The Wildest Thing I Have Done

I heard Vietnamese people have a penchant for exotic food, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

Warning: This video may offend.
The only reason why it’s here is because it’s something you don’t see everyday.
I am prepared for negative comments. Before you condemn me to hell, let me go on record to state that I do not condone my own actions in that video clip. That was the first and last time I had done what I did, and I will never do it again.

I have finally succumbed to the dark side and joined Facebook. Add me only if I know you personally.

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  1. oh my goodness…i did not finish the video..i am damn afraid of snake , n this is the very type that went into my house..tasty??

  2. Hey Kenny,
    The snake heart and gall are supposed to be very potent aphrodisiac and nutritious. Felt any “difference” after swallowing the whole series of stuff ? πŸ™‚

  3. Well… That’s one way to wake up in the morning… Almost made me throw up my coffee.
    Still, cool enuff… People are gonna complain, but still, very cool…

  4. Sickening…Video taped as part of a memory for you life and also for your blog.
    I only pity the snake here, cut opened alive…can you imagine someone cut you open alive and someone else recording the entire scene?
    Things human do just for the experience and it doesn’t matter if it hurts and torture another living being. It’s nothing memorable other than it reminds you of plain cruelty…

  5. According to sources of Anthony Bourdain (i.e. the Vietnamese):
    Eating the snake makes you strong
    Eating the palpitating snake heart makes you VERY strong…
    Level up liao…

  6. WootZ!
    Woa. That’s pretty hardcore. . but it kinda looks like ribena πŸ˜›
    You know i was watching this thing on astro and i totally agree, all weird and funky foods are supposedly good for your manhood.

  7. Wow,
    well, its a delicacy; ie not to be eaten as a substitue for rice or bread.
    If you abhor Kenny’s actions in this video- be a vegetarian.
    but Kenny if i were you i would’ve chewed it alittle to get the taste… what a waste! πŸ™

  8. I thought at first it was the snake’s balls and lanjiao, because I was watching it on silent.. and the bile I thought was semen.. well, in that case I guess the video’s not as bad as I’d imagined it would be, from your warning message..

  9. kenny your are the brave men. even though my family eat snake but we eat after it’s cooked but you, u eat the heart with the fresh blood… salute u!

  10. eeeeeee!! i couldn’t make myself watch the whole thing thru! I once saw someone feeding the cutest bunny live to a python and those grossed me out totally. im glad the world is minus-one-snake-which-ended-up-dead-coz-of-kenny… just cant stand ’em scaly slithery things!

  11. Don’t condone your own actions but want publicity for it, gossakes don’t publicise it lah diu. Encourage kenny-wannabes only.

  12. ooookkkayyy…
    not like i’d try it.
    even thou i hate snakes, i felt for that particular one, being rip apart alive…
    please make it the first and last time…

  13. Yeh,
    I quote from your comment
    its not cruelty n stuff la…
    dont think me u dont eat chicken? or any other living things?
    u vegetarian issit?”
    There’s a difference between eating chickens and killing a snake like that. Normally, for chickens/pigs/cows, they will slaughter it first, so they suffer minimal amount of pain. For this case, the people slit open the snake just like that (I’m assuming because I didn’t have the heart to watch), don’t you think the snake will suffer more pain?
    I’m not here to condemn, since Kenny said he wouldn’t do it again, I just hope you understand animal cruelty.

  14. My only concern would be food poisoning since it’s not cooked – what if the snake got disease or something …
    But thumbs up for the courage to do it … I might even wanna try out of curiosity.

  15. oi, the heart was still beating man. you crazy ah? disgusting man. when you went to the toilet it probably didn’t digest and came out the same way – still beating.

  16. as far as i can tell, they slit the snake’s throat first (right?) so i don’t think it’s a particularly cruel act, actually.

  17. That’s really horrible! Did the snake die when its throat was slit? Because it looks like it was still alive until its heart was cut out…or do snake hearts beat for so long after death??
    Anyways, I suppose it was an ‘experience’…not condemning you eating it…just the way it was killed/tortured (if it was still alive during all that evisceration)

  18. fuuulamak! This make me wanna sing~
    You’re way too beautiful girl
    That’s why it’ll never work
    You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal, suicidal…

  19. friend …..
    all these while, i’ve been visiting your site, with great respect on your, as a silence reader. This is the first time i’ve dropped u a comment.
    I saw all your stickers on the ‘save the world’, ‘wwf’, ‘save the rhino’, etc….. but, why would u wanna do that?
    I do not have any hatred, just feel a sad. Human is the most powerful creature in this world, and yet, why would they wanna do that? They can easily reduce the pain of the snake by killing it first, instead of cutting it open while its still alive.
    I’m sorry if my comment sounded offencing. Just would like to leave my thought here.

  20. It’s ok.
    It’s totally understandable although it’s so gross.
    But heck, this is what we all need to do when we are young =)
    u are BRAVO !

  21. Hi Kenny,
    Human is powerful creature, but please don’t take it for granted. You tortured a snake to death just for the sake of your curiosity(or some other reasons), you do not condone your action or even if you wouldn’t forgive yourself for your entire life, the fact is your really did kill a snake cruelly. Sorry for being offensive, I’m here to speak for the creature who can’t speak for themselves.

  22. ai yeah a lot of people do that not kenny only your level up from swordman to fighter kenny .kung si kung si.

  23. I salute you,Kenny!lol~
    That was a brave act.I’d already puke before I eat/drink those disgusting things.
    Too bad that was the last time you’re gonna do anything similar to that.:p
    I was like “Ewww” when they started to cut the snake and took out the organs.Then I looked at the time left before the clip is finished,and I think to myself:Quickly finish it lah!LMAO!
    Props to Kenny again!

  24. Save the Sumatran rhino ad is the biggest on your page, annual attendance to Rainforest Music Festival (or whatever it’s called but I bet nature conservation is part of the message), loving the deep, undisturbed, rural area for it’s serenity. You ought to feel a little proud of yourself, buddy.
    I reckon the kid rapist/murderer didn’t condone his act either.

  25. puke.. urggg so so so so disgusting
    kenot believe u did it!
    yuck… do u feel the snake living inside u now?? haha

  26. What an attention whore. As someone has said, you’ve got all this save the wildlife etc going on your website before and now you do this.
    Just when I was reading this entry, I saw this nuffnang ad about saving the rhinos. LMAO.
    Raw blood, bitter gall bladder juice and a live beating heart are NOT delicacies in any sort of way. Neither are they exotic, just cruel man-ego boosting voodoo crap.
    The only reason you’re doing this is attention whoring, not for health/curiosity reasons.
    Humans who waste food or torture animals for the sake of egos will one day receive the appropriate karma response.
    Oh btw, snakes have parasites in their blood.
    Nature has a wonderful way of defense against other predators.

  27. erm..i just think it’s disgusting when i saw the heart still pumping..and u actually ate it..
    It’s an experience though…but still painful to see the snake got cut alive.. T.T

  28. weird..i didn’t feel anything after watching the video…@@! dat make me cold blooded or what?
    SALUTE kenny~
    πŸ˜€ i played with beating frog’s heart once in Form 4. so awesome~~~~ mwahahaha~

  29. They still do it in pasar malam now. I saw once (I mean, after the whole killing process was done) last year in KL. One cup, even smaller than the Starbucks espresso cup can easily fetch up to RM20. Gross anyway~

  30. kenny? wat is the purpose u drink n eat those disgusting stuff? got benefits? or else u wont do it right? or to entertain the blogders?

  31. if u guys went to Le mat (town outside hanoi) eating this stuff is just like going Kl to see twin tower…. in Le mat ppl BREED snake for restaurants and they say can increase sex life.. bravo kenny i only dare to see dun dare to do.. So feel any diff after tat???

  32. don’t really see anything wrong with eating the snake’s heart or even killing it. we are after all, predators, and at the top of the food chain. what is bad however, is doing anything excessive or torture.
    just my personal opinion. πŸ™‚

  33. i ain’t impressed AT ALL. it just takes a HUGE amount of cruelty and ego to do what you did. that’s ALL it is, and there are millions like you out there. how typical.

  34. i dont understand what is all the condemnation about animal cruelty..
    its how things are done and always have been done
    What’s the difference if someone cuts off the head of the a chicken and slicing the snake alive to obtain the heart?
    Don’t bullshit that they use anesthetic on the animal before killing it .. whats the difference between killing it by chopping off the head and slicing out the heart? Both end up dead in the end
    Ooo..I’ve seen the cooks taking a live frog from the aquarium and placing it in a plastic bag and while it’s still hopping, chop it with a cleaver in a restaurant..
    Didnt dare to watch the frog being killed.

