You Know You Are An 80s Baby When

You know you’re born in the 1980s when you grow up listening to songs like:

Aaron Kwok – “Dui Ni Ai Ai Ai Bu Wan.”

*moves hand around in circular motion*

New Kids On The Block – “Step by step. Ooh baby, gonna get to you girllll.”

And of course.

Michael Jackson – Just beat it! Beat it! No one wants to be defeated!

Of course at that time, I was too young to understand English so I always thought Michael Jackson was singing in Malay, “DAH PILIH! PILIH! No one wants to PILIH-PILIH!”

I honestly thought that time he was singing about voting in the General Elections.

Aaron Kwok, New Kids On The Block, Michael Jackson.

Those three icons not only produced the music I grew up listening to, they were the reason why I started listening to pop music. Of course, it may be a bit uncool these days to admit that I was once a fan of their music. But no matter what, these three will always be an integral part of my childhood. Even after NKOTB re-grouped and Aaron Kwok transformed his goodie-2-shoes look to this.

This morning, I woke up to the terrible news that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson has passed away. He was 50 years old.

Unfortunately, unlike that news I heard about Megan Fox being a man, this one is actually real.


As I drove to work this morning, all the radio stations were paying tribute to Michael Jackson. For just one day only,, Mix FM and LiteFM have turned into MJ FM. The amazing thing is that even after 20 years, songs he wrote in the early 90s still sounded just as awesome as they do in 2009.

Regardless of what controversy he was embroiled in, there is no denial that Michael Jackson was a pop legend in the music industry. He was such a cool and fantastic performer. No matter how many Justin Timberlakes, Ne-Yos or will.i.ams there are today, the truth remains that nobody can sing and dance as well as Michael Jackson did.

Not even this Indian dude right here.


Michael Jackson was to us what Elvis Presley and Teresa Teng were to my parents generation. And I think that his music will continue to live on long after he had gone.

Maybe, just maybe, like Elvis Presley, “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson will inspire a new breed of MJ impersonators.

It may even be happening already.


May the King of Pop finally rest in peace.

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  1. number 8. The highest yet. Micheal Jackson really was the king who made the best music, not like the crap we get today.

  2. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. His music transcends through time. I’ve been listening to the radio the whole day cause they’re playing all of his songs!
    R.I.P. MJ
    (was surpried you were too young to know what he sang but you knew abt the General Elections then hehehe)

  4. You’re right. We are born in the 80’s to listen to all MJ’s songs. Grew up listening to his music, trying to be the coolest bunch to know how to do the freaking moon walk dance and stuff.
    Oh wells.
    MJ is a legend and will always be.

  5. strange enough, i had given it a thought before, which popstar when dead, would generate the most tears, sadness, and hype?
    i guess it’s all answered now.
    incomparable, to the extent that even the average pakcik/makcik may feel slightly disturbed by the news.

  6. Wow Kenny, you’re really OLD SCHOOL. I’m just a year younger than you but instead of Aaron Kwok, New Kids on the Block and MJ, my friends and I were more acquainted with Take That, Boyzone, Mariah Carey, etc. It’s odd how one year makes that much of difference in term of musical affinity. Anyway, MJ was good but he was a little weird towards the end. Oh well, cest la vie. RIP Mr. Jackson!

  7. You know you’re born in the 1980s when you grow up listening to songs like… – Kenny.
    Should be those born in the 1970s at least, then only can hear hits like Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller. Those born in the early 1980s still babies, how to listen-leh?
    Anyway, Jacko is still the undisputed King of Pop.
    Rest in peace, Michael.

  8. R.I.P. MJ….
    Was really hoping to watch the This is it Corcert at London….
    But i guess this is really it for him…
    Btw, i thought that the MJ indian thriller was suppose to be “Geli Mat” instead of girly man….

    MJ If father of all modern music.
    Hope He Got Magic to Revive.

  10. Yeah, this is also my breaking news when I woke up on the early morning.
    All the FM broadcast his music. I’m not a big fan of MJ but I still feel sad for him.
    One of my friend said, “Maybe he just fake up his dead and hide somewhere around the world?”
    Who knows…

  11. RIP MJ. Your Musics, Your Moves (moonwalk esp), and Your Life will forever be remembered by all.
    P.S.: Say “Hi” to Elvis for my Dad.

  12. It’s still hard to accept that the legend is gone.. i grew up with his music and still loving it till now.
    gone too soon.. we miss u MJ!

  13. I feel sad that Michael Jackson died. Sure he did some crazy things but nobody can dance or sing like him 🙁
    Btw, I wrote his name in my Death Note, no just joking =P

  14. So if all the people in the world moonwalks in one direction, we could turn back time like Superman did and save MJ’s life, right?

  15. hehe…you’re too dark to look like Michael. If you did away with the charcoal over your face, I’d have mistaken you for MJ….really! I’m NOT kidding.

  16. We have lost a true legendary King of Pop. May God bless his family for strength and support. It’s hard to accept it…no one can dance like him… R.I.P, MJ

  17. RIP MJ
    Watched the Indian Thriller on youtube but this is the 1st time i saw the subtitles. now i really regret it
    Girly Man! Girly Man!
    Kill her, kill her, killer, killer
    Girly Man! Girly Man!

  18. When I first saw your entry title, I thought it’s gonna be the forwarded email that has been circulating around.. but typical Kenny won’t do that..
    turns out to be an entry for MJ..
    RIP MJ

  19. hey nice pictures and it seemed that you really had fun.Someday I can visit that place too. really nice place.

  20. Yeah, MJ was truly the King of Pop.. He was the one who proved the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ is not always right because he was the master of singing, dancing, and even songwriting..

  21. Seriously kenny, i cry while watching MJ memorial on Star World…I still can’t believe it that the King of Pop js gone like tat..i watch him singing since the ‘laserdisc’ era…Ya, I’m an 80s baby.
    Ke si ke si…His songs n dance are Priceless.

  22. I’m a 80’s baby.. Born july of 1986, my sisters are 80’s babys also one was born april of 83, and october of 89, my younger sisters are 90’s baby, one born april of 93, and the other july of 95,

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