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  1. “Dont talk shit!!!”
    (feel familiar? this happen in malaysia and was broadcast in international TV channel~ LOL~~)

  2. Your act of censorship is better than the whole shit list itself!! Kudos my friend for telling it like it is, ha ha ha.

  3. Shame on you all. Are you the ones complaining of biased treatment within our country? Complaining that your skin color or your race makes a difference in the way you’re treated? Way to go in perpetuating the hate, racism and inflammatory feelings.

  4. Suddenly I feel like going to the toilet to take a shit. – Kenny.
    Don’t S+H+I+T around so much.

  5. Dear Kenny,
    Your blog has become more and more popular and I am sure there are a lot of Malaysians ( and foreigners too ) who visit it regularly. I’m sure there are a lot of young people reading this too – NEVER SPITE GOD – whoever you may perceive him to be. There is such a thing called “RETRIBUTION.”
    Though I am no moral guardian or a religious guy, I believe you should refrain from such posting.
    Becoming a good role model is also your rsponsibility – promoting good spiritual “well-being” is as important as promoting your gym and fitness concepts.What value would a person have if he were physically fit but spiritually full of “@!*&%$ ”
    Don’t let “success” cloud your judgements – a person’s choice of humour reflects a lot about his “intelligence” and wisdom.
    Hope this posting is an exception rather than the norm.
    Cheers !

  6. thank u for stating u’re no moral guardian/religious guy.
    kenny’s choice of humor reflects his wisdom to make accept things as they were – a joke.
    i’m sure a normal (even those whose yet to attained maturity) will understand that this is just a pure shit joke and wont really take it as a holy truth.
    lighten up.
    P.S. kenny doesn’t need to go on a guilt trip just because he decided to share a joke that he heard of from somewhere.

  7. “S.H.I.T.” means “Special High Intensity Training.”
    Guess Kenny and his blind supporters need to undergo one of such training.
    Jokes may be jokes – some are just in bad taste. The type of jokes one chooses also reflects ( directly or indirectly ) one’s “mentality” and wisdom. And that needs some explanation to those lacking in both !

  8. Totally agree with Edmund. Its bad taste. However, lets leave it to God to judge the fler who came up with it.

  9. To the people who criticise Kenny for taking a dig at religion,let this god you speak of, speak for himself/herself/itself.
    Because so far neither evidence nor logic seem to indicate any of the gods, man has created are real.
    Furthermore if anyone were to examine the holy scriptures of the major religions of the world today,they’d find many parts unethical and immoral.
    Besides iff there is a god,at the very least,you’d think he/she/it would have a sense of humour.

  10. suddenly a light-hearted joke started to morph into a serious religious discussion.
    @ashley: i think religion at their true foundation do not really condone unethical and immoral doings, including personal attacks on others’ mentality and wisdom.

  11. chingkie kennie dear
    go kill yourself
    drown your shitty self in acid
    hopefully some indon is going to concrete your body in a barrel
    a fitting end to your lousy life
    tiew niamah kao hai

  12. Please take it as a joke people.There’s no need to get yer knickers in a twist.No need to start a debate on the existence of God either.An open mind is needed when it comes to things like this.

  13. oh come on with all you this is sensitive ppl out there. what kenny just posted is something v common. i’ve seen it many times before elsewhere. big ass posters etc. on a longer list somemore. with religions you’ve never heard of somemore ok. say somemore.

  14. aiyo this one pokes fun at all religions la. it’s meant to be funny. anyhoo, kenny probably saw this coming.

  15. for the people who can’t take a joke.. SHIT in this contex just means “problem” or “something bad”.. not faeces or the byproducts of digestion.. Please use ur heads lah!! DON’T CREATE SHIT HERE!!!

  16. a joke is jz a joke. if u can’t take it, then there’s no need to read kenny’s blog since it upsets u so much. asking him not to write dz & that jz coz he’s a public figure bla bla bla…preaching here & there…
    all those religious + self-righteous zealots out there are so sickening

  17. for those people who cant accept this joke.. might choose not to read, why have to so sensitive? take it easy man πŸ™‚
    kenny, support you ^^

  18. seriously, i think if u r not happy, dun bother coming back.
    It annoys me as Kenny’s friend to see him gettin so much negative shit from u unappreciative ppl lor.

  19. Seriously, if the whole thing is just meant to be a JOKE, then Kenny shouldn’t censored that ONE LINE (which I presumed joke refer Islam), which Kenny unfortunately had done it.
    I don’t understand that ONE LINE CENSORSHIP part.

  20. Like I said earlier to ericyong77, if what you said is true (again), it’s the BIGGEST JOKE OF ALL.
    You just hit the BULLEYE with your statement!

  21. maybe kenny was just trying to test how sensitive people are..and hell yeah malaysian especially you know lah is really sensitive.Im catholic and I didnt feel a thing when i read this post.u guys always always start fire lah.