  35. the more the kennies in this world , the lesser the cobras.
    kill them before they kill you

  36. have some sympathy on animals please… what’s wrong doing green? It’s healthier and veggies provide all the nutritions that poultry and meat provide. Sigh…

  37. Shocking ! Guys like you are really crazy and very daring to tried out things like this. Wish you are alright !

  38. i believe it’s one of the delicacy in vietnam … so as a blogger kenny needs to show his machoness, anyway the pumping heart and gall are suppose to level up your manhood … so kenny, did your manhood works that night? πŸ™‚

  39. Kenny’s intention is cruel and selfish.
    He know it’s wrong but he still does it. I guess it’s right for people to go out and do things they know it’s wrong and tell others that it will only be the first and the last time? What bull shit is this?
    Just because it’s a snake does not mean it deserves the torture it goes through.
    This is the 2nd post that pisses me off after the post about the accident photos.
    I don’t go to the market and point to a chicken and ask the person to slit its neck and cut out the heart when it’s still beating. Gosh i will never do it coz i am a human being, not a beast.
    Kenny what you have done is beastly. That’s all i can say, even it was just for the experience, it just displays that you are just plain selfish and would do it at the expense of hurting another living being.

  40. Kenny, you should avoid eating the following 3 types of meat:
    1) Meat of animals killed personally;
    2) Meat of animals killed in the presence of you;
    3) Meat of animals killed especially for your consumption.
    These 3 types of meat will cause heavy bad karma if consumed

  41. I know why he chose to kill and drink the snake’s blood, coz nuffnang advertisment did not display that he should save the snakes, ONLY the rhinos…:p

  42. Hey all you people condemning Kenny. Get off your ‘holier than thou’ pedestal!!!!! Humans kill animals for food. Thats the way it is. There is a food chain and guess what. You (humans) are part of it too. You either eat or get eaten. Thats how it has been going on for millions of years. Don’t think you can go against nature. Stop thinking you are somehow superior….

  43. Kenny, can someone run up to you and put a knife through your heart and say, “sorry kenny, it’s the first and last time. I do not condone my action.”
    Sorry no cure, coz you’re already dead?

  44. For your own sake…Elaine…If you want to know the meaning of animal cruelty. Go visit an abatoir or a commercial farm and see the living conditions of these animals. If you feel so much for the animals, then go vegetarian. Don’t try to be morally superior about whats right and wrong. Its so easy to say others are immoral and wrong. Think about it the next time you order your combo meal at KFC….

  45. “The only reason why it’s here is because it’s something you don’t see everyday.”
    We don’t see child porn or beastiality everyday either Kenny, why don’t you throw some of that in as well?

  46. Obviously you know that it’s cruel, then y r u doing it? I know that everyone should try everything once in their lives but putting an animal in misery just to prove to urself that u did it. Is that worth it? It’s like eating the brains out of a monkey when it’s still alive. Just because it’s a snake, it doesnt mean that it’s any less of a living being. I’m glad u’ll never do that again.

  47. To Bryan: some people do become vegetarians, u know? ppl who say that eating animals is just part of the circle of life r just too stubborn n lazy to change their habits. Animals die to feed and clothe you, so the least u can do is minimize their pain. Show some respect, ppl…

  48. he’s not an attention seeker. its totally irrelevant to include animal cruelty in this situation. come on, its VIETNAM. Its normal for them to do it. u guys have to GET OUT THE COUNTRY more often to experience the many amazing different cultures.
    there are so many web-haters. sigh. rock on kenny.

  49. What’s with the semi-scary music there? Total mood killer. And dude, live heart? Damn, I’m gonna try that one day, I hope.

  50. I’ve seen the exact same thing on the National Geographic why don’t you hypocrits go condemn that as well..peace

  51. Well like chickens, those snakes were BRED for human consumption. So if you smartasses wanna start on human cruelty, become a vegetarian.
    Oh they slit the snake while it was alive so its cruel? How’d you think they killed them KFCS? Wail till old age then die naturally isit? They slit the throats and leave them to bleed jackasses. Go be vegetarians then, you saint wannabes.

  52. Just imagine your children been treat like the snake by some others one day. Then the eater say, I’ll never do it again!!!

  53. I understand that novelty gets your blog ratings higher and that doing what you did was a new experience for you. I appreciate it when you say that you are never going to do it again.
    But sometimes, there are things that you should just say no to.
    And to readers who keep dissing those who are protesting against animal cruelt, there is no need for name-calling. Hasn’t it occured to any of you that those who are protesting are indeed vegetarians?

  54. And for those who support Kenny’s action, you do not have to curse and make a fool out of yourselves.
    Who are you to assume that we are not vegetarians?
    We are humans, we are given brains to think and to judge from what is right and what is wrong…We do not act by instinct and for our own benefits to hurt other beings, whether animals or humans.
    And what makes you think that you are more superior than the snake or any types of animals? And who have the right to say that chicken is bred just for human consumption? Any living being have the right to live on the face of this earth.

  55. THATS JUST CRUEL okay?!?!? WHY did you do that!?!?!
    U SHUDNT have DONE IT!!

  56. NAEBOO u seriously DAMN S.T.U.P.I.D right?
    How u know cobras not endangered? How u know?
    And even if theyre not cuddly, their decrease in number will affect the food chain and THUS AFFECTING ALL UR STUPID CUDDLY ANIMALS

  57. Is there any way we can forward this blog to those prevention of cruelty to animals society??? Hope that they would take action…
    See if kenny feels proud of this now!

  58. i nearly wan to pengsan.well its lifetime experience, u only live once.. but still i wont do it.. i think i rather let the snake eat me..

  59. Kenny can still make a joke out of it.
    I think your parents and teachers forgot to teach you about respect along the way.
    You fail to respect the dead by snapping photos of an accident scene.
    Now you fail to respect the living beings by supporting their slaughtering and drinking their blood.
    You are sick up there.

  60. in a way, i dont feel that grossed out when i saw this cos i’ve watched a lot of documentaries related to this kind of issue.
    Even if kenny didnt eat it, the snake was going to end up on another person’s plate anyways. Kenny made this clip to sort of give us an insight about the vietnamese kind of life. Nothing’s wrong with it.
    At least you don’t see kenny going around china eating human fetuses! People in china really do that! Not that I’m against china. That’s the fact.

  61. i see it another way. With kenny posting this up.. all those curious guys would had obtain a virtual experience and as such would not be curious anymore to do it.. As such prevent future requests of such things. Else if u visit vietnam and was told of this special thingie.. u would have gone and by request another snake killed. I know i would had given it a skip since i had seen it thru Kennysia eyes. Eeyuuu… gross.

  62. Kenny,
    It’s the grossiest thing I have ever since anyone do but you really don’t have to apologise for it. You gotta do what you just gotta do!
    SS Quah
    Penang, Malaysia

  63. i see snake skinning in real life before in Taiwan and China.. But ppl eating it? never… could u tell us how it taste like? =X

  64. sumatran rhinos and snake are different story ok.That cobra Snake can easily found it anywhere even at your backyard where as Rhinos all stupid people open up your coconut brain &eye .kenny i support u even u dink some more of that cool blooded blood also no big harm,way to go KENNY BOLEH.

  65. Oh my.. da heart is still beating..? gonna b real brave 2 swallow it.. Hmm.. wonder how da feel whn da heart beating inside ur throat.. eeuuww… disgusting..

  66. Kenny didn’t kill the snake la uncle and auntie sekalian. It’s the vietnamese guy! The vietnamese guy I tell you!
    Anyways, great blog! Keep on blogging! πŸ˜‰

  67. Big balls u have there Kenny.Kudos to you.
    For those that are against Kenny’s actions, u seriously need to stop whining about animal cruelty and all the bullshit. This is his blog, he can choose to blog abt whatever he wants. It’s his choice to try out new experiences. Same goes to u ppl who choose to be vegetarians. So stop whining.

  68. eventhough snakes are not the prettiest or cutest creature but its still a live creature.
    how can u say u wana save rhino but still go and eat snake?
    they are all wildlife and should be protected.
    hope u reli wont do it again.

  69. Kenny, thanks for showing that man! I gotta say you have guts and a really open mind for trying that.
    To those people who are so vehemently against it: Let him do what he wants lah. It’s his right to do so. He is only showing it so that people who are interested to know exactly what its like and how it’s done can know. He’s not imposing or condoning his action so don’t impose your beliefs on other people. Open mind to everything right? πŸ™‚

  70. I don’t know whats wrong with you guys but, even though I’m an animal lover, I’m not complaining. Snakes are considered a delicacy in vietnam and Kenny might be curious about this delicacy so he decided to try some. That snake isn’t an endangered species so it’s not as bad as killing an endangered rhino or something. (if you didn’t notice, the man slit the snake’s throat and dripped the blood out, similar to how chickens are slaughtered.)
    If you complain-ers think cutting the snake like that is cruel, what about people who cut of sharks fin and dump the shark in the sea to die? The sharks fin are more in demand than the snake leh. And more people eat shark fin soup than snakes.
    Anyway that was one helluva dining experience for you kenny. How does it taste like?

  71. It’s not nice to watch live slaughter.
    But hey. That’s what’s happening every single day of your lives. Your chickens are slaughtered, your beef comes from slaughtered cows, your fish is frozen to make it die…….
    Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.
    Just because you saw the guy killing the snake doesn’t mean that it only happened because Kenny Sia wanted it to.

