The Most Kickass Fan Mail Ever™

A few days ago, I was asked to promote a local band’s new CD album.

That’s alright. is always happy to support Malaysian independent bands, especially one with a name as cool as Ben’s Bitches.
They sent me a package some time later, and in it are two CDs and The Most Kickass Fan Mail™ I have ever received.

This guy is gonna be such a good role model for kids.

Thanks CK. For such a kickass letter, I decided to give your album a free plug on
Granted, you’re probably not sober when you wrote me that letter. And granted, your music is probably not the kind that I’d listen to with my mom.

But when you have a love song on the album as hilarious as The Cha Cha Ska of Amber Chia, bashing up all of Amber’s rivals, it’s damn hard not to recommend it.

You can check out more about Ben’s Bitches here.
Meanwhile, I should be out “wrecking more havoc” for “Lord Satan”.

Free Myanmar .

90 Replies to “The Most Kickass Fan Mail Ever™”

  1. haha. i love it that they din put on fake accents like other stupid malaysian bands.
    i hate malaysian bands. untalented losers wit fake accents.
    but bens bitches arent too bad

  2. That is just so horribly nice in a rather uplifting yet simplistic way. I shall catagorise it as Easy Listening on my iTune.

  3. Ben’s Bitches are the lamest band on this planet.
    They’re so lame, they’d lose a 100m dash for quadriplegics.
    Talentless homos.
    Now Panda Head Curry? that’s a real band!

  4. lol that’s hilarious! eh pinksterz don’t dl lah. buy their album! i would but i don’t really understand malay so i wouldnt waste my money for just a couple of songs. haha.

  5. wtf like tat u call singing huh?like tat also can have albums huh?wat has happened to today’s world seems like any kind of ppl also can bcome singers and produce albums these days such as daniel.

  6. ahhahaha ben’s bitches can go mainstream soon! yay! they are quite popular(in an underground way) in my hometown Subang Jaya.
    Even more so if the people in my year has siblings in his year. I heard that he was a senior in my school!

  7. I reckon that you are a caring and smart man for you care about other countries as well.
    What is going on in Burma is very sad and people from Burma are helpless for they don’t have any tools or power to go against the ruthless, cruel military government.

  8. ha ha ha ha ha!
    for lord satan, indeed! ben’s bitches, come round to the cbox and wreak havoc!
    ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. waraoooo… can his handwriting be more legible or not? how to sign kissass autographs like this!!!
    have to be a bit pedantic and say “it’s awesome to read with occasional awesome chick-photos that allow us to OGRE at” sentence just made me lose some respect.
    dude, use a dictionary. 😛

  10. Wow.. this band exist in Msia?? They make big deal abt Gwen Stefani’s dress.. yet there is this band that people listen to.. thanking “lord Satan”… and band name “Ben’s Bitches”?… the first time I heard that phrase first thing came to mind are they gayS?? who is Ben’s Bitches.. is it the other two members?!! ickyyy

  11. Funny for the first time, but incredibly annoying if you hear it more than once. Buy an entire CD to hear that voice? *Shudder* Btw, I like Wierd Al Yankovich. He’s actually clever. These guys are just funny because they’re so retarded/lame.

  12. Lord Satan will forgive you and offer you a place in hell next to Saddan Hussien. So don’t worry Chicken with No Name, you’ll enjoy it.

  13. Subang Jaya’s SMKSU student might hear of this band b4……..i got their 1st album….forgot wat’s the name d but then still rmb the BERBULU
    Lyric is nice and funny
    Creative la!
    *i guess i know who are u…ck*

  14. Just so you know… my PMR examination started yesterday and the first paper was Bahasa Melayu. I couldn’t sleep the night before so I decided to visit your blog…
    I am proud to tell you and Ben’s Bitches that the last song I heard before I sat for the paper was none other than, AMBER CHIA!
    OMG. Thank god I did not write about Amber’s tits, or bee-stung lips and dress on the answer sheet =P

  15. Met one of them before; he tried to sell some of his cd’s to my friends and I.. apparently, they’ve been around for ten years, and never got anywhere. One of my friends actually bought the cd for RM 5. Listening to it, it was no wonder they never got anywhere.

  16. can someone tell me what’s so special about amber chia? it’s not hard to find malaysian girls who are way hotter than her!!!

  17. I overheard Amber Chia saying she wants to give oral presentation to Ben’s dick. I guess she’s one of dem Ben’s bitches now.

  18. omg. kotek berbulu was DAMN funny! and i had fun reading an interview in Junk Mag. Ben’s Bitches is somewhat-somewhatnot revolutionary.
    whatever lah. they’re great to listen to, and has been quite a hit here in subang. 🙂

  19. hmm… this is wat i personally think- guys should still be the one making the 1st move… i trust that not all gals will turned a guy’s 1st move into some kind of joke and jus make fun out of it… that is wat uncivilised gals do, i believe.. and if a guy got attracted to such person, its just LUCK!! furthermore gals are a lot more sensitive and they easily get hurt especially when they faced rejection… think bout this, they may be so stupid that they will end up feeling ashamed for the rest of their life.. while for the another STRONGER and more EGOISTIC species, they can easily pretend as if ntg had happened and move on with their life… so,come to think about it, isnt it better for the guys to make the 1st move if it does more good than harm??

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