New Shoes

I am fat.

I have always been fat. I never denied that.
I have been fat since I was 9. And no matter how much weight I gained or lost, I am still fat.
People used it as a weapon against me all the time. Whenever anyone wanna attack or insult me, the first thing they would do is say that I’m fat.

It didn’t do my self-esteem a lot of good, even way back when I was in high school. I was quiet. I did not have a lot of friends because I did not fit in the “popular crowd”. I was bullied because I was fat.
I was like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
All of the other reindeers, used to laugh and call me names. They never let poor Kenny, play in any reindeer games.

That’s alright. I am fat. People call me fat and I deserve it.
It’s not like I have anyone to blame it on.
Who can I blame? My parents for giving me bad genes?

Some people can eat like a horse, drink like a fish, don’t exercise and still remain slim.
I have to watch what I eat strictly and workout 6 times a week like mad just to prevent myself from getting too fat. If I fail to follow that routine for even just one week, I will gain fat. That’s how sensitive my body is.
But that’s ok.
I recognise it as my disability. It is a curse I have to live with. But it doesn’t bother me.
All it means is I have to work extra hard to be on the same level with everyone else.

So be it.
This time last year I made myself a list of New Year’s Resolutions.
One of the items on the list, is to shed 10kg off my body weight.

And so I started exercising regularly. For the past few months I have been hitting the gym almost without fail 3 times a week immediately after work. On top of that, I am alternating between jogging and swimming 45 minutes in the pool everyday.
I began eating all the healthy stuff. Friends who went out with me before would vouch for my strict draconian diet. I gave up a lot of my favourite Kuching food, like kolo mee and laksa. I took the Kenko Diet Plums I got from Cheesie. At the peak of my desperation, I was eating an apple for lunch.
It has been 12 months since I made that resolution.
I was 86kg then.

I am 78kg now.

Just 2kg shy of my target.
Of course, I am still fat lah. I know that I’ll probably never ever be considered slim. Still fat, but just less fat.
Knowing how stubborn my body is, losing the 8kg over the period of 12 months wasn’t that easy.

Without a doubt, the most significant turning point in 2006 was when I did the 42km KL International Marathon. Of all the participants present that day at the starting line, I was definitely the most out of place. I was like the Jack Black among all the Johnny Depps and Angelina Jolies.
And yet I did it, even when it meant limping and literally DRAGGING my two numb legs for the remaining 12km of the race.

I felt like a brand new person when I crossed the finishing line. It wasn’t just because I had achieved a seemingly inhumane feat. It was also the people I meet along the way, like a 73-year-old who finished the race 1.5 hour ahead of me, that inspired me and gave me unlimited confidence boost.
Completing the 42km made me truly believe that nothing is impossible.
Soon after the marathon, I noticed my body underwent serious transformation. Within a month, 4kg worth of fat melted right off my body.

A lot of people e-mailed in asking if I’m participating in future marathons.
Yes, I am.
I can’t lie. I miss the trance I went into after reaching the human threshold 30km into the race. I miss the hit of natural high when I crossed the finishing line. The fact is, I cannot wait to compete in my next marathon. I’m addicted to it.
One of my new year resolutions is take up distance running seriously next year.
I have already started training for my next marathon.

But the shoes I wore for my last one was completely obliterated. I wasn’t ready to replace them since I only had those shoes for less than 2 years.
I did helplessly try to superglue the soles of the shoes back together but the damn thing couldn’t even hold on for a few days before opening its mouth again.

I was walking around in the adidas store at 1 Utama during my last trip to KL and learnt about their ‘Test Run 28’ campaign which I thought was real interesting concept.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all within 28 days, the shop will exchange them for another brand new pair from the ‘Test Run 28’ range, no questions asked.
That’s real important because good running shoes always costs so bloody much. Most people don’t know if the shoes really suit them or not until they tried them out in the real world.