  72. Poor snake! Tho thousands of ppl die from poisonous snake bite in India, still snakes r living beings too.

  73. Oh.em.gee.
    allow me to puke now.
    poor snake.
    the stupid things humans do and they back it up by saying its for health or religious reasons.all man made lah!

  74. snake is a type of food that is accepted in Vietnam.. U really have the guts to taste it.. actually ur video is not scary.. is the music that is scary…

  75. yes i agree with N. These people living there make a living out of it. Without such income, these villages could lack the funds it needs to support its growth. Besides, we humans are after all on the top of the human chain, and it is only right that we consume things down the chain.
    Think about it, way back in the past, these villages might not have much food and could only rely on such food to get by. Who are you to criticise? They might not be rich enough to choose the food they eat. Soldiers in the army do this to survive, and just because Kenny shared his experience you flame him?
    Besides that, this will not affect the ecological cycle that much as they are REARED for such a purpose. This is simply the facts of animal rearing. To kill an animal for cruelty, that is another matter. I acknowledge that my views could be biased but this is what I feel. Just go ask your grandmother, how they killed their chickens in the kampongs, and you will realise that it isn’t too different. Thanks. Sorry if i have offended anyone but I guess this is what I feel. =)

  76. That is damn scary man.. but u r brave for eating it.. i think i will juz simply puke after eating… dun even think i will eat it.. anyway if u dun eat some others will.. so dun feel bad.. since its your first and last time.. u only live once.. try everything.. good for u.. πŸ™‚

  77. the video is so geli… wonder how you felt… when the heart go down the throat and its still beating… was it still beating when it reached your stomach??? eeee….

  78. Why did you do it when you don’t condone your action? Why record it? Why upload it to youtube and show it to the world when you don’t condone it in the first place?
    Why are you contradicting yourself, Kenny? And to think you can still make a joke out of all the comments. Shame on you, Kenny Sia.
    “My goodness.
    All these pro-vegetarians on my blog make the military junta in Myanmar look like darling angels.”

  79. omg. quotes “to me, killing that snake in that manner, is the same as cooking live prawns.”
    yeah man, i agree!
    chill people. what’s with the holier-than-thou attitude. treat kenny some respect k. he’s been amazing, treating us to a first-hand experience with strangers!
    instead of appreciating his generosity, you guys are pinpointing at the snake’s death. hello, if you care so much, jolly well go to vietnam and start a damn riot!
    don’t be rude to kenny and criticize him and ask him to go to hell. who are you to tell someone that? and rapists and robbers are unsound in the mind. does kenny sound like a deranged man? he’s a guy who knows himself well, that’s what i know!
    how can you preach such big theories when you yourself don’t have respect for others? aiyo and respect the animals? when the snakes kill you they respect you ah? look at what happened to steve irwin and i ask you, what’s the point?

  80. The video is gross. I feel sorry for the snake. But Kenny, you are really brave. Brave enough to try this kind of thing, and brave enough to show this video to everyone (and know very well that you will receive negative comments).

  81. *shudders* i dono how u do it.. i skipped the part where that person cut open the snake. couldnt bring myself to read it.
    lol. i c got debate liao in here.. good thing u just keep quiet. indeed u r ready for negative comments. haih haih. many ppl out there who r not open minded. oh well.. every1 r entitled to their own opinion..

  82. oh my goodness. it’s a shame that the guy didnÒ€ℒt feel bad for the snake as a creature that had lost its life.

  83. >>> see the sidebar?.. SAVE OUR SUMATRAN RHINOS
    nice 1, kenny.. I think this should rise awareness to your readers to NOT to eat animals’ organs..
    oh, did you just eat a snakes’ heart?

  84. >>> see the sidebar?.. SAVE OUR SUMATRAN RHINOS
    nice 1, kenny.. I think this should rise awareness to your readers to NOT to eat animals’ organs..
    oh, did you just eat a snakes’ heart?

  85. Just because ‘humans are on top of the food chain’, ‘the snakes were reared to be eaten’, ‘other animals are killed in the same way’ doesn’t make it right. The way it was killed looked like torture to me, regardless of whether its done on a snake, or any other animal.
    Sure, we can all go around giving justifications…that doesn’t make anything right…only justifiable. Now I’m not trying to say that this is the exact same case, but I’m sure Hitler thought that what he was doing was ‘right’ too…and was able to justify it…just like the terrorists of 9/11…etc. Yes, the example is a bit exaggerated, but hopefully you can see my point.
    And no, I’m not attacking Kenny…just condemning the behaviour. Does that mean that I’m going to make a noise and do something about it? No. I accept that I act purely out of self-interest and speciesm. Humans come first. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad about it sometimes.

  86. Eh Kenny..last time I heard from a China tour guide that you will have yellowish sweat after taking what you’ve taken in this video. It is damn obvious if you so happen wore a white shirt to sleep that night. So did you have yellowish sweat??

  87. Out of curiousity, people who are warned to view the video would still view them.. although they condemn the cruelty dealt on the snake..

  88. good job time you show to eat Sarawak SAGO easily available in sarawak market.SARAWAK BOLEH!

  89. Kenny, you used to be one of my favourite bloggers. What do you mean by you do not condone your own actions in that video clip?? You are contradicting yourself. Why post such a video with yourself clearly eating the snake’s heart and who knows what organs and still say that you do not condone your own actions in that video clip?
    You may as well take off that Save Our Sumatran Rhinos banner, because you just proved how much you are trying to save the animals by posting videos of yourself eating animal organs.
    And you actually have the nerve to poke fun at these readers:
    “My goodness.
    All these pro-vegetarians on my blog make the military junta in Myanmar look like darling angels.”

    You just lost another reader. Not like it matters to you anymore does it since you have so many?? It’s sad that I used to like your blogging style, back when you weren’t so caught up in all this fame. And I thought you would be someone who would do us Kuching-ites proud but I’m beginning to doubt things now.

  90. Didn’t offend but it was pretty gross. If you had something like BBQ snake at least it’ll be a tad palatable..

  91. Omg. Ewe! Feel like puking out my ice-cream now. Raw snake’s bad enough, but a raw beating heart. Yuckz! Lolz, you got ballz man. ^.^

  92. omygaaaaaaaaawwwwwddd! I cringed since they slit the snake to the point you swallowed that thing. I have a hard time to even swallow a pill, what more this? What if it got stuck on your throat, and it’s still beating. I’m gonna crawl to bed now, even though I just woke up.

  93. You guys should join PETA. Go on, lead your normal, uneventful and peaceful lives. Of course that is the best way to live a life guys!
    “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.”
    Rock on, Kenny!

  94. Moments before the snake passed on, she said a little prayer:
    “God, please forgive Kenny for he knows not what he is doing. Amen”

  95. lol some of the comments are pathetic..laughable almost. ppl should really lighten up.
    funny that ppl bring up saving the rhinos n comparing it to cobras… RHINOS ARE NEAR EXTINCTION aint the same people.. use ur brain abit la

  96. Hey.some peoples see it cruelt & some are not, because of what?. For the peoples say cruelt because these peoples never see how peoples kill chicken(KFC),DUCK,PIG,GOAT & etc etc etc,because they buy it from supermarket & pasar malam

  97. you guys should seriously get a life..
    stop bringing up the accident post issue!!
    Like hello? as if the news doesnt display pictures like that?
    and HE didnt kill the animal himself right?
    come on! these people in vietnam breed it COMMERCIALLY..
    and stop being a saint =.=”

  98. I din tink i would be offended but god dam I am.
    Why didn’t they kill it first? WHY? WHY?
    and “noname”, a life should never be commercialised! how about we commercialise your life!

  99. sigh,why are you people condemning kenny? even if kenny don’t eat that snake,somebody else will eat it too. kenny is just posting the video to let us know how is it like. it’s not his fault. why don’t you all blame the country for allowing such a delicacy? or why don’t you all go blame that fella that slit the snake’s throat? really nothing better to do meh you all,come here n condemn kenny. -_-”
    P/S: kenny,rock on. keep blogging =)

  100. Albert, actually they did kill it first. When the first incision was made, the arteries of the snake were cut, instantaneously starving the brain of blood, leaving it without any time at all to register pain. It may look gruesome, but it’s actually one of the most humane ways to slaughter the animal.

  101. Hmm eating exotic food!
    A picture of me eating insects even grossed some of my readers before. Well, though it’s better not to eat anymore stuffs like life snake hearts and stuffs. Sometimes pity these type of animals

  102. albert, if you’re that OPEN MINDED, quoted from your blog, then you wouldnt mind about this either.
    so what are you trying to bitch here?

  103. Thank kenny for sharing the video, there is nothing wrong with you, for those who feel disgusting or whateva you have the CHOOICE not to read it.

  104. I think kenny should put a reminder for those vegetarians not to view the video .. they will definitely got freak out and start condeming

  105. I’m rather sick of the moralistic tone of the comments. Take the plank out of your own eyes before you complain about the sawdust in another’s eyes.
    Mr. Snake-eater, that was controversial, but helluva excellent post!

