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2006 New Years Resolution

In the year 2006, I plan to:

  • Stop guzzling alcohol like it’s water.
  • Put 40% to 50% of my salary into savings each month.
    (The above resolution is waived if I had to travel during that month.)
  • Ponder about my future a little bit more Scrap that, I have no control of my future after all. No point pondering.
  • Nabeh. Use less cuss words on kennysia.com. KNNCCB.
  • Stop writing about politics, and never use the “A***h” word ever again. Aiseh.
  • Remember Kenny, alcohol is not water… alcohol is not water…
  • Lose 10kg off the spare tyre around my waist. As opposed to gaining 10kg like what I did this year.
    (The above resolution is waived if I’m really really hungry.)
  • Travel to Singapore once every few months. I can never get enough of Singapore. But can someone like, ask the hotels there to charge a little less?
  • Carefully read the MRT Station regulations before proceeding to take more photos inside the City Hall MRT station.
  • Alcohol bad. Kenny good. Kenny no drink alcohol!
  • Most importantly, avoid slacking off from January to November, then try to achieve all my new years resolutions in bloody December!

What is your new years resolution?

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