It’s been ages since I bought new sports shoes, so I was like a kid in a candy store going through all the choices.
I spotted the adidas Supernova Control and fell in love with it as soon as I slipped them on. It is their latest in their popular Supernova series which has been getting rave reviews from the runners community. A pair of those costs RM499 . That’s the price to pay to get their top-of-the-line technical running shoes.
RM499… that’s like, RM249.50 for each foot. :/

The difference between a RM499 technical shoe and a RM49 one you can get from Bata is that the more expensive adidas is fitted with all the high-end technology a normal person couldn’t care less.
Technology like the Ortholite for its antimicrobial moisture wicking sock lining, 3D Torsion System for mid-foot integerity, Quickstrike for light-weight flexibility, adiWEAR for durable outsoles, adiPRENE for shock absorption and adiPRENE+ for efficient forefoot propulsion.
Oh sorry, did I make you read through all those? 😉
Heh, I wouldn’t even adiBOTHER to adiSTAND all those adiTERMS, adiWISE I will get an adiHEADACHE+ and then I’ll say adiOS.

Still, can’t deny that the new shoes look cool though. 😛 I just love the silver and metallic blue colour combo. It looks darn futuristic.

Anyway, I worn the shoes for a few days now and they feel fantastic. No wonder seasoned runners love these. My ankles don’t hurt as much after running and that’s a good thing if I plan to improve my marathon time in 3 months time.
When you’re running religiously everyday, simple purchases like this can make your feet really happy.

So who’s joining me for my next marathon?

Look what I got in a mail. A belated birthday/early Christmas present all the way from Singapore!
Thanks desperate addict!

172 Replies to “New Shoes”

  1. i like the test run 21 days concept! lets hope they hv them in perth as well so i could try them out before putting my life savings on one of them 😛
    keep up the good work and merry christmas!

  2. congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve made a resolution to lose weight myself in the beginning of the year. Now I’ve lost 5 kgs, I feel a lot healthier and less sluggish.
    Looking good kenny!

  3. You are so funny even though you’re saying all those things about yourself 🙂 Keep up that sense of humour of yours! And I’ve NEVER thought you are fat, just big-sized and a bit meaty. FAT = triple stomach tyres, a huge face with wobbly chin, and elephant-trunk-like legs. You are not like that! So don’t be so discouraged! Keep it up, you’re doing well and looking good 🙂 8 kg is not a small number.
    Cheers to you, Kenny!

  4. You are so funny even though you’re saying all those things about yourself 🙂 Keep up that sense of humour of yours! And I’ve NEVER thought you are fat, just big-sized and a bit meaty. FAT = triple stomach tyres, a huge face with wobbly chin, and elephant-trunk-like legs. You are not like that! So don’t be so discouraged! Keep it up, you’re doing well and looking good 🙂 8 kg is not a small number.
    Cheers to you, Kenny!

  5. hey kenny!
    you’re actually doing really well! keep going! don’t ever stop! gyming’s practically an addiction for me. i hit the gym about 6-7 times a week. and on a good day i do 3 hours of cardio.
    lost about 7 kgs in about 8 months.
    fuck those fat cracks. (:
    they probably have deformed penises and breasts growing at the wrong side. (:

  6. Hey Kenny, I’m a frequent reader of your blog. And i find your posts really interesting that I have to read it till the end. Good job, keep it up. On another note, being fat is nothing, but lately you look good compared to your older pictures!

  7. Kenny, it’s not just about losing WEIGHT… it’s about muscle mass and how much STRONGER you are now. Consider that muscle weighs more than fat but will help you burn off more calories! (so you can eat the bad stuff occasionally 😎
    I think you look VERY trim now… a nice change for the better 😎 Your face has lost the fat as well. So you look quite good 😎

  8. Hahaha, looks like your hard work has paid off..almost.
    My “target” has always nothing to do with weight, but it’s always height. Fourteen years old with the height of 4’9″ 🙁 I feel small and “ungrowable”.

  9. HEY KENNY!!!!!!!!
    Did I get your attention? I’m an American woman, and all I have to say is that if Malaysian women aren’t jumping all over you, you need to move here… because you’re seriously cute, even by Malaysian standards (I’ve come to realize that ALL Malaysians are good-looking).
    Are you single? If so, go to this blog
    and meet Yolanda, who is also in Kuching. She’s a teacher, she’s a sweet girl and she’s a beauty; tell her I sent you so she doesn’t think you’re a stalker.

  10. OMG~
    DEC 06
    You look so much more younger!!
    More like a teenager!!!
    The short hair-cut.
    Hey, by the way, you look so hug-able.

  11. KENNY!
    you look like you’re SEVENTEEN in the last photo..
    you should seriously consider launching a movie “Happy adiKenny adiFeet”. It’d be popular, if that (the last photo) is the poster, LOL..
    paiseh. I meant TWO. ^_^

  12. I’m so proud of you. I’ve never despised you nor even thought of your “fats” as a factor. Your willpower to get sth done just amazes the lazy-arsed desperate addict.
    So have you read the book yet?

  13. Hey…I noticed that ur current pics undeniably proof that ur old pic taken in 1997 is fake because in that pic u had THICK EYEBROWS but not now. muahahahaha..any explainations dude?

  14. Hey!First of all, Well done! Well done for ignoring those discouraging and negative comments from people! Shading 8 kg in a year is a great effort and that makes a lot of difference! Keep it up, Kenny! God bless ^_^

  15. Congratulations Kenny for your lost…I mean your 8kg 🙂 Happy Christmas everyone…especially you kenny. Now that you’re 78kg…I guess you’ll be 70kg next year.

  16. are you seriously fat?! all along, i’ve always thought you’ve been MUSCULAR, not fat.
    it’s not BS! i am seriously honest. you’re really looking good btw, and i admire how you’re so proactive and actually doing something to accomplish your goal. not like me, i’m all talk and no walk 😀 usually i can’t even be bothered to drag myself down to the gym at night, even though i promise to everyday.

  17. Keep it up kenny, i believe you can slim down.By that time, you would be handsome guy oledi.Hahaha. (and of coz, beat the old man in marathon, at least)

  18. Keep it up kenny, i believe you can slim down.By that time, you would be handsome guy oledi.Hahaha. (and of coz, beat the old man in marathon, at least)

  19. Ooops, sorry. I accidentally click too many times.And my com jam at the same i thought it din go thru.So sorry,kenny.

  20. Hey Kenny, may I suggest Hong Kong/ Bangkok or Singapore Marathon? It’s a great event! I’d highly recommend the latter or Hong Kong 🙂

  21. hey i hope that in the future, your motivation to keep running and eating healthily will be because you want to be bealthy, not because you want to lose weight. it’ll make the effort much less of a burden based on results, but based on how good you feel.
    all the best for the marathon. i’m going to stick to 10km runs for a while. lol.
    from a fellow overweight person who has discovered how much better it is to be healthy, look healthy and feel healthy. =)

  22. dude! tell me the next time you run in a marathon in klang valley! i aslo want to see if i can complete a marothon and experience trance-like after effects

  23. keep up the work and congrats!YAY
    2 kg more is nothing now that you have lost 8 kg.
    i lost 13 kg in 6 months and i swear i am never going back to that weight!

  24. You look good, Kenny, you really do 🙂 For what you’ve achieve so far, those losers are nothing, compared to you. Don’t ever let them talk you down! All the best to you, Kenny!

  25. Bravo kenny =) thats really something altho itz 2kg short. Keep up the great thingy =D
    And yes, support original items =P a sexy RM400 shoes is really worth it ok?

  26. Bravo kenny =) thats really something altho itz 2kg short. Keep up the great thingy =D
    And yes, support original items =P a sexy RM400 shoes is really worth it ok?