  106. Cis, so many snakes in the world, complain what. HO CHIAK MAH. try 1 time cannot meh. If he ate a hornbill, or a sunbear, or an armadillo, or some other protected species then i would be pissed too. Haiyah he test power 1 snake for the rest of the world, so that the rest of the world don’t have to test power themselves.
    Look at the big picture la hoh, half the comments we see are mostly “eeewwwww, that was gross” or “eeeyer, so cruel”. Only a few sickos will approve.
    But eating 1 snake, no big deal la. why make a mountain out of a mole hill. We’ve got other better things to bicker about la.

  107. this is cool.
    come on guys, ppl kill animals. fact of life. jus tbecause you don’t see it, doesn’t mean the animals don’t have to die for your consumption.
    bravo dude. πŸ™‚

  108. Wow O_o That was really an eye-opener…Thanks for sharing the video with us Kenny =)
    For those guys who feel that the snake was cruelly murdered, please take a trip to your local wet market.
    The last time I went there (Imbi morning market, KL) to buy a chicken, they pulled a screaming chicken from over-crowded cages stacked together, held back its wings, slit the throat with a knife, let its blood slowly drip away, and you could hear the chicken’s clucking becoming softer and softer…They then throw it into a big tub of water, and after that they’ll pluck the feathers away.
    Finally, they pass the featherless chicken back to the butcher, and you can feel some blood splashing on you as they chop it up into small pieces for you to take back home in a wet plastic bag. All this in front of other chickens that were alive in cages.
    I might have remembered some of the procedures incorrectly as it’s been quite some time since I stood there and waited for them to freshly slaughter the chicken again.
    So, it’s really the same actually. At least the other snakes didn’t have to see how they were going to die, one by one, unlike the chickens.

  109. First time I leave my comment here. Wonder if Kenny would see it. I’ve just done reading the latest NGM. Got an article talked about zoonotic. A lot of virus/bacteria/fungi r living in the host body (animals) waiting quietly for the chance to “evolve”. HIV, SARS, Ebola, etc etc are found out that was transferred from animals to human. Those virus existed for millions of yrs god knows waiting to be one day famous, by wiping off homo sapiens. Yeah do that more kenny god knows one day you’ll be so many times more famous than you are now, just hope that by then there are still remaining humans to remember you haha.

  110. yluck. poor snake.. cut open alive.. even the heart is still pumping.. dont feel guilty?
    but u have the guts la.. u win. snake lose.

  111. omg, thats so disgusting. hahaha. one thing though, not that i’m a saint & all, i still dun think i can eat anything that’s been slaughtered in front of me. With its heart still beating. Except maybe sashimi. hahaha there’s my 5 cent’s worth Kenny.
    Anyways nice chronicle of your trip. cheers.

  112. Snakes are cute! Dead snakes, cuter! πŸ˜›
    Beating heart doesn’t mean the snake was still alive. Keep doing what you do best, Kenny.

  113. The shame that it all started with these assumptions that if you eat these exotic delicacies(bear liver,tiger balls,shark fins,monkey brain, etc, etc and many other mind-boggling no scientific backing mumbo-jumbo meals):
    #Gives ‘super’ incredible hulk power
    #You live life once and you need to try everything just for the sake of experience.
    Has it really been proven scientifically or some bomoh cook up that beliefs centuries ago and some people out there are still dim enough to keep up with ancient times.If you know deep down in your heart you’re causing harm and hurt to something how could you stood buy and let it happen. Two wrongs can never make a right. You must start an example lah kenny.
    The shame that all you could think of was this cruelty was for entertainment sake. I would have saluted you if you actually made the bold statement to say what people do from ancient days like these should not be permissible in todays’ day and age.

  114. Rather than swallow, maybe next time rinse in your mouth to savour the taste. And chew on the heart too.
    Taste is acquired. πŸ˜‰
    Gotta go to Vietnam one day……….

  115. This was a very common scene at the notorious street, Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor Bahru more than 10 years ago. I don’t know whether it’s still there nowadays.

  116. hahaha……..
    sometimes, u just wanna try things for the 1st and the last time coz u r just so curious bout it, no matter how disgusting it might appear.i hope i’ll be able to try too. =P
    kudos, kenny.

  117. Anyone who has a decent physiology/biology knowledge would know that cardiac muscles will contract independently for a while under certain circumstances. The snake would be dead when the guy slit the throat and drained its blood (quickest way to kill). Its heart however will continue to beat for a few minutes.
    From what I understand, don’t they slaughter chickens the same way??
    I’m sure they breed these creatures commercially to keep supplying the customers. So that’s no different from say, having sashimis in a japanese restaurant when they sometimes slice the flesh of the fish when it’s still alive!
    Become vegetarian, if you must.

  118. I’ll try that once, someday, and probably never do it again in my life :p
    Btw, how did it feel and taste?
    I used to eat porridge mixed with eel blood and cooked eel meat, everyday, when I was younger, there’s lots of em at the construction site.

  119. Kenny!!
    how can u!! i love snakes!! =(
    but on the note of, everything in life must try at least once, let’s hope it is your last attempt!!
    coz snakes have 灡性 one…..they are very old you know… back to the days of gods.

  120. Kenny!!
    how can u!! i love snakes!! =(
    but on the note of, everything in life must try at least once, let’s hope it is your last attempt!!
    coz snakes have 灡性 one…..they are very old you know… back to the days of gods.
    p.s and i am no chicken! bwak bwak bwak!

  121. Totally agree with Adrian Adonis’s comment. Well said.
    Humans, they have to give excuses for doing a wrong act. They have enough to eat and yet they still feel that present life experience is not enough, they have to resort to torturing other animals that need not die if it’s not for their selfless action.
    Why not just fly to countries that have riots and wars? Wouldn’t that be an experience Kenny will never forget? But he would not do that, would he? I guess he do not want to end up dead either.

  122. Cool! If not this blog, don’t think i will have e chance to see this kind of things in my life man…
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~Just ignore those negative comment~

  123. Hi. I didnt go thru all the messages for this thread but could see MANY readers being gross out and shooting vulgarities/offensive and angry words at you for being cruel.
    Honestly, I feel gross out too but not because I pity the snake. I feel nothing for snakes and am actually happy that you have got rid of one of the worlds greatest pest and danger. For other readers out there, you cannot compare snakes to rhino, rabbits etc. Rhinos and rabbits are harmless but can you say the same thing for snakes?
    Furthermore, someone in the earlier messages said that slaughtering pigs,cows,chickens,lambs etc are NOT cruel because you killed them first…TOTALLY BULLSHIT! You only feel numb to it because they have been killed all over the world, over hundreds, thousands, ten of thousands of years that you have come to think of this as “normal”. Well then, if this is so, Le Mat village have exist for exactly the same reason.
    To correct some misconceptions. It is FAR for cruel to kill pigs and chickens 9white meat) because the only reason why we call them white meat is you have to slit their throat and not let the animal die before all their blood are drained out. This means 7-8 hours of suffering…..and someone said killing pigs not cruel ah? You either are a blind egoist who protests to “protect” animal blindly or lack basic commonsense

  124. A lot of people are saying that “you should not kill/eat/torture the snakes” and what not. Saying that it’s cruel and stuff like that…
    Take a trip a wet market and see how they prepare the chicken that you are buying to go back and make curry. Preach bout animal cruelty then…

  125. No amount of excuses or justification can make this action right.
    It is cruel. And this is the fact.
    Even if the entire world agrees to this cruel act, it does not make it right, because it is wrong and he is supporting it by performing this action.

  126. Vietnam is a 3rd world country , still developing in many ways. Their thinking are still primitive if compared to those developed countries like US, australia and UK. They do not go about in protecting animal rights.
    Kenny, as a person who has studied and worked in Australia,a developed country, i expect his actions to be more civilised and he totally proved me wrong. What’s the word they usually say in chinese? Oh yeh, it is called “study toilet paper” (translate to chinese please)
    Educated in advanced countries but return to own country and act like a barbarian.

  127. if u feel bad about what u have done, be vegetarian for at least a month and repent.
    the family members of the snake would be wretched to lose a member
    im sorry to bring this up, but do u still remember how u feel about the death of your father?

  128. girls n guys up there,
    how do u know those chickens or cows or pigs are not killed when they are alive? and we’re here happily eating them too! Juz because u see it doesnt mean that it’s rare. U never know wad happen before your meal was served.

  129. the very same reasons that because chickens cows and pigs are killed the same way, we should become vegetarians.

  130. “That was the first and last time I had done what I did, and I will never do it again”
    That does not justify what you have done. And Yes, You shall not condone your action.
    A blogger esp those who know his blog is widely visited should uphold his social responsibility.
    Shall we all who read your blog, esp for those who cheered for your bravity, try it the first time & the last time? & there will be 240 snakes shall serve their life to satisfied our curiousity.
    Yes. I know not everyone who read ur blog would do the same thing. It is their responsibility to exercise their human judgment.
    Woah. Let’s applaud for your garang action and the celebration in Freedom of Speech.
    Salute! Bravo!
    Next creature on our adventurous journey: Sumatran Rhinos!!!

