Sleepless In Perth

I haven’t been getting much sleep since I came to Perth.

I can’t sleep when those two little monsters are practically crawling all over my face at SIX FREAKIN’ AM in the morning. Oi, leave me alone lah!

40 Year Old Virgin has gotta be the funniest comedy to hit cinemas this year! What a pity it won’t be hitting Malaysian cinemas anytime soon.
Maybe it would, after the censors cut out all the funny bits and left it with 20 minutes of clean, uninspiring dialogue. Times like these, I actually encourage piracy.

59 Replies to “Sleepless In Perth”

  1. And you are sleeping in their bed, arent’t you? *Points to brown teddy at the side* Of course they would want to reclaim their snooze place!

  2. Facing the same problem but only one cute girl in my case who wakes me up by crying “susu, susu” in my ear whenever I am in KL early in the morning.

  3. wah, enjoying some play-play father time with the cuties, eh. good practise. i got eye massager too. i have the ogawa one. not bad, huh.

  4. ..and oh, those goggles remind me of Willy Wonka..
    Suertes, is do you mean Willy Wanker? 😀
    Anyways, cute pic of those kids (I often call them little bastards though).
    BTW, they really should make a movie ‘Sleepless In Perth’ starring Kenny Sia and his two ‘anak buah’.

  5. Hey Kenny! You have one of those super-long pillows too! I like. =)
    The kiddies are so adorable makes me want to have some of my own. Sigh.
    You should put up your itineray of events so that us Perth bloggers can stalk you from afar… hehehe

  6. its a good thing you had those goggle-thing like on. you might never know if they poke and dig ur eyes out!
    haha. i bet they digged ur nose while u were sleeping. haha.
    did they?

  7. At least now Kenny won’t be lying when he says he’s a babe magnet, and that he has really embarassing taste in PJs. Maybe it’s related. Pink, guys, PINK.

  8. Maybe they’re actually aliens in the form of cute little babies, detecting his brain waves and siphoning out his thoughts with every touch. Ha ha.

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