Please Remain Seated

Just got back from KL a few minutes ago.

You know how when you’re on an airplane, and the plane is about to stop at the terminal, the flight captain usually makes an announcement asking all passengers to “please remain seated until the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off”?
In other parts of the world, that usually means all the passengers should have their butts obediently glued to their seats until the captain says they can go, then they can go unbuckle their seat belts and start moving around.
I guess next time the captain flies to Kuching, he can save his breath making that announcement because obviously over here, that rule does not apply.

Even before the seatbelt sign is turned off, as soon as the wheels of the plane ground to a halt, everyone immediately mushroomed up from their seats and unload their bags from the overhead compartment.
“Har? Seatbelt signs? What seatbelt signs? No such thing here.”

When I was in high school, girls ran away when I asked them to be my date for the prom. Now, the tables have turned. I’ve gotten so much invites to attend high school prom nights this month I don’t even know how I should be acting around those 17-year-olds.
There’s the Lodge School National one this Wednesday; Batu Lintang high school prom on the 13th; SEGi College prom on the 15th; and the Lodge School International prom on the 29th December at Links.
What am I supposed to do? Juggle balls?

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  1. u’re right……and they dun understand please switch off all electronic device especially hp before went to the aircraft, inside aircraft also still sms…and scold the FA when they ask them to switch off because they say they’re “switching off”
    and dun understand wart is turbulance and remain seated…
    it’s really “now everyone can fly”

  2. hi kenny,
    i had the same experience too on AirAsia… and then at one time… the air stewardess got angry..and instructed everyone to sit back down!!…lol..
    they don’t understand easy soft english…need to add in anger…

  3. hmm…it’s not only applicable to kuching…
    cos in singapore, it’s a common sight as well…
    we Singaporeans are well known for our kiasu-ism…

  4. I think you gotta say this much too… at least one electronic device known as Kenny’s digital camera wasn’t turned off… 😀
    Try juggling coconuts.

  5. that applies to ALL malaysian countries in general. been flying mas/airasia for years. and everytime we land, it happens.
    i think there’s also an announcement to switch of all electronic devices until inside the terminal building. what are you thinking snapping pictures?

  6. I really dun understand people who are in a rush to get off the plane. It’s not like they get a discount from the airport McDonalds for the first 10 people to reach customs or the first 10 people out of the plane gets 20% off the next AirAsia flight.
    Maybe they can host a “ASAP Off the Plane” marathon next time. That would make things interesting, a guy in sports gear, running triumphant pass the finishing line…only with luggage in hand. (-___-)

  7. hey kenny,
    u went to melaka didnt you? i saw you there!! at jonker street, on saturday afternoon, you were with a girl whom i think studied in the same college as me, at this shop which sells yummy nyonya asam laksa.. i saw you and didn know how 2 react,was practically too excited tor see you there.. come to think of it, i really really regreted not stopping to say hello to you.. anyways, if you ever go to melaka again, let me know ya! i’ll bring you around 🙂

  8. I guess its the “first person mentality”. Most people would prioritize themselves in most cases. If only the mentality would change, we could probably do a lot of things with it like curb traffic jams, be courteous to others and civilized.
    Instead of rushing somewhere, why not take a breather and relax until the rush is over then make your move. Plan the trip early so there will be no complications and no delays in plans.

  9. Actually most of the time, whether at Singapore or Australia, I’ll see people standing up before the seatbelt sign is still on.
    Not only Singaporean is kiasu okie! LOL.

  10. the worst i ever encounter was someone sitting beside me playing wif his hp..he actually turned on his hp during the flight..damn i really worried if the plane encounter any disturbance later…

  11. i think its the same everywhere…
    my last trip to europe, its the same as well… everyone in a hurry to alight. seeing them so kiasu, i also start preparing opening luggage compartment etc.. and guess wat in a hurry, i forgot to take the bottle of whiskey i bought for my relatives there hahahahhahahaha

  12. oh man…everytime I go on an MAS flight to and from Perth, same thing happens. It’s as if their bags will fly away from them if they don’t stand up and get them ASAP

  13. nothing new, really… same with handphones. before you board the plane, there’s already announcement to turn off the phone. you hear the same announcement (by different person) the plane is about to fly and land. yet, people still yak away.
    i guess malaysians are always rushing to do this first… do that first.
    i want to be the first to take my bag. i want to be the first to receive sms. i wonder who wants to be first to grab parachute and jump of a plane?!?

  14. yea i was so used to the unbuckling of seatbelts when the seat belt sign is on i was very uncomfortable when i reached denmark where EVERYONE seem to follow the rules.

  15. This is what I call kiasu-ism to the first degree. There was a real story of a man who got out of his seat when the plane was still taxiing on the runway. He flew forward about 10 feet and landed with a splat when the plane abruptly stopped. Needless to say, some of us couldn’t suppress our sniggers.