  27. i admire ur courage and will to lose weight .. good good.. i dun think ur fat also.. just a bit meaty .. =P .. but good weight loss.. if only i can do it too

  28. C’mon! Dont care about what ppl say about you. Its not wrong to be fat. Im fatter… im happy despite the great confident boost i get from friends and family members like.. hey piggy, fatty… omg is that 1 pds i see u lost? thats alot.
    You lose weight because u feel like it and NOT to stop ppl frm talking bad about you. If you feel you are happy the way you are, youd be fine. I have been fat since god knows when but it never stopped me from being in the popular crowd or ever stopped me from talking.

  29. hey i understand how u feel too, from this yr’s october till now, i lost 13 kg, from 73 to 60. its not tough, and it has made a significant change in my life, being fat = outcasted ( unless ur in india since they call it sexy ). Just watch ur diet and try to jog everyday!

  30. hi kenny. well done on ur perseverance! Try to eat wisely, not jus an apple for lunch! Before each meal, half an apple w skin, egg white and half pack of fybogel. It helps. =) Do remember to burn ur fats first b4 u tone them up into muscles. =)

  31. wow u really look fit now man!
    i really wish i coud lose some weight, but.. i’m skinny as hell.. (pun intended)
    merry chirstmas and happy new year.

  32. oh but I admire you for the fact that you face ur obesity openly. Fat or slim, you are you. What matter most is your personality and virtues. Plus, you are such a popular blogger. Who cares if you are fat or not. ^^

  33. wow, your determination is amazing, kenny. it will definitely pay off, dont worry. and you’re looking good with this new haircut!

  34. Kenny.
    1) Forget about the jerks last time but be grateful it occurred – it gave you the drive and motivation to go n slug through what you went through to achieve this improvement. If not for them you would be contented being chubby.
    2) The short hairdo is better. Keep it mate.
    3) Be v thankful your job allows you to go to the gym so often. I work average 13-14 hrs a day.
    4) You know, a lot of bodybuilders eat a lot to become damn big size, then work out n cardio like mad to sculpt it. Its easier that way than being skinny and trying to bulk up. So be grateful, yours might have been a blessing in disguise.
    5) Good luck, keep it up. You have whetted my appetite for marathons.

  35. Oh God, I’m sick of this social stigma associated with what society deems as ‘fat’. People who believe that ‘fat’=lazy=ugly=immoral=stupid should shoot themselves in the head for having too much blubber amongst their grey matter. Pffffttt..

  36. dude. how tall are you? seriously, don’t measure how fat or how slim u r like the ladies do … 78kg or 88kg, if its muscle, its ok. u are on the right track man … do more cardio and ease up on the late night partying and u will be fit as a fiddle in no time. but i think u spent too much on the shoes man … crazy …

  37. aw kenny! we’d love you even if you were as big as a whale. And those people who tembak you for being fat are probably even fatter. Keep up the good work. The difference is really obvious! And I know you’ve prolly heard this a million times, but you’re really really really really funny!!!!

  38. Amazing determination, you definitely lost a lot of that fat. I’m trying to tone up too, not really considered fat but big-boned. Though some morons classify me as fat. But hey! We live for ourselves. Love yourself, love your body. Oh, love you blog. =D

  39. Amazing determination, you definitely lost a lot of that fat. I’m trying to tone up too, not really considered fat but big-boned. Though some morons classify me as fat. But hey! We live for ourselves. Love yourself, love your body. Oh, love your blog too. =D

  40. Great progress Kenny 🙂 While you’ve dropped in weight I’ve slowly gone the other way… time to turn back before it’s too late 😛

  41. kenny sia, i’m really proud of u. actually, i can really relate to ur latest blog entry, because it kinda describes me too… esp the bit about how u looked 10 years ago, and how ppl tease u and stuff like that. except that i lost quite a bit of weight last year (13 kg’s) and i hv put it all back on.
    learn from my mistake. once u’ve lost off the weight, u hv to keep up at what u’re doing with the diet and exercise, or else it will just come all back on.
    ur blog entry has inspired me to give it yet another shot in 2007. thank u dude.