  22. Jokes may be jokes – some are just in bad taste. The type of jokes one chooses also reflects ( directly or indirectly ) one’s “mentality” and wisdom. And that needs some explanation to those lacking in both.
    It’s just funny and amazing at the same time how someone can stuff like that over a harmless(I believe many will agree with me here) joke that’s only meant for the readers to have a good laugh, and probably reflect on why our religion appears to the author that way.
    To that, it’s not like we can control what we think is funny. If someone with a really great sense of humor managed make a joke out of religions, and that joke tickled my funny bone, hell, I’ll laugh. I’ll laugh and I’ll share it to my friends who I know will laugh even harder.
    But that doesn’t mean I disrespect anyone.
    Yeah sure, it reflects the “mentality”(and here I wonder why the word had to be in quotes), but what reflects here on Kenny is only pretty much his sense of humor and sensibility after blurring that part out.
    If anything, I feel it takes a bigger heart to accept the flaws of our own culture/religious practices/any other faith-related stuff we grew up with.

  23. Wow Kenny….If you are so scared of revealing the 3rd line…… which you think involved the sensitivity of a particular religion…… what makes you think some people here of the RELIGIONS OTHER THAN THE 3RD LINE will take your post lightly and enjoy your supposedly harmless humor….??????….Do you ever considered the sensitivities of some people’s RELIGIONS OTHER THAN THE 3RD LINE?……Why you can censored the religion of the 3rd line and NOT THE RELIGIONS OTHER THAN THE 3RD LINE……?????……
    Kenny…..you are either a coward….or a joker…..or a hypocrite….or AT BEST 3 IN 1….
    ….It’s your fault kenny for starting the fire……

  24. i, for one am insulted. i really do wish you could come up with a better comeback, preferably one that makes sense. grrr

  25. If that’s meant to be a joke, FINE with me. But why blank out the one on ISLAM – might as well show it for all to see. Please don’t be SELECTIVE if you are so POSITIVE that it’s a joke. The FACT that you blanked out the one on ISLAM means that you KNOW it’s OFFENSIVE to them. Just because the rest kept silent about it doesn’t give you a blank cheque to joke on everything. How about joking about your mother or father’s &%#$ for everyone to share ? You won’t do that, will you? That’s the POINT I’m trying to put across. That’s the sensitivity we should have in a multi-religious and ethnic country like ours. Regards.

  26. i think the point kenny wants to censor the 3rd lines is because usually those believers of non-censor religions do not make a big deals out of it when someone make a joke about their religion. they just take it easy and brush it off as it meant nothing at all if you really have strong faith in yours religion. plus other religions are much more forgiving.
    the 3rd lines religion on the other hand often made a fuss out of nothing thus in need of censorship.
    i guess this is what he trying to prove…

  27. i think this is a random post with random outcomes unanticipated by kenny who randomly blurred out the 3rd line.
    if you are a serious person who takes online content seriously, go to discoverychannel.com or go read about brian greene’s string theory.
    everything here on kennysia.com are essentially of no use to you if you seek knowledge because it’s pure rubbish.
    so please don’t get offended. not here anyway.

  28. religious doesnt mean spiritual and vice versa
    that said, an atheist doesnt mean he/she cannot be spiritual
    the self-declared religious people need to be more conscious on this
    and this is only a joke, so why so serious? laugh and focus on more important things in life!

  29. to edmund:
    this is because the country got people like you that it becomes as sensitive as you think.
    seriously, is this a big deal? compare to those mega ridiculous shits happened to this country?

  30. You see that’s the thing, he’s making a joke and you already talk like you wanna take him hostage LOL

  31. Now please don’t take this so personally. He’s making a joke in.. hold on, he actually posted a joke from something he found, which takes a friendly swipe at religions in general, heck, including his. You on the other hand, are “joking” about his mother’s fat ass or her dad’s small dick, or your girlfriend’s vagina, this my friend is called taking it too personal.
    The reason why Russell Peters is not labeled a racist is because he jokes about his own race as well. Don’t see no Muslim taking him hostage?

  32. Really? I thought the holy books of the major religions are their foundations.
    Let us take some verses from the Bible for example,
    On killing homosexuals
    If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
    (Leviticus 20:13 NIV)
    On killing Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night
    20 If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl’s virginity can be found, 21 she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death.
    (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NIV)
    There are many more verses which deal with killing lots of different people, sometimes for ridiculous reasons such as working on the Sabbath.
    It is strange considering this is the same god who gave the commandment “Thou shall not kill”
    Similarly I could do the same with certain other holy books but considering Kenny’s nationality…
    If today’s religions seem to preach the message of care bear love,it is simply because modern societies through struggle and sacrifice have imposed morals and ethics on primitive superstitions.
    I wonder when are we going to realise the ridiculousness of putting religion high up on a pedestal free from criticism?
    I mean if I claimed I was there was a god-like unicorn,who gave me a holy book which spouted all sorts of rubbish which will cause all sorts of wars and hatreds,are people just going to respect my ‘religious beliefs’?

