The Worst Newspaper Ad Ever

Whoever designed this advertisement for the Sarawak Tribune Classifieds needs to be shot, grilled, tied to the ground and forced to undergo cosmetic surgery to look exactly like that horrendously deformed human being he drew.
Worst Ad Ever
I hope he’s not trying to imply Sarawak Tribune readers look so pathetic. Shit, how bad is that drawing? See this wouldn’t have happened if he were to choose someone like me as the model.
Man that’s the ugliest advertisement I’ve ever seen.
I wonder who he used as a model.

Worst Ad Ever
I think we got a winner.
Lessons in Advertising #1337:
“Never EVER use a monkey as a model for your drawings.”

23 Replies to “The Worst Newspaper Ad Ever”

  1. Agagagaga…Tht’s one cute…erm monkey.
    Gee, maybe they sent in one of their kids drawing instead of the real one by mistake, n decides to breeze thru it… =p

  2. haha how u so free to figure out those kinda stuff. tsk tsk..
    ive never seen guys with those kinda nose yet though.
    the couple are lovely. we had mahjong session the other day and yum cha too!
    they are off to melb! might see them there next weekend =)

  3. WAAHAHAHAAH!!=D actully lah, swk tribune for most ppl who look like tat leh….oops! paiseh. dont mean u.

  4. Hey bro! Read your comments on my blog. Thanks for the vote of confidence and support! For my take on the whole issue, have a look at my latest post!
    Cheers! 🙂

  5. where would you say you got this talent for bitch-slapping it right on the nail? not from kuching. am i right or am i right?
    I just came back from renewing my road tax, a process which started on FRIDAY. i wish i had your fingers to type my frustrations!

  6. god. it lookes like they forced a hapless intern into designing it at gunpoint. sort of like, ‘unless you draw us a gobsmackingly ugly advert…NO HEALTH PERKS!’.
    damn. they should have hired me.

  7. the editor is making monkeys out of all the readers ! !!
    or perhaps it was drawn by a little kid with much creative qualities before computers ever existed !

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