  131. my head spinning, hope it is not the video effect, usually go through every comment but too long argghh! who wants to have my lunch box? πŸ™

  132. Chickens, ducks, cows, goats…whatever animal that got killed for our human consumption, the butchers did not film their act and post it in their blog as part of their experience and try to look real macho about it and say that they don’t condone to it. At least they are not as pretentious and fake as kenny sia. They did it for a living, kenny did for his own selfish experience.
    I could not say the above actions are right, they could be equally cruel but kenny’s action looks cruel and also idiotic as he filmed the entire process and put it up his blog and use some pretentious words to cover his lovely ass.

  133. Oh i couldn’t watch this right to the end, it made me pretty sick..totally appalling.
    Same way the people eat dogs,draining fluid from bear bile where the bears are “milked” well and alive in tiny cages. Nothing from snakes or “exotic” animals are proven to be effective. Reptiles aren’t any less of an animal just because they ain’t cute nor furry. I don’t love snakes but i feel they shouldn’t be sliced up alive and should just be left in the wild to do their thing.
    All animals good or bad? are needed in our world to mantain a balance. Hello extinction anyone?
    I’ve seen pigs,goats,sheep and chicken being slaughtered it’s not pretty and yeah which was pretty much the same reason why i stopped eating meat. The cries before the blood which eventually stops with the last trickle.
    Am a vegetarian but no i don’t advocate against eating meat afterall each to his own.
    Thanks for the post to show how these people have total disregard for snakes and may this be somewhat educational.

  134. i believe the same kind of strong determination and courage you have to make u eat the poor snake can drive you on a great deal. use it to push youself through your mental barrier, just like how u have complete the 42km marathon.
    you are a great person, kenny. i think i can feel your guilt.

  135. Courage and determination to save another being is what i called compassion.
    Courage and determination to drink the blood of an animal slaughtered in front of him, that is called foolishness.

  136. So Kenny, how was it? Any boost?
    I was in Hanoi not too long ago as well. Didn’t try the snake though as it is available in M’sia as well. Thit Cho is a different story though…

  137. vegetarian gourmet here in singapore is so delicious u crave for it everyday. vegetarian meals aren’t just plain vegetables and carrots stir fried with salt. humans are very creative these days.
    jia you kenny.

  138. start eating vegetarian meals for a day in one week and slowly increase it to twice a week. you will reach there eventually.

  139. WAh so many ppl flame u
    pity u la kenny
    i dun see anything wrong with that = =”
    no difference between those meat tat we eating everyday
    anyway nice clip..i like the background sound effect and music

  140. kenny!!!! best ever video! goodness. feels so real. even better than documentary shows bout snake delicacy. but..i gotta puke now. eeee… how’s it tastes like?

  141. I think Kenny Sia posted the video clip in full knowledge of the outcry it would generate. Whether or not he still did it for the publicity, or merely because he wanted to share the experience, is for him to know.
    However, I feel that it was a brave thing for him to do, actually eating the snake heart and posting it up.
    Some of you would condemn him for being hypocritical, for raising awareness on animal conservation, yet apparently cruelly eating a snake for the fun/thrill of it. Yet how many of us can claim to be truly sympathetic to animal feelings? Are there that many of you who eat 100% vegetarian food? To the extent that you do not support any single company who affects wildlife in one way or another?
    I doubt it.
    Yes, wanting to be concerned is one thing, but rearing an animal and slaughtering it for food is not all that much different from what has been done in that clip. Granted, this clip was certainly more graphic than the average chicken slaughtering/cleaning process, but what you do not see does not make it untrue.
    You guys should lighten up and be open minded. Being angry is fine, it’s your choice of feelings, but to accuse people of things that may not necessarily be true, now that is irresponsible.
    =) a kenny sia reader from sigapore.

  142. Some readers say that they don’t film the butchery of other animals and post it on their blogs. What about the fish that was fried alive (or something like that) in the news? If you guyz really protest about this, how about going to the news station and protesting world wide! Make everyone a vegetarian! Watch how the snakes come and eat you up =.=
    Snakes are overpopulating Vietnam. Somebody has to kill it. You wanna compare snakes to humans is it? THEN GO AND LIVE IN THE JUNGLE WITH THEM LAH BLOODY HELL.
    Just cause Kennys famous, you don’t have to attack him so viciously. And do you actually believe snakes feel sad for another family member dying? For example, after spiders mate, the female eats the male!
    And snakes eat other live animals too. In fact, they swallow them whole. It’s the law of nature! Who are you to fight nature? What, a snake accidentally kills a member of your family then you’re going to stand up to the snake and say, “BUT I SAVED A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY!”
    You think the snake can feel like that meh? Are you that stupid or what?
    And the worst part is this. You guys are such hypocrites. You go and say Kenny’s a hypocrite for putting up the Rhino ad(which is different!) while you guys go and say “Oh Kenny you lost another reader! Boo Hoo!” and yet you come back again for more. Most of the hate comments are by the same people, who claim that they’ll “never read kennysia again” and yet you’re still here!
    Face it! None of you guys can live without in your lives. Kenny rocks. The end. Please people, GO AND REREAD YOUR SCIENCE TEXTBOOKS. This is nature.If you guyz went to live in the jungle, the animals wouldn’t be nicer to you, then the vietnamese to the animals. Jeez. Common sense lah mangkuks.

  143. Consuming exotic food is part of the reason that drives certain species into extinction. If you don’t want to condone it, don’t post it. Can I place a video of myself raping someone and then saying “oh btw I don’t condone this”? Think of all the readers here who are going “Cool!”
    Unfortunately, those readers won’t be able to tell the difference between animals on the endangered list or not, and the next time they see that something served to them as tourists are ‘exotic’ they might just go for it.
    At the very least, you could have posted a disclaimer about the snake species. Is it common in Vietnam? Is it on any endangered species list? How did you find out about whether it was? Can you find out about it?
    I think you putting this video up was in bad taste (no pun intended), and it really does reveal your ignorance about animal conservatism. Don’t do this again, really. You’re rich enough without having to resort to attention whoring antics like these.

  144. There are people who compare this to eating chickens or ducks. It’s not the same. Chickens and ducks are not facing extinction. I don’t know if snakes are in Vietnam, but if they are not, then Kenny should have been more responsible and pointed it out.
    As I mentioned earlier, consuming any meat type for novelty value drives some animals into extinction. As for the fanboys/girls defending Kenny: this isn’t a personal attack to Kenny, so don’t take it as such, sheesh.

  145. It was kind of gross, but it was certainly brave of you to do that.
    I wouldnt even dare to do it. Haha.

  146. ROCK ON KENNY!!!
    Don’t care what the pro-vegetarians say about your actions. I wouldn’t try it myself cos i think its gross but in some countries, it’s ok to do that and it’s a delicacy..
    and screw you all who said u’d rather be eaten by the snake than u eating it, what ur saying u dont have the right to live??

  147. was told by a person to come watch this video..u know…its sad to know, with so much more priviledges as human beings compared to animals, we use that priviledge to torture, kill and eat them alive and find it cool and something to shout about instead of taking better care of them…this is sickening, disheartening, degrading and totally disgusting. Imagine if something bigger or stronger ate human beings and they enjoyed watching and torturing us cutting us up alive and eat our pulsating heart while we struggle and fight in pain helplessly..juz pls do not do it again and if u do, dont go promoting around and show the world…

  148. Kenny, even if an animal is not facing extinction, it doesn’t mean what you did is right.
    It means you can kill and eat anything if it’s not facing extinction? Shame on you for saying that cobras are not facing extinction in Vietnam.

  149. hey kenny, i feel pity for you for having (a small percentage though) of stupid readers who will only complain about others, without knowing what they are actaully saying. they kept saying that u r cruel to kill animal and shits like that. yeah, bravo to you guys, but who are they to judge?? You can’t say that as cruel if you are not a vegetarian. if u eat meat, u r killing animals at each and every of your meal!!!
    about wutever u cut the throat first so that the animal wont feel so much pain are all craps. do u think that the heart of a chicken or cow or wutever animal will stop immediately once you cut their throat? And this snake was cut at the throat first. and all animals took a seconds or minutes to be totally dead. so if u eat meat, then stop complaining about what other ppl do. oni if u r a vegetarian that u can judge!!!

  150. John, I’m sorry. I only said it because Karcy told me that if cobras are not endangered in Vietnam, then I “should have been more responsible and pointed it out”

  151. John,
    1) Are you vegan?
    2) Do you live in M’sia?
    3) Do you go to the wetmarkets and pasar malams to stop those vendors that kills frogs by skinning them alive?
    If you are not a vegan and do nothing else besides hiding behind your keyboard and acting like a keyboard warrior, I advise you to start playing a more active role in helping to make the world a better place. Hey, you can start with volunteering in your nearby orphanage.

  152. Great job Kenny…
    u ate a snake heart
    we should kill snake not eat snake!
    u dong!!!

  153. Woah. That was interesting to watch.
    And to those who are saying how cruel it is to do that, most people eat meat everyday. Chicken, fish, pork, etc. Why don’t you insult almost every human on earth then? *rollseyes* seriously.