  33. I, for one, is baffled by your antics, when you insulted others first. No need a better sense of comeback for this.

  34. hahaa why assume the blanked out one is Islam leh? Maybe its Fuckerism? tuapui Kenny’s own religion… so he very kiasu about laughing at it? can be anything mahh… chillaxxx laaa u nerds need to get laid more

  35. Hi Edmund, joking about your father or your mother’s blah blah blah is too personal-lah. You should say joking about for example:
    1) A superimposed picture of Jesus Christ holding a beer and smoking cigarette.
    2) A superimposed picture of Buddha surrounded by several nude women reading for “action”.
    3) A superimposed picture Hindus slaughtering cows.
    4) A superimposed picture of Mohammed gambling.
    Well, let’s see if some people still treat this as harmless jokes or no big deal.

  36. WTF !!!
    The whole world will not be peaceful if you all fighting becos of religion. Such a small blog and you guys fight like what?
    I believe this world will be better without any religion. Sorry to say so, but I always think, without any religion, we can have a peaceful life.
    Believe in yourself, like I do. If you want something, get it yourself, work hard, play smart. HAHAHA

  37. When did our nation fall so far? Why are we going backwards in regards to being Malaysian?
    When I was growing up, I sat down together with malay, chinese and indian friends in school. And we told jokes that poked fun at each other’s race AND religion. And we all laughed.
    You guys really dissapoint me. Especially the newer generation. Yes, you guys, the young ones. Shame on you.

  38. i had this poster in different font and colour in my dorm room. along with the different occupations one. and Kermit’s NO ESCAPE!

  39. When religious people find no god at the other side after they die, THEY SHIT THEMSELVES!!! BAAAAAAAAAAM!!

  40. When atheists find themselves there is a GOD at the other side after they die, THEY SHIT THEMSELVES TOO!!!PUUUUUUUUUI!!!

  41. Poor Kenny. All he did was repost a joke created by SOMEONE ELSE and he got blasted by nothing. Probably some people out there are too free and have nothing better to do with their free time.
    Besides, it is you guys who are PRESUMING that the 3rd line is talking shit about Islam. He definitely didn’t say it was. Funny how people can get into such huge uproars over presumptions.
    Btw, people who like Russell Peters? Youtube George Carlin. xD

  42. 1) Russell Peters? Yes, he is from an Indian background and he always makes jokes about Indians. Fine, he makes jokes about race and has nothing to do with religion. Nothing happened to him. If he is a muslim and makes jokes about Islam, in front of Muslim audiences, see what happened. Ok-lah, let’s assumed he is a Hindus and makes jokes Hinduism, in front of Hindus audience in Malaysia, what do you think will happened?
    2) George Carlin? Yes, he is an Irish-American descent and makes jokes about religion in front of an American audience. Fine, nothing happened to him. Try invite him to Malaysia and perform a stand-up comedy about religion, in front of the Malaysian audience, again see happened.
    Don’t ever be presumptuous about the Malaysian audience!!!

  43. 1) Russell Peters? Yes, he is from an Indian background and he always makes jokes about Indians. Fine, he makes jokes about race and has nothing to do with religion. Nothing happened to him. If he is a muslim and makes jokes about Islam, in front of Muslim audiences, see what happened. Ok-lah, let’s assumed he is a Hindus and makes jokes Hinduism, in front of Hindus audience in Malaysia, what do you think will happened?
    2) George Carlin? Yes, he is an Irish-American descent and makes jokes about religion in front of an American audience. Fine, nothing happened to him. Try invite him to Malaysia and perform a stand-up comedy about religion, in front of the Malaysian audience, again see happened.
    Don’t ever be presumptuous about the Malaysian audience!!!

  44. inbred idiots like you are the reason malaysia is still a third world country.
    it’s a joke. chill the fuck out.

  45. otak sy masih rasional dengan andaian idea asal ini bukan daripada Kenny Sia. dia hanya copy n paste. So mengapa nak ‘sembur’ dia pula?
    janganlah bakar kelambu si Kenny kalau tak dapat bunuh nyamuk!

  46. no good, without religion, we still have racism. without racism, ppl, somehow, just like to berpuak-puak and find fault with others. blehhhh

  47. Why is everyone so afraid of offending Muslims? Muslims offend other people all the time. Talk about double standards.

  48. Are Russell Peters & George Carlin Muslims? Do they joked about Islam? If not, don’t be presumptuous what some Muslims can do.

  49. Oh yes, see if Malaysian Muslims get offended if Russell Peters or George Carlin came to Malaysia to perform a stand-up comedy about Islam. Before they would even arrived in Malaysia. The government would also do a “KENNY SIA”. LOL.

