier than most countries!). Enough said. Blogging is a way to let off steam and not really to insult anyone. Let's just take negative comments with a pinch of salt, shall we?


Woot, Kenny, you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Home run all the way.


I am a Malaysian but studied here in Singapore & am a PR here. Yes the Sporean got it correct. No country is perfect and every Govt has it flaws.

Malaysia is a country somewhat in between Indonesia & Singapore. I was one of those who felt somewhat discriminated becos of my race. So being in Sg levels the playing field for me at least. I hope some day to come back to my country..maybe to retire? Well things cheaper in Malaysia so there is self interest. At the end of the day we have to take care of ourselves 1st?


I thought that was well said...in a very "step on no one's toes" kinda way :)

Really don't see how anyone can diss you for this post, what's there to be angry about?


indeed. true to the last word.though i think we care enough to complain but not enough to lift a finger to do anything...that's the local way of dealing with problems.











Very well written... I hv always followed ur blog and I must say I really like your style of writting. U see things in a bigger perspective, that makes u not narrow-minded. I applaud u on this entry.


Pak Kadok why must always type in caps ah?


to pak kadok: eh you don't have to caps your comments to prove your point ok.

patriotism doesn't have to wait till merdeka day anyway. it should always be there.


As I have reiterated, this has nothing to do patriotism.

What I am stressing is that why did that Singapore girl had to belittle another race with her racist/religious mockeries?

I hope her apologists can answer this question rather than avoiding it?


The problem with Malaysia was because there is no good opposition party like what we can see in US, UK or other develop countries.
All this years, our country had being run by Barisan Nasional and every general election, BN won with a quite marginal win. What had opposition party done apart from saying do's and don't's thing in Muslim law?
Pls note that i'm not against BN or any opposition party.But if the opposition party able to change the direction of their parties and start challenging BN then i think Vision 2020 would be achieve and would be surprise if it achieve earlier that 2020
I'm totally agreed that SIN is good country, but one must not forget, SIN is actually a very small country. Infact, our Multimedia Super Corridor territory is much more bigger than SIN. Always remember...small organization is always easier to managed compare to bigger organization.


Well Kenny has a point there about 'loving your country, but not blindly'. I got some comments from Malaysians living overseas and their comments reflect their bitterness and some hatred towards their own country when i put up an article last week. Now it's making me think if i should go back to Malaysia to work after i graduate from uni. Hmmm...But well.. Sibu's still there for me i guess.


Kenny, everyone here gets what you are trying to put forward. No offensive remarks, straight up facts. Everyone's happy and receptive.

Xiaxue, go back to school.


Good points Kenny.

Xiaxue needs to learn respect when writing.


Pak Kadok, why should anyone owe you an explanation? Why should Kenny or xx supporters satisfy you?


Don't you put words into people's mouths. They said that she can write anything she wants, but they didn't say that she won't be reprimanded or criticised for that. Lousy inferential skills.

Go ask the wall why the sky is blue and when you get an answer, then come back and ask why xx wants to discriminate ppl lah.


yeah i agree Pakkadok over this matter .....why should XiuXue belittle the Muslim ladies on her blog article....making fun of a country is still acceptable but when it comes to religion and races I think she should publicly apologized lar..cos that shows how insensitive and inmature she is....key word here "respect" others and others will respect you....i guess she has never experince multiracial in a country called malaysia I guess.....

p.s.I was very hurt at the fact that XiuXue make a complete mockery out of another religion and race..shame on her


I have only this to say to the teenage Desperate Addict: I hope your arrogant views don't represent the sentiments of the Chinese in Singapore but looking at your arrogance,(and reading the lamentations of discriminations in your Newpaper today) I am doubtful I should even give to a teenager who sounds so cheap on the tagboard any benefit of the doubt at all.

You don't have to whore yourself slavishly to Kenny.


The arrogance shown by the teenage Desperate Addict is a very good example of the despised Singapore's infamous arrogance.

George Yeo came to M'sia and told the whole world that the new bridge linking both countries must benefit Spore as well.

That being the rationale for any discussions,I wonder why M'sia should continue supply water at a dirt-cheap, ridiculous price when that doesn't benefit Msia at all?


Ok Pak Kadut.

I will try to be objective. I hope u can 2. I know race is a sensitive issue. Looking at XX blog on KL. She was saying this Malay %$^& didnt respond to her & was rude. Yeah hit him with a pig thing was outta line cos of the religions sensitivity.

But the prayer thing, she was juz worshipping her shoes that she loves very much & u shd not take offence. Is easy to take offence when u already feel offended but i think its not the reality.

My 2 sens :)


I adore the food, the mamak, the shopping, OUR world-renowned Manglish, the cinemas, the friendly people (minority tight-arses not counted of cos) etc etc in Malaysia. I love and missed Malaysia because of that.

But what I feel is that, as long as govt policies and "special privileges" do not change, there's no way we can improve. At least, not until some dungheads sitting at the top start to clear the shit off their brain.

I agree that Badawi is doing a good job so far as well, but there's only so much a man can do...

Just take Education in Malaysia for example...

They drove all the brains, the top students, the straight A's students away from Malaysia (even Singapore knows how to lure them over there with scholarships etc), and then they expect these people to come home and serve the country, the govt? The VERY government that abandoned and didn't care for them in the first place?

All those happy inter-racial friendships in school are dealt a HARSH reality blow when you see your rich Malay friend who consistently failed Add Maths manages to get 3A's and gets offered full scholarship to study engineering in UK, while you yourself who have been straight A's student all your life, hold active posts in co-curricular activities, are turned down by even UTM, or get offered a weird course in a local uni?
Your dad who earns probably less than a quarter of what your rich friend's dad earns, needs to dig up all his savings to send you to private colleges or overseas thanks to that.

So what happened after all these "protection" and instilling ill feelings in non-Malays?
They apparently wondered why so many local graduates are unemployed now. Asked the employers why? Oh, coz their language and computers skills are bad. So what do they do? They create some course so that they have certs to prove they can use basic Excel and are proficient in English, so that they can be more "marketable".

I love Malaysia, I love KL life, can't imagine life without mamak :P
But, just because my roots are here, I don't think that's enough to justify why I should stay here for long and make my kids go through the shitty education all over again in the future, when I know it's getting from bad to worse.

Once upon a time ago, during my dad's days, a graduate from Universiti Malaya is considered extremely prestigious and respectable in Asia.....


reading this entry makes me feel guilty cause i've never regarded singapore as my home, but a place to temporarily live in until i can scoot off abroad, to anywhere.

suprising how you spent so much time in perth and still love malaysia. i doubt i'll do the same for singapore.

still, great post kenny.


i don't know. i still think there's a difference between country and homeland. i love my homeland, but i hate my country. honestly.

let's explore the differences.

a country includes the people as a whole entity, which ours is totally fucked up. true, a government does not define a country, but it's people do, and ours are absolutely less-than-intelligent to accept what has been allowed to happen. compromise is never acceptable as a long term solution, as our people have come to accept. a country is defined as it's history, and while it's true it's up to us to define it, the people constantly fuck it up, which makes history detestable and by extension, the country. it's all about the people who screw this up. i won't be too specific cuz it's still a 'sensitive issue'.

a homeland is the place, the environment, the people as individuals. i love my homeland. for all the reasons people say they love malaysia. no, i don't love this country. but i love the place i was born in. not the same thing.

i hate it when people use unrelated words interchangably. they obviously have no knowledge of algebra.


well-said, kenny! =)


ummm.. i'm a malaysian from KL living in BORING MELBOURNE for uni at the moment. To me, i personally thought malaysia isnt such a great country (that was before i come here..) and thought i could happily get a degree and settle down in whatever country i'm in as long as it's not Malaysia.

But, things changed.... perception changed. I actually missed Malaysia BIG time and it's when i'm in Melbourne that i know how wonderful Malaysia is. I don't know about other part of Australia. May be it's the fact that i'm in BORING CLAYTON (Monash)..but the whole Melbourne is pretty much the same anyway.

So, what did i missed about Malaysia? Sure, things are a lil unhygienic in KL, but when u grow up in such country, i'm sure ur our intestines are already immuned to the dirtiness. That being said, KL serves much better, cheaper and more satisfying food, not to mention, ALL KINDA FOOD.

I use to hate the government for being racist. Even now, i'm in Monash, and when i see students that unmistakenly looked Malay with tudung that are here to study for Medicine, i cringed. However, at the end of the day, u're just glad to see some familiar faces. I went back for holidays last year goofy happy. Two malay girls were sitting beside me in the plane and i don't care. I tried to communicate with them. It's so wondeful suddenly to be able to speak in Malay again. And it's just simply wonderful to listen to the Malaysian pilot speaking in Malay, of course they speaked in English too. At the end of the journey, the pilot says, Thank you for flying with MAS. To all visitors, welcome to Malaysia. To all returning Malaysians, WELCOME HOME.. That two words almost made me cry (of course it sounded even better when they said it in Malay, but i've forgotten how it went, and of course, it's more dramatic when u've been missing Malaysia for almost a year). I don't believe i've heard Qantas saying that to their citizens.

Who says All malaysian sales girls or cashiers are rude? Even though all the cashiers in Melbourne says "Hi, how are you today?" and put up a FAKE smile, that didnt make them anymore polite. They are just plain arrogant to me sometimes. Of course, i'm not applying to all of them.. but generally. Plus, i don't think it's their choice to say that and smile at u, probably it's part of their work.

Of course, many things in Australia are far more advanced compare to malaysia. Sometimes too advance perhaps that i think it's ridiculous. Take the rubbish system for example. Sure, malaysian rubbich trucks are smelly.. at least they come twice a week, at least that apply to where i lived in KL. And, over here, they collect it once a week. They use a very canggih truck which picks up the bins mechanically (ie: there's a robotic hand that come outa the truck to pick it up and put it back on the road ) But somethings are just too ridiculous. They wont pick the bins if the lids are not closed. They wont pick it up if it's overloaded. Dahlah they come ONCE a week, the tong sampah sooo fooking small and the fact that it's put outside, some passer by who happened to open it to throw something and didnt close it might have caused the lid to open, all these made them not to collect the bin sometimes. So where the hell are we supposed to throw the current rubbish? I personally think this system is sooo much worse then Malaysia. At least in Malaysi if u dun have enough space u put the rubbish on the grass next to ur bin, they;ll stil pick it up and throw it. THat, i have to say, Malaysia is much better when comes to collecting rubbish =D

AND what about our peaceful country? With so many different races and religions. I come to like all of this about malaysia. I'm proud to say i love eating our food... yes, malay, indian, mamak, chinese, nyonya...whatever.. And i'll probably wouldnt be able to have tried all these yummy food if i werent born in Malaysia, and understand each religion and traditions. PPL in Aus dun give a damn about us. They wont even try to be ur friend. I studied in Sunway 2 years ago and i got to know many new friends from overseas. They are all just glad that Malaysians are cool enough and friendly enough to make them feel homely in a foreign country. I feel like shit here... luckily i 've made some very good MALAYSIAN friends which helps to keep me sane. And Malaysia is not that dangerous. Here in aussie, u wont get snatch thefts, nooo,... u get stabbings!! U here police sirens every night. U hear much worse racist problems (such as they rape you or stab you or spit at you). I lived in Kl for 19 years of my life, no place is completely safe.. u'll just have to take care of urself.

LOL.. i think i've said too much? I'm just a lil dissapointed at how some ppl criticised Malaysia. Ur X friend.. well i'm from KL. I don't think KL ppl are rude. Some are, but not all. Yes, i agree with u that perhaps things would be better for her if she changed her title. I think i better shut up now :p ciaoz..


We complain because we care...

We want Malaysia to be a better place to live. Why? Because we love Malaysia... It's just that simple.

Don't mistake "flaws" to be the same as "cultures". Cultures are to be accepted but flaws are to be rectified.

It's not that other countries don't have flaws. Every country has its flaws. Don't tell me everything is perfect in Singapore, Australia, US, UK etc. The point is we need to change and not stuck in the *%&#*^!@.

How can we change?

1. see the problem,
2. admit the problem, and
3. fix the problem.

Most of the people's mentality is stuck in #2. How can we proceed to the next step?

I hate cowards and I HATE people who brand other people traitors when they are not any better.


Patriot A: I love Malaysia.
(Throw garbage to road side)
Patriot A: I love Malaysia.
(Park on the ROAD)
Patriot A: I love Malaysia.
(Stick chewing gums on lift)
Patriot A: I love Malaysia.
(Cut queues when driving)
Patriot A: Malaysia is great.
(Draw graffiti on public properties)

Patriot A -> Hypocrite A (TDAD: Talk different, act different)

Giving fake remarks makes you a hypocrite and is the worst kind in this world.

Open your eyes and see...


This is one sensitive matter which I think that you nailed it pretty much correctly.

I'm also a Malaysian studying abroad both in Singapore before and currently in Aus.

I love my country. But I do not deny the fact that it has flaws.

What I'm most disappointed is when I meet friends, fellow Malaysians who put down our own country in front of foreigners. When ppl ask about Malaysia, all they could say is that its a lousy country. Little did they know, they do not know a thing at all about being a Malaysian.

Malaysia is what it is because of us, Fellow Malaysian. It is us that has the right to change and make Malaysian a better place. To bring her name to the world and create a better future for the younger generations. If it is not us, who would it be? The job of god from above?

People always condemn this and that about Malaysia but they never ask themselves what they have contributed to the country itself. For all you know, they could be the one contributing to the "FLAWS" of Malaysia that made them so disgrace to be known as Malaysians.

All I'm saying is that, I love my country. I know its not a perfect place. No where is perfect. It'll be an honour if I can make a difference and make it a better place. I hope other fellow malaysians have the same thought too.


very well said.. i totally agree with you...


it used to be different kenny. i am sure our age is not too different. it used to be: when anyone says anything bad about malaysia, we don't really gives a fuck. when they cuss at how our goverment, we supported them and added a few of our own thoughts.

but we have changed from that kind-of-malaysians to a very cultured malaysias (maybe not enuff yet, still learning). Is proud to be malaysians now. and a few years nearing 2020, i am sure, everyone will be closely if not all !! UNITED. (chance is always here, just how we develop ourselves to see it)

Kenny, good post. I am malaysian, and CHOOSE to always be a malaysian


To the Anonymous girl/guy who is studying in Clayton now.

Geez...are you talking about the same Australia, the same Melbourne? I was there for 4 years and I walk on the streets in Melbourne CBD area at 4 am in the morning, feeling safe. You do that in KL, your photo will be on frontpage of the Star the next day, under "Raped and Murdered".
And do you know that Melbourne has been voted amongst the most pleasant cities to live in?

Actually, I like how organized their rubbish collection schedule is. U know why collection is a few times a week in KL? Cos, some ppl hang their rubbish bags (like flags) at the gates or throw it by the old roadside rubbish bins. If they don't come, the next day, u see stray dogs dragging the rubbish all over the road. Well, at least that's what happens all the time in my neighbourhood.

Anyway, that's what you experienced and what you think :). Not defending Aust/Melbourne. Just relating my own experience.

P.S. Once you come back to work after uni's over, you might be dying to go back, like some ppl do :P





I know what I'm going to say on is not going to be a satisfactory answer to your post. But this is the best I can come out with.

"XX is racist"
"XX is Singaporean"

Deduction: "Singaporean is racist"

This is obviously wrong, in critical thinking. This is what we call a fallacy (Hasty Generalization). Not all Singaporean agrees with XX, we keep in mind that they are other Singaporean who dislike her statements. (Maybe except for her fans, "who loves her, no matter what")

The fact is we cannot force people to apologize, if they don't want to. It's almost like a repeat of wanting Rafidah to apologize to Tun Mahathir. You want to be Tun Mahathir?

A: You better apologize.
B: No.
A: I say apologize.
B: Don't want.
B: I say NO.

(Sound like kindergarden kids)

Around the world (or blogsphere), every races/religion are being discriminated in one or two ways. Jews? Christians? Indians? Do chinese get discriminated? Yes, we do get discriminated in many ways. They even put it into Hollywood movies, if you have notice. They are a minority of Malays who discriminate Christians/Chinese openly in public (which happen to be deemed as norm by "public"... AHA... generalization again. "part of the public").

You can't police around the internet and ask everyone who discriminate someone for something.

Instead of expecting people to act in your way, try to improve ourselves, so that other people will not look down on you/me/us. So people will think twice before making fun of you/me/us. (Passive is the way to go, as taught by Mahatma Ghandi)

NOTE: If still not satisfy with the answer, you can drive down to Singapore with a parang. Ask her to apologize and slash her if she refuses. Good luck ;)


By the way,

Forgot to add in. I agree XX is racist,

and Pak Lah is doing a great job so far.

I'm a Chinese Malaysian, so no biased to Singapore. As I'm not affiliated to it in anyway. Always glad to be a Malaysian and never deny the fact that I'm a Malaysian.

Studied in Australia. Currently working in KL, Malaysia.

However, I was once asked by a Japanese student who study Asian History regarding my opinions on Bumiputra priviledge. What do you expect me to answer?

Sigh... No comments.


PakKadok: From your posts, you sound like a rational person; hence I will bother to present an argument. XX, Kenny, and the other Singaporean "apologists" (as you so describe) need not apologise to you or anybody else, in the principle of free speech. Free speech is not free if it is only used for things you like to hear. The same goes for the anti-XX brigade: say your thing. Ahh but you say, rights are never absolute, they never come without obligations. You say: XX has crossed the line with her insults that go beyond free speech. Well then the moral and legal onus is on you: if you believe that what XX has written is beyond free speech and you would like redress, simply file a police report against her (I believe the Singaporean authorities have something on the law books against "inciting racial hatred"). Same applies for the XX "apologists".