  42. kenny chia is definitely right. Maintaining what you’ve lost is dramatically way harder than losing it. But nevertheless, determination comes into play again. Maintaining a weight loss of 40 kgs in mere 6 months is not joke. I kinda gained back 5 kgs after like.. a year.. but I think those are muscles perhaps? cuz I hit the gym regularly ( wishful thinking ) 🙂 cheers

  43. From a running and weight-loss enthusiast to another, you did fantastic man. There will come a time where the weight will not be the most important gauge anymore, rather how you look in front of the mirror. And as you eat well, dress well, and feel more confident (endorphines… gotta love’em), that’s all you really need isn’t it? This page is indispensible to you now to keep the motivation up! GOGOGO!

  44. hmm. not that i would know, but every person i’m friends with who does long-distance running competitively prefers Brooks shoes over all other brands..maybe you could check it out too next time? (Nessa has a whole row of beaten up shoes from running). anyhow, nice shoes!

  45. Hey Kenny! Congrats on losing the weight! Glad you’ve got the willpower! All the best to losing your last 2kg!
    And ps, you are not fat liao lah!

  46. those fat comments from readers are so mean.
    dude, u should get a gym to endorse you. 🙂
    I like this post. Congrats on shedding the weight.

  47. adidas supernovas are for track running, just as adidas novas are for free running. you’ll be the envy of the young free runners here…everyone wants a pair of supernovas…

  48. Don’t worry Kenny, a lot of “fat” people are jolly and nice. Stay that way! You’re looking good already anyways!!!!!!!!
    Happy Christmas!

  49. Its ok Kenny, even though you are the most perfect person in the world, there will always be a few jerks out there that will find your imperfections to make you feel inferior. There’s nothing we can do about it. As long as you believe what you’re doing is right, then nobody can hurt you deep down inside.
    What can we do? Our earth is full of jerks!

  50. you dont have to care about what others say, as long as you are happy with yourself.keep up the good work!
    oh and merry christmas.=)

  51. you dont have to care about what others say, as long as you are happy with yourself.keep up the good work!
    oh and merry christmas.=)

  52. Hi Kenny
    1st time leaving a msg in your blog
    It strikes a common chord with me as I am still in the process of trying to lose some weight correctly..
    Lose some weight is good liao lor…don’t have to get disturbed by those low EQ monkeys who post those disparaging comments without using the pea brain of theirs…Go Kenny!

  53. wow wow wow, the ‘after’ picture of you really surprised me, you were a bit meaty before (no way condisered fat) but now, oh my gosh, your face looks so thin…and do I see protruding muscles!!! I admire your will power, i will most likely never give up colom mee. Like you with your other hair better though, the one right now makes you loook younger, but also a bit intimidating, with your lnger hair you look like one of those office guys/computer geeks, but now you look like one of those youths that stick their head out the window and yell out something rude…lol

  54. Kenny you look amazing and congrats on the weight loss! Prior to that though, I never thought you were fat. There’s just more of you to love 😉

  55. Merry Christmas! =P
    The rm499 shoe looks cool eh
    maybe u will run better and can run faster with that kind of shoe …
    Happy running..and when is the next marathon ?

  56. it’s not about fat genes, but your lifestyle. Your body seemed stubborn at the beginning thanks to the lifestyle you had for over 20 years.
    But give it time and it will adjust. You can become truly trim and fit, not just stocky and muscular. If you want to.

  57. wow..kenny is so adorable…
    i’m neither thin nor fat..and u know gals which are not super thin is i’m fat…
    i must make a resolution too…and we shall work hard 2gether k..
    all the best!
    p/s: ur pair of adidas shoes is awesome:)

  58. u look real fine. good on u. keep it up.
    rm499 is a bit steep. u can get some good reeboks or something like that at less than rm150 with a good fit, especially during sales season.
    maybe u might want to try some adventure racing or triathlons later?
    some interesting websites :; ;
    real good clean fun with healthful eye candy…

  59. Apart from addicted to Marathon, why dont you try conquer the famous Mount Kinabalu? I’m sure you have a lot of readers in KK (including me!!!). We can help you to arrange for the Mount Kinabalu trip and may be we can climb together. hehe.