  154. Now Kenny’s snake is longer…
    Dude, if it ain’t cooked, I wouldn’t have the guts to swallow it. Especially how it was done all right in front of you. Salute you man…
    On the bright side, it’s not like the snake is killed just for sport.
    It can’t be helped if some people had never been to wet markets.
    And that some people never watched national geographic.
    Face it, everything under the sun and moon are cruel. Even inanimated objects are cruel. Bloody table leg…bloody high heels…
    Haha! Even you succumbed to facebook. Finally. lol.

  155. Kenny….ur horrible.. i hxxx u.. its still beating.. do u feel it now? u might have a snake grow inside you now. :S

  156. i’ll tell this to the persons who is always said kill animal is cruelt.see around you & see what on your body,your adidas shoe,armani belt,LV handbag,dunhill wallet,jimmy choo stiletto,haley-dividson jacket,Gucci purse & etc etc all made from amimals leather.are these peoples cruelt?. i think you better don’t buy leather things because it made from animals.

  157. yes every living thing has a right to live on this face of the earth. So are you indirectly telling everyone to be vegetarians? Chickens, cows, ducks, whatever were bred for our consumption. they are. or would you rather the human race died out? We cant breed like they do man!
    and if youre really vegetarians you dont realise but you kill animals too! how do they grow your vegetables? lands, farming. where do they get the land? FROM FORESTS YOU DUMBASSES. those innocent little creatures living there die from a lack of habitat! thanks for going all saintlike πŸ™‚

  158. Yes yes…just cut the throat and it will die without any pain. It will die a peaceful death. Why don’t you allow someone to slit your neck and ask kenny sia to film the entire process? There are so many humans in this world, even if one person die, it makes not different. Yawn.And i think human are not facing any extinction at the moment.

  159. kenny, be ashamed, stay ashamed…you ought to be. y condemn yourself after doing such a horrible deed, its like telling the police: im sorry i accidentally killed someone

  160. What’s the point of becoming vegetarian when using pesticide for crops kill insects .. crap insects have lives too..
    Just that we don’t see blood coming out from those ants that we stepped on.. cocroaches that we killed..
    Everyone should just die, then leave nature the way it should be.. no electricity will be generated from power plant, no development.. and of course no blogging as our PC consume electricity..
    Why is everyone so extreme in giving crappy comments?

  161. I think the best way to save nature is to kill ourselves.. I am holding a mass suicide event. By killing all of us we would leave nature to be with their own..
    Anyone joining me in saving the nature? What ? Your religion doesn’t allow you to kill yourself? Your god must be a non-environmentalist πŸ™‚
    [another extreme comments.. just like what those critics doing ]

  162. Those who asked what’s the difference between chopping the head off a chicken and slicing the heart out of the snake – they both end up dead anyway?
    Now i ask u back this question: You are destined to die in the next 3 mins. You choose between getting ur head chopped off, or get ur heart taken our by cutting ur chest open. Got difference?
    Put urself in the affected victim’s shoes before you judge whether the deed is right or wrong.
    Having said that, I think the snake’s throat was cut to immediately kill it before taking the heart out. Not too sure.

  163. Well, it’s definitely an eye opener. you don’t see that often. i’d like to try it though, just once in my life.

  164. i would like to think it’s a chinese thing to have exotic quisine. i’ve been there, seen that and done that. (i was in shenzhen btw).

  165. omg, kenny! that was scary! and disgusting!
    i nearly puke when i watched that. ewww.
    but you’re brave enough to eat that.
    good for you. XD

  166. that. was. CRAZY.
    i was cringing thruout the whole video…
    kenny, u super can wan la u….
    but pls dont do that ever again…ugh…its so disgusting….and i only JUST finished my lunch when i watched the video….blehhh
    poor snake and all, i know, and i understand how the vegans and pro-life ppl feel….but still, u shud get a checkup cuz u never know wat was in that snake’s blood, kenny….*shudder*
    hope ur doing well back in msia…im in UK already, just so u know!!

  167. hey idiots.
    to all who curse him for eating that. go curse every single person who does that too. or mebbe go curse the ppl who eat things that r still alive a.k.a vegetarians. eating fruits is like eating live things. cooking vege is like cooking live things. wads wrong with eating that heart even if its still beating. go slaughter ur cow or chicken or pig or wadever u want n take the heart out. the heart of every living thing is still beating hrs after it dies. thats wad makes heart transplant possible. the snake can still move cos its jz muscle reflexes n this occurs even after the creature has just died.
    n kenny wont die from any parasites or microbes in the blood and bile. it can be digested, its too acidic in the stomach n every living thing has parasites or microbes in their blood.
    u fools shud go study some science. just shows how far u ppl r left behind in the real world. go get a life n let him lead his own life.

  168. u stupid babi GO KENNY every one have their own freedom to say what they want,that is what kenny want u think u are so good mei what science ,science nothing to do with this u stuoid babi

  169. novelty consumption of exotic animals can bring forth new diseases where humans are accidental hosts such as SARS which was due to consumption of civet cats in China.
    dunno bout cobras though.

  170. go kenny,
    parasites CAN survive in the acidic environment of your stomach. just google “life cycle of ascaris” or something.
    you shud go study some science too.

  171. give the guy a break, man is at the top of the food chain! :P. The snake would have been ‘domesticated’ for the purposes of consumption anyway. Its no different to catching fish in the ocean and frying them for me fish and chips

  172. well. parasites can be digested or harmless as well. depending on what type of parasites they are. eating what he ate in small amounts ie, bout once a yr maybe is supposed to be healthy too. scientifically proven.
    btw, life cycle of ascaris or something. is that written by fosufy? or maybe by some self proclaimed scientist who studied arts? hmmm.

  173. Although things may not be as you wanted to,
    but never condemn others for things you don’t do,
    you may be right in your point of view,
    so do others.

  174. Hey, that was vaguely disturbing.. but amusing nonetheless. haha on your part, that is. Poor snake though. Oh well, too bad the food chain was created this way.

  175. pretty amusing comments… but as someone from the livestock industry, i’d say the snake suffered a hell lot less than what the meat that is probably on your dinner plate tonight did. Go to the slaughterhouse and see for yourself. The snake got it easy.

  176. To those who are offended enough by the video to start posting their whinges and moans, get the frak out of here. Kenny already had a disclaimer over there.
    “OH YOU’RE GONNA LOSE THIS VISITOR HERE!” – Good riddance. The less idiots around the better I say.
    You know what, Kenny should take a video of how the chicken in chicken rice is prepared. First there’s the chicken, then it gets killed (Do they drown it in boiling water? (and that’s followed up by skinning (Oh imagine the cruelty oh no oh no), then all the chopping into pieces that we know so well (Drumsticks?)
    Get a grip people. How do you bloody well think your meat and fish are prepared?

  177. What has humanity and compassion got anything to do with being a vegetarian. Kenny, did you have had a Western education?

  178. muffins, grow up and wake up to the real world. ‘Aww poor snake and poor snake’s family’ Who thinks like that?
    Its just food, a delicacy. You condone Kenny, you might as well condone the whole of Vietnam. Also, guinea pigs are a delicacy in Paraguay. Go flame Paraguay too while you’re at it.

  179. for those stupid vegetarians who has no life, please go elsewhere and get a life. u hv u right to be vegetarian and don’t kill animals, and we have our right to eat meat as we like. yes, u might think that killing animals for ur own satisfaction is cruel, but how many animals die everyday? don’t you know that the death of animals is part of the nature? go ask tiger and lions not to eat meat. tell the whole world dun eat meat if you are so great!!! or else, juz leave us non-vegetarian alone. let us eat our meat and u eat ur vege. dun judge others, because i know many of u juz like to point out others’ mistake without realizing ur own’s!!!

  180. looks like u managed to stir up quite a fuss here Kenny…
    I wanted to post a comment but ended up writing longer than i expected.
    so, i decided to write an entry regarding my opinion. feel free to drop by to check it out.
    P.S: not promoting my blog, bot much of a frequent blogger anyway. Just that the comment was really too long….

  181. explicit Gore… well, minor actually..
    you’re SICK, Kenny!
    but i like it!! ..
    we all like it..!!
    btw, Kenny Sia, just my 20 cents opinion,
    i suggest u put some title such as Not Suitable for kids or Parental advisory since you said there are young teenagers reading your blogs
    even though u know they still click anyway

  182. oh well something that we don’t eat happens to be other ppl’s delicacy, besides i saw it before on travel and discovery on astro and i don’t find it offensive, Anthony Bourdain ate it.

  183. In Malaysia especially with Chinese when you talk about food and makan its like having a heightened orgasm or a good fuck.This is outrageously scandalous with kenny swallowing a live heart of a living thing Is Kenny any different here- having a good fuck? (Written by a non-vegetarian).

  184. Don’t direct your anger at Europeans. The above mail is not written by European I am a Western educated Malaysian just like you but unlike what you claim and represent.

  185. I see Sia’s point in wanting to publish this video.
    But you once said that Bloggers holds the responsibilty for their readers.
    This post somehow crushed those words you gave in your Yahoo Answer.
    Anyways, for those who starts insulting at people who has different view, imagine Sia posting a video of the same thing, except change the cobra to a dog.
    The feeling would remain the same, so close to extinction or not, it doesnt matter.
    Nevertless, I thank’s Sia for publishing this video although it somehow raises disatisfaction, but you somehow showed me something that I can never see on TV.

