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Sunday, 20 February 2005

Don't You Try to Shame Me

"i see ur bro is shacking up with a girl..........LOL

ur mum sure interrogated her more than the KGB eh"

That's what a friend of my brother said to him in reference to this entry. And with that, the EBCB (Elder Brother Censorship Board) kicked into action.

Getting into debates on the stuff I wrote on kennysia.com is starting to become frequent enough for me to perhaps start a new category to archive it.

In this case, someone thought it was funny to pointed out that Nicole lived with me for a period of time while she's studying in Perth. Funny enough for him to talk about it and laugh about it. He didn't want to bring it up to me personally. He had to say my brother that he knew I'm living with Nicole and laugh at me. He made it like its some big news, like Prince Charles marrying Camilla.

Dear Whoever It Is Who Knows Me In Real Life That Reads This Blog And Judged Me For What I Did.

I knew that its bound to happen when I made a conscious decision to start this site.

Many people only saw the serious side of me in real life. Therefore, what I wrote on this site is rather different to what I am in real life.

I'm happy to have people know the light-hearted side of me, know a bit about my life from my Reflections posts and laugh with me at the things I find funny. Everything I write here is harmless fun, and (hopefully) no one gets hurt.

I expect people who read this site to accept me for who I am. I also knew that when I put a slice of my personal life up in public, no matter what, a small minority of people will be too anal and judge me for the decisions that I make in my life.

But you know what? I'm ok with that. Seriously, I'm perfectly ok with that. I am an adult. Many people have opinions about me, both positive and negative. I am ok with being judged, I am ok with taking both constructive and destructive criticisms, and I am perfectly ok if you deemed that my idea of a lifestyle does not conform to yours. But bear in my mind, my friend - if you want to judge me, you'd better take my criticism as an adult as well.

Yes, Nicole lived with me for a while. Big deal. No, we did not share the same bedroom. In case you didn't know, its relatively common for unmarried couples to flat together for costs and convenience reasons when studying overseas. If you think that its not normal, then my friend, obviously you're still living in 1840's China.

I am man enough to admit what I did in a public domain. I'm not like you. You go behind my back and make small talks to other people like what I did is shameful and disgraceful. Newsflash - the comment box at the end of every entry and the tagboard to the right of this site is there for you to tell me what you think about me. Love me or hate me, have the balls to say it to me. There's no need to hide away from me, laugh at it and make members of my family uneasy. I regard what you did a cowardly behaviour.

I am not ashamed of what I did - not a single bit. My family is not ashamed of what I did - they knew Nicole lived with me. So who the hell are you to try to embarass me?

You brought it up as if it is all such a big deal, making members of my family your laughing stock. You crossed the line and that's when I regard you as trying to meddle with my personal life.

Have you been leading a perfect life yourself? I doubt it. I know you are a friend of my elder brother, so I'll be respectful to you. Because otherwise I'm actually just going to tell you to take your idealogies, and shove it up your ass. Obviously, MBABTY.
My Balls Are Bigger Than Yours

If you disagree with my lifestyle, don't come to this site.

Stay the fuck away from me.



why cant ppl just read and be polite? someone should come out with a blog ethic manual.


I guess thats the problem when you are not anonymous. I sometime have to watch what I write as a lot of people who know me read my blog.


strange.. ppl living in 1840 has internet uh.. big shallow-minded douche.. this type of ppl've gotta get their shits out our lives.. fyi i stay with my housemates, 2 of whom are girls.. :)


hey, dun be a chump, be polite. btw, no one uses his own balls as a good example. and u should be able to take insults, u an adult, u dumbass.


Mmmm ok. Maybe I should take insults as an adult and start hiding behind an Anonymous veil?


Mr Anoynymous isn't very polite as well..tsk tsk..


Anyone who has Anon as name has NO BALLS, so says the 5xmom. Gosh, what is wrong with living together? I did that way, way back 20 years ago. You should use the cicak eggs to show the person, Kenny.


kenny.what you do with your life is your own.no one should have the right to critize you for your choice.if ur happy then go for it!

by the way, why is it a big thing for two people to stay together? that's a question for your "friend of elder brother" by the way :P


anonymous is obviously has a problem being a busy body towards yer life, kenny. yeah, u show anon kenny! beat de crap out of anon!


Geez, at least use proper English when you want to insult, Mr Anonymous. Taking personal insults and taking insults to the family is a completely different thing. Or are you too narrow-minded to understand that?
Go, Kenny, GO!


Gawsh... he obviously has a limited manhood...