Please note that I am not saying that what XX or what the anti-XX brigade said is morally right or wrong: I just want them to be able to say it without people demanding they retract and/or apologise.

Please also note that I am not asking you to retract or to apologise: I am just pointing out that if there is to be free speech, you have no right to ask for an apology.

Also I do not imply that laws are the ultimate solution to questions of morality (in fact I think they are not), but that is another issue for another day.

Descartes - I do not agree with what you say, but I will die for your right to say it.

desperate addict: PakKadok is right to infer that according to the apologists XX should not be reprimanded. That is what is implied by "it's her blog, she can say anything, why should you care?"


PakKadok... XX's blog entry gave me this impression.

I think Xia Xue is a racist against malays.
I think she has insulted the whole of KL.
I think she sounded like an arrogant Singaporean.
I think she force others to agree with her, or to answer her.
I think she annoyed u, and u have ur reasons.

But wat she write in her blog is HERS. Gives u no rite to be so angry over this whole thing. It's HER blog.

Get it? H-E-R B-L-O-G. And This is KENNY's blog... He doesn't owes u any answers, and we "SINGAPOREANS APOLOGISTS" dun owe u any answers.

Now, all ur comments give me this impression.

I think YOU are a hater against freedom of speech.
I think YOU have insulted the whole of Singapore.
I think YOU sounds like a arrogant Malaysian.
I think YOU force others to agree with YOU, or to answer YOU.
I think YOU annoyed ME for good reasons.
And I think YOU are MALAY, rite? LOL. No wonder... HAIZ.

-- Kit Fan (Singapore Teen, Malaysian Citizenship, currently in Shanghai)


To the anonymous girl in Clayton,

If you wanna have a fast-track way to get to know more friends, both asians and non-asians, you should join some student clubs in Monash.

Or, hehe..you can head over to Melb Uni to join the Chinese Theatre Group (CTG). It's NOT opera stuff alright. Plays are in english, cantonese and mandarin. They have members from Melb Uni, Monash, Swinburne, RMIT etc. And you don't need to be artistic or anything. You can help out publicity and admin stuff as well.

Haha... I sound like I'm promoting the club here.
Sorry :D. Just a suggestion :)


I suspect that so much passion was aroused was because the criticisms came from a singaporean. Being singaporean, I am well aware of the fact that on average, we just aren't very popular with our neighbours whether be it to the south or to the north. The way we behaves, how our goverment behaves and the articles from our media don't help things much. A lot of it is of our own making. We are generally perceived to be proud, snobbish, and arrogant. Everywhere we go, we have this annoying habit of comparing it unfavorably with singapore and I suspect,that causes a lot of pent-up resentment.

Sometimes loving your country doesn't mean you have to put another country down. Unfortunately the powers that be in their haste to build some form of psuedo-nationalism seems to have neglected lessons in humility and compassion and that causes a lot of friction whenever singaporeans venture abroad because let's face it, nobody likes that holier-than-thou attitude. There are times when I have caught myself with that kind of thinking much to my own shame and embarassment. Don't get wrong, I too love my country though I am not so keen about the current ruling goverment, but surely the world is big enough that the posperity of one country doesn't have to comes at the expense of another.

Because of the past history between our 2 countries, there's a lot of emotional baggage involved. But I think enough time have passed that rather than focussing on all this hate and anger, why not spend that energy to build better ties and relationship.

For the record, I am all for freedom of speech and all that but we have to be responsible for what we say on our blogs. There's a lot to be said for sensitivity here. Hopefully people on both side can learn something positive from all this unlike a certain blogger who it seem are still blind to their own faults.


I have read these posts carefully, I try to read word by word of all these post. I have found all are negative points on Malaysia. Every country have the good and bad, if we do not understand the contry's management systems well, we are not qualify to criticise the country especially your own country or your own living place. How many peoples have you seen? How many countries have you been? I have been to many many countries and listen from many many people from other countries, there are good and bad. Do not keep looking on the bad, do keep an eye on the good side. Do you think that America is good? Please look at the poor and the black in New Orleans now! But, I am not qualify to criticise America, America is still a great country.

I do not happy with our government for certain policies as well but I couldn't accept a 21 year old girl from Singapore insulting our country and insulting our Malay friends, XX even not understand her own country well and she just works for months and quit the job.... this, I can't compromise

F, a Malaysian girl stay in Singapore, how long has she stayed in Malaysia? how much she understand about Malaysia and our government?

I just couldn't accept a bunch of kids keep criticise and insulting Malaysia. How much do you know about Malaysia and Singapore? Nobody here are qualify to do that.

Please learn something from Jeff Ooi. He earned the respect.

A government is part of the country, I can't understand love your country is difference from love your government. Is like your blood and your body.

I love Malaysia and I like Singapore because they are my neighbour.


There are many comments here saying XX is racist in her KL post. But I can't find any racist comments. Can anyone highlight me?

The guy who molested her was a chinese. She is a chinese as well.

I still can't find any racists remarks.

If you guys can't find racists remarks as well please do not ASSUME she is racist.

I hate racists. She is not one.


The reason she is deemed racist is because of the "pig" statement. She say hitting the malay guy with pig. (Racist remark)

It's like saying "Chinese pig", "Yellow chicken chinese", "Yellow belly chinese".

But for the chinese molester, she didn't curse him with something related to skin, related to religion etc.

That's why choice of word is very important and can give people subtle meanings.


I see. Well, I hope everyone settles down soon. The blogging wars are frustrating. I barely seen a decent post in recent times.


hey man nice post, made me think about my country too... :)


KL, Malaysian here.

Malaysia Negaraku, is a wonderful place. It has wonderful world class facilities and infrastructure that enables it to host international events like the Commonwealth Games to name a few, but unfortunately it has 3rd world mentality.

I agree wif her when XX mentioned about her "wonderful" trip not being that all wonderful because malaysians, plz, admit it larrrrr! KNN, some areas about the country do suck no matter how much u sugar coat it.

How nicely can u say "I got molested" or "I got cheated by a cabbie" ?????

Furthermore, her blog is her own personal space to express her own personal views about her own personal life which is nicely put up for you to have a read and laugh about.

You don't like what she's saying or thinking, fuck off larrrr.... The internet is so big, nobody put a gun to ur blardy head to say that must be the only blog you should read every damn time also. Geezzzz.

All this drama for the sake of what???

I feel like as if a gun has been given to a 10 year old kid who doesn't know it's destructive powers or it's benefits when a powerful tool like the internet is entrusted to a 3rd world minded person.

It takes a man to see his mistakes. It takes an even bigger man to admit it.

Open up ur mind and maybe then you won't be so miserable all the time and spread ur misery by attacking everyone else with it.

P.S. Kenny, I love ur blog!!!! *muaks*


Love is blind... applicable in all situations


be proud of our goodness,contemplate on our weaknesses


very critical.

You made me nod my head in agreement while reading this.

XX really don't deserve those nasty comments.


aha...i'm the clayton girl..
alright, to ash.. i seriously dun think my face will be put up on the stars if i were to walk on kl streets at 4 am... isnt that what everyone does these days? the famous 24 hour mamak stall?? lol...
alright u have ur experiences, i have mine...

for the other guy who call me to join clubs to know ppl... yeah i did that.. thanks for the suggestions.. but my point is not that, my point is ppl from other countries who came to malaysia for studies fit in well with the locals. but international students in clayton, or may be in aussies clumps within their own group. My friends here are mostly asians... malaysians the most, but i have singaporean frens, hk frens china frens and also taiwanese frens...

i'm just trying to point out the fact that malaysians are friendly ppl and the fact that we live in harmony with diff races made us capable to fit in with diff ppl well... that is my point =)


Desperate Addict...
to quote on ur words...

"lousy inferential skill",

and ur sarcasm..
"go ask the wall why the sky is blue..."

you have to admit, in a way u are flaming Pak Kadok...
if you put it in open_your_eyes way, it would turned out to be a happier ending.

not to say Pak Kadok is right.
Pak Kadok in a way is irrational and over-reacting...


in my perspective...
things wouldnt turned out so harsh if blind supporters didnt go around flaming commentors who disagreed...
comments could be made in a milder way yet still prove your point.
that is in the art of writing itself.

clearly, XX should have proper mastery in the art before making such comments. As what Shaolin Tiger made clear, XX was fired at not because we disallow the freedom of speech. But due to her irrational act of writing without consideration of her influencial power to the public.

Believe Kenny made it clear...
flaw exists as long as we dont learn to change for the better.

just my 1 cent worth of opinion...
dun flame me... pls...


oh.... i forgotten to mention.... one international exchange student from japan was raped in clayton at 11 pm.. that's not even that late... and two years ago, some fella was stab around the uni at about that time too.... so i seriously doubt how safe clayton is =p


hey pakkadok, dont be so harsh on desperate addict. "You don't have to whore yourself slavishly to Kenny." that line is abit too far-fetched. she is most probably just joking lah. but of course, ur comments are ur opinions and i respect them. but DA is, after all only a young teen, so pls dont attack her so much =)

anw great post kenny, u r probably the only blogger to see things at a larger, more open minded view than to stick to narrow minded, childish behaviour, probably why you are the probably the blogger with the fewest i-hate-this-blogger readers.


I am a Singaporean. I love Singapore.

I used to visit Malaysia weekly. I love Malaysia.

I am currently studying in Sydney. I love Australia.

But I love Singapore most for the simple reason that it is home. I love it despite its flaws and I am not going to deny that we all complain about these flaws.

I am sure Malaysians love their country most too eventhough Malaysia, like Singapore has its flaws...

Like the Malay saying goes, "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih bagus di negeri sendiri." (Raining gold in a foreign land, raining rocks at home. It is still better at home).


Marc said:

"The way we behaves, how our goverment behaves and the articles from our media don't help things much. A lot of it is of our own making. We are generally perceived to be proud, snobbish, and arrogant. Everywhere we go, we have this annoying habit of comparing it unfavorably with singapore and I suspect,that causes a lot of pent-up resentment."

Good point there.

Only wished more Singaporeans could be humble and refrain from showing-off to others that they are better-off than others(even if that is a fact)via their "unrestrained" remarks.

Look at the all powerful America. They are having another Vietnam nightmare in Iraq & they can never prevail there.

And who would have thought that New Orleans would go back to the stone-age days?

It will do Singapore no good in the long term surrounded by neighbors who have pent-up feelings against Singapore due to her perceived "arrogance."


Another point is that Ms Xiaxue claimed she was molested when a guy purposely brushed his hand/elbow over her breast.

How would we know if that is true? So, we have to just trust her 100%?

How would we know if it is just another stunt to gain sympathy & attention?


Singapore and Malaysia have so much in common.
They both have a Dictator based Government.
Both governments are openly corrupt.
Both Countries can not take critism from the Truth.

Both countries have been able to gradually brain wash their citizens to stamp out questioning authority.
If I were to protest about the Governments Racial Agenda in public what would happen? I would get locked up.... Nelson Mandela... Mahatir Mohammed...

Creative Labs-Losing money
Proton. losing money.
MAS, losing money
Petronas, Losing money
Government subsidies, protection, taxes biased against race. Students overseas... why the hell do you think you are studying overseas and not in Malaysia? Because your position was filled by a Bumi. Your parents have to pay more of their hard earned money.... do you think they are happy? No.. but they have to.... Yeah Melbourne and Sydney are boring...But the education system will turn you into a developed person. When you grow up you will understand that Malaysia and Singapore are fundamentally countries that will never be able to compete in the market...why?
Singapore Gvt too small...
Malaysia Gvt.too corrupt...Bumi's too greedy,selfish, and lazy.. the worst attributes a human can have.

Malaysia will need a civil war to change its constitution... to give people the right for freedom.... all races ... all malaysian...
Right now malaysia is a country that protects the majority...
Developed countries protect minorities....

Let the market decide who dies who survives... Protection stops innovation. That is why Malaysia will never be as sophisticated as europe or Japan... even Taiwan.

You can be proud of your country but have you ever been to Southern France, or the Dolomites - Swiss Alps or even Lake Louise in Canada? Maybe Genting Highlands is good enough for you....and living in oppression.... it doesnt matter... we live in peace right? Scotland fought for their freedom... The chinese are too concerned in making money... one day Bumi's will take an even bigger slice of the 30% that they have in all corporations in Malaysia..... all it takes is for the Government to be losing stability... new legislation. ... new policy....

Can you complain? No.. Can you vote for a new leader? No... what can you do? Nothing... but still love your country right? When the dog bites the master that is feeding it.


It is not healthy to doubt on people all the time. To be careful, yes. But to doubt most of the time is not good. Especially when it is regarding this kind of issue.

Put yourself in her shoes, and imagine everyone not believing your words and say you are a liar and have a conspiracy behind it.

Anyway, I choose to believe XX is not doing a stunt for this. As it is not something to be proud of anyway. (I don't find that part as a Wow topic)


Open Your Eyes said:

"Put yourself in her shoes, and imagine everyone not believing your words and say you are a liar and have a conspiracy behind it."

What if that guy who bumped into her really accidently bumped into her but being the high-nosed, paranoid individual that she is, she miscontrued everything and said that she was "moslested?"

It's not that she has lived in M'sia for 12 months and during that period, she was molested.

She just went to M'sia for a few days and she was immediately molested.

Coming from an attention and sympathy seeking person like her, we should have the benefit to doubt her words.


Look at the way you phrase your personal views and hers. She can keep her style. Likewise, she can tone down her "bitchy" tone on stuffs that raises people' attention(esp. on sensitive subjects).


My skepticism arise from the way she "attacked" Kuala Lumpur and I am just doubtful she was really molested.

If that guy put his hand in and grabbed her breast, that is molestation.

I believe it was an accident as Petaling St is a busy place filled with human traffic.


i think so too fellow commentator. i think so that we should try differentiating love for government and love for country.

anyway i think what made ppl burned up on xx's post was more to how she wrote her entry. she was disrespectful to other races. ( the comments on funny arabs and "malay" pig fucker ) and the whole parochialism situation. she expected citizens from a different country with a different culture to act similarly to those of her own country.

and i dont think theres anything wrong with people getting burned up over her post. like xiaxue's right to post her feelings..they themselves have the right to feel offended. in her malaysian trip entry she actually sounded disgusted with Malaysia. hmm.

yes our country is not perfect and yes there are many divergent views on how this country should operate. corruption, transparency issues and the likes. but we are a developing nation and like every other country each day we learn to cope and combat rasicm and the likes. maybe one day we will grow to be a better nation. that one day when we have educate ourselves to show dignity, respect and snap the larger picture.


"I'm going to bitch about how in some countries, people study overseas because their results are too poor to get a scholarship into local universities; whereas in Malaysia, people study overseas because their results are too good to get a scholarship into local universities"

There was a newspaper's article on this issue. It is not just about being "good enough" or not even though this is a common trend. Being sarcastic decreases your point's credibility. Seriously, most scholars in Malaysia are pursuing degrees aboard but Malaysia's government cannot put them in the disciplines they want to pursue in aboard for various reasons. Reason for wanting degrees from more reputable Universities aboard: These scholars believe that Malaysia's Universities hold no credibility if they want to go far in the society or if they want a better position in the market. However, the expenditure overwhelms their budget and they study in Singapore as the best alternative. Just look at it both ways, please. =)


To anonymous girl in Clayton,

Hehe, I must say, what's with Clayton and crimes eh? ;)

No wonder you don't feel secure there! Back when I was still in Melb, I think it was either in year 2002/2003, I remember the tutorial class shootings was in Clayton campus too, in the Economics Faculty building!

By the way, what I meant about walking at wee hours in the morning on the city streets is walking alone. Not going out in a group to yumcha hehe :).

Anyway, I do find that generally, crime rates in suburbs area are higher than city area. Perhaps, consider changing campus/uni? Hehe just joking. Hey, you should be happy you are not in Gippsland campus alright, else you will literally die of boredom, counting the flies (not like there's any to be counted!) :P

Yeah, but I do get your point about how most Aussies seem to be in their own cliques. Don't blame them though, some of them seem to only know where the Kiwiland is... teehee ;P


Pak Kadok,

The "Bro" Pig comment, I think you might have got it wrong. "Ti-Ko" for most of the Singaporeans...means pervert ey. Eg: You very "Ti-Ko" leh, keep looking at ppl's boobs. I think she was talking about her being molested thus "Ti-Ko" ppl.

And the muslim prayer pose, I don't think she meant it that way too. It's just showing a kow-tow pose. Even MSN messenger have it under the winks - Bow.

Also, the 'Malay fucker' term will be the same if someone was irritated by an ang moh; fucking ang moh or ang moh fucker. I don't think she was being racist, picking on Malays. But I'm not saying she can go around scolding ppl fucker la.

I'm just explaining....No offence.



Bravo bravo! this is the best i've read revolving this so call sg vs msia issue.
Hopefully we all learn to understand and
find ways to mend it/improve rather than
trying to ask ppl to STFU. It's basically
like avoiding the issue since it's giving
us pain to even listen to the slightest negative
comments about our countries. If it's true why not accept it with a positive thinking and try to alter it? Nobody's perfect same always remember that so we are still developing......


When XX blog was "hacked", I felt sorry for her.

But then, later on, I was skeptical.

She said someone "hijacked" her Google account and a short while later, she managed to "get it back" & then, everything was back to normal.

I realised, then, it was just a publicity stunt to gain sympathy & traffic.

The molestation thing is again to solicit sympathy & traffic.


oh my god. kickass entry(:


I live in Australia, but I love Malaysia! You took the words right outta my mouth baby!


