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Sunday, 24 April 2005

Jeff Ooi's Little Bird

WARNING: Sense-of-humour strongly recommended before reading any further.

Was it just me or did everyone else noticed that Malaysia's Most Influential Blogger Jeff Ooi seems to get all his dirty backstage scoop from his trusty little bird?

Someone once mentioned that I should get an award for making the most references to my own testicles in my blog. But seriously, that someone got to look how many times Jeff Ooi mentioned his 'little bird' in his blog.
Little Bird

Jeff Ooi's little bird features heavily in many of his stories.

So what exactly happened at that frightening anti-narcotics raid at the internet cafe a while ago? A little bird told Jeff Ooi.

Which Malaysian government websites were vandalised by Indonesian hackers? A little bird told Jeff Ooi, again.

Which Act was the government planning to invoke to take action against at news portal Malaysiakini for their so-called 'irresponsible' April Fool's joke? A little bird told Jeff Ooi, along with some law advice.

Gee I wonder if Jeff Ooi's little bird told him what's the winning 4D number for tomorrow.


Jeff Ooi's little bird sure is busy poking around everywhere. I'm starting to think that Jeff Ooi is not the brains behind his blog, but his hard-headed little bird is. At least it makes his blog interesting at times with all these wet and juicy gossips his little bird generates. But I seriously do hope that Malaysia's M.I.B. protect his little bird well because we know the politicians in this country don't like to be fucked around. It is going to be a sad day if big-ass ministers here get aggressive and chop off Jeff Ooi's little bird. What a tragedy its gonna be when that day comes.

(Puns galore intended)

Jeff Ooi's little bird sure is famous. I ran a search on Google with "Jeff Ooi" and "little bird" and I got 170 results! Get this there were 170 websites mentioning Jeff Ooi's little bird!
Jeff Ooi Little Bird

WOW! Why is everyone talking about Jeff Ooi's little bird ar? His little bird so 'geng' meh!?

I wonder how come no one interested in my little bird? What is wrong with me? I ran a search on Goggle with "Kenny" and "little bird" and I got this instead.
Jeff Ooi Little Bird



So I adjusted my underwear and asked.

Kenny: "Oi, little bird, what's wrong with you lah? Why can't you be more like Jeff Ooi's little bird and fetch me gossips every now and then"


Kenny: "You fucking useless one you know? Goddammit, you 'piss me off' everday! I'm so sick of you"

*still silence*

Kenny: "Oi! Little bird I'm talking to you lah!"

Kenny's Bird: "Fuck you Kenny. And stop calling me 'little bird' will ya?! For the record, its BIG BIRD to you ALRIGHT?!"

big Bird

UPDATE: Thanks to minishorts (totally hot), yours truly is now immortalised into your favourite bedtime story. :) You MUST check her out. Thanks, mini!

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Hahahaha, big bird, I voted for little bird too.


there's 3 results for:

kennysia "little bird"



Oh my god!!!! I laughed myself hoarse over this one. Yes indeed, what IS it with Jeff Ooi and his little bird? Advertising the size of certain private parts of the anatomy is quite a unique way of standing out in the local blogsphere!!!!


kenny, u crack me up everytime u post. alwasy something creative eeh? don't follow uncle jeff's little bird lah. get a monkey or something instead.


Hahahaahahaahahaah! Go, you big man with big balls! Man, I wanna vote you somehow, hehe.


Hahahah that last pic is a keeper.


you know Kenny, you really bring the term LOL to life. I laughed my ass off loud and clear. Think my neighbour wants to check out kennysia.com too:)


Very nice. I'm sure Jeff Ooi is proud of his little bird...errr that did not sound very nice huh?


ROFL....hahahaha...todays entry seriously brightens up my day.erm..night... Stress with college work man!!!


hhahah damn your Big Bird is about your height. impressive ;)

i love it when you photoshop things, bloody funny and i'd hate to be one of your photoshopped victims, lmao! :D


i think the post title should be "Kenny Sia's big bird released"


Ahahahaha...that's scary, having a big bird in your pants.


Don't get upset, kenny's big balls beat jeff ooi's little bird here...



huhahahahahahahahah *ROTFL*

I think that my nest is too small to save the big bird..


sorry, first time comment but already added the bad one hmm....