  16. lolx
    my friend intro-ed ur blog and i’ve been trying to access it since half an hr ago.
    And i think i heard a mispronounciation and thought the url was
    I only got in after a typo occurred.
    Dont mind me,im just being a little crazy and commenting.

  17. >>>>I think you gotta say this much too… at least one electronic device known as Kenny’s digital camera wasn’t turned off… 😀

  18. I’m not sure whether it is a Malaysian thing, or a Singaporean thing or even an asian thing, but this behaviour really amaze me. It’s not that we can jump from the plane as soon as it stops. We still have to wait and queue in the damn plane. It’s not like the 1st one to unbuckle and get the luggage from the overhead compartment you could leave the plane. aiya!!!

  19. I think an increasing number of airlines aren’t so strict with electronic devices anymore – some with Connexant allow people to connect their laptops to the internet, while others are fitting iPod interfaces, but then I guess M’sian airlines still lag in the technology curve.
    I was on an AirAsia flight to Kota Kinabalu, and lo, the passengers got up as expected, before the unfasten seat-belt light was on. You know what the pilot then did over the intercom? He practically scolded the passengers to sit down immediately…
    And he did it in Mandarin.

  20. Hmm.. I think it won’t be fair to call this an Asian thing..not all Asians do this.
    May be, let’s limit it to South East Asians thing?

  21. i think … brought up anoter good point. you’re basically no supposed to turn on phone while still in the plane. and maybe even camera.
    so kenny… how did you take the photos?! so, you were the first in the plane to turn on phone/ camera ka?!? heh heh…
    anyway, speaking of prom… i also got company dinner coming up. wanna be my date…? not!!! 😛

  22. LOL, my bro and i spotted u at One U on Sunday evening. Thought of giving u a shout but decided not too coz u were rushing too quickly to the TOILET right after u took a pic of the Mickey’s event!
    We thought of making a trip to the Information Centre to page for Kenny Sia (as a lost kid)… obviously that didn’t happen.

  23. LOL, my bro and i spotted u at One U on Sunday evening. Thought of giving u a shout but decided not too coz u were rushing too quickly to the TOILET right after u took a pic of the Mickey’s event!
    We thought of making a trip to the Information Centre to page for Kenny Sia (as a lost kid)… obviously that didn’t happen.

  24. ppl should take such warnings seriously. there was a flight to kenya once where the black guy went through the roof of the plan when it collided with a luggage hauler which went out of control. 0_o” … nah, just kidding. lol.

  25. It’s not about being rule abiding or following the numbers this scenario, its about safety on a jumbo vehicle so I’m will def wait.. it’s like waiting for at the train doors when they open. My choice.
    Dear Kenny hunk, you’re in hot HOT demand !! This may be the perfect occasion to call for the pink panty on you.
    Hee hee =D

  26. normal normal behaviour…but totally pointless. u know wats bad? our customs guys…some more no sniffer dogs. can literally bring in anything u want. when crossing b/w singapore n malaysia by bus.. .the different is so obvious n contrasting that its embarassing.

  27. the same applies to all china airlines as well.
    and those people take their shoes off during the flight for everyone to enjoy the ‘fragrance’.

  28. I heard people in India does it too. As soon as the plane landed, everybody jumped out of their seats to get their luggages and rushed to exit door. I flew to and from singapore, people still acknowledge the seatbelts sign.

  29. I flew from Singapore to New York and guess what? SAME THING. Passengers were getting up once the plane landed and getting their luggage from the overhead compartments. Worse still, some even stood on the arm rests because they were too short to reach their bags nd wouldn’t wait for a flight attendant to help them. And the best thing that happened was these “early birds” ended up standing in the aisle for more than 20 minutes because the door of the plane hasn’t opened yet. 🙂

  30. All I can remember is getting scolded by the Singapore Airlines airstewardess for not putting my little TV control into my airchair properly (so I spent the rest of my time bitching with my mum about how they weren’t really that pretty).
    Perhaps next time I sould just point her to this post, and make her count her lucky stars.

  31. kenny,
    not only landing lah. passengers will line up as early as 30 mins before boarding the aircraft, as if the aircraft will not fly at its scheduled time.
    once while i was waiting to board a plane to KL at KKIA2, every time a plane landed, all the kiasus would line up only to be told to return to their seats 😛
    i too don’t understand what the rush is about. they’re not in amazing race oso…
    oh and another thing… in every air asia flight, there is bound to be one person who will eat food hidden in his/her bag hahaha!!

  32. It’s not just an asian thing, even though it happens quite a bit on KL, Singapore, Shanghai, Bombay and Colombo routes. I’ve had to tell passengers to sit down on my fari share of Middle Eastern, European (esp. London) and African routes.
    Been flying for a year now, and seen some massive falls from people standing prematurely, as well as some crew hitting the roof during turbulence, bags of duty free alcohol crashing and spilling onto the floor because someone’s opened the hatrack before the plane’s finished breaking.
    And for all the time I’ve been a crew member I’ve never seen a passenger reach the arrival gate before the aircraft. Of course, when it does, First and Business class passengers get off first.