Kenny, I am a regular reader of your blog, but unfortunately I have never leave u a single comment in here, but until today i realised that i have to say something, something that is so fishy that makes me feel so unpatriotic especially at times like this where "some" malaysians have developed some weird attitudes that are rather disappointing.

They claimed that they are so-don-wan-to-be-a-malaysian citizens. It's sad, isn't it? But we just can't altered their minds directly, what i meant to say here is that u had really wrote the heart of the feelings of all malaysians, or shud i say "MOST" to be precise that we shud love not blindly to the country, cherish the moments we have for now. Well, I really do hope that MOST Malaysians shud be able read this great post.


I'm going to bitch about how in some countries, people study overseas because their results are too poor to get a scholarship into local universities; whereas in Malaysia, people study overseas because their results are too good to get a scholarship into local universities.

Can't agree more. Earlier this year I failed to secure myself with any full (heck, not even a 1%) scholarships. (e.g. - JPA scholarship). I do not think 10A1s and 1A2 is too bad of a result. Apparently it is. And it was made worse because the A2 was for BM....

I wonder why I failed to get JPA. MY friend had 8As (thats a mix of A1 and A2 mind you) got it though. Hmmm... she's malay.

Oh right.... QOUTA! its only fair.....

can't blame me for feeling discriminated.

and of course I'm going to study overseas. That's if my parents can pay.

p/s: my great grandparents were from china.However, I was born here, raised here, spent my whole life minus a month or two here.

After everything said, its still home...


As much as we love our country, I have to face that it's not perfect, and still have much to improved on. Going into 'crazy comment flamer' mode as soon as someone talks something bad about our own country shows that we cant accept our own flaws.

Like the earlier comments, I have to agree that the Malaysian goverment rules like a dictator. Anyone that questions it is arrested. So, what is the meaning of Merdeka when a person isn't given the right to fight for his rights? I don't really care if you think i'm racist, but the Bumiputera rule is stupid. Not all Malays are dirt poor and lazy. I know alot who work hard, and even think this rule is dumb. I don't mind if the rule applies to the poor, but if its targeted at a RACE, then our goverment is racist a hypocrite.


Alot of the spiff between the blogs of the two countries isn't caused by the entries, but by the flaming comments of people who can't stand criticism.


*I have to say

*to improve on

*racist and a hypocrite

just come typo corrections -.-


ok I like this post. it felt just right...not too spicy, not too mild


You can't expect anything to change if you have no heart to change it.

If you are so pissed about Malaysia, then do something to help fix it. What's the point of complaining about the level of crimes in the country, for example, if all you do is to close an eye when a crime is being committed?

Someone said to get involved and active, and learn your rights, and to try make a difference. Well, I agree. Get off your sorry asses and vote vote vote vote vote! Start your own party! Make a stronger opposition! Don't let any one party gain an easy 2/3 majority so they can just bulldoze any legislation through! Not run away to another country and start comparing how well ur life became.

Malaysia may not be the best country to live in, but to most of us, it's the only home we have. But I agree with Kenny ... there's a difference between loving the government and loving the country. Never confuse the two.

Malaysia has its weaknesses, but it can only progress. We might not be able to wipe out the corruption, the racism, etc, but we sure can improve it by being more understanding and patient.

And no more on that tolerance crap. I do not need others to tolerate my presence in the country that I belong to.

Thanks for the honest post, Kenny.


well said, kenny. ((:
oh. and to all those who aren't happy with xiaxue, give the poor girl a break will you?
the girl just posted a blog entry on her feelings and about her recent trip to m'sia.
its HER opinions.
big deal.
she didn't tell you all to pick on her or to payy attention to her now, did she?


Excellent post Kenny, your final line 'don't love it blindly" cannot be put a better way.

Pak Kadok: the only reason there are no lamentations of racism (as you put it) in Malaysian newspapers is because of the lack of freedom of speech. Racism of any sort is not to be tolerated, but if you are demanding an apology from xx on one hand, whilst slinging generalised racist comments about chinese singaporeans on the other, then you are nothing but a hypocrite.


I'm Jeremy Koh Teck Ming from TPJC 18 year old this year. Come find me in TPJC if u want.

i only have 1 thing to say: fuck malaysians. period.


nice one


You're going to get either a hoard of angry or flattered Mongolians at your doorstep next. Being politically correct all the time is difficult!

Even though I live in the UK, it is very true that home is where the heart is and I'd take my chances with evil pirated DVD sellers anyday.


Nah, I don't think Malaysians will go all the way to Singapore, search the map for TPJC, and look for you, Jeremy. They're probably going to do the easier method by commenting, "I also only have one thing to say: fuck Singaporeans. period."

I have this hunch that you're just some person trying to sabo Jeremy Koh Teck Ming of TPJC.


aiyah Jeremy Koh Teck Ming,

We Malaysians are to lazy to play trasure hunt. Why don't you give us your home addresslah!


woah, ppl, some of these comments are long enough to be blogs themselves lah.

Kenny, your comment forums is starting some pretty good noob bloggies. Maybe one day you will be elevated to 'obi wan kenny-bi' the Master Jedi of bloggers Malaysia.

"Bring out the blog force inside, you must."


reply to -->Posted by: Zac at September 9, 2005 10:09 PM

ang moh fucker is different from chinese fucker
when she said malay fucker she didnt imply mat rempit (mat motor) fucker or mat jiwang fucker or whatever.

she said malay fucker. she generalized that fucker as malay.
+ arab + bangla comments.

induction = shes a racist


Fantastic entry, Kenny!


however i do have this thing to add on : standing up for a country in view of not-so-constructive, quite-the-crude criticisms, does not warrant a 'blind patriotism' label.

i say there was no harm in people standing up for the country they call home.


I agree with you. I know you are in a difficult position now, stuck between Shaolin Tiger and Xia Xue. But just for my two cents worth of the whole issue. Xia Xue has to be responsible for her words, even though she did not intend for it to have the effect there is now.

But Shaolin Tiger is worse. He disapproves of what Xia Xue did yet he still discriminates against Singapore. And the things he did to Xia Xue, I only feel sympathy for the poor girl. She does not deserve the hurt caused to her.

She needs to taught a lesson to be careful about her words but the flaming was not necessary. Look at the words people use on her, I can only say it is very despicable. What were you to do, if people use such words on you too. If I were her, depression is what that might hit me now.

And people just keep making it worse, adding oil to fire as they say in Chinese. Best is these people don't take responsibility in their words too. It saddens me to know there are so many people out there saying such horrible words. Sometimes I wonder about what Kong Zi said. Are all people really born to be kind?


This entry is not about Xiaxue at all. Its about F and how people react to her comments. I didn't even mention Xiaxue in this entry. In the previous entry, yalah, but not this one. Wrong post, people.


You can't expect anything to change if you have no heart to change it.
- I have a heart to Change Malaysia!
- I want malaysian people to change
- I want to change myself.
- I want to be able to compete with developed countries.

If you are so pissed about Malaysia, then do something to help fix it. What's the point of complaining about the level of crimes in the country, for example, if all you do is to close an eye when a crime is being committed?

- I totally Agree... Malaysians need affirmative action.. its citizens need to come together and work for the greater glory of this nation.

Someone said to get involved and active, and learn your rights, and to try make a difference. Well, I agree. Get off your sorry asses and vote vote vote vote vote! Start your own party! Make a stronger opposition! Don't let any one party gain an easy 2/3 majority so they can just bulldoze any legislation through! Not run away to another country and start comparing how well ur life became.

- As I said in my previous post. I too would love to start my own party, I am chinese. I will never be Prime Minister.

- Furthermore if i publicly speak the truth and critise the government for being corrupt, openly racist I will be put in jail, beaten and raped.

Its all in Malay constitution. You can not question the government on issues of race and religion. It is Malay sovereignty that has privilege. Only the leader of Umno can be Prime Minister ie: Islamic Malay.

You will need a war to change your constitution... a civil war... just like the Great American Civil War. A war that won freedom and democracy for All people.

Malaysia may not be the best country to live in, but to most of us, it's the only home we have. But I agree with Kenny ... there's a difference between loving the government and loving the country. Never confuse the two.

- I love malaysian food.
When I eat I forget about the tuition bills I have to Pay in US Dollars for my children in Oklahoma University. I will never confuse the 2! trust me!

Malaysia has its weaknesses, but it can only progress. We might not be able to wipe out the corruption, the racism, etc, but we sure can improve it by being more understanding and patient.
- Hmm You can keep on understanding while the government keeps putting money in their pockets.
Mahatir was driving a Porsche Cayanne. He shouldnt be driving a Porsche... he should drive a Proton as it was his creation... His Proton is a failure. Poor build quality... a car for the people right? To protect Proton.. High taxes for other vehicles... Thank you mahatir for your generosity.... Malays should be asking... why are we driving Proton? Why cant we have better quality products/cars? Because of the government....

Can Proton help expand the economy via exports of Proton cars? -No... because in Australia, Protons cost AUD19,990 but I can buy a Honda Civic for that price...GLi 1.6

And no more on that tolerance crap. I do not need others to tolerate my presence in the country that I belong to.
- Thats right... we all belong to Malaysia..but for peace to occur You China man must work like a dog...because Us Malays can get a loan easier than you....we can get into University for mediocre scores... We malays are achivers and are capable... that is why we need government assistance.

Thanks for the honest post, Kenny.


That previous post was posted by me:
Do I have to?


we know that, but would u go back to read comments on the older posts? =D


Aiyo, they all pretend only mah when they see foreigners.

When they see female Malaysians, they'll say, 'Leng lui, want to buy XXX VCD or not?' in Chinese. So low.


To be honest, I won't be surprised if Singaporeans get defensive too if the Malaysians criticise them, but why do you think those Malaysians reacted the way they did to the stuff "F" wrote (come on, we know it's Wendy Cheng)?

"When F wrote a list of Malaysia's flaws on her blog, I'm surprised she got flakked for it eventhough a lot of what she said is true."

Well, why not quote the things she "wrote", and we'll decide if the above-mentioned statement qualifies as the biggest understatement of the year. =)


SimpleSandra, c'mon don't be silly. Wendy Cheng is not F. Well for one, Wendy Cheng is not a Malaysian living abroad.

F is another blogger whom I read regularly whose link can be found on my sidebar under the "We Know Them" section.

I think I've given you a big enough hint who I'm talking about already. =)


This mofo is just protecting his friend. Good job pak kadok. Kite orang 'ganu ....


Developed country my ass. Not politically concious at all. "Malay Fucker"? Bangla? I wonder what they teach in their schools? LKY is god? I am Chinese Malaysian, hearing XX calling my Malay brothers Fuckers boils my blood.


Well written. I love Malaysia, but I cannot accept the flaws in our government and the way our country is being handled.


I have been told that Singapore is becoming like a Jewish state of the East and,thus, it is being hated for one.

The reasons related being the "high-handed" way Singaporeans dealt with others.

With first class infrastructure and having attained First World status, Singaporeans, knowingly or unknowingly, belittles its poorer neighbors with the way they behave & the way they talked.

The Singapore leaders, in the past, had not been helpful either. Their bashful, gung-ho attitudes with their perceived "arrogant" statements made in the name of candor had only aided in getting Singapore tagged as "Jewish." And living in an area surrounded with 300 millions Muslims is not helpful to Singapore either.

The Singapore people would themselves a lot ofgood if they could just shut their mouths and keep their comments (racist or otherwise) to themselves. It serves you no good to gloat about your success, when you are being perceived as having succeeded at the costs of your neighbors,rightfully or wrongfully.

Having worked and lived in Singapore, I do know the minorities are being discriminated and it's a fact that the rich in Singapore are the majority Chinese and the poorer down-trodden folks are the native Malays and the Indians.It would surely add salt to the wound if Malays are derogatively being tagged as "Malay pigs" and Indians as "black charcoals."


Do I Have To said:Its all in Malay constitution.

"You can not question the government on issues of race and religion. It is Malay sovereignty that has privilege. Only the leader of Umno can be Prime Minister ie: Islamic Malay."

But to be fair, Singapore is no better.

Even though she doesn't say so, it's very obvious that ONLY a Chinese could be the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Neither a Malay not an Indian could ever be the Prime Minister of Singapore no matter how qualified he/she is. And no matter what the meritocratic criteria Singapore subscribes to, a Chinese will forever be the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Even at government levels, the Malays are discriminated the most even though they form 15% of the population, followed by the Indians.

Look at the lowly job positions that they are given. Even the Indians in Singapore are given better positions in the Singapore Cabinet, whereby their Malay counterparts hold "irrelevant" ministries. This is a fact.

Even the present Singapore Prime Minister had uttered in the past that no Malays would be given a high position in the Singapore military due to race/religious reasons.

That being the case, Singapore would be better off being candid (which she gloats telling everyone)than to hide behind the cloak of meritocracy when it is not being meritocratic.


Group hug everyone (except Xiaxue)! Let's not bring Xiaxue into this anymore because her opinion shouldn't count where anything is concerned.



"mat rempit (mat motor) fucker or mat jiwang fucker" I don't know what does the mean in the first place? Don't think most Singaporeans will know how to differentiate them. Arab + Banglas is just a term for the race. I don't know about Malaysia, but in Singapore, when we see whichever race including Arab, Banglas, Indian, Filipino,, Malay....we tend to use the term. "Alot of ________(Insert Race's Term) today ah"

However, I understand your point of view. It might be because majority of the race in Malaysia is Malay so people don't go around differentiating them? I don't know, as in Singapore, majority are chinese, when we get irritated by a chinese; we don't say 'Chinese fucker' obviously we take it for granted that others will understand that we are talking about chinese. Whereas, the other race, we would term them. Same for other race I believe, they will term us 'Chinese fucker' to differentiate. It may sound racist but we don't look it in that way and it means no harm.

Wah, I've typed so much. =X


Hey kenny. I agree with you so. By ACKNOWLEDGING out flaws, we are actually accepting the fact and making an initiative to change, or at least, envision a better Malaysia. That is the beginning of tomorrow. If we keep insisting that Malaysia is perfect and do nothing to make our country better, then vision 2020 will drift further away by the day. Even as a person, to be a better person, we must first admit our flaws, and not deny them. way to go! and thank you so much for highlighting this. You know very well how much words mean when they are chunked out from YOUR blog. :-Þ


I'm just glad that most of these comments are written by sane, logical, Malaysians. It gives me hope that not everyone (as seen in X's comments) has turned into narrow-thinking, mindless beings that I'm so deathly afraid of.

I mean, I have lived in KL all my life, and I did not find X's post to be offensive at all. I found it funny that during that one trip, she managed to stumble across most of the flaws of KL, and I totally agreed wholeheartedly with her.

But that did not mean that I'm unpatriotic. I LOVE Malaysia. Mostly for the food. I hate the way the government works and how we never have any viable candidates to choose from during election day so that there's competition among them and we can actually CHOOSE a better alternative. What are our choices? DAP? Too Chinese. PAS? Too Malay. And the list goes on.

Ugh, and everyone's just too frickin sensitive nowadays. I'm all for pointing out faults. Especially those that are plainly obvious. It's like having a booger on your nose but everyone's just too polite to tell you, so no one does. Tell lah! Better for me to know, remove it, and laugh about it than to scold you for "humiliating" me, and then leave it there right?

Okay, that was a weird analogy but good post Kenny!


hahahahah oh you motherfuckers...btw, Pak Kadok, eh, pak, relek ah, kalo pakcik nak tau pasei kenapa XX diss ogang Melayu, kenapa pakcik tak tanya dia direct? buat pe datang ke sini dan cakap yang tak relevant? kan ogang dah kata, post ni tidak berkenaan dengan XX. post ni pasei patriotisme, another word that some maylay academic/linguist motherfucker stole from english. and why? because there's no word in malay for "patriotism"! ye la, memperkuatkan bahasa la kan, i've heard this argument before, but really, racially, i see malaysia on two levels. on a day to day basis, i think MOST malays are amicable and chill pill people. they're a lot less kuai lan than a lot of chinese pukimaks. (and i'm a chinese tiuniama myself.) but on the govt level, it sucks big fuckin time. just read the newspapers and/or kit's blog.

kenny sia, a very sobering and grown up post, really. (and not being sarcastic here too)


Kenny, I salute for your great and sane posting and for staying above the fray.

I had also gone through Pak Kadok's postings and I conclude that this is what he had said:

1. One can criticise Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia but don't cross line and make fun of the Malays and Islam, &

2. At no time did he ask for any apology from Ms Wendy Cheng.


This may be repetitious of some of the comments above but theres too much to read and ill just leave my observations about this entry.

The only thing that i feel sums up the post is
--> "being on par with first world countries"... Is that what we ultimately want to be though?? I understood Vision 2020 in terms of economic development when it was initially introduced....what do we actually mean by being a first world country??? does it REALISTICALLY include the improving of social conditions??? the way i see it when people make policies to improve "general" conditions in terms of development and economy they do not take into consideration the social aspect of things. No dont shoot me just yet.... What I mean is that they assume that with a better economy all other things will fall in place.. typical contemporary consumer culture mindset.... for instance the paradigm for all "modern" economies, America - yea on the front they may seem to be the leading country economically BUT that does not mean they are without their fair share of social problems..
Lets say by 2020 become the richest and most dominant nation in world economy, i doubt that any of the hand bag snatching or rapist scums will magically disappear. On the contrary I wouldnt be very surprised if it doubles or triples.. call me overtly pessimistic but hey money cant solve everything.. Its like trying to loosen a bolt with a screw driver...