Kenny, I could tell you to go kick his ass like so many have before me, but mate, you're better than that right? You don't have to waste your time on knobs like him, and besides, being a gossip queen and airing his own dirty laundry like that in front of your family if anybody else will just degrade him further. I mean, he's asking for it himself by doing it.

A real man won't be so stupid as to go around talking crap like that against his friend's // acquaintance's family. Kenny, you're a real man, so there's no reason why you should deal with people of his (very low) level: I know you've got class


i would be more upset if my brother isn't more supportive. kenny, who's side is your brother on anyways? your brother should tell his friend that it is none of his/her business... or does that friend really exist?


Thanks to all, especially to those who defended from an anonymous commenter. Honestly speaking, he annoyed me slightly but it didn't bother me much. Its something I can forget about and let go easily, so I'll just let it be.

Now... my replies to the comments!

corpsie - I knowwwww.... ! Some ppl have the habit of criticising other ppl without looking at themselves. Its very sad lah.

Adam - Hey, I understand. I watched what I write as well. I used basic common sense and chose what I wrote about carefully. Its just that I didn't realise something like having your gf live with your family whilst studying overseas could be something for shallow-minded people to point out. These are the same people who thinks that you're doing something illegal if your gf placed one of her toes on your bedroom floor. Its ridiculous!

MunKit - You staying with 2 girls? You lucky bastard! :) If you were in my position, rumours of threesomes will spread real fast. haha

Khey Ying - As the boy in The Sixth Sense said, "I see hypocrites. Walking around like regular people."

5xmom - HAHAHAAA! Cicak eggs?! That's freaking hilarious. Right on, lilian!

guy - I know my life is my own - Really, I'd love to think that way. But some people just love to pick on things and that get on my nerves.

Victoria - I supposed you're Anonymous #2! Haha! I can tell by the way you wrote "the" as "de". Kinda funny you criticised Anonymous when you forgot to put in your name yourself! :P *hugs* Thanks!

Hsin - Hsin! Wow! You're harsher towards our anonymous friend that I was to him!

Bek - Exactly! I don't even have to do anything. He's just degrading himself with the words he said. I have nothing to worry about. :)

cccp - My brother's approach is different to mine. He's more protective of the family's face value, whereas I try to strike a balance between doing that and telling people stories about who I am and what I do. That's why when a friend of his told him something like that, he panicked thinking that the family's reputation is as stake, whereas I regard his comments having the credibility of a polician near election time. If I publish stories about myself on the public domain, I'm sure people will be smart enough to believe me more than his mindless speculations.


OMG....i can't believe that there are actually ppl taking on issues of unmarried couples living together. I think his shallow mind has taken a toll on his use of language! DOn't worry Kenny...if ppl wana see things from a shallow perspective, its their problem. We all enjoy reading your blogs...as it keeps things interesting for us...and gives us things to think abt! Way to go!


Would you believe me if I told you that I used to live with 5 guyz for 2 years? I was the only girl under that roof. Our parents were all happily ok about it.
As long as you're not doing any illegal, to hell with what ppl think of you. ;)


Kenny, you rock!



please man, i've been living with my gf for age. What's the big deal? when everything in Melbourne is so fucking expensive especially in the city.


some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut ! !

all of us here are working adults ??

we come to enjoy a quick laugh at the expense of kenny ?

yeah . . we dont want kenny to get hurt or anything like that !

all he does is just tickle our funny bone after a hard days work ???

is that so much too ask for ???


Hey.. started reading your blogs a few days ago.. really like it very much. Very appropriate way to put wat you feel about tat guy. Who is he to comment on your life? Serve him right. =) anyway.. keep up the good work.


I lived with my husband for 2 years before v got married.What's the big deal?That guy who commented on u shd just shut up n suck his own dick!


Obviuosly I'm in the same situation like you...living together with my bf in a house but different rooms while studying overseas just for the reasons of convenient and save costs...
some of my "friends" (who i dun really wanna admit them as my friends though) would come to me directly and asked STUPID questions like "oh so u guys r STAYING TOGETHER huh? so sleeping together?" "have u guys XXX?" "aiya dun try to cheat la, i know i know..."
honestly, i have no idea wat the fxxk u know...if u think i'm not a virgin, no matter how i explain to u, u would not believe me...so y should i explain?
dun judge us with ur stupid "common sense"!!!
anyway, i'm at ur side Kenny;) hehehe


i had the same thing too.. i guess when you share bits and pieces of your life, it gets difficult at times but keep up the good work ^^ i like the way you write ^^

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