  186. uh, national geographic do show such stuff!
    he even said “the only reason why it’s up here is because it’s not something you see everyday”
    i bet you guys never passed your english olvls, did you?

  187. Great write-up, adrianhew86, although I see that you’re still missing the point that I’m arguing about in his blog. The thing that made me feel sick is not the video – it’s the way Sia claims not to condone his actions but still choose to video, upload it to Youtube AND to his blog which is read throughout the world (when he doesn’t condone his actions in the first place).
    Why do you think Sia wanted to eat the snake’s heart and gall? Did it look as though he was enjoying the ‘delicacy’? I for one doubt that it satisfied any taste bud of his.
    If Sia truly do not condone his actions, he should not have at least uploaded the video of his. We see enough of these in National Geographic.

  188. If you don’t condone to it, why do it in the first place? Are you Kenny Sia trying to prove something? That you are so damn great? Go get a life, go save a life. Not take one away

  189. little ray ,please get a life , if you dont like what kenny did , no one ask you to come and visit the blog . this is his blog for god sake , he can post whatever he wants . and he is just eating snake.

  190. You’re officially hard after doing that πŸ™‚
    We slaughter pigs, cows, lamb, chicken everyday so this is no big deal really.

  191. Hmm…. no comment but to me I am totally against but I guess every people have different thoughts about a certain thing

  192. kenny, just do whatever you wish to do lah. you cant let the readers discourage you. at least you were bold enough to take the challenge and accept the Vietnamese culture. we eat chicken pork beef fish! who ever said they killed these animals nicely. did u know when the chicken’s head is cut off, they can still run around? think about that the next time u decided to eat chicken.

  193. that’s nothing. u should come to the philippines. we eat dogs, cats, bugs, rats, frogs, etc. very appetizing.

  194. to kenny,
    kintio lah.. u can join fear factors already.. =D
    to kenny-called “pro vegetarians”,
    mosquito also living thing, but i didn’t see anyone not killing them.. AND kenny i didn’t see kenny took up the knife and “hurt” the snake..

  195. Little Ray,
    IMO, kenny is the type of blogger who shares his experiences.
    this is not the 1st time he did it.
    he shared with us about his adventures in bungy jumping.
    He shared with us about his adventures in zorbing.
    He shared with us his adventures under the sea.
    Why should eating a foreign delicacy be any different?
    he’s not boosting his ego, he’s sharing his experience with his readers. Just because this experience is not routine doesn’t make it wrong…

  196. My only complaint is that the snake had to SUFFER all the way.
    At least chickens and cows. etc, are killed more quickly.

  197. Dude fact is Kenny isn’t the only one who does this. Nope I’m not try to defend him or whatsoever, but there are millions of people out there who have done this too, it’s just that they don’t post it up on the internet.

  198. for those who dont like this thing, it is enough if you dont do it yourself. you don’t have to critisize others just because they go against your principle. i hate it when my fren always critisize me for eating chicken because she doesnt, as she thinks chickens are too cute to be eaten. So please, for those with “pure-hearted” principles, mind your own business. for people like us, enjoying and experiencing life is what we do.

  199. well,to be honest,it would all have been fine had kenny not be a hypocrite or try to publicize what a saint he tries to be by including that last paragraph in the above post.keep out all that bullshit.just blog.

  200. After watching the clip, and browsing through all the comments, i actually go looked up for more slaughtering videos of dogs cats etc..
    I think i agreed with the one saying the snake got its dead easy. Those slaughtering house and ppl in china torturing animals was way much cruel than this.
    Thanks kenny for bringing us this knowledge and experience..hehe

  201. Answer this people.
    1. Do you know how your chicken got to the dining table?
    2. Do you know how frogs are killed before they go into the kitchen?
    3. Is the snake an endangered species?
    4. Would it be ok to consume those snakes if it were reared for the sole purpose of human consumption like chickens?

  202. wow’s amazing how the heart’s still beating for soo long …damn ..u have guts seriously …i dnt see why ppl r saying shitty things abt wht u did .. it’s nt like ure eating snake hearts everyday! ..i dnt see whts wrong with trying out something daring once in awhile ..

  203. are u mad kenny. dont be mad.
    ba bum ba bum ba bum di bum di bum
    post a new post. it will distract people frm this one.
    open a gym.
    even though no one else has mentioned it.

  204. Well said Mrs. Adrian Adonis. Hear hear!! So far, only your argument is still standing, and I expect no one could come forth with a good rebuttal.

  205. kenny..
    this is the second time i have ever commented you.
    the first was to introduce myself.. and the second, is this.
    firstly, WOW. you had the guts to do something that many people wouldn’t even think of, and kudos to that.
    secondly, the people that are disgusted by what you did aren’t wrong, but they aren’t right either for judging the video & yourself. those might be the vegetarians, think about it. when did us meat eaters ever gave you shit about being vegetarian?
    give kenny a break. that is the bravest thing ever, i’m so surprised you didn’t cringe. *claps*

  206. Hi Kenny,
    I was a tad shocked to see that tiny heart still pumping and grinding in it’s last seconds.. but i must say you have some courage worth shouting out about!
    It’s cruel lah, but life goes on… Just don’t do it again! πŸ˜€
    Your blog is the best to read – Cheers

  207. well, since so many people are agreeing with Mrs. Adrian Adonis’ comment and some even say that there was no rebuttal, i feel like providing one.
    1st of all, regarding all those bear liver, tiger balls and shark fins, I love shark fin, not because I believe that it’ll give me supernaural powers or whatever, it’s because i like the taste of it. I love shark fin soup. So what, as long as it’s not against the law, i can slurp all I want.
    When it comes to bear liver and tiger balls, there’s nth wong with it as long as it’s legal. The reason why most people despise eating bear liver or the paw of a bear is simply the methodology where these “delicacies” came about. Normally, bear liver is obtained thru illegal hunting. In this case, the snakes were captured legally, and its beating heart is eaten. So, why is it wrong? Is it because he didn’t cook it first? Or should he use a knife to chop off the snake’s head, cook it and pray before he eats?
    Kenny wants to try eating a snake’s beating heart because somewhere in the world, it’s legally a delicacy. So how else should he do it?
    Maybe some of u would say, who in the right mind would want to eat a beating heart? Let me ask u something, who are u to define “the right mind”? Humans eat, that’s all. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, whenever we eat, we cause harm to the food because well…we are eating it.
    regarding trying everything for the sake of experience. I think it’s just a matter of personal opinion. Some people do want to try stuffs that are a bit out of the norm, and I think that it’s ok as long as it’s legal. I used the word legal, so don’t try to give me the “why don’t u try raping a girl for the sake of experience” crap.
    curiousity is what lead kenny to try it. I don’t think that it’s cruel, the snake’s throat was slit and it was the least painful method to kill an animal. Maybe it was gross, yes I think it’s gross because of all the blood and all, but it’s not cruel, there’s no difference when compared to killing a chicken, frying its internal organs and serve it on a table.

  208. i think a lot of pple who commented negatively, especially about cruelty…are people who simply everything at face value without thinking thru…
    they should check out slaughterhouse videos or maybe read fast food nation πŸ˜‰

  209. Great stuff. Although it didn’t look quite tasty.
    Maybe you should try dog sometime.
    So shut up all you bitches and assholes, it’s just a goddamn snake and a goddamn HALAL WAY of killing it.

  210. dear I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK!,
    “well. parasites can be digested or harmless as well. depending on what type of parasites they are.”
    my reply: parasites (endoparasites) are called as such because they survive in our digestive system. duh!
    “btw, life cycle of ascaris or something. is that written by fosufy? or maybe by some self proclaimed scientist who studied arts?”
    ascaris is the common roundworm. no, parasitology is not art; it’s biology. unless of course, you wanna say that science is an art, then yeah, parasitology IS art too.

  211. I for one disagree with putting the video here, but since the next post is up, I think it’s time for us to move on boys.
    No use mocking Sia over the matter.
    It’s unusual for him to mock others, like or not, just post your arguement once, and move on, if you still feel like coming then come, if you dont like then dont.
    Pretty simple.

  212. “You guys should join PETA. Go on, lead your normal, uneventful and peaceful lives. Of course that is the best way to live a life guys!”
    I agree with this, go join PETA FFS, I remember this one time in South Park, they poke fun of the PETA members for loving the animal so much, they even get married. They even give birth to a freak, lol. Maybe you guys so busy condemning kenny can go and give it a try. Go mate with animal if you love them so much.