Im not having a go at Vision 2020 but as a Malaysian i think we really have to prioritise our goals.. As Kenny noted young people now a days dont give a rats ass about things like that anymore.. we are more content sitting in our bourgouise houses, boasting to our friends about what new phone we got last week and going out to have a 10 dollar cup of coffee.. Im not saying I dont do any of that in fact i love my coffee..
you might say " this guy only knows how to criticize but doesnt even suggest whats the right thing to do" BUT please realise that it is virtually impossible to have a solution before we can identify the problem... the first step to solving anything is always identifying problem...

I mean whats there to be defensive about when people criticize a country? Thats the ONLY way to improve i reckon. what that old Malay saying about seeing a speck of dust in someone elses eye but not seeing the elephant in your own (i might not be totally correct in the terms but u get my drift).. We should be thankful people bother to tell us our mistakes rather than to leave us be to crash and burn.


Deputy Minister:

- No Hugging, We are Muslim.
We are not all muslim... especially to the members of Malay Idol in which he is referring to.... there is a china man in it too.... No hugging to prevent lude acts? On national TV? Get a grip.. Deputy Minister, you have no good judgement in the situatiuon. You lack common sense.
You will one day be leader... no doubt.. or locked up like Anwar...whom disappointingly screamed Government corruption... when he himself was part of the corruption.

- We will survive, The Chinese economy will compliment Malaysia's.
Good luck 20 million Malaysia, with your Innovationative world class products....your protection for Intellectual Property is a facade of B.S. one just has to goto Imbi plaza or Low Yat to see this dichotomy.



Anonymous said:

"I mean whats there to be defensive about when people criticize a country?"

What you said is definitely true.

But what if another race and religion & in this case, the Malays and Islam, is criticised or made fun of by a Chinese foreigner?

Is that okay?!


In regards to "Me fuking tulan" comment above ... good point about no word for patriotism in malay ...but i reckon it could be expressed but probably in more than one word..


sorry dude (jacques rousseau
i wasnt refering to X's blog in fact i dont even read it... i was just replying to Kennys post... I didnt realise that there was a racial comment involved..

instead of anonymous i shall now be :)


Listen lah all of you. Just stop the bickering and endless rants. Stop these endless and mundane polemics. Its endless. I reckoned we just love each other regardless of our race language or nationality and frankly in acutuality what seperate us are namely our sheer stupidity. Let us be graceful adults and dont behave like our childish leaders. Ooops!


Fucking Tulan said:

"post ni pasei patriotisme, another word that some maylay academic/linguist motherfucker stole from english. and why? because there's no word in malay for "patriotism"!

By the way, the French word for "patriotism" is "patriotisme."

Are you also saying that we "stole" this from the English or vice-versa?


alot of words are appropriated from french-gaelic-germanic-latin etc etc ... english recognises that it traces back to those european strand are you saying that the malay language does too Jacques???


I totally agree with the previous previous post. Malaysians will never improve because critism is not allowed. Facing up to the issue is taboo.
Its all about face. Not economic performance.

You have to wonder why Americans keep changing their presidents and why Mahatir had been in power for so many years... Democracy...

Developing a country is about many things:
Its about developing peoples minds,education, increasing creativity, focussing on core issues suchs as politics, health care, standards of living, fairness, open economies, striving for quality, achiving goals nationally and internationally, welfare -assisting those in need and understanding the needs of the people and making good policy that will benefit them long term. The underlying way that these things can be achieved is to wipe out corruption and have a transparent government....which will never happen... not in my life time.

In Australia we have a building standard called the Master Builders Association standard. This ensures that all buildings are built to the highest quality using an MBA standard. When I came to Malaya, I ask.. why cant malaysia have that too? Its easy to "buy" that standard here... Just like the MSC status, you can buy that too..... corruption. at all levels damages society...

All these issues take planning and corners can not be afford to be cut. It takes money... and it takes the will power to not give into Corruption... weak people, undisciplined people fail... only the strong will survive... Look at the japanese. They have always had discipline enshrined in their culture. That is why they are so sophisticated. When I come to Malaya.. what do I see at the airport? Maybe go to HK or Tokyo one day and see what asian development truly means....even singapore...Dont cut corners in your work. Strive for quality.

- Rome is also a very beautiful city. Malaysia Boleh... I wish it could... I wish it could be something I am proud of when i bring my Japanese friends over... but they find HK dirty so I dont dare invite them here.


"Do I have to?" bring them to Kuching :)
its supposedly the cleanest city in Malaysia (apart from the green colour river) hahah...

* proud product of Kuching 100%


I think the cleanest part of KL is the Taxi Stand Lane in front of KLCC.... Very clean.

Anybody else got any clean spots suggestions in KL?

People in Malaysia need to understand that throwing rubbish around everywhere reflects poorly on the country... Places like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are filthy too... Does Malaysia want to be like that? Alot of people just dont care...
that is why the cup will always be empty... When foreigners come to Malaysia and say it stinks and is filthy -bring feelings of Merdeka Patriotism? I want a country that I can be proud of.... I try to do the correct thing. Hold onto rubbish until I see a bin. Recycle bottles and never take plastic bags from the Grocery store, always bring my own.... But I learnt this from my many years in Tokyo and Australia.
People should start caring... because we are living in the year 2005 not in the 1800's


DO I Have To said:

"You have to wonder why Americans keep changing their presidents and why Mahatir had been in power for so many years... Democracy..."

So, it's OK and an exception for Lee Kuan Yew for having officially helmed Singapore for so many donkey years and it's also OK with him still continuing to wield power behind the scenes under names like "Senior Minister" & "Minister Mentor." Maybe, next time, he will known as "Grandfather Minister!"

It won't be a surprise if Lee Kuan Yew's son were to rule Singapore for the next 15 to 20 years!

Using the USA & Western European countries as an analogy and also considering that Singapore is already a First World nation, why must the current Government legally corrupt themselves by giving themselves the HIGHEST paying salary in the world?

The rationale for this according to the PAP leaders is to prevent elected officials from being bought. But, I thought Singapore is a First World country.

I seldom hear of elected officials from the US or the Western European countries (all First World countries) being bought, even though their take home pay are very, very much lower than the PAP Ministers. Tony Blair is a good example. Is he corrupt? Or are the PAP saying that Chinese are very potentially corrupt folks?!

The reason behind this(lower salaries in the West)is that the above countries have true vibrant democracies, whereby, the voice of the people will prevail.

And that is definitely not the case in Singapore whereby the judiciary is fully employed to torpedo any opposition that the PAP perceives as a threat. And the continous gerrymandering of various constituencies to nib any Opposition chance of victory in the bud and also to dilute the votes of the Malays and Indians.

Singapore must be the ONLY First World country under a dictatorship.


Germany as a country was already quite developed in 1940. The Jews were first oppressed by having to have to wear the Star of David as a means of racial discrimination. Then the Nazi's started squeezing the noose by opening up the Ghetto...and taking away their luxuries by force... passing law that nazi's had the power to protect the Aerian Race.

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge masacred all intellectuals as a means of control. Education means higher expectations from its citizens for the government to pursue.

Does Malaysia want to be intellectual.. Does this government want its people to question authority? Demand better standards of living? Demand all men created equal? This Malay society is in limbo... educating the people will lead to intellectuals questioning and critisizing faults of the government, turning the weight of power.... the government cant afford this... so rather killing off intellects like the Khmer Rouge, we must all live in peaceful opression like the Jews. Where are the priorities of this government.. showing the world that We can build 2 big buildings and come last in the Grand Prix.

Its priorities should be with the people.


Nice and tact. Good one.


Good point.
But bad timing for this post and the singapore toilet collage.


one of your best post ever, kenny. i would have said it if i can write as well as you!

"do not love the country blindly" - people who jumped up and down when thier country is criticised are doing just that. they are being so self-righteous to think everybody should talk all good things on our country, and those who talk bad on it will consider traitors or be attacked right and left.

i seen this X case, some bloggers, even not from KL jumped up to criticise X when she criticised KL. so what if she criticised KL? it's her opinion and we should be matured enough to accept some true constructive criticisms. some malaysian bloggers even attacked other malaysians bloggers who are criticsing their own country. just look at the period during the merdeka blogger project. and to look at another aspect, we have self righteous bloggers who said we shouldn't crititciese (constructively) or talk negative about other faith.

*sigh* don't be yourself too high up the pedestal please. stop criticising/condemning/attacking other bloggers.


Merdeka! x7

This is so fucking true story in Malaysia >>
Quoted :" people study overseas because their results are too poor to get a scholarship into local universities; whereas in Malaysia, people study overseas because their results are too good to get a scholarship into local universities."

Someday only they will realise that they are doing the wrong things..I meant the Govt...they will never grow up if they protecting their own races like pussy cats under the comfortable house...

Another issues I hope kennysia gor gor can write about is "They want their people to become CEO or director in an company just because they think they can learn how to do bussiness in the most efficiency ways"...but, as we know, they only being a sleeping partner that been paid monthly without actually learning or doing whatever things, this is sad but true also in Malaysia... should tell them we LEARN from the bottom but not from the TOP, and everything does so.

Good article, kenny gor gor..I can't write a good article ever, because my english so bad...teach me if you got time, wakaka

linja didi


Well, Malaysia isn't perfect. But it's home.


XX is truthful about her recount.
If you dont believe it. DONT! why bother to reaed her blog and critise her? you are just contridicting yourself by calling her a lousy blogger BUt still reads her blog!

i think ST, MS should either
1. get a life
2. grow up
3. fuck off


Having read that, Singapore's not really that much different either. Except that we don't care as much if (other) people diss our country.

Actually, we don't really care about things that we think do not concern us. In general.


Based on the advice from the King Coconut, I am all packed up and ready to go across the river, a completely different country, to have a better visibility into the root of the discontent and distrust. Below is the trip report.

1. Before crossing Satok bridge, kind of the end of on this side of the river before the beginning of the other side of the river. Confusing? Think of it as the line in the sand. Still confused? Try “yang” for male and “ying” for female. Hmm…I don’t quite like that look on your face. You seem to be enjoying something. Anyway, you figure it out. Where was I? I had a chance to talk with Mr. Siao, a regular here and he is familiar with the river, from this end to the other end.

Me: This is real democratic system at work; just wonderful, you can cross the river freely and cast your vote in every couple of years to elect the leaders of your choice.
Siao: *looked at me with contempt*
Siao: “Explain to me, Sir, if we truly have a democratic system, why do we have the same government since big bang?”
Me: “But you get to vote, don’t you? This is the basic principle of a democratic system. One person one vote.”
Siao: *Fury eyes* “There is only one party to choose from and what good is my vote? OK, may be there are two parties. But they can never accumulate enough to have the majority to win under the twisted democratic system.”
Me: “How so, Sir?” *I can sense his frustration*
Siao: *Visibly annoyed, pointing across the river* Go and check it out yourself”

2. Rows and rows of beautiful architect-designed houses, with wide 4-lane roads connecting from every corners of this world. Lush bush and abundant tropical flowers dot the center divide and provide the nice cool shade under the hot tropical sun. This is heaven. But you can’t get bak-ku-teh here. For that, you have to cross to other side of the river.

The pinnacle of this the land is right at the secluded end, a majestic monument, grander than Tal Mahal. It must have costed billions if not a fortune to put up such a architectural wonder. It turns out it is Kapitan Taib’s residence, who professed to be the servant of people. He has been in power since dinosaur roamed this land. In it, apparently there are over five hundred odds servants who cater to the need of the Kapitan and his family. I had a chance to talk with one of the servants; Fart.

Me: “KapitanTaib must be a very successful oilman.”
Fart: *Roll eye, couldn’t believe what she just heard.*
Fart: “Kapital only paid $1000 a month, and this wonder costs 45 billions to build. You do the math.”
Me; *Of course I couldn’t, it would be crazy to carry my calculator everywhere.*
Fart: “I don’t want to risk my good life here in any way. It paid well for doing very little in 21 hours work-week for a full-time job. I suggest you find out in the courthouse down the road.”

3. The plaintiff is Mr.Siao’s uncle who alleged that Tan-silly Rahman, happened to be Kapitan Taib’s uncle has siphoned 3.6 billions from the regular people. And he has the Swiss Chess bank account to prove it. The presiding judge is Datok Saddam Hussein, a very experienced judge and well versed with corruption case himself. In the verdict, the judge tossed out the charge and levied R$200,000 fine against Mr. Siao.

Mr. Siao: *very upset and disappointed*
Mr. Siao: “But neither the plaintiff nor any of his counsels are present in the court of law, how could the verdict be in his favor?”
Judge Saddam: “Guess who is my boss and who do you think I work for?”
Mr. Siao: *Shake head. How would it be possible for the judge to be independent, interpreting law and carry out justice if they are part of the legislating bodies.*
Mr. Siao: *good luck to zero corruption*

4. So far, it has been interesting but offers little to the twisted democratic system until I arrived at the small fishing village right by the sea, one square mile in size. There are three families here who make up the entire constituency. One of them is the state assemblyman who won the last election with a 67% majority, that means a total of 3 votes majority. There are many small villages along these costal areas. Many constituencies.

Let’s just put one item on the board: so far, the PM is only answerable to his party. A party dominated by UMNO, a Malay party, and in extension, the PM really only has to care about the Malay. The government policies reflected that. You know that, and I know that. The political landscape is structured to keep the ruling party perpetually in power. The Malay constituencies along the coastline though with very small population made up the majority of the electorate votes.

The current system hasn’t work, as it hasn’t represented the entire citizen as any legitimate government should be. You know that too. I don’t have innovative solution but I do like the way president is elected in US. Not perfect but probably offer something better than what we have. It’s a separate election by itself where every weighted-electoral vote counts. That means the electorate vote is based on the density of the population. It goes directly towards the PM of your choice. It is fair and square where every votes counts. Unless it’s messed up by pregnant chad. In contrast to our British system which we unfortunately inherited, is about electing a party, which is much of the source of problems. The PM is elected by the party, NOT directly by the people in general. The incentive for PM obviously is to serve the party. This would be fine if the membership of the party is opened up to all Malaysian but it is not.

What say you?


I don't know why so many ppl is upset about xiaxue.
If you really disliked what she wrote about.. leave ONE message on HER blog then NEVER read her blog again.
Simple as that.
What's the big hoo-ha about?


at the end of the day...
Malaysia's a nice place to live in and i love this blog!


Kenny: This is one of your best posts and I feel bad for you that some of the readers are not able to let go of the X & S saga. In some cases, they even expect you to apologise for mediating between the two.

You did your best in trying to improve the situation and if there are still some who insist that you make a stand or apologise on behalf of your friends, then let these people be. There is too much in life to enjoy and learn for you to spend that extra time tending to all the hurt egos of the selected few readers. And really, life will be too complicated if you try to please everyone.

Singapore and Malaysia will always have their differences. Hell, every country has a pet 'enemy' country they like to compare and contrast themselves with. It's also a good way for the politicians to distract their citizens with these comparisons when they're not doing a good job of managing their own countries. And yes, this is something that is consistent whether for a superpower or a developing nation.

And as for racism... sigh... every country has it's form of racism or prejudice. In Sg, I'm possibly a first-class citizen but even then some silly Singaporeans act like the ang mo expats are gods... so then even the Chinese are not really that first-class, are we? In US, I'm definitely NOT first-class citizen. But so what? Life goes on. You can change racism over time but not by picking on individuals. If you really feel strongly about it, then join some anti-racism non-profit group or ensure your government supports/practices anti-racism (I think bumiputra practices are obviously not helping to reduce racism).

Me? I know who I am (eldest child in a loving family of five, now happily married) so even when black homeless Americans tell me to go home, I'm not going to feel hurt or angry. Instead, I feel bad for them that they have to blame the most convenient external factors for their situation because they feel so helpless.


Share ur sentiment. Love the country but not the GOVT. What else can we do ? Lots of deaf ears around.


well said. hey, u'd be suprised at how good the Petaling Street VCD sellers' english are man. LOL, all for the angmos. seriously, I did see a peddler talk something like the pic u placed above. =)


Affirmative action policies are designed for Minorities in a country.

Malaysia is the only country in the world where the MAJORITY race needs to have an affirmative action policy.

Does the government think the MAJORITY race is being discriminated? So much so that they need an affirmative action policy(BUMIs) to help them?

Its a disgrace, its totally just OPENLY discriminating the minorities.



Ive commented about this in my previous posts:

Chinese will never have any rights in this country.
It is firmly enshrined in the Malay consititution. After the division of Racial power when Malaysia became independant, it was signed that for Indian and Chinese to stay in Malaysia, within the constitution Malays will always have full privilege and sovereignty. Chinese or Indians or any other race can never question Malays over their sovereignty. Malaysia Boleh Right? I am so proud of Malaysia! I feel like I belong.....

The foundation of Malayan society, the very document that binds its people and government was written with an underlying hidden racial agenda... to benefit Malay and give them the right of way. There is no way you can change you countries constitution unless you have a civil war like i said, so Chinese will always be opresssed in Malaysia...something that we can be proud of.. malaysia boleh right? fuck that shit... Im migrating.


To: Do I have to?

Yeah man, I agree! To hell with all those shit.

And they wonder why some ppl who went to study overseas didn't want to come back to serve their country...*roll eyes*

Even if there are racism in other countries, at least it won't be one that you can't even try to get over, one that's written in the friggin' Constitution!!!


I wonder what will happen if say, in the future, there's mass migration of non-Bumis .... Hmmm...


I am just wondering if the 75% Chinese Singapore thru meriitocracy would accept domination by its minorities,e.g., Malay & Indians students occupying 65% of the students places in the universities, the Malay & Indians traders controlling 90% of the Singapore economy and having most of the private sector employing Malays & Indians, etc.

