What I Think I’m Doing

Sometimes, you need a little bit of an extended break to take care of other things important in life.

Besides, blogging is more fun when I blog according to my own schedule. 🙂

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  1. It’s your blog, update at your own pace. Don’t live up to others’ expectation except your own. Good on ya mate! 🙂

  2. Kenny,
    It’s true that this is your blog and you can update whenever you feel like you want to. However, we have been used to visit this blog so often and it did indeed brought a lot of happiness to us. And, we are actually the people behind the scene that “Made” you famous and won a few awards (even this year’s award although you don’t really deserve it this year). So, don’t do something like Chinese proverb “After cross the bridge, you burn it”. Consider that in depth.

  3. i guess that is the difference between you and Kenny; people change and move on. If you do not evolve fast enough, you die. On the other hand, you could be one of Kenny’s crazy kiasoo stalkers from a few years ago….

  4. whattt laau… you sound like you ‘own a piece of Kenny Sia Coconut Inc. IPO shares’ and that Kenny Sia owes you something back. Umm, just a friendly reality check … I dont think he owes you (in particular) anything at all. Its not like you are still subscribing to his Coconuts Inc. Entertainment Channel. May I suggest you subscribe to Astro or the Playboy Channel if you are feeling bored now…

  5. Kenny,
    Several years ago, I used to view your blog first thing in the morning. However, it is sad that the popularity that you have built all these years is going through natural death.
    It appears that you have lost focus. But again, the blog is yours. Times have changed. Imagine how facebook, hotmail etc all started. The founders could not imagine the popularity and likewise, the wealth it generated. Now, I guess you can kiss that sort of dream good bye.

  6. I noticed you like to shoot everyone comment on this blog. why dont you just SHOOT yourself.!!! btw does your ass get jealous because of the shit that is coming out of your mouth???

  7. Fuck you very much chairman meow, on your in depth analysis of the Coconut Inc. company. I suggest you take your degree in finance certificate and use it to wipe your fat ignorant humorless ASS!! NOW BURN BITCH!!! I see people here is starting to hate you LOLLLL….

  8. I agree 100%, I grew up with Kennysia.com ,I was reading this blog since i was 15 years old now im 23. I feel like i am losing a friend. well i guess its Blogserius for me then.

  9. You say ‘blogging is more fun when I blog according to my own schedule’.
    However, I say ‘it’s not fun to wait for your post when you only update once in a blue moon right now’

  10. aww c’mon guys… dildo? finance degree? that the best you can DO ??!?? Hasn’t Kenny taught you anything??? “Kenny gor gor please entertain us please goo goo gaa gaa wah wah waaaaahh….”

  11. people come to this blog because they do not understand the shorter, sharper one-liner humour or tweets on his twitter account. They need longer ‘sentences’ and ‘pictures’ to explain the humour; otherwise they simply dont get it. Its the reason why we don’t give 10-year-olds a novel, but a colouring book instead….

  12. Hi Miss Malay Sia and Madam Chairman Meow,
    Hahahhaa, both aunties, it is very clear that majority of the readers of this blog share the same idea as mine. Just read through the comments and you will find out.

  13. seriously… that the best you can do?? And there is nothing wrong with aunties. I mean, your mom is an ‘auntie’ too. She was great btw last nite 🙂 tell her that The Chairman says hi …. wink wink

  14. Dearest Auntie Chairman Meow,
    I have sent your regards to her. When she heard your name, she laughed non-stop. She said of course she was great on the stage giving speech, to the group of aunties like you about how to prevent from being cheated by strangers. And, she said, among all the attendees, you acted the most girlish, thats why she remembered you. Hahahahahaha………….

  15. Hey why dont you drink that bottle of milk your mother squeezed from her sagging boobs, oh wait she’s so old its powdered milk…, btw screwed your mother last night, it was so loose no wonder your mother called you pussy destroyer kah kah kah@@@@@

  16. I hope you guys realize that Kenny has a life and a career and his blog is mot entirely his life. He doesn’t not owe you anything to keep you entertained 24/7. Obviously you are all not babies anymore and you should know how to keep yourselves entertained in other ways (eg. Google Justin Beiber, play Angry Birds, be a hater on Kim Kardashian’s twitter… Whatever tickles your fancy). Just sayin’

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