  50. ya-lah…..ya-lah…..Offending Islam is big deal-lah…..Offending other religions are not big deal-lah…..What a Double-standard!!!….

  51. Kenny Sia is a Buddhist. He jokes about Buddhism, of course along with the other religions except Islam. He is the only joker who jokes about his religion.

  52. “Imagine there’s no Heaven…Imagine there’s no Hell…Imagine there’s no religion…” John Lennon.
    Guess what happened to him in the end ?
    No prizes for guessing the correct answer.
    I rest my case.
    May you all have a Blessed week-end.
    Cheers !

  53. People of other religion see this as only a joke,some people of the “third line” religion started to act like a terrorist.
    This is the difference btw OPEN and NARROW minded. No wonder ppl of the “third line” religion even kill, execute, public humiliation of their own kind.

  54. U know wat, if he doesn’t censor the line, he’ll probably get a bomb threat or a call from the religious office the very next day.. Juz accept the fact that u can’t take a joke mate…

  55. Hey mate, u probably don read the news often do u? Did u c how much of a fuss Muslims had made when Christians in Msia decided to use Allah in their Malay version of bible? What do u think will happen to Kenny if he didn’t censor this line? It’s not tht he selectively choose some religion to make fun of, it’s because the real world in Msia doesn’t allow him to do so… N the possible reaction of Muslim society to religious statements/jokes…

  56. wow.it sure is a reality check to see how many people is just READY to attack any slight hint of racist jokes.
    It is just quite unfortunate some keep proving the society right over and over for being stereotypically sensitive
    as for freedom of speech, don’t think any of us will ever be “free”

  57. say what u wanna say, but third line religion doesn’t allowed mocking others religion as u other people out there think so ‘open’.
    for those other religion ‘practitioner’
    , you may do what you wanna do, make shit of your religion, make your religion like a whore,but bear in mind
    “For you your religion, and for me my religion”.
    and mr sia, please stop blogging something like this shit.

  58. who is this kenny? dare to stir up a joke about religions? does he believe in God anyway? if he does, he shouldn’t post such picture with the intention to gauge his ‘fans’ responses.
    what a lame tactic to increase traffic into his blogs.
    pls avoid saying unnecessary things where things are going very well among religions. my no-cents worth

  59. Whoever created the SHIT, shall be held responsible for their own SHIT, shall clean up their own SHIT and will get their SHIT back. So, don’t simply go SHITTING around and create SHIT. – G0LDF1NG3R πŸ™‚

  60. The third line was censored has nothing to do with God, it’s because of politics, simple as that.
    The whole like has nothing to do with God, it’s a joke.

  61. If God exist, i believe no god would want their followers to waste time argue around trivial stuff n condemning each other. There r more 2 life. Go save a dolphin, help a handicap 2 cross the road, volunteer as social worker, donate 2 a charity, bla, bla, bla.

  62. do you what is God? i suppose u dont know , if u studied physic then u would find how science are related to God, try make a research… and stop saying there is no evidence of God…you may ask those scientist ( but i suppose u don understand about what they say lol) because u dont know the world pathetic fools

  63. religion is given too much respect.
    in the old times, the greeks were so afraid of their greek god and goddess. now if you say you believe in zeus (which i did all the time), ppl laugh.
    need me explain more?
    religion is like for explaining things that could not be explained. i believe there are god/gods/deities out there. but i am sure they are not petty and will not be easily offended by some harmless earthly jokes meant for fun.

  64. It was a common practice back then for men to marry women who have reached puberty. Not just in Middle East but everywhere around the world. There’s nothing to disprove there. Stop thinking everything you read as true and do some research before coming out with statements like that. You won’t get too far in life otherwise. Take care.

  65. in the first place, i dun know y kenny post that thing out. and if everyone can take it as a joke (in a positive way), then these shitting won’t happens here. it’s just a joke in the first place.
    all good religions teach about good things + being a good person. it’s the followers (you and i) who fail to correctly practice it, and make our religions look like a crap to the others. worse than that, we always insult other religions and followers as if we know them well. in fact, we don’t! we simply judge them due to our ego (malays call it bodoh sombong, i think. correct me if i’m wrong)
    the atheists : just respect the others’ religion even you don’t believe in it. simply blaming the others based on your little knowledge makes you look pathetic. i do respect the atheist who know how to respect the others.

  66. Wow.. its a long trail of debate. Well, we have our freedom to share what we think will be interesting (like what Kenny did). While everyone has different way of thinking, if the topic does not interest the uninterested party, the best to do is to ignore rather than creating a hoo-ha that will not give any benefit but making things worst fighting over nothing proving who is correct. Whatever he/she thinks that something is not right doesn’t mean that it is wrong in another person’s perspective.

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