In brief, the majority Chinese would be totally sidelined.

Do you think the majority Chinese in Singapore would gleefully accept that in the name of meritocracy?

I doubt so. It is always the majority discriminating against the minority.

No difference in Singapore whereby the Malays and Indians are discriminated against. Just because you don't read it here or in the Government controlled media in Singapore doesn't mean that all is well.

Even in France, I am sure the white French would never allow the minorities to "take over" the country.


if I personally didn't know any "good" malays myself, I would've said that the malays are all a fucking bunch of losers with a capital L. BUT, like i said, on a day-to-day basis, everything's coolio, but it is undeniable that something's rotten in the state of denmark, in this case, the government of malaysia. i'd rather not mention the signs, as anyone who has been paying attention to the developments in the media would surely know what i'm talking about.

it's just too bad that the government of malaysia is being run by maylays. now, don't get me wrong, this is not to say that i'd rather have the chinese or the indians running it. if only the chinese or only the indians ran this country, it would still be just as relatively fucked up. why? cos the chances of an ASSHOLE (be it MALAY, CHINESE OR INDIAN) getting into the seat of power is super fuckin HIGH. If the chinese ran Malaysia, there would definitely be a chinese version of hishamuddin who will wield a chinese sword at a youth aseembly, asserting chinese power. some people call this absolute power corrupts, and power corrupts absolutely, but to me, it's called fuckin life. when someone asked me if lim kit siang will grow horns and change his name to abdullah lim IF he becomes the government, i said i don't know, cos i really don't know.

so what can we do? hang out at kennysia.com waiting to reply to the next comment in order to feel worthy? if all you fuckers are so fuckin patriotic, or chinesiatic, or indiantic, or malaytic, go fuckin ferment rebellion! but dowan right? scared right? no balls right? ovaries too tiny right? then never mind lor, just sit here and just shoot the shit at kenny's comment page lor.

so to all you fuckers and fuckees out there, the moral of this comment post is: if we want to reach what we said we wanna reach, having just one race to run malaysia won't fuckin work. blood is thicker than water la, this is a fact, unless you're a chinese who was raised by malays, or a malay who was raised by a chinese, or an Indian who's been raised by a race other than Indian. a government run by one race will always seek to protect its own race. so the solution is to have a truly malaysian government. but until all chinese tiuniamas can do what i do, which is to speak malay and chinese as fluently as the native speakers themselves do, don't expect respect to be dished out like free condoms at a condom convention. respect is earned, not given. which is why i'm learning tamil now. and oh, i'm NEVER gonna get into politics, so forget all the cute remarks about voting for me if and when i do. i just wanna spend the rest of my life eating, sleeping, fucking, shitting and having lots of $$$ to spend. peace, fuckers.

btw, jacques rosseau, here's an assignment for you. why don't you enlighten us on the social contract, place it in the context of malaysia, singapore, and malaysia and singapore?


that was me and not Anonymous btw. sorry.


Jacques oh Jacques,

Of course the majority is always discriminating against the minority. Wtf, I thought you're Jacques Rousseau? Or are you Jacques Clouseau, the bumbling detective who keeps making ludicrous assumptions and are utterly unable to crack even the easiest case? hahahaha damn I'm good.


After having read all the comments made on this thread, I only have 1 thing to say to all the China Koois: Why don't you all leave M'sia now? Why wait?

Nobody is stopping you! You can go back to China. You will be treated equally under the communists!

Yes, you can go to all the Mat Salleh countries and eat, shit, & die there.

Why aren't you all doing this? Writing on this blog won't do you any good.

Just pack your bags and go, lah.


i thought they had agreement that Bumi's privileges was given for 7 years after merdeka.

hm... wat happen to that??


people just don't noe the proper way to love their country... some ppl even is not blind.. i think it's the education problem


Dearest Anonymous Boring Person in Clayton, Monash,
I am so sorry you think that Monash Clayton is boring. Did my Masters there and did not experience the same sentiments. In fact, I loved every single moment of it. Does not matter which country you are in, its how you view life that counts. You might be in Amsterdam smoking hash, xsdfh the prostitues and still feel bored. You have a choice on how you choose to live life. The glass is either half full or half empty - depends on how you choose to see it.


China Kooi - You know..just because you are not happy with your country doesnt mean that you must abandon it. You stay. You talk about the problem. Acknowledge it. And try to change it. It is beyond offensive for you to ask us to leave the country if we are not happy.

We stay because it is home and because we wish to live here without being discriminated against. Because we hope that things will get better.


Love the tone of your article and your style of writing. Malaysia is such a great country if only our present government could learn to appreciate it more by treating the country and its people with more love and respect. Nevertheless, I count my blessings to be born a Malaysian despite everything that is not quite right with it. There is always hope for the future so long as we have faith. Keep up the good work, Kenny!


Tilia ur right...
yea thats true patriotism there... even though we're being discriminated we stay cos thats where we want to be ... we stay because we enjoy the company of our malay/indian/chinese/iban etc neighbours... "if we cant live together we WILL die alone"Tilia ur right...
yea thats true patriotism there... even though we're being discriminated we stay cos thats where we want to be ... we stay because we enjoy the company of our malay/indian/chinese/iban etc neighbours... "if we cant live together we WILL die alone"


Great rational post. :)


Who is "F"??


to China Kooi : Hey! tilia is right. This is our home as we're Malaysians.Born and bred here. Though our country has its flaws,we did/are still contributing towards it's growth.

People here are merely identifying the problems, not saying useless, pointless stuff like what you did!

How do we help improve our country if we do not deal with the problems? Running away to some foreign country(which includes China!!) will not solve anything. How can we leave M'sia to ppl like you?


I like the last paragraph of your entry, Kenny :

'So all I'm saying is this, people: Be proud of Malaysia and love your country. Just don't love it blindly.'

The same advice can be given in the context of religion and many other aspects of life. Don't follow/love/accept/argue/believe blindly.


I salute u for ur post, Kenny.


Totally well said. =)


My god, there are so many comments I could barely read them all.

I have been living and working abroad for years and chose to return because I love his country.

Every country that I have been through has somethings about it that I liked, and things that irked me. And plenty more societies and cultures that I have yet to experience. But those two combined are the ingredients that make one country unique from another.

I go to Singapore every month for work and am thankful to the contribution the people there make to my business. There are things that I like about Singapore and every time I go there, I am reminded about the things I love about my country.

I think it's fair for anyone to have their opinions of any country. But please, when making those comments, be mindful, be sensitive and most importantly be matured. What was Xiaxue expecting when she made the post. Cause and effect. If you sling mud at someone else, you expect tobe fed with icing? This is the net, don't want plublic flaming, don't post, or don't ask for comments.

For you, Kenny, and all who made comments about how imperfect Malaysia is, I agree, we have a long way to go. But please, I hope you ARE all doing something (no matter how great or little) to inch Malaysia to a better country instead of just comparing and complaining.


You see, the Chinese in M'sia are not stupid. If M'sia is that shitty, they would have all left (but where do they want to go, God knows!).

You see, the Chinese in M'sia are still living comfortably - can buy big houses cheaply, own businesses, study Chinese, eat what they want, worship what they want and most of all, make money.

The Chinese is already controlling the economy in M'sia and lots of other things.

Housing estates like Bandar Utama, Desa Hartamas and many other prime residential and commercial projects are 80% & above owned by Chinese. What more do you people want?

You want to take over the whole country? You want to rule the country by taking political power? You want to occupy 70% of the places in local varsities? You want to buy all the prime real estate since you all could afford so?

This is where the Government has stepped in.

No country in the world would allow you Chinese to "take over" them. You think the white Aussies & Kiwis woould allow you chinks to take over their countries in the long-term? You think you can build your temples and Chinese schools all over Oz & NZ as you wish to. You are not a threat to them (demographically) now, so they welcome you now, you think that will remain forever.

You think you can go to the "Kam San (US)" and "take over" their country in the long run?

So, be humble, you already have a lot of things in M'sia. Of course, you can't have everything. Be thankful. You are living in a peaceful country. The Malays are accomodating you. Nobody will spit at your face and call you a Chink when you are walking on the streets.

You think Lee Hsien Loong will take all of you in? Even if he does, you want to live there forever in the pigeon-holes, with their high standard of living? You think you can earn enough to sustain your lifestyles there in the long run?

As I have said, to those who have "threatened" to migrate (or to leave en masse), please leave, don't be selfish and wait,just go, after all, there are better opportunites elsewhere. You can go to your beloved Singapore or you can go and kiss the white men's ass. You think the poor niggers in New Orleans will welcome you?

To those who wish to stay, no point to make a big fuss. Demographically, the Malay/Muslim population will surge to 70 to 80% inevitably and you have to just put up or shut up.

I hope my candour and honestly has not offended anyone but the truth does hurt, I admit.


forgive me if my grammar is not good ...

what kenny said was all right ... i believe corruption practices occurs almost every country in this world , where there's human , there's greed ... if we really wanna end this corruption craps we should start fr the foundation

... take a good look at our police forces in our country , the lowest rank which is a constable in the PRDM (Polis Di-Raja MALAYSIA) structure earns a starting salary of RM775.91 equivalent to USD194 @ 3.8/dollar and £112 @ 6.9/GBP ... u will be carrying a damm gun around ur waist and u risk ur LIFE day and NIGHT and u get pay like this ?? how the hell they gonna survive ... just bloody imagine to have Rm775/month and u have kids and family to take care of ... no doubt they do give incentives but think deeply or from the point of an officer is it enuf at the 1st place ?? hell no man ... try talking to officers if u ever meet them @ mamak stalls ...

this results in bribe taking etc etc ... they will have this thinking "come on i put my life in risk and i get a pay like this??" (this doesn't mean ALL the officers takes BRIBE ) and therefore the misuse of power arrives ... look at the Ministers ... what CAR do they own ?? where they get their money fr ?? GOD knows ... look at the POOR ppl in our country , look at our Roads(except being TArred b4 any general ELECTION ) , look at everything ... where did all the tax fund went ??

if the government really wants 2 end the corruption practices they should start fr the foundation ... just like MATHS u suck at the BASICS u suffer as u go on ... i think i've talked too much here ... any DISAGREEMENT are welcome but no FLAMINGS as i DESPise ppl like that ... btw i'm a malaysian doing my studies somewhere in the world ... cheers


China Kooi :
no one is suggesting that the CHINESE wanna take over everything ... it's just that we all came fr the same place,our mother's womb ... we just wanna be treated more fairly ...
no doubt this is MALAYsia and the Muslims are treated better than any other races ... it's just that would u work so hard and pay TAX which ended on SOMEONE's pocket ?? if u do not mind i'm speechless ...
what u said is right ... the Chinese worked hard 2 Earn every single penny they could but this does not apply to the majority race (not mentioning all of them but most of them) in malaysia ... they do not need 2 work hard and yet they just stick out their hand and get they want ... that's called UNFAIR TREATMENT or DOUBLE STANDARDS ...
the other races are just unhappy ... that's all ... imagine climbing a ladder ... u try 2 go up higher where u are capable of but somehow there's something which block ur path ... u can keep on climbing but no matter what something will always hinder u fr going higher ... and that's the "something" we all were talking about ... -peace-


dont you think fighting over an issue like whose country is better is like kids fighting over whose daddy makes more money get on with yr life folks, this brings shame to both malaysia and singapore. Peace from a malaysian living abroad


Malaysia is not a country like those in the former Iron Curtain. There is freedom of movement.

If it is that bad and if you feel you are being unfairly treated, you can leave and you should.

Let me give you an analogy:

You work in Company X, say you have been unfairly treated, bypassed for promotion, sidelined,no increment, what do you do? Stay? No, you move on to Company Y (if you could and/or if they want you, in the first place).

Same thing here.


what about this situation ?? :-

for the past 48 years u have been working and contributed so much in a small sundry shop and watch it grow to a super store and one day the owner just removes u for no reason ...
what will u do ?? just leave like that without saying anything ??


So, don't be a fool and wait for 48 years or your whole lifetime.


Hey Dude, my two cents on corruprtion. Who started it ? What if we don't give them bribe. My dad was incharge of purchasing for Jangan Kerja Rajin, every single spare part shops along Padungan have one way or another tried to offer him bribe to get the govt business. Some sent luxurious gifts to our house, and my dad returned the offerings to the vendors in his 1965 Austin Mini. Once, a brand new car was parked at our front yard. Basically, the rakyat who offered/paid the bribe are at as much fault as the officer who asked for the bribe.

Next time, when you all get pulled over, and the police office asked" Mahu minta maaf kah?" you all know what to tell them , right ?


China Kooi: "poor niggers"? what u living in the 50s? What have you got against Chinese or even Negros man?
your projected vision of the "inevitable" future is a generalization blown way out of proportion. FYI Malay may be Muslim but Muslim is definitely not just malay so your argument is becoming religious more than racial... we dont want to step in that zone mate... delicate stuff.. we live together happily and thats it... Who are you dude? A Malay version of Pauline Hanson???


The many Chinese Koois (sorry for this word but the Chinese themselves continue to use the "Kooi" word to call others) who have "threaten" to migrate actually will never migrate.

They know M'sia is still a better country compared to many of the Mat Salleh countries. Why? B'cos when challenged to leave, they won't b'cos they know they do not know where to go and above all, M'sia is still better.

Even your "safe haven" called Singapore had many of her people migrating to Oz & NZ. Why is this happening if Singapore is that great?

Still, the ingrate koois are not getting the point I am trying to put across - this is a free world, you are free to move about, you are free to leave if you are so disenchanted and disillusionned, nobody is forcing you to leave but nobody is stopping you from leaving either.


dude get your facts right... there are 3 distinct reasons people dont leave "en masse"

1. The poor people cant afford to go anywhere what ever the race or religion they may be...

2. The rich people dont want/need to leave cos they got all the money from corruption that they want...Its become so much of a NORM for them that they make it seem as if its OK... AGAIN be they Muslim / Chinese/ whatever..

3. The majority of the population who DO stay are those of us here who ACTUALLY BELIEVE that we CAN make a better future.

Besides why do you keep asking people to leave dude.. you should be the one leaving cos im telling you now... your "inevitable" future will NEVER be a reality... not as long as we are staying here and resisting your taunts ...


besides i cant believe there is a jack @$$ as free as me to leave a comment here every 30 mins or so...


Oh wow. Just surfed on to your journal and I have to, have to and have to mention that I wrote something similar to this on my blog

Even though there are a lot of improvements that need to be made for Malaysia to become a top notch country - whatever "top notch" may mean, there *are* things about Malaysia that I love, cherish and can't get anywhere else. But yes, like you said, "don't love it blindly."

Oh, and I would've loved to read each of your (readers of kennysia.com) comments, as this is a topic dear to me, but 200 something comments by now is a hefty load. hehe. Read later!


I wish I could leave KL ASAP and settle in Kuching. Kenot tahan with fast pace and rat race.


I love Sarawak!


To China Kooi,

We pay tax. But taxes go to support full scholarships and study loans (that many didn't even repay back!) to the protected majorities.

Which country in this world got to have policies ranging from corporate to education to protect the interests of MAJORITY, and not to protect the Minority? Governments usually protect minorities so that they won't be discriminated by the majority. But in Malaysia, majority is protected because they can't survive without constitutional protection.

Some people prefer to work overseas because they can at least get on equal grounds when competing in lots of different things. Sure, some angmors might be racist against asians, but at least their govt and the corporations there aren't. If you are the top student, you get offered scholarships or places in top universities, as simple as that. Education in Malaysia is not merit-based at all. If you are a smart malay student, congratulations, you will be offered full scholarships to MIT or Oxford etc. If you are non-Bumi, you will need luck too.

If you are a non-Malay, working in government departments, however freaking good you are, you will never rise to the top level, because you will see your Malay juniors who came back from JPA scholarships studying in some weird course in some weird overseas university, surpassing you year after year after year. You will be stuck at a stage just before the significantly huge pay jump starts.

And you are dead wrong on religions and practising your own culture in other countries. I don't know about other countries. But from where I previously stayed in Australia, there are huge temples for me to go for prayers session and they even have huge Wesak Day celebration and festival in the middle of the city centre. They offer chinese studies all the time in Uni and private centres too. I celebrate Mid-Autumn fest there too because I can get mooncakes easily from the Chinatown.

Also, at least when you pay taxes in other countries, you can be assured that you get what you have paid for when you retire, because your money goes a lot into retirement benefits and healthcare. Not into supporting the education of another kid, who deserves it far less than your kid does.

You may retort by saying why am I not leaving yet, malaysia don't need people like me around yada yada yada...

The biggest reason for me, and many of us is, OUR FAMILY. Our whole family and extended family are here. It's hard to leave when you have so many loved ones around still in Malaysia. You can't be selfish and just leave your parents here.

Plus, migration policy for other countries is not as easy as how Indonesians could get into Malaysia too. Consider that too.


Also, some people leave Singapore because they prefer a less hectic lifestyle. Some just want to go to countries which are less competitive.

Not everyone thinks Singapore is a "safe haven"...


china kooi - I dont think its too much to ask for benefits like, scholarships and having to pay less for housing to be given out based on annual income instead of based on race. Is it really that wrong to want the government to help ALL who are needy instead of just some who are needy and then further lining the pockets of the rich? No, I dont think its too much to ask.

Who said we want to take over the whole country? We just want a meritocracy system. You say that without these benefits, the Chinese will occupy 70% of the places in local varsities..blah blah.. Arent you then saying that the Malays are very incapable? I, for one, do not think that they are that incapable. I believe that they can easily hold their own on a level playing field.

