Malaysia’s National Service Program

I read with interest Jolene‘s account of her life at the Malaysian National Service (NS) training camp. Believe it or not, growing record-breaking armpit hair, camp trainers chasing away ‘evil spirits’, kissing your used sanitary pads as a form of punishment (wtf?) – its all part and parcel of being an NS trainee.

Our very own Jolene Lai, proudly serving the nation as a blue zebra.

When I first heard that Malaysia is about to implement the NS regime, I was very supportive of it. I believe that so long as it’s for a just cause, improving our national security and instilling patriotism in our youths is always a good thing.
I wouldn’t mind being part of the NS program myself because I heard girls think men in uniforms are sexy and I wanted to wear one. I’ve had plenty of friends from Singapore and Taiwan who ranted and raved about what a life-changing experience NS was for them and how they came out in the end a better person.
For many, NS is a rite of passage where the clueless becomes disciplined, the weak becomes strong, the boys become men.

The difference is in the balls.

Unfortunately, as more details emerge, I started to grow skepticism.
For one, