“Pubic” Display of Affection

There is something VERY disturbing about this poster.

Just look at their facial expressions. Hmmm… it’s like they’re enjoying more than just a brotherly embrace. 😉

With FIFA World Cup season just around the corner, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of these man-on-man lovin’ on the field.

Who I want to win the World Cup 2006: Australia.
Who I think will win: Germany. Home ground advantage. 🙂

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  1. What was the Milo’s brand manager thinking man to come up with this idea? To promote latest kama sutra for gays?

  2. Pure Ecstasy.
    Anyone remember the old Clairol Herbal Essences commerical? At least it was a hot chick, and not some mat rempit main bola kawan.

  3. Oh cmon…germany to win?? best bet would be Brazil, Italy or Argentina. Netherlands will always be up there. Englands in for a good shout. Ivory Coast may be the surprise package.

  4. what if the top guy didnt actually ‘leap up’ but had his right foot on the ground and his left leg raised…

  5. Firstly, if you think that’s gay check out the goal celebrations when you play Winning Eleven or Pro Evo Soccer on your pc.
    I want Aussie Land to win the WC too. I’ll probably be playing for them if everything goes my way in the future.
    But one thing’s for sure, Germany won’t win. Heck, with their current form they probably won’t even get to the semis.
    The World Cup will go down through the wire to England and Brazil, with Portugal and Holland as dark horses.

  6. that’s one hell of a menage a milo. dude on top is screaming, “oh lord, yes, yes, ohhhh yeeeeeess, i’m gonna….MILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”.
    man, who knew milo was an aphrodisiac?

  7. i wouldn’t bother which country wins, as longs as the teams put up a good match , that’s what I want to see. =)
    ya know what kenny? I thought of doing an interview with you for my college magazine regarding blogging… sadly i can’t get the interview on the way..lol…hopefully some other time when ur down KL?

  8. hey man, dun be homophobic like me! i can’t even bear to go watch Break Back Mountain….i dun mind artists, metrosexuals, homosexuals doing it but can’t bear to see COWBOYS!! no no no…..

  9. Think it was 1 of those Andy Capp cartoons. Somebody scored…and the other guy was waiting there, arms wide open, lips pouting…saying,”I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long…!” Doesn’t that say a lot about footballers…and other sportsmen, for that matter?

  10. Obviously! you believe Germany will bore the competition into losing right? homeground or otherwise, there is only one winner(if the price is right) Brazil dude! those 1970’s days are log gone, 3/4’s of the teams play in Europe, so there is no home ground advantage anymore! wanna bet?

  11. I love the way how some readers suggest things for you to blog about:
    “Kenny, write about the fuel price hikes”
    “Kenny, write about American Idol”

    Come on lah, haven’t you guys heard of author’s prerogative? A writer needs to write from his own inspiration, not ideas suggested by others. Did Queen Elizabeth tell the Bard – “Ooh, Shakey, write a play about me!”? No – that’s why you have Richard III and Henry V, but no Elizabeth.
    Let the writer write whatever he wants to write about la…

  12. Bwahahahah.
    this cracked me up and made me cry.
    the guy at the bottom left looks like hes REALLY enjoying it! hahaha.
    And yeah – Ozy ozy ozy!! oi oi oi!!

  13. hey kenny, aussie can’t win the world cup, if they did, then the world’s football standard has surely dropped!!!
    i’m sure argentina or brazil will take the cup!!!
    go brazil!! go ronaldinho!!

  14. Aussies come in as an underdog this time…but you’ll never know…anything could happen!!

  15. cock in my ear feels good says the black kid
    head in my mouth is tasty says the white kid
    suck it bitches suck it says the italian kid
    and they all enjoyed it

  16. Liverpool will win definitely. Oh wait. As long as England doesn’t win it, I’m pretty fine with it.

  17. Kenny, i think you’ve gone a bit overboard. Please try not to post such absurd things. Kids are reading this site too. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  18. hahah kenny in case u din know…there is a name 4 dis…its called homoerotism! hahah i studied dat in uni. i am serious! ^_^ cool huh? der is a name 4 it… =P

  19. Kenny never said anything about the “gay-ishness” of the picture. He just suggested they are “enjoying” themselves too much per their expressions. And …yes, yes their expressions do boast a plether of exuberant emotions that are enjoyed in excess, and most likely, can only be seen in a “bonding” by the same gender as they tightly pack their bodies in such a position, and really don’t mind…at all. And no, I did not mention “gay” never ran across my mind….hmmm. They’ll probably have a fag after they’re done.

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