Why do you speak as if Malaysia has done the Chinese a big favour by allowing us to live here? It is not a favour.

So, I suggest that you be humble and accept the fact that we have as much right to be here as you do. The Malays are not "accomodating" us. I like to think that most Malays actually like living side by side with other races.

And if you want to go by the "if you dont like it then get out" analogy..then why fight for anything? Why dont you say, why didnt Gandhi just leave the country. Fight for what?

"Put up or shut up" is the mentality that is stopping us from progressing as fast as we should. Besides, if you want to say put or shut up, then in the past, when the Chinese controlled so much, would you have accepted it if we also just said, "Put up, or shut up" No right. Then why do you expect us to do it.

It's silly to compare immigrating elsewhere to switching companies. Too simplistic.

True, no one is keeping us here. But is really that wrong to want to stay and make it a better place for us to live?

If you were in our place, you would do the same.


Nobody is forcing the ingrates to leave but nobody is begging the ingrates not to leave either.

People would risk anything for freedom, so it seems. Vietnamese leaving families, properties and everything by boats for their freedom, North Koreans risking their lives for an uncertain "freedom."

You ingrates are making all the fuss but still, want to hang on,why? Becos you are lucky,b'cos you are much better-off, becos life in M'sia is better than most places. Some "threatened" to leave but are still around.

Don't be silly hypocrites. Just admit that M'sia is still a better (I didn't say the best) country to live in, with warts, blackheads and all!

The point being stressed here is - you are NOT compelled to stay. If there are better countries to live in, why not go there? But you know it, I don't it, but you don't want to say it, you will never fit in in Ang Moh Kooi's countries and neither do the Ang Moh Koois want you.

Give credit to your country and show that you love your country if you are here for the long haul, rather than to show that you are "transients."


see i told you kenny. this would happen. blog also die. don't blog also die.

not die die both ways lah. die die all ways.


To:China Kooi

i dont think this psot is anything about racial difference. why bring it in?

on the subject of chinese living in MALAYsia, i dont think the chinese should pack their bags and leave if they're treated badly. for example, singaporean malays [minority] is living the same standards as chinese singaporeans, and are treated all the same.

to improve malaysia, maybe the government could do something about educating the malays raical harmony by setting an example. ONly then can malaysia improve.

Also, i dont agree with ur example scenario.
what is company X is ur family business? no matter how much u hate it, u have to continue working there because u have FEELings for it. So, you should be proud that chinese in malaysia has national pride for their country and is WILLING to stay there for the love towards malaysia.

FYI: i'm from europe, i have many friends in both SG and m'sia


My posts here had only served to riposte to all the negative things that had been said about M'sia in this thread by various commentators.

Let me say that I meant no malice, even though some readers might have been offended by my posts.

And if I had offended anyone, let me show you that I am, hereby, gracious enough to apologise to you people. Do accept my apology.

But could you people highlight some good sides of M'sia instead of forever harping on all the so-called "bad" things? Thankyouverymuch!


i do not think complaining nor commenting here or anywhere else will change anything and/or everything. unless, of course, people here just want to show how politically/socially conscious they are.

bah, such malaysian quintessence.


yeap, mayb it won't change anything, at least we can spread out the thinking of ours...we don't have freedom to talk bout those issues publicly in Malaysia, so we do it online anonymously...this will not change anything, but we can discuss, can share our thinking, can cry out loud, and you, if you don't like, please fuck off or STFU...


to china kooi.. y are u so against chinese? this post is so nice, simple and sweet to cushion the impact from the blog war b4 this..u are tryin to create another one?
i am a chinese..and i am not against any malays.. its like wat others had mentioned.. the country is protecting the majority too much.. till the minority often gets sidelined... lets take the most vivid example tt we alwis see every beginnin of the yr when the public examination results are out.. if u tink tt being a chinese student who studies hard, joins lots of cca, represents skool in watever kinda competition or seminar ..blabla..straight A results or at least a better one..seeing a "bumiputera" student who often play truant..smokes after skool, lousy academic results, contributing to all those disciplinary prob to the skool in the end getting jus 2or 3A's being offered scholarship to study abroad..how would u feel? jus keep quiet and accept it bcos malay is accomodating chinese la..blablabla...all tt nonsense u said.. wtf..we worked hard ok..! if they worked as hard and deserve the scholarship or any promotion in workin environment..then its fine..! so now u see y? i hav malay frens who are good academicly..and i respect them bcos they worked hard for it..they deserve it! not bcos they are malays ..they are given this privilledge..in fact, these proctection for malays are meant to help them to be independent..to be able to survive among all races in msia..but most of them misused it cos they tink will alwis be protected and therefore begin to slack instead of working harder..
i dunoo wtf u(china kooi) wil say next..but in my OPINION, the way u put it in ur post..as if we chinese dun work and everythin falls from the sky..all those big houses, big cars tt chinese owns..they worked for it..it dun jus come ok..

the best sentence in kenny's post:
"n some countries, people study overseas because their results are too poor to get a scholarship into local universities; whereas in Malaysia, people study overseas because their results are too good to get a scholarship into local universities."


one more thing. pardon me for my grammar mistakes..


lemme make one thing clear....i like chinese, ilke indians, and i like malays..... i like to fuck thm alll....


Point taken, Kenny. ;) And a very well-presented post at that, too.


Kenny writes; "What everyone ought to remember is that love for the country is very different from love for the government."

That's true, you can love your land and Malaysians but it doesn't mean that you have to agree with government however, like many, you abide to it. We can have respect for the status quo however, how can we change a nation? Not today, not tomorrow or the next day. It takes decades, only legacy will overthrow.

Malaysia, to me is advancing. I can envision that if it goes right, this country can be in par with most others in the region including the Lion City. For now, this is still the land of opprtunities and corruptions has it's good side if you get my drift.

You also noted; "And the feeling I got is that majority of Malaysians, the younger ones in particular, either don't care about it, don't know about it, or worse, don't want to hear people talking about it."

Malaysia is not alone facing new generations who ignorant, pampered in comfort zone. It comes down to history that many youngsters don't give a flying fuck nowadays.


Sorry, getting sleepy. Correction to the above post.

That's true, you can love your land and Malaysians but it doesn't mean that you have to agree with government and policies however, like many, you abide to it. We can have NO respect for the status quo however, how can we change a nation? Not today, not tomorrow or the next day. It takes decades, only legacy will overthrow.


"I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." - James A. Baldwin

replace 'America' with 'Malaysia'. =)


What more can I say?


Before I sign off, HAIZZZ...Malaya and Singapore...the people were once together and they perished for one cause! For the free men. There were then, no distinct Malaysian or Singaporean, just Chinese of Straits Chinese maybe, including other races that had contributed to what it has become today...from the both lands we are blogging at.

On our State Crest, the Harimau remain intact standing next to Singa. Despite the political wranglings, there is a mysterious bond between both lands...until then if Malaysia get's into big shit...naturally help prompts from the other side of the causeway. It's strange, but it's true.

As for citizens, it's already some 50 years of indepence...Singaporeans and Malaysians had "developed" a far different mindset. Both culture and social etiquette maybe, not that I'm implying bad but it's just different. So acepting each other is quite challenging for some people.

Anyway, I do have problem with some Malaysians but it's all a "human" thing. Not that we have very good Singaporeans. Oh, a nice example of our local human trash, XiaXue.


It always annoys me when people say you sholdn't compare with other people/countries whatever. How else can we learn? With regards to Malaysia, the national goal of being a 'developed' country by 2020 is based on a comparison with other countries.


Malaysians are a family..

Like a family, it's never perfect.

Like a family, you don't bitch about your own family to other people.

Like a family, Malaysians would stand up and fight if it was being attacked.

So, however patriotic you may be, to speak poorly of your own country only makes one think less of you. By bringing up the issue, what changes were you expecting to make? More hits to your blog?

PS. The relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is a delicate one. Both are neighbours but there is a great difference in both countries. One man's mean is another man's poison.


I would like to stay in Perth. Too bad I don't have prerequisites to get a PR.


Wow, what a string of comments.

Chinese people have always been opressed, whereever they live.. even in Mainland china they have been oppressed...with the communist regime... opression has caused the chinese to evolve from having nothing, to having to use their brains in commerce.. that is why the chinese are such good business people, especially in Malaysia.

Proton is a company heavily protected by the government. All cars except Proton have high taxes... Do you think Proton have any urgency to innovate? Change their product range? Compete fairly against other superior quality motor vehicles? I think not....

The Malay government is protecting its people in the same way. We all know that in economics.. high-tarriffs are bad. Protection hampers innovation. Removal of barriers creates competition hence needing the ability to use ones brain to compete.. how can we make Proton compete against Mercedes? How can we improve quality over Toyota... none of these questions will ever be asked if the government keeps protecting Proton... the same way The Government is protecting the Malays.

As for Singapore. Yes it is a dictatorship just like Malaysia...
In Australia a chinese man will undoubtedly never be able to become PM because of the majority... but there is nothing stopping me from TRYING to get into that top seat.

If I were in Australia now, I could tomorrow wear a signboard and openly critisize the government on its policies... being chinese, it doesnt stop me.... but in malaysia or singapore I dont have any rights... that is the key... If I cant even voice my opinion.. how can society improve? In fact it is unfair to compare Australia and America with Malaysia because Malaysia is still 3rd World...and will be for a very long time.
It would be like me comparing KL with Tokyo.

As for loving Malaysia, not much to love... because there is no unity in this country. There can be love when there is unity. Right now its seems very segregated and UNFAIR.

Someone earlier said we should be thankful? Thankful to Malays? Please....I dont Thank any malays for giving you 30% Blind Share in my corporation and have to pay for my childrens education in America while you can send your kids to a local school.... Being complacent isnt going to get you anywhere.. so dont be thankful... strive to be the best!


Oh yeah... If you were sick which doctor would you rather see:


- I would choose an Indian... you know how hard it is for an Indian to get into Med school?
Do you think the malay doc tried hard?


From my observation, Malays in Sabah, Sarawak are much more friendlier than the Penisular.


Do you people really want to live in a country whereby you minorities control every facet of life in the country all in the name of meritocracy?

So, with your, yes, hard-earned money, you can gobble up all the prime real estate. And the private sector only employs the Chinese. Plus the various varsity places are 70% occupied by you. All in the name of meritocracy. Do you really want to live in such a country? Is there such a country that exist in this world where the minority controls (or is allowed to control) everything?

Do you really want to live in a country whereby the majority are strangers in their own country? Do you really want to live in a country whereby the majority who are sidelined (all the in name of meritocracy) are filled with envy, hatred and with pent-up feelings waiting to burst?

You think the Western countries are fair to you? If push comes to shove, they will do what they have to do. Look at the US, they have to protect their workers, their industries and thus, they imposed various levies on various imports. Why bother with textile industry? Might as well import everything from China as it is cheaper.

There is no meritocracy in this world if the majority is to be sidelined. Look at the nearby 75% Chinese Singapore. You think they will allow the minorities to control every facet of their life, from economy to housing to education?!It so happen that they control everything and they holler they are "meritocratic!"

Somehow, perhaps,the commentators here are the vocal minority.

At every election, the Chinese have supported the various parties of the BN, which, actually is an indirect support for the UMNO leadership. Why did the Chinese continously voted for the BN when they could have voted for the Opposition who had promised them lots of things? You could have had a democratic change in 1999 when many Malay voters ditched the BN but instead you supported BN candidates more. Why? Perhaps, you commentators are vocal minority and the others out there are the silent majority.

I believe people have a choice in this world and if indeed a race is so badly oppressed, they wouldn't stay. I am not rudely asking you to leave but given a choice to live in a better country, why wouldn't anyone want to go?


I've read the post and most of the comments. What I agree most is that, the 17-24 year olds are quite clueless when it comes to Malaysian politics. Well, the thing is...most of them are grappling with turning everything they've learnt in BM into English. Some can't even form a complete English sentence, let alone say it. Who has time for politics?
Only after reading all these blogs that I've finally got a lil idea of what's going on. But after reading so many of them posts, they're kinda predictable already(government, overseas better, education opportunities, bla..bla..).
I think it's high time that they'd be educated 'the right way'. Let's not leave our Bumi friends out, because they should know that they can't depend on crutches forever.


the fact is that kenny did a great job in settling this whole dispute. and i think that if anyone wants an explaination on why xiaxue wrote those racists comments, GET IT FROM HER. leave kenny alone already. sheesh.


To China Kooi:

I have never knew there are people with such a "twisted" logic like you.

It makes me wonder whether you are trying to justify your way through all the obvious reasons to the questions which you have mentioned in your commentary.

We gobbling up all the prime real estate?
(This obviously shows that you have no understanding in real estates, because by default a land is not stamped with the word "prime/not prime". It's based on the developer's eye for good land, their way of managing/using the land and their reputation which makes "prime real estate". Not to leave out the residents.)

My turn for questions:
1. How come it happens that estates that occupied by chinese grow to be prime estate?
2. Why bumi developers were not able to develop better properties and manage it well?
3. etc....

We the minority wanting to control everything?
(Do we say we want to control everything? Obviously you don't know what the 'heck' we are talking all this while.)

We want to take over the whole country?
(Obviously, the word "sharing" never appears in your mind. You only thought of us non-bumis as invaders who want to conquer your beloved country. Hmmph... i thought i'm a malaysian, how come it sounds like we are outsiders.)

We want to rule the country by taking political power?
(Funny funny funny...)

We want to occupy 70% of the places in local varsities?
(Since we are the "minority" can we occupy 70% of the local varsities. Hahaha... obviously contradicting yourself. I bet if the government say they give a better quota than now, non-bumi people will be leaping in joy.)

We want to buy all the prime real estate since we all could afford to?
(What's wrong with buying real estate because we could afford to? By the way, a lot of the non-bumis are not rich. We sacrifices alot of things, just that you don't see it. Doesn't mean that we can grow money on tree. The grass is always greener on the other side. Right?)

You generalizing non-bumis (Chinese in particular), is so unfair. You make it sounds like we all are money-sucking pigs.

This shows how narrow-minded you are, and makes me doubt your intellectual level.

I'll not apologize sarcastically like your previous post (since you know it's going to offend people, why post and apologize later. It's like punching a person and say sorry). As I don't see there is a need for it.

By the way, you sound like a timid coward who just ask people to admit fate and shut up. I guess you are this type of person. Have a pleasant life.


To Open_your_eyes

Everyone seem to get what we have been talking about for 200 over posts, except for China Kooi. So just forget about his twisted logic. As long as the rest understands.

He doesn't even understand that we are asking for fairer share and treatment, not conquering Malaysia. Geez.

My conclusion: China Kooi is not a non-Bumi :)


That M'sia is a good place to live and to earn a living has not been given any credit by the commentators here is beyond belief. It is as if M'sia owes them a living.

The lame rationale given for not leaving M'sia for greener pastures elsewhere also do not hold water.

Just look at HKong prior to its return to Communist China. Many left, many managed to get British passports ( but still stayed on but will scoot off at the first signs of "trouble"), and many protested that the Brits didn't give them the "deserved" passports. Why would these want to leave if your rationale is being applied here?

By the same token, why does the EU wouldn't want to take Turkey into the EU despite all the promises, by constantly setting new conditions? You think if China is in Europe, she would be part of the EU with her billion people population? You see, the Ang Moh Koois have their own "policies" too.

The point here is that count your blessings for living a safe and peaceful country, safe and peaceful from natural disasters, and from uncertain political & racial turbulence. Give credit when it's due and make the best of everything.

And why don't you people seek change thru the ballot boxes? Voting for BN means you support BN's policies, i.e., the status quo.

You are nothing but a pesky, noisy minority.


In the area where I live, I know that BN has NEVER won it, it's Rocket's area all the way. But so what, they'll never get majority seats in the parliament. The ppl in my area have done what we could for decades and decades.

Plus, please name me one credible opposition in Malaysia. For the Malays, I certainly don't want them to take up an even worse choice by choosing for PAS!

It's called lack of choice, Ah Kooi!

If you are not a minority in this country and don't feel what we have been feeling all these while, please don't act like you know it all!


totally agree with you, Kenny.

i love my country too.

i love my country that's why i hate it when the road just jammed up for no reason.

i love my country that's why i hate to pay for rising toll fee just because of some silly and secretive contracts between our government and the highway companies.

i love my country that's why i hate to buy expensive car just to protect the local car makers' bank account.

i love my country that's why i hate it when we are told that the NEP will be brought up again.

i love my country that's why i hate to feel like non-bumis here are treated like second-class citizen.

i love my country that's why i hate to see the non-bumi students with excellent result were barred at the local universities' entrance.

i love my country that's why i hate to read about how most of the non-bumi student with flying result couldn't get their scholarship.

i love my country that's why i hate to be treated as a fool by government department staffs when dealing with them.

the list of love and hate could go on.

still, i do love my country.


LOL, you people disgust the fuck outta me.


The arrogant ingrates who continue to yap for no cause and are threatenting to leave should just leave. Don't be a fool & wait for 48 years!

Nobody is begging you to stay. Go,go, go to Singapore, you can stay at Lee Kuan Yew's place at Oxley Rd!

Hypocrites, you beg to stay, so that you can make things better! How? Start a revolution?!

For people like Alicia, just grow up, don't be a cry baby and most of all, a contradicting hypocrite as George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, Helen Clark and their ilk are waiting for you with open arms. I bet you won't even be allowed to to carry George's, Tony's & John's jockstrap!