  213. Andrew,
    that is just personal attack and it shows how immature u are…
    hate those people who can’t win a debate n have to resort to personal attacks… shame on u…

  214. Hey Kenny,
    dont mind what others say, as long as u know that wat u did isnt wrong, then just be happy and carry on with life! dont let what other think affect u (:

  215. yerrrrr….. actually, dont u tink tat shudnt encourage a killing of an animal like tat as a show? i tink the animal also got dignity leh

  216. I m jz so sick of these ppl who try to pretend to b angels…wat’s so gross about killing a snake in the most humane way (as mentioned) and tape it 4 kenny’s blog? he jz like to share it wif us wat…we get to see more gross pictures all over the news and internet, so wat’s the point of condemning him to b cruel? dun tell me u dunno tat millions of animals are slaughtered everyday jz to satisfy ur appetite wat…if u r a vegetarian, u shldn’t watch this in the first place, so kepo stil wan to insult others pulak…We live omnivore and tat”s the reality behind every meat eaters, animals are slaughtered as food..fair enuf, ntng special…

  217. does it good for health?? if it is then i wana go to viet to taste that..theres no much difference wit us all who eat meat everyday as its not endangered animal so theres nothing wrong with it..i guess next time all da animals will be eaten and at that time you wont feel that even eating racoon will be gross for you..

  218. actually bein vegetarian doesnt help much as our body need nutrient from animals to sustain our body so being vegetarian is not a good idea…even u think that vegetarian is tremendously perfect as you dont kill and eat them but what about stepping on ants without u realise about it???does that count as killing too??? lol

  219. i’ll make the 400th commentator!
    anyway, i support you!
    do whatever you wanna do! because it’s your life!
    not your readers’ although they out-number you!

  220. Kenny, I hope you are keeping well.
    You blog, so, these are just parts and parcels of the whole game. Don’t take heart. You have explained yourself and I think you did what you have to do.
    As for me and many other readers of yours, we will anticipate your future postings. Good luck.

  221. you really got guts man…
    really salute u
    well said in this posting…
    thats may u blog a real kick to read …

  222. VEGANS SUCK!!! They kill plants without thinking about the suffering the plants go through!!! Can’t you hear the Taugey cry when you boil them or the beans scream when mash them!!! Stop Vegetable cruelty!! Eat Meat only! Vegans can go eat shit.

  223. if u think this is cruelty, then why eat vegetables? the greens provides oxygen. if eat vegetables=no oxygen= more CO2= global warming= flooding= draught= hurricane….. the effect is even worse! no common sense

  224. eating a snake is not barbaric
    go read the new testement about when god offered peter exotic meat
    only thing these days is that don’t eat la something that going to extinct. i think snakes are still doing fine…so ok la

  225. screw these veges man..they got nothing better to do..their fight is lost long time ago..hahaha..btw yeah, the islamic way of slaughtering is good, thats why we dont eat pigs cos pigs dun have neck for us to cut! pity the pig la have to suffer before dying. our god loves his creations..pig is his creation..pig is cute and good.. cant kill em

  226. Yer!Why you eat that for;what were you thinking?I’ll never eat exotic animals, because I think its disgusting and well,cruel…I support vegetarians,i’m trying to be one though;if I don’t suceed,i’ll only eat farm animals like cows,fish,chicken and pork!

  227. get a grip people… the snake was dead the throat was slit… kenny was just curious, its just an experience… why are you guys judging him like that? He’s not the only one who has done it… and some even say it was a PUBLICITY STUNT???!!! WTF, that has to be the lamest comment ever. period.
    mind i remind you guys this is HIS blog?? and he’s just documenting his own life experience and he’s good enough to share it with us.
    you are meat eaters yourself… take a good look at your dinner tonight and think properly how your meat got on your table…
    no difference πŸ™‚

  228. If my memory serves me right, I think I saw our MCA President eating exotic food when he was in Machap for the by election. And Machap is famous for exotic food like snakes, wild boar, bears, bats and etc.

  229. Kenny, you should probably post other things that dont display the killings of animals (whatever they are).
    Though it may not be disgusting to some, it is quite disturbing to others.
    Please do take this into consideration. You have one hell of a blog and hopefully you won’t do this again.

  230. hahah. all the stupid bitching by ppl…think a bit b4 u bitch la.
    common la…it was instant death. go protest at ur local chicken store o smth la.

  231. eat meat = kill a living thing = taking a life
    dont veges have a life too?? dont eat la then..
    there is a warning saying the video will offend. cant you guys just NOT press the play button if u dun like it? dont criticize people, you have been warned it is offensive. stop reading this blog for good and stop leaving comments for the sake of other genuine readers.
    kenny, all these hoo-ha show u r damn popular, ppl are all jumping up n down cos of wat u wrote. hehe..thumbs up..keep it up. love ur travel blogs!!

  232. Kenny I think theres a difference between eating chicken and gutting snake organs when its very much alive… ur call no doubt but still its like buying rhino horns and thinking that it would be a waste not to buy it since its already dead, what harm right? and even if snakes are not endangered does it justify the cruelty ? the industry is only alive is because ppl wanna “experience it” thats all.. and wasnt one of ur objectives is to play as a good role model. now kids would think its that such an act is ok or just any other sport to have a good time…

  233. What are you doing drinking/gulping snake heart and blood at the same time Nicole is taking the bile? Aren’t those things suppose to cause your “barang” to stand like when u stand to a national anthem?…OHHHHH….I dunno man I ain’t saying anything…I don’t know how many educated or non- educated guesses is this going to cause from such a special “coincidence”?……hahaha Keep it up biatch! Speaking of it…. You;re always the man…

  234. those hypocrites out there, what make you so noble by eating animals which are not slaughtered in front of you? It is just a different way of KILLING animals. Before condemning anyone, might as well condemn yourself for being so fake. Grow up please~ If you think that this should be stopped, then go to Vietnam and preach the people there on how to be a holy saint.
    For those saying that snakes have parasites, let me tell you. BEEF, PORK and FISH do have parasites within them. When u wanna curse others, curse yourself first. Read more before making naive comments.
    Other than condemning people thru net, what else do you guys know? waste time sia~

  235. to chicken with no name:
    Parasites are host-specific by the way. Well, some aren’t, some are. Again, some1 who simply make comments. sigh~

  236. i agree with kenny. the snake died instantly; minimal pain by slitting its throat where its main arteries are located because its blood supply to the brain is being cut-off. its pretty much like how they “kill” chickens the halal way.
    go condemn those people also la. XD

  237. and by the way, why the hell did u guys (those who were bitchin’) watched the vid initially? being curious is it? hahaha!!! dont watch it in the first place lar…aduiii.. *smacks head*

  238. This is sad. Not the video, but the fact that so many of you people care about this blog. The only reason why so many of you put this guy on a pedestral is that he thinks of pretty normal ideas which you all are sadly incapable of.

  239. MAke me remember Apocalypto, Directed by MEl Gibson. Human sacrifice of “dig” out heart. Hmm the snake look in that kindda situation..just that sacrifice is for ‘kenny experinece and bloggin purposes”. Hopefully this show bring awareness to some of us. The snake is our “hero” and his scarifice will bring memory for us. May he rest in peace.

  240. that snake suffered less than the KFC chickens u guys eat.
    and you know it.
    ^ Totally agree with it. If only those detractors to the snake eating act knew…tsk.
    And like what someone already said, the snake died instantly. I think sure beats those fishes which are thrown into piping hot oil to be deep-fried alive.

  241. Any1 got toothache, gum problems and ucler MUST try the snake bile cures..
    in the oldday, silk indutry was properous in Vietnam. The silk worms attract RAT. to kill rat they need snakes.. then too many snakes, human being must eat snakes.. This is ecological cycle…
    Let it be..

  242. darn idiots.. you all talk but no actions done..
    u may say that what kenny did is cruel but what are you gonna do? sue him?
    its friggin legal to eat snakes.. and even if kenny doesnt do it. LOADS of other people will.
    so wat the hell..give him a break damnit

  243. Wow, I can’t wait to checkout this vid man..
    Currently at work, can’t seem to view it..
    Must be very intriguing to watch.. COOL!

  244. God, he’s done it already, whats with the flamings? Ever eaten prawns out of some seafood cafe? The ones where they BOIL THE PRAWNS ALIVE? Or maybe you guys are vegetarians -_-. You guys really nothing to do but to flame izzit?
    Bravo Kenny, I could never have done that. πŸ˜€

  245. dude. we dont hate u.
    it’s a normal thing for vietanmese, i guess. so it’s ok. yes, it’s cruel. but yaah, we kill everything else in the world. looks whose talking
    keep on blogging!
    u’re da best

  246. -_- gosh
    fear factor kennysia
    its kinda cool n disgusting at the same time
    n i juz finished dinner -_-
    omg -_-

  247. LOL you’re really brave eh =p
    bt what’s so bad about eating that? we all eat meat dont we? =D i saw a man killing a pig once..
    bt for me, i culdnt eat it >.

  248. I dont think it’s that scary. I didnt hide under my pillows or close my mouth watching it. As for animal cruelty, yea it is but it’s not as bad as J had said rite? It’s an experience, just make sure that you dont do it twice. That’s all

  249. Brave man to try anything once.ESPECIALLY when it comes to food! I tried snake- once, PUKED my guts out! Crocodile meat..okay lah…because I was not told before hand what the hell it was anyway, by which time all digested and passed out through the other end…:) Look forward to more of your adventures.

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