30 Replies to “Weekend Youtube Post: Flex-O-Ladder”

  1. His last statement begins with a “but” i guess it is natural that he thinks it is not safe.. hahaha
    “once you lock it, it is ok BUT…. it is very safe to operate” hahah 😀

  2. Plese help They are running out of time
    Please sign the petition to amend & revise ‘Revised Animals Act 1953? and forward to your friends

  3. cibai la you all… kenny is growing up and needs more time to spend with his family/ friends etc.. no time to write long post.. why can’t you guys understand? You must be a nothing-to-do high school secondary student… hahaha

  4. It’s his blog, so i think he’s entitled to post anything he feels like it bah. You want entertainment? Buy starcraft 2 bah.

  5. Yeah guys… be considerate!
    Even Kenny Sia has a life!!
    Although it’s just copy pasting a video link, you can see he is trying to blog consistently XD

  6. & the tv station or whosoever making the commercial’s stupid enough to put it on-air like that… go figure…

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