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your country, you imbecile!


saudara china kooi:

kamu seorang yang sombong dan pantang dicabar.shamed to called urself " Bumiputera " .for me u only a "PIECE OF SHIT " in this "BOLEHLAND "


Hey Kenny Sai, you forgot to photoshop a giant toilet bowl next to the Malaysian national monument. Those guys look like they really need a proper place to relieve themselves - notice they are all covered in brown! No wonder your blog stinks! LOL!


I think you might have forgotten to take into a/c the amount of tax people hv to pay in Australia to enjoy such benefits as you mentioned ie "...Australian government gives AUD3,000 (that's RM8,500).." If the Malaysian govt taxes its citizens high tax rates, I am sure Msia would be able to offer some sort of social & welfare pay outs too. Think outside the square.


No point trying to convince China Kooi. We have tried to do it rationally and politely and all he has done is sit and call us rude names.

To China Kooi. Being rude is no way to convince and win your audience.


Yeah, Tilia, that's a lost case...
But got to admit, reading his comments sort crack me up! LOL! :P

Oh, and he never denied that he's in the majority group ;) I guess that's why he kept stressing on us to count our blessings and either just leave the country or shut up and not question anything.


It looks like Pak Kadok = Jacque Rousseau = China Kooi.

People, don\\\'t waste your time arguing with him. He has stated his position very clearly, repeatedly and arrogantly. We are a nothing but a pesky noisy minority. Yet he must be one of the most prolific writers here, defending his majority brothers.

If the majority can run a country as well as the Chinese Singaporeans, I think we would have a lot less complaints. I just wonder how the majority of the people thinks of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

I think the majority have more than their share of their own demons and sacred cows to face. What do the majority of them think the performance of the NEP has been so far ? Do the majority of them benefit from it ? Do the majority agree with the way the APs have been distributed ? Are the majority of the people in Kelantan unhappy enough to reelect UMNO ? Are the majority happy with people who took scholarships to study overseas and do not pay the government back when they can afford it ? The list runs longer than I can write. The majority have more issues than they care to admit. Perhaps China Kooi is one of the \\\"priveleged\\\" ones with special benefits unlike the majority. That is why he defends his \\\"rights\\\" so vehemently.

On a separate note, he is right on some issues. Whatever happened to PEKEMAS, the middle of the road party, for those of you who are old enough to remember ? We are too fragmented and do not care enough about the political process to make a difference. Unless we support middle-of-the road or moderate parties or start new ones, we will continue to complain without any viable solution. Any takers ?


"Even your "safe haven" called Singapore had many of her people migrating to Oz & NZ. Why is this happening if Singapore is that great?"

FYI... Australians are migrating to US, UK & NZ. does that meant that Australia sucks? I don't think so.


OMG, china kooi. You are so hilarious.

Cos you are only seeing from one point of the view.


I like the way you put it. My perspective of our country has always been tongue in cheek. I recognise that it has flaws, but in (some of)those flaws we also have our own unique flavor which differentiates us from other countries. Definately theres room for improvement. I'm yet to see a utopia any where in the world, so we shouldn't beat ourselves up so badly. Flaws in any character is human nature. As long as we strive towards improving them, we I hope we do as a country, then theres not much to be ashamed of.


a singaporean here. just wanted to add that the singapore constitution specifically protects the rights of the malays. if i'm not mistaken, education for malay singaporeans are either (a) more heavily subsidised or (b) completely free until tertiary education.

Minorities and special position of Malays
152. —(1) It shall be the responsibility of the Government constantly to care for the interests of the racial and religious minorities in Singapore.

(2) The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.

Muslim religion
153. The Legislature shall by law make provision for regulating Muslim religious affairs and for constituting a Council to advise the President in matters relating to the Muslim religion.

and Jacques Rousseau, you were saying that Having worked and lived in Singapore, I do know the minorities are being discriminated and it's a fact that the rich in Singapore are the majority Chinese and the poorer down-trodden folks are the native Malays and the Indians.. while i agree that the minorities are discriminated against, not all the rich people are chinese. it's just that the majority of singaporeans are chinese and hence there seem to be more rich chinese. there are also rich indians, malays and eurasians around. and poor chinese.


I studied my secondary school and A levels in singapore. That was about 10 years ago. It's amazing how fast you forget a language when you don't use it, and being in Singapore for about 5 years, I can't quite speak Malay properly.

On one occasion, I had to call Telekom (TM) to fix some problem at home. I waited for a long time and after being transfered from one person to another, I was finally transferred to the 'right' person.

Naturally, I spoke in English and told the women on the line about my problem. Before I could finish, she asked, 'Are you a Malaysian?'

'Yes,' I replied.

'Then how come you don't know Malay?' She questioned me.

I then ask her, are you a Malaysian? Of which she said, 'Yes'

'Then how come you don't know English?' I asked her back. Afterall, she's the customer service representative of one of the largest corporation in Malaysia.

That was 10 years ago. Malaysia has come some way since that day.

Today, TM's customer service is much better. At least they can converse with you in English, "Thank you for calling, you call back ToMorow."


Hahaha... Eric Chin, good one you pulled with that TM customer service lady! =)

My malay is totally off too after a few years abroad. But slowly picking it up again since started working here (lots of malay colleagues).

But I still can't even write a proper short paragraph in Malay to save my life man! All those years of doing "karangan" down the drain... heehee...


the benefits to malays.. the majority is not about protection...

-its about incompetence and tudung sophistication. -peasant population. Malaysia Boleh...

Milan Paris and London. Kampung....


woah so many comments

i'm a malaysian living in singapore for just about my whole life. i hardly know anything about malaysia, ie. government, policies, anthem, return only during festive occassions or holidays, but i love malaysia still =) don't know why, don't know how. just feel proud that it is where i belong.


Agreed with Kenny.

Love your country is different from loving your government. My mum asked me this every election. "Are you voting for the government or the opposition?" Even my mum's confused with the concept of party elected will be the government. We vote party we like so it'll be our governing party. I do not agree with most of the things our governing party did, but that doesn't mean, another party would definitely be a better choice. History has shown us that no matter how noble a politician's intention is in the beginning, he'll still ended up doing the exact opposite of what he preached earlier once in power. I'm not saying we should accept this, but I won't pretend to say I've a quick solution to all these. WHY?

Because I've live long enough to realise these :

Everybody's selfish - just look at how many people who's trying to 'sell' their own agenda (including myself) in this blog?

Everybody's racist - if you are not, why are you attacking other race that attack your race? (I'm some kind of 'cist' too - can't stand arrogant people who are full of themselves regardless of their race, sex etc, eg BUSH, sexists, racists, etc etc)

Everybody discriminates - ever think when we are not careful and critisize others of being discriminative, we are actually doing the same, only in the other way. We discriminate them because we dont agree with things they discriminates? Ever heard of reverse discrimination? We keep protecting a race because they've been discriminated, till the other race (that have not been discriminated in the past) is now being discriminated?!

What's so good about Malaysia? What's so good about Singapore? What's so good with Japan? What's so good with USA? What's so good with X, Y, Z? What's the big deal if you compare them with P, Q, R? But on the other hand, What's so bad about Malaysia? What's so bad about Singapore? What's so bad with Japan? What's so bad about USA? What's the big deal if you compare them with P, Q, R? I meant, every country, everybody, every race, every religion have their own good, bad, big and small deals. Why we zoomed in and pick the issue that fits our agenda only to compare and talk about?

I agree, education is the key. But I've to say, our education system leaped a big step, not forward though.. That's sad. I know, why? I'm that few 'lucky' Malaysian Chinese (60+ out of 500+ students for that faculty that year) that got accepted into a local university after scoring around 20 points extra compared to other races (yes, we've check and compared) and I'm working in education line now. Standards have been compromised in other to up the number of our graduates, who today, can't seem to be able to get a 'decent' job. Why? Ok, let me tell you this. They got a break in their public exams, they got a break in the university intake, they got a break in their exams in uni.. so what do you expect? But I'm not saying that education in other country is superior. I've a cousin who spent an amount equivalent to 2 semi-Ds (at that time) to get a BBA from USA. Guess what, she can't even write her own application letter, and her resume! That's not all, I've to write even her resignation letter. And this, I assure you, is not a isolated case.

Everybody says they love their country, or their adopted country. But ALL of them showed that they love the country because of what they can get from the country. What have they done for the country?! Talk is cheap ok? If you love your country, stop vandalising, stop littering, stop polluting our own language, vote ...Patriotism? What is patriotism? Some can't even spell it, let alone understand it. We constantly adopt 'foreign' cultures without questioning it's value. Hey, some foreign cultures are good, we take. But why we just assume anything imported/foreign/western is good? Look at the way some of us treat the angmohs when they visit us? Do we have to be extra nice only to them? If this is not racist (well, you don't even treat your own race that nice), then what is it? Look at our air stewardesses, our customs officers, our 'chicks'.. rubbish!!! You don't even know if they are rapists/robbers/etc in their own country!!! People are so impressed when they see angmohs speaking Mandarin or Malay.. hey how about us? We can speak others languages too... Some of us can speak more than 2 languages - chinese, malay, english, tamil, some even went as far as japanese, korean and french...

On the crimes, tell me which country in this world has no crime? Which country has no corruption? You think USA, Australia, Singapore don't have? Haha, FYI, INSIDER TRADING is a form of corruption too. Remember Baring? Remember Enron? Remember AAnderson? Again, not saying that all these should be tolerated? But why make it an issue? Corruption is bad. Again, it's fuelled by the inequality that was put there in the first place. If everybody is equal in the first place, do you think I'd give bribe? (I haven't had the chance to give bribe)

Freedom of speech? No way, imagine what would it be if all of us are given freedom of speech? Kids will be swearing in school, and given that everybody is selfish and self-centred, we'll be hearing nothing but criticisms everyday. Actually, the system in our country is good. Anything that disturbs stability..jail. Problem is the system is abused.. People/Govt uses the system in their own favour.. Again, whose problem? not the system..It's the power greedy human being. If we can't be treated fairly, I don't think people would even exercise their right to freedom of speech...

And we definitely need to educate, no, not the people..the politicians.. They should watch things they say. I've been embarrased enough (time and again) with the 'agenda' they raised in their DUN... Stewardess' kebaya too tight?! If you are raped, lay down and enjoy?! (Gosh) National service to promote harmony? (the training may be good for them, but NS for just maybe 10 or 20% of the teenagers?! How about the rest? No need harmony? How you know the 10% 20% you pick are the racist lots?!)


for problems like these, don't you think we should exercise the philosophy of 'appreciate what we have, admit our shortcoming but at the same time find ways to overcome them'? Like I've said, I've no solution over these almighty problems, I just hope that before we point finger at others, look at ourselves first.


excuse all the grammar mistakes. i'm sleepy. thanks.


Couldn't agree more man......


Special rights for the minorities, commonly practised everywhere. Special rights for the majorities, can't find it elsewhere. Be proud of it!


I followed the recent Malaysia-Singapore blog fracas with interest, and was dismayed at the complete idiocy I found from bloggers on both sides of the Causeway (including those who are apparently "big-name" bloggers, though I really had no idea why). Kenny, yours is seriously the only thing I have read on the issue that was worth reading.


Many many years ago, my brothers, cousins and friends, all top students applied to local university to be computer and electrical engineers.

None of us got in. We all went abroad, many of us made a killing but all of us had a good career and was in the centre of the IT revolution.

Recently some of us were approached to return to Malaysia but even at million-ringgit salary, we unanimously said no.

Cheated once, it's a pity, cheated twice is your fault.

Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, parochialism, snatch theft, spoilt-bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this - Why can't you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

History always repeats itself. And nature is cruel. Any race of lower intelligence gets wiped out eventually.

See what is happening to indigenous tribes and their lands, always taken over by smarter people from elsewhere.

Look at Singapore, who owned it in the first place and who came and took it over?

America was taken by Europeans from the Red Indians. Even British convicts and unwanted low life managed to grab Australia from the aborigines and reduced them what they are today. They may become extinct one day.

However Malaysians still have hope as they are learning fast. Just hope it is fast enough. Problem is that some of them are still crying for bumi policy as a crutch. The smarter ones know that it is just prolonging the agony. Any way the smarter ones actually are not from Malaysia originally.

You can only survive if you are able to stand on your own two legs. Shouting "Malaysia boleh" is no use - if you can, you can.

"Only a quarter of Malaysian is Chinese while more than half of the population is malays. Yet Chinese control half of the economy while malays only about 20%."

Whether there is NEP or not, don't make much difference in the long run. When you walk with crutches for too long, you lose the ability to stand on your own legs.

Friend, you have a place there. Find your own niche in the food chain. (If you leave for greener pastures, you are repeating what your forefathers did when they left China and ended up in oversea.)

People with brains can overcome all sorts of man-made obstacles or unfairness. Those with brains but do not use them will cry for help.

You can decide which type you want to be.


Imagine our PM lecturing on the real facts of peace and unity in Malaysia.

"We (government) do not practise meritocracy. We practise discrimination and racism in our education system, housing allocation and discount, jobs, university entry. We extort and blackmail non-bumis through Approved Permits and shares equity. We dish out handouts to bumis, etc. That is how we achieve peace and unity."

The only reason why there is peace and unity is because the non-bumis are tolerant, progressive, peace, moderate, magnanimous and loving, despite the racism, keris wielding and discriminatory policies.

If the future leader is bollocks then the future of this country is also bollocks.

The education system in this country from top to bottom is going from bad to worst, we are producing robots, incompetent, hapless, crony and brainwashed leaders.

Going by that, the track record of the Umno government is nothing less than embarrassing and shameful.

While the rich and famous in the Umno coalition is feasting off the richness of the land christened Malaysia, thousands more are languishing in poverty, sickness and adverse social circumstances.

I care for my fellow citizens regardless of race and religion and there is nothing more I wish to see that for them to be able to lead a decent life through diligence and honesty. But such values are of no worth in a corrupted and racist system like the Umno government's.

The current debate is not about race, religion or political ideology. It's about good values or rather, the lack of them in the current Umno politicians.

One must not mistake hatred against racism with hatred against race. The former is admirable, and the latter deplorable.

From the comments of you malay, I can conclude that he is either delirious and confused or he is simply a typical Umno politician - colored-vision, conceited and paranoid.

Your comments clearly show your insecurity as well as your inferiority complex. Unfortunately, your comments suggest that your views represent all the malays.

It also shows that you, as representing the malays, concede that you are not prepared and will never be prepared, even in the future, to meet with competition. You suggest that you need to be wrapped in cotton wool for all time.

You may be the ketuanan of Malaysia but what kind of Malaysia will that be by then if you continue with your tunnel vision and refuse to meet and compete with the rest of the world.

The world does not owe you a favour and will not wait for you. A big problem is that you expect the world and everyone to owe you a living. Get real the world owes you nothing!

You will be in a very small country and a small world of your own. You may be the ketuanan of such a country which may be weaker than a banana republic in time.

Under those circumstance, it may not be important whether you are the ketuanan of such a country which is not third rate but fourth rate, and which may be open to be taken by a stronger force. By then you will be too weak and friendless to defend yourself.

Please don't think that Malaysia belongs to one particular race, you are insulting yourself, and your race, don't ever forget that some key leaders in top government are with mixed blood, not pure malays……….please know your mission as a Malaysian, to live united with the other races and fight independently with the globalised world.

Don't be narrow-minded anymore, do correct thing to make things right.

The "bumiputera" stole the land from Orang Asli. By right all of Malaysia should belong to them. If recall history as the current generation of malays came over from Sumatera, Jawa, and the island around.

If your thinking remains the same - please go back to Indonesia where you can proudly call yourself bumi there.


This country would be a great country if there is no division of races. With its richness of natural resources, Malaysia should be one among the most developed nation in Asia.

Bitter to say, all those money lost to corrupt politicians and cronies, and unprofitable projects.

This is what saddens me as Malaysian.

However, I do believe a brain drain is inevitable. I believe it is happening. As a student in long-ago school, I see it every year. Each and every year after the holidays, there are a few less people in class. Why? Their parents emigrated down under West.

I left the country in the 90s because of the injustices in Malaysia perpetrated by Umno. I made my fortune and no returned home but I thought Mahathir had somehow managed to turn the mindset of Umno around into focusing on global competition, instead of petty race-based competition.

Now I am certain that those in power want the affirmative action policies to continue, not because these policies benefit the general malay population, but because these policies give Umno the right to continue to plunder the country.

Legalised theft is what they are after, and if anyone dares speak out, they just tell you to leave the country so that they can continue their plunder.

It's sad, but my children don't have to live through this injustice. They can go anywhere they want in the world, and I encourage them.

There are many people who made big names as Malaysians only when they are treated better in other countries, not because they are Malaysians but because they are treated as one of their own.

That's explain why they choose not come back. Treatment was so good that they offered their family to emigrate over there.

Since Umno is playing the race cards openly, the coming future for non-malays is suffering through endurance. How many more years should we Malaysians suffer? It is not only the non-malays but also the poor malays struggling for survival in isolated villages.

Anyway, these people voted with their feet and wrote about their experience. They wanted to tell you about this country and how its government discriminated its minority people.

I can feel they love this country too but this country or rather this government did not love them. I can also feel their sadness and how things are turning for their malay brothers and sisters who are getting weaker and weaker in this globalised world, and all this is Umno's fault.

They realised if this is not stopped immediately, this country will eventually go down the drain like those fourth world banana republics.

Their ancestors have helped this country to fight for independence and even fought off Japanese invaders but our government has never been grateful and instead discriminated against them to the hilt.

They also saw that they have become second-class citizens in their country of birth, and were very disappointed when Indonesia labours can become first class citizens whereas foreign spouses of non-malays took years just to get a PR. Even terrorists like Hambali and Abu Bakar can become PR holders easily. Something is definitely wrong with this country.