*runs away very fast*


*laughs at the pic with Big bird and Kenny*

Kenny, everyone has their "thing", if I may say. Jeff Ooi's thing is his little bird, while your thing is big balls.

Hope this didn't offend you or anyone else out there =D


*laughs at the pic of Kenny and Big Bird*

Kenny, everyone has their thing if I may say. Jeff Ooi's thing is his little bird, while your thing is big balls. So cheer up!

Sorry if I offended you or anyone else out there

p.s. I apologise if this post comes up twice



kenny lost :)


Wah leow... quite predictable leh!


jeff ooi have little bird's..byk bird lah..ehe..but ur bird are so big ar


Fantastic write-up. Great sense of humour


what about us, ladies bloggers? what are we going to rely on? our little pussy? ;)


hey, maybe you should try searching for "Kenny Sia" "balls".


congratulations for winning the 'no-competition' run, and you have been deservingly awarded the role of 'hero'.

*hope you liked the special touch*



A big bird with two little tiny rambutans? :P


One of the best satirical pieces I've read.


Doc : He claimed he has 2 big balls at the size of a coconut. :P

Kenny : Man, you are the most wicked evil yet hilarious blogger that I met. Might be better than Michael Ooi. :P


minishorts, that was the most flatteringly hilarious entry I've ever read! Thanks for making Kenny's Big Bird save the day! Now if only we could publish this somehow ...

ryuu, hmm I wrote this entry a while ago but posted it today. Things must have changed. But still, JUST THREE?! Anyway there's no need for google fights. We all know who the real winner is. Heh heh.

lilian, why are you talking to my bird?!

J-Teoh, apparently he has more than one little bird. 8|

H4RRY, nahhh... little bird is cool. I like little birds. I still like pussy cats better of course. ;)

Wan Zafran, heh I'll let you know when a big ball award comes along! :D

Cowboy Caleb, and thanks to minishorts...

Jayelle, you always flatter me. ;)

blip + suspiciousbastard + farking, hey I'm proud of my big bird alright!?!

Caine, thanks. Now get back to studies!

quesarah, I express myself better with photoshop most of the time. Which is a good thing I guess, as my engrish is horrijible.

ashie, I would rename it that... but I don't wanna scare away innocent girls. Heh!

echa, hey welcome welcome. Hope you stay around for my next post!

Lyon, you can just post once. :) usually your comment wouldn't show up immediately after you click the 'Post' button that's all.

JY, gahhhhhh! You know me too well. :(

Andreas + NSDS3, what lah you... commenting like writing movie reviews liddat. Thanks nonetheless. ;)

lucia, well you can call them pussies, but I think you'd rather be comparing puppies. Heh.

Tess, I dun wanna break Google.

doc, Jason said it. Its two coconuts. Heh. But mine is still bigger than coconuts.

Jason, better than Michael Ooi? Nahhhh... he engrand more powderful than mee. my grandma not as good as his.


Hey, let go of Big Bird!!!!! :P


Ahah man I lol-ed @ this post ay, instead of ur Hustlergate one.

Anyway, i miss Kch and i will be back in July. Im in Perth at the mo. :)


omygod. this cracked me up! hahaha.


IF anyone wants to know how Jeff new money making strategy, read here. He lets dirty old businessman hide behind him and ripe off competitors selling his blog time. Good money man!


Jeff ooi noti little bird simply pick up worms and jeff simply eat. No wonder so many fake information and innocent victims.

read what jeff little bird sperm around 18 XX censored blog sphere



You want to know how small jeff ooi birds are? Did I meantion bird"s"? Here we go!

Nobody ask Jeff but he said "..... (reluctantly saying it) I am a blogger....(because he is not! His birds are not around him, so he can't have fantasy to make up stories).


Birds get du lan too..haha


I think the bird just got flu... (Bird flu)


Jeff ooi turns politician is a good news. Although anyone could win this election as long not BN, Jeff being a people rep make sure he behave like a politician. First thing he has to change is his habbit of simply hurting people with his own assumptions and positions. He has to talk carefully like Lim Kit Siang with actual facts and invite the target to speaks, not political attack from Internet. This is especially unfair to many senior politician who handicap Internet knowledge. In one way it's bully and no moral. Jeff birds have to cover themselves now. Too ugly and dirty as you can see.

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