  60. Kenny, try not to focus too much on your weight as muscle is 5 times heavier than fat.
    Instead try to keep a record on measurements of your chest, waist, hips and thighs. If they are more toned than before (more nuscular) but you are still on the same weight (more or less) then yeah, you are on the right track. This means you’ve gained more muscle and lost more fat.
    FACT: Muscle burns calories. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn.
    The reason why people gained back the weight they lost so easily is because they mostly lost is water weight, little fat and gained small amount of muscle mass.
    Cardio is all good for burning the fat but include resistance training in your regime too.
    Depending on your diet, I would recommend you take some supplements as well, things like Amino Acids and Protien helps. If you take tons of fish, soy, milk, chicken, eggs (without the yolk) and beef without the trimmings (e.g. sauces) then it’s all good.
    In my line of work I have to know alot about supplments and the workings of the body. I have customers who are totally buffed and fit, weighing at about 80 kg and they consume something like 2 whole roasted chickens and a dozen eggs everyday if they don’t take supplemental protein to keep their muscle mass.
    Note: Yeah be thankful you got the working hours to keep going to the gym on a regular basis. I work long shifts. XD Even when I know all this stuff, I’m FAT! (There I said it so *bleh* hee)
    Go, go, Kenny!

  61. Hey Kenny, regarding what you said about you deserving being fat and it being your disability, I’d like to say that nobody ever “deserves” to be fat, and it should never been seen as a disability. What’s wrong with being bigger than what’s deemed “normal”? It’s how the society stigmatizes such weight issues and I don’t think anyone should let it bother them at all (unless you’re talking about an eating disorder, then it’s a totally different story all together). You are as human as the next person :]
    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re keeping yourself healthy by doing the right things, and good luck for your next marathon!

  62. Hey Kenny, regarding what you said about you deserving being fat and it being your disability, I’d like to say that nobody ever “deserves” to be fat, and it should never been seen as a disability. What’s wrong with being bigger than what’s deemed “normal”? It’s how the society stigmatizes such weight issues and I don’t think anyone should let it bother them at all (unless you’re talking about an eating disorder, then it’s a totally different story all together). You are as human as the next person :]
    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re keeping yourself healthy by doing the right things, and good luck for your next marathon!

  63. So what you are fat or if you are not? How pathetic is that to get your readers to empathize with you! You already know exactly what they gonna say to you.

  64. kenny,
    keep it up! I know how you feel. I was low on my esteem as a kid back in high school as well. Hence, being fat does have its advantage, having friends who befriended you with no shallow motives such as popularity, being able to go through growth abit more emotionally painful than others hance you grew up faster as you overcome each toiling phases loving yourself for who you are.(well, varies from various mindsets & breakthroughs)
    My support to you on the marathon all the way. =) Im losing weight too this days, there’s still a little nudge and teases here and there sayin im big-sized. But, whatever. Cuz i know im healthy and im losing weight. And lookin at the mirror makes me learn to understand, confidence comes from within. “No confidence, no outshine no matter how beautiful/handsome you are.” Sounds like a textbook statement, but when it is imply to a real-life experience, morphing and moulding into who you are today, that simple phrase means a whole lot different on a new level.
    Look forward to seeing you bloggin about another marathon in the near future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007! May you accomplished your life journey by enjoying everydays’ circumstances and task at hands.
    Another simple phrase:
    “A winner never quits, A quitter never wins.”

  65. Hey! Well done! Don’t let those creeps get to you.. Running is definitely a good sport to tonned down the mucle.. dancing is my personal method, but it will depends on what sort of hobbies you have.