  33. This just happens ALL THE TIME!
    My worst plane experience, a guy next to me turned up his FengTou songs on his handphone up LOUD, REALLY loud!! While in the plane..handphone… *Roll eyes*
    Nice blog by the way! =)

  34. Camera (Digital or Film) CAN be used in the plane, even when it’s taking off and landing. Camera does not transmit data through RF. Radio-controlled toys, Walkie Talkies, Phones, Radio…etc, these things transmit/receive RF signal thus are all prohibited during take off/landing.
    In a recent flight, I sat at the emergency exit seat, and the Flight Attendants were seated right in front of me, facing me. Yet they never stop me from taking any photos.
    Got the idea?

  35. Besides seat beat sign, there is one more anouncement on “All electronic devices should be turn off untill you are in the terminal building”
    What did you used to capture the picture then?

  36. actually people hurry to get off the plane cos they scared later suddenly explode so the faster u go the better…
    ps. lodge school is overrated. no im not jealous- i was a lodgian.

  37. Aiyo, it’s monkey see, monkey do,.. it happens everywhere.
    I am a crew member, once I had to close the curtain in between economy class and business class, so as to let the business passengers disembark before the economy class passengers.
    Guess what, a Taiwanese ‘Ah So’ push me from behind and instructed her gang to give it a strong push so they can run me down,..
    I let them and,.. hyuk! hyuk! they all fall flat on the face,.. hyuk! Can you imagine how their well set ‘high comtemporary’ hair turn out after that?

  38. et: ALL electronic devices are to be switched off during take-off and landing. Although a digi cam does not emit RF, it emits EM signals. All electronic devices do, and it MAY interfere with other on board electronic, navigation and communication systems, especially at crucial stages of the flight. RF equipments are not allowed at all times during flight.
    The FA you sat in front of probably didn’t know her work well. Can’t blame them sometimes as they have lotsa stuff to remember in their line of work. This restriction applies to all passenger aircrafts. Try reading the safety section in the inflight magazines or the safety card. It’s good to know what you can or cannot do on board.
    Cheers. My 2 cents worth.

  39. Hmm..I guess we are just the typical Asians! I don’t understand even when you have been given a seat number in a plane like when you are flying with mas, people will also still rush for their seats when boarding. WTF??? You don’t bring your own seat inside the plane ok? And then even when there are just a small number of passanger onboard the aircraft (airasia) people still can’t find the seats!! Just sit down where there is an empty seat you fool.. LOL.. hahahaha…

  40. t’s not only applicable to kuching i think
    because here, in Europe, it’s a common sight as well.. in Business Class on KLM too!
    hey, how can you used devices on a plane?

  41. I’m always one of the last passengers to make the exit everytime the plane has landed after getting my things from the compartments. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of pushing and shoving and worse, one of the buggers in front of you could be farking rotten eggs while you are still wondering who’s that bugger was.

  42. Well that just a common thing that people will do…it’s just unfasten their seat belt…. but the minute the touch down .. the handphone (it a must ) to switch on the hand phone…do you noticed that… well keep an eye for this and it’s worth to see

  43. The reasons airlines banned/stopped you for using mobile phones is not because that it will interfere with cockpit instruments (which proved by MythBusters on Discovery Channel) that’s because you could be still getting mobile reception while you’re flying, and if so… Who the hell is going to use the air-phones??? How the airlines are going to make quick and expensive buck from you if you can use you mobile phones while you’re in the plane???

  44. I have an idea. Why don’t the pilot turn on the “fasten ur seat belt” sign. And then when the passengers started standing to unload their bags, full blast the throttle awhile. Let the kiasu passengers fall to the floor and sandwiched.
    If they want to sue the airline, its not the pilot’s fault. It’s clearly stated “fasten your set belts”. Idiots.
    Regarding using the handphone during flight, keep in mind that newer motorola phones have a feature called “Airplane mode”. When this option is turned on, no RF signals are transmitted or received when the phone is on. So the owner can safely play games or whatever. Have to let the steward(ess) know beforehand to avoid misunderstanding though.

  45. you know, I will never understand these kind of people, I mean they rushed off the plane like there is a fire on the plane, but do they know that they still need to go through immigration, security checkpoints and….you still need to wait for the ground crew to unload your bags, idiots..maybe the airlines should have an award for the first person out of the plane. One time I flew SQ, the guy next to me got unbuckled his seat belt and as soon as he thought the plane stopped moving, he got up and open the bin to get his bag, but his bag fell and almost hit me, no remorse, no sorry. i know this is not a typical singaporean manner, but i have seen this kind of behaviour in singapore a lot. like they say one bad apple spoiled the whole bunch.

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