My Gallbladder

Today marks 3 months since I last experienced a painful gallstone attack.

Not only did my adherence to a healthy eating keep my gallstone attacks under control, I lost a whopping 11kg in the process.

When I first found out that I had gallstones in my system, every single doctor I met asked me to cut out my gallbladder. They said my gallbladder is a not an important organ and I could live without it.

If I don’t cut it out, I’m gonna continue getting gallstone attacks for the rest of my life.

I may not be the most religious person in the world, but I figured if I don’t need my gallbladder to survive, I wouldn’t have been born with it.

Maybe I should name my gallbladder Gotye.

Now you’re just a gallstone that I used to know!

2 Replies to “My Gallbladder”

  1. So because you don’t want to cut out something you were apparently ‘meant to have in your body otherwise you wouldn’t have been born with it’ you’re going to sacrifice the joy of hanging out with friends over some nice extravagant meals and a few drinks here and there?
    That’s a really good way to lose friends.

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