  66. hey kenny, i got the nickname ‘ rudolph the red nose reindeer ‘. nearby christmas i will get shoot. Coz my pimples were concentrated on my nose. Hmm.. PITY ME!! haha

  67. looking in great shape mate.
    shows that with attitude, knowledge, application and determination anything is possible.
    no excuses like the typical “fat-bcos-ive-got-bad-genes-god-hates-me” type of people.
    keep it up.

  68. Hi Kenny, I have always been fat myself. Still am and I am working hard to shed the flaps too. I go to the gym 4 times a week but hasn’t seen results after 2 months. Can you give me tips on how you managed?
    Anyway, I just want to say how fabulous you look at 78kg. My goal is something at 75. That’s losing 15kg not sure if it is attainable by end of next year. Will see.
    Cheers and my goal is to run a marathon like you too~! Merry Christmas!

  69. it’s santa, it isn’t photoshop. 🙂
    Jessica, I hope! That’s my target next year. haha!
    desperate addict, thanks! That was really sweet. To be honest, I don’t care about the scars or anything. Hope to see you again next time.
    christopher, there’s a Saberkas RH Marathon that was held end of March this year but I’m not sure if they’re doing it again in 2007.
    Wilson, I think diet plays a big part. Try eating 70% of what you normally eat and take in lots of water. Works for me.

  70. hey buddy,
    i’m chubby (and cute) with big tummy (damn those beers). anyway, the last time i lose weight was the time when i did not eat for 2 weeks due to fever. after that, my weight seems to soar (84 kg now for 172 cm).
    do you have any gym in kch which is affordable (for a student) and comfortable as well? i need to lose weight as well. i don’t think my poor feet can carry my weight anymore. thanx.

  71. Kenny sia! damn man! if anyone calls u fat next time.. tell me. i’ll beat the crap out of dat nolife idiot. im fat too man.. and ur not even fat lah, okay.. ur slim! =)

  72. You lost a lot of weight in a year….am proud of you….wished i had that kind of determination!!!!
    Oh by the way….don’t think that you are fat…i just think that you’re adorable…just nice…cuz i hate skinny guys!!!!

  73. oh dear kenny, im fat too and i totally understand how you feel (worse part is im a girl!) but no one can bring you down except yourself!
    its cliche to say that ‘what matters is within’ but somehow, just be confident and you’ll shine.
    we love you!

  74. Better to be a little overweight than to be skinny and shrivelled up! You look fine, those people have eyesight problems. Continue towards your goal! GO KENNY!(:

  75. My heart froze when I saw you outwardly mention it. Not that I mind you talking about it but it’s just something that has been my burden and soft spot. Hope I’ll gain the courage to meet you soon, too. 🙂

  76. Hey, don’t let those hurtful comments affect you. They were just plain mean; someone has to teach them manners. I don’t see anything wrong with being fat. On top of that, I still respect you even if you’re plump (plump doesn’t = fat) because you actually bothered to do something to shed some pounds unlike some fat people who just whine and whine about how unfair God is for not making everyone slim.

  77. You’re NOT far; you are FUNNY … and a little stewpig to pay so much for a pair of shoes!
    Just kidding kiddo! Trust that you’re feeling much better now.

  78. Hi Kenny, thought I’d share this with you. I was 93kg in June 2006 (I’m 1.7 metres tall). I just couldn’t let myself grow fatter anymore so I decided to start cutting down on food and start exercising. I used the MyPersonalDiet programme on my pocket pc and it helped tremendously. I worked out almost everyday for about one hour on average, alternating between cycling, walking and swimming. As for food intake, I ate about 6 to 7 small meals a day, but still eating the stuff I used to eat. If I used to gorge on a large plate of nasi goreng, now I divide it into 2 or 3 smaller portions to be eaten at 1 to 2 hour intervals. I snacked on fruits and ate more veges. By September 2006, I was 77kg, which means I’ve lost 16kg in about 4 months or so. It was a gradual, safe and healthy lost of weight. I’m taking a break from losing weight (which means I work out less often and eat more) at the moment and plan to start in a wekk’s time and I’m maintaining my body weight at around 77kg. I need to lose at least 5kg to get out of the overweight category but to look really good, I reckon I need to lose another 15-20kg.