Here maybe you are malay and oblivious to others who are suffering and as a Muslim yourself, is this injustice reconcilable to the tenets of Islam?

Tony Gunawan also voted with his feet and went on to become USA's first world badminton doubles champion. Instead of helping his original country to badminton glory, he helped another country to become a potent rival.

The same could be said of our citizens who voted with their feet. Many went to Singapore and worked for companies that became our competitors. If our country and government has been kind to some of its citizens, this additional competition wouldn't have been created. I hope the present government will realise its folly and there is no substitute to real meritocracy.

The non-malays don't want everything but only fairness and social justice, a very tenet of your malays great religion. If you can't even subscribe to the tenets of your own religion, I am afraid you may be branded a hypocrite and a very racist one at that.

It is not true that there will be no policy that can keep every race happy.

Only the person who thinks that he should be treated better than others would object to a policy that is fair to all.

That feeling of "entitlement" is created by politicians who have found a convenient way to retain power in parliamentary democracy.

As a grass root, I hope that all Malaysians will live in harmony and work towards a better tomorrow, a better environment for the children.

Help each other with basic compassion of a human being.

When you see a blind woman trying to cross a busy road, you jump forward to guide her. You are not helping her because of her skin color or her religion. You help simply out of compassion of a human being.

Extend that spirit to our fellow countrymen. Give all those lagging behind with a helping hand, you won't miss a malay who needs help, neither will you miss a non-malay who needs help.



Good point well said by Mr Kenny Sia.
I'm sure most of you heard of the phrase
"United we stand, divided we fall."

Now now, how many of you all bloggers here are from West Malaysia? Out of this number, how many consider "Malaysia" as just strictly "Peninsular Malaysia" (that means excluding Sarawak & Sabah)? Do you Peninsular fellas look at people from the East as jungle people?

Now please don't lie or cheat. I used to have a friend who doesn't even know where the heck is Sarawak. It took some rigorous sessions to educate him.

Don't get me wrong. I'm from Kuching I love Malaysia. Yes as some of you pointed out, there's always rascism & discrimination. Only frakking idiots do that. Please dont be one of them.

You see no matter who we are, where we from we each have stomachs, tongues, taste buds. So bring all your food delicacies. Have a merry time, sit down and have a chat. We all need to eat anyway.

My message is simple:
If your a Malaysian love your country in your heart.
If your a East Malaysian, treasure what you've got. We don't get kueh chap and kolo mee that many in Peninsular.
If your a West Malaysian, learn to love Sarawak and Sabah (or we cut off oil supplies to you :P )
and stop calling us "jungle people"..

Off topic: Brazil is a "jungle country" (Amazon forest) yet is a World Cup champion.

If your a Singaporean..ummm well, I respect your comments about Malaysia. But, we are sending ppl to space soon so in terms of space-faring, Malaysia pwnz Singapore! :P

Peace be with you all, so say we all.


wah!!!I can't believe I actually read all the comments here...

Kenny,I think your blog is turning out to be either a Malaysian vs Singapore thing or bumi vs non-bumi issue...whatever happen to those good old days where it's nothin but humour?


Kenny - Good that young people like you have the guts to speak out, where most would just stand there and said that's acceptable. We need more heros like you in Malaysia.


I'll give those bxggxrs a smack in the face to call Malaysians living abroad traitors and un-patriatotic. You will be surprise that a lot of money flowing in to Malaysia comes from these Heros. It is those people Siphoning money out of Malaysia that should be call traitors.

Malaysia is in such a state has nothing to do with being Malays, Chinese, Indian or others (that is what they are called in the government forms we have to fill).

It has always been greedy politicians in power that has stirred up with Propoganda to create fear in the public. They have no guts to remove the ISA as they can always use it as an excuse to jail Opposition Leaders that speak against them. (mind you I am not a politician but a by stander among the public that have seen enough)

I have serious doubts that Malaysia will achieve Vision 2020. Look at Selangor. Ministers wants it declared a Developed state but do you believe it's developed. When come 2020, Malaysia may be declared a developed country but will still carry a third world mentality. Probably just after 5 years in 2025, it has to be downgraded to Developing state again.



Not very long ago, we West Malaysians had to carry our international passports to visit Sarawak. How do you think we felt ? Even now, there are restrictions on us working there. You still complain about us ?


You still have to carry int. p-pot into Sarawak? I thought that was not necessary anymore.


"Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas"

It is a fact that because of the govt, ppl have become racists. Pls do not blame ppl for being racists but look at the root of what have made them to become like that. Favouritism!!! Blady unfair.


Patriotic is too much a word. A sense of belonging perhaps.


That's why i linked ya Kenny! *thumbs up*
i even introduced your blog to teachers, parents, my blog readers and GRANDPARENTS!!

I love BADAWI TOO!!! poor guy, lost his wife. i shall pray for him. And i love your comment bout the VCD sellers!! haha...


I think maybe those Malaysians who dislike or cannot accept people commenting on the country is because they have never lived in another country. Perhaps they may have visited other countries, but you really don't know much about a country by only staying there for a couple of days. All these are about 1ST IMPRESSIONS. Say, like Australia, I am and have only been to Perth. So, in my perception, Australia IS a wonderful country. For those who have visited Malaysia (or KL per se) and find it really unpleasant, so, they may say "Malaysia SUCKSSSS~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As a Malaysian who studies in Perth, I know what our country's weaknesses are because i get to compare both countries. Sometimes I feel a bit ashame when ppl tell me that they have visited Malaysia (esp KL) and they love the country very much. I doubt they are telling the truth, as I think maybe they are just trying to entertain me. I myself have a lot of unhappy experiences when I was in KL. I was nearly snatched in the city, fortunately there was a police who followed behind that f**ker and managed to stop him. Besides, my friend's hp was snatched and when I argued with that guy, he denied it so hard and the bus driver pulled me away to let him go. WTF!!! I was mollested in the public transport, where this old sweaty smelly man rubbed his balls on my arms (and I felt like crushing them into scrambled eggs with my bare hands, which I regretted I didn't). Another time was this guy who rubbed his body on mine and I managed to pushed him hard aside with my big bump until he nearly fell down. And I am always teased by those perverted Malays (not trying to be racist here but it's the truth) when I am walking down the streets (even in places like Lot 10!!!). They like to say "Ah Moi! Mana pegi? Badan banyak cantik hah!" and keep rolling their eyes examining my body; while actually I am wearing only a t-shirt with sleeves, long pants and a pair of sneakers, not any revealling or sexual appealling clothes. Even when I go to Petaling Street, sometimes I got pissed off by those rude hawkers. And I witnessed myself once a watch seller charged an Angmoh RM70 for a fake watch while we can get it at RM30!!! I myself dun really like the place anymore, I really doubt foreigners will like the country as much. Because we judge the whole country by looking at one place that we have visited. Don't you think the foreigners will look at our country the same way? Even if they have only visited KL, they may say, "Well, I think MALAYSIA is pretty much a sucky country". They will not think whether or not they should judge a country by visiting only one place, but in their perception, if the main city (KL esp coz it's the capital city) they have visited has given them such bad image, they would rather think the whole country would be more or less the same or even worse. I think this is why a lot of Malaysians start to complain about our own country and prefer foreign countries. Not because of we are not PATRIOTIC, but because this country has caused so much of disappointment and troubles, and that we have NEVER, EVER felt secured to live in it (for example, I need to HUG my bag like my baby to keep it from snatchers); whereas the foreign country we are staying in do not cause such problem and the ppl treat us as good as their own citizens. Malaysia cannot love their own ppl well, what's more about loving foreign visitors??? I really doubt this...


I think what's more important than being patriotic is being loyal to humanity; and if being loyal to humanity means being patriotic while disobeying the government, so be it. Nationalism has initiated more wars than peace.

"Nationalism is an infantile sickness. It is the measles of the human race."
- Albert Einstein


chinakooi is obviously beyond all hope for redemption.

It disgusts me that even i, a 17-year old, can see the folly of his words.
It is obvious that his mind atrophied around the age of 5, and is only capable of repetition of the same fascist propaganda then he seems so capable of.

We, the minority, do not give up as easily as you seem to feel we should. We will fight for our rights, as we are also citizens and members of Malaysia, and should, in fact, be allowed to stand on level ground with the "bumiputeras". In fact, when literally traslated, the Princes of the Earth are hardly the indigenous people of this land. How can you ask us to leave if we dislike the political situation in this country? do you think YOU should leave if the orang asli wish it so?
It is absurd to think that we should leave if we dislke the situation.It is an infantile idea to begin with. If you do not like the way your father behaves, should you run away from home? or should you try to get him to better his ways for the benefit of the while family?
it is pointless to debate that the "ingrates" should leave if we "want to". we DO NOT want to, which is the whole basis of multitude of comments flooding this comment page in the first place. Is it really that hard to understand that we are not going to give up so easily?
We aren't like the the majority of the majority(ie you) who depend on crutches to help us through our lives. we have had to be independent and self-reliant from the very beginning, as the government is obviously not going to extend a helping hand to a non-bumi very easily.
I hope i dont come across as biased,racist or prejudiced, as i feel that i am not. one of my best friends is a malay, and i treat her as such. i confide in her and sometimes even discuss the political situation of our country. not bad for 17-year olds, huh?
the reason the young aren't interested in getting involved is that we already suspect that there's hardly any hope for redemption for this country, especially with racial elitists in this country and government like china kooi. He insults and defiles XX's blog based on the fact that she makes racist-based insults/remarks, but he already shows his true hypocritical personality by his screen name. it is embarassing to realise that he/she as an obviously well-educated person, cannot even seem to understand the fact that differing points of view exist, even when concerning the same exact situation. it is studied in the FIRST CHAPTER of sejarah, dammit.
not one single person who commented on this pg, requested any of the things u believe that the minority want. we do NOT want a 70% quota in tertiary instituitions for the non-minority, as that is a sidelining of the malays, the majority. we do not want the power to be shifted over to the minority, we want an equal share between ALL the races of malaysia, which is what this country so proudly proclaims from its rooftops to its neighbours. Do you honestly see an equal share of ANYTHING in this country anymore? due to the sensitivities of certain races,many constructive views and ideas have been thrusted aside merely to avoid certain "perasaan"s from being "tersinggung". Honestly, who do these people think they are?

Seriously, if the governmant is made up of people like this outrageously biased and infantile people that china kooi is so obviously a member of, we will NEVER achieve a TRUE vision 2020. Of course, by 2020 malaysia will proclaim that its a developed country merely to save face. but we, her citizens know better. with the exception of people like china kooi obviously.
in fact, i abhor the fact that when we mention him/her in our comments, we are unintentionally insulting the chinese race.
I propose that here on out, he be only referred to as CK.
I will not apologise, the way CK did so insincerely over hurting the feelings of many of the people who have commented. it is very true of one comment-er that it is like "punching someone and then apologising".
Honestly. Think before talking, CK.
It is deeply saddening that people like you still exist in a civilised world.
Do you seriously see this country being a potential competitor in the world market with mindsets that are so narrow-minded that a needle got barely slide through?
many of the points in the above comments are practical and useful. But i doubt they will be undertaken in the near future, sadly. Does anyone seriously think differently?
I doubt it.
Dont think that we, the minority, are so enshrouded in naivete that we will run away due to CK's ridiculous allegations against us. We want a better place to live, and obviously there are some among us who WILL in fact try to the utmost extent of their capabilities for such a dream to occur.
Among them will be Malay, Chinese and Indian, and also those from the other minorities.
I, for one, am looking forward to that day.




I will , however, apologise for the generous sprinkling of thpo errors throughout my previous entry.
I was suffering under insomnia and SPM stress,as i do, in fact, require the grades to make to cut, unlike many other candidates of this test, ie the bumis. no offense to them.


tYpos** dammit.
Anyways kudos to kenny sia for a brilliant,unbiased post.
Yes, 17 yer olds do riead your blog.
Yes, you are now a candidate for pop-culture-phenomenon-idol-2005.Then again...the name seems to damn for a reality show.
However, you catch my drift.
Rock on, Uncle Kenny.


Those who don't care about Malaysia would not have wasted time to criticise its shortcomings!

The best of government looks after the poorest of poor.... hoping politicians remember the less fortunate ones, and many who can't fight for themselves......

and each one of us can play our part as voices for the weak..........


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1st of all...errr..(Mai kancheong lah)..er...sorry my english is not good...SJK(C)..maaa.. i'm 17yo from pontian...just want to say:
1. I Love This Country...MYcountry...MALAYSIA!
2. I Love all the races in Malaysia..that's mk us unique thn other countries...
3. All of us hv their right to state their point of view..

wat ever it is.....WAR and stabing each others is not the right way.."WORLD PEACE"..

wah, chiat lat ah...so how?


Have you seen this before? It's a number guessing game: http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/guessthenumber.html. I guessed 56452, and it got it right! Pretty neat.


i absolutely agree with you about your whole perception of patriotism.rememeber you said malaysians are an ignorant lot? it is because of this ignorance that people become so reactive when it comes to criticism.to me, criticism is the best way to improve oneself, or an organization and existing system.if we cannot take criticism,how are we able to achieve the goals of 2020?vision 2020 will remain a vision,unrealized because we have a mentality of a third world country. it is ridiculous for anyone to accept flaws.the right thing to do is to find a solution.not accept things as it is.i do not have the opportunity to study abroad, but having the chance to travel around even just for a week is truly an eye opener.we need not look far, look at thailand...it's such a wonderful place with wonderful people.the thais are what we would regard as friendly people.it really helps redefine friendliness,which malaysians were mistakenly led to believe that they are friendly.bullshit.look at hong kong, the efficiency deserves a credit!!!despite having experienced all these, i guess we can undoubtedly say that we still love malaysia, perhaps even more. we were never ashamed to reveal our malaysian identity.to our fellow malaysian friend who are so ignorant,think about it.what do you mean by accepting flaws?by loving malaysia?


You've done it again kenny! tell you what, being in melbourne, a place where you can find black white brown skin people, what ever colour you can think of that is on a human skin, you can find in melbourne! And i've been living here for more that a year now, relating to all kinds of people because of my work, I have never said i was from somewhere else other the Malaysia! To me, having a hongkie gf, hongkie sucks. they have no brain, dumb idea, and stupid comments. and most importantly, everyone here can only speak one or 2 languges when i can speak 9 or 10 including dialages. my point is, don't be a shame to be a Malaysian! Cos we are the most popular country and Melbourne chick digs Malaysian guys!!! Even if you look like kenny! (jk kenny!) hahahaha


You've done it again kenny! tell you what, being in melbourne, a place where you can find black white brown skin people, what ever colour you can think of that is on a human skin, you can find in melbourne! And i've been living here for more that a year now, relating to all kinds of people because of my work, I have never said i was from somewhere else other the Malaysia! To me, having a hongkie gf, hongkie sucks. they have no brain, dumb idea, and stupid comments. and most importantly, everyone here can only speak one or 2 languges when i can speak 9 or 10 including dialages. my point is, don't be a shame to be a Malaysian! Cos we are the most popular country and Melbourne chick digs Malaysian guys!!! Even if you look like kenny! (jk kenny!) hahahaha


You've done it again kenny! tell you what, being in melbourne, a place where you can find black white brown skin people, what ever colour you can think of that is on a human skin, you can find in melbourne! And i've been living here for more that a year now, relating to all kinds of people because of my work, I have never said i was from somewhere else other the Malaysia! To me, having a hongkie gf, hongkie sucks. they have no brain, dumb idea, and stupid comments. and most importantly, everyone here can only speak one or 2 languges when i can speak 9 or 10 including dialages. my point is, don't be a shame to be a Malaysian! Cos we are the most popular country and Melbourne chick digs Malaysian guys!!! Even if you look like kenny! (jk kenny!) hahahaha


i told my kids work 4 no one other than urself....start a business...even if it is a raodside stall selling papers n candies. if foreigners can be rich n successful in malaysia....why not u. a university education is only to tell everyone that u r educated. i told them never bribe anyone n live a straight life...i have never bribed anyone all my life. i know the system suck for minorities....but whining continually abt the system won't work. vote for the opposition (dap) eventhough they can't do much. when my car was knocked in the rear, i reported to the police....waited 4 2 weeks 4 the report...n got my car repaired. someone told me 2 bribe the police...why should i. when the service in a shopping mall was bad....i reported to the manager....rude malaysians must be taught a lesson. most malaysians expect the country to be better than other developed countries...but they themselves r no better than those living in the slums...littering, parking their cars haphazardly n not returning the shopping carts to the rightful place. if we want things to get better...we must be an example. i am not a highly educated person (sorry for my stinking english)but i'm aware of what makes things better....i know singapore is many times better than malaysia...but i would not want to live in a flat all my life. if we want our enforcement officers to be more efficient...we must keep on pushing them to give the public a good service but at the same time we should change our mindset to a first world mindset.


I totally agree. If we Malaysians don't change our attitude we are gonna end up failing Vision 2020 miserably. Take for example that article which was written in The Star today, that one about about Malaysian forests titled "Patriotic forests?". That is an example how we Malaysians don't appreciate our country enough, at least how we do not protest when somebody just orders the forests to be cut down for timber. Some rules are not enforced to the extent that people actually take notice and think twice before breaking them. Can everyone stand up and make a difference? Do we need to be blindly patriotic?


Singer George Michael lends the piano on which John Lennon wrote Imagine to an anti-war exhibition...


quote : "Even the word "merajuk" only exist (in meaning) in Malay and no word in any other language come close" (diana)

uhhh... tipu... if it's true, tell me the meaning of the word 'sulk' then...


good one

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