  79. hey kenny, not sure if you’ll read this. i understand your suffering with your self esteem but you are NOT FAT! NOT at all, not when you were 86kg and definitely not now at 78. the world is very superficial and constantly puts others down at every chance. you’re handsome and you’re healthy, enjoy your life. we live to eat! take care kenny and may 2007 brings you success, love, joy and happiness!

  80. You’d be surprised by the amount of calories in the average Malaysian meal. Maybe you could try to reduce the amount of carbo and sugar consumed.

  81. set a target, that is to improve your timing for the kl marathon on 18 march 2007. so that you will train hard for it. see u there if u are joining the race, i will be running the half marathon.

  82. oh.. is that why u dont wanna meet up and eat with me no more?? say mah next time the temptation is too much for u… i’ll queitly eat the pork fats behind u.

  83. Hey, great blog! Have been visiting your blog but this is my virgin comment for your blog. Also, u not fat lah.. just big boned! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

  84. ME ! haha you look good now , keep it up man
    i’m fat also … i never loss weight or gain weight just like you ( this is so annoying ! )i’m 49kg now , i want to know the accurate weight for 155cm like me , anybody knows ? i have a treadmill at home and i used it 3 times a week for half an hour , but it’s useless …

  85. How about participating in the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore as well?
    It’s next December. Got an Adidas running jersey in the goodie bag and an exclusive Finisher T-shirt (also by Adidas) as well.

  86. Hey Kenny, for every 1 person who discourages you there are like 10000 others that are supporting you. So don’t feel disheartened!
    Anyway, concerning running shoes probably next time you can try out Asics. They’re good for running but I’m not sure if you can find it in Kuching.

  87. Greetings Kenny ! I appreciate your blogging efforts and I enjoy feeding my curiosity with your blog. Don’t take this remark as an act of contempt. I must admit I raised an eyebrow on your earlier post on female bloggers, in particularly the sarcastic one on XiaXue.
    I believe if I dare say outloud on behalf of female bloggers, your post contents are no less for a regular guy, eg. your birthday party, your shoes, your fats, etc. as compared to XiaXue, a regular female blogger.
    Nevertheless, do keep the humour cap on. =)
    Just me,

  88. hello is that a gym in kuching? pls recommend some gyms in kuching cos there isnt really much places to work out here.. which explains why ppl here are tubby lol!

  89. Hey Kenny dude,
    Ppl dont give a shit that u r fat or what. u r friggin funny and ur blog rox.
    but… putting that aside,
    If you really want to look really really good, u can always come and look me up.
    No charges involved, no crap. Just me, u and a hella lot of determination.
    Im not talking bout looking ‘slimmer’. Im talking about acquiring a beach-worthy body. Maybe not the cover model level but at least an assuming 4 packs.
    3-5 months needed depending on performance.
    just post ur pix here, that’s all i ask in return.
    just mail me when u feel like it. to look really good for once in your life.

  90. hey! kenny,
    u heard of hashing? a very good and effective way of keeping u slim…if u want try ,drop me an email lah..frm kuching too


  92. ehh can see the difference lerr
    dont bother about what those losers wanna sayla they’re prolly geeks who sit at home the whole day lookin for attentionla
    jz chill looks aint everything.
    its about personality 😉
    and trust me it definately is

  93. when i search for keyword kenko diet plum , and i realize the pop blogger Kenny Sia also tried plum diet. Hey~! Kenny,u looks great in the photo of Wikipedia. Unfortunately i just married, ha^^ girls ~let’s grabe The CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2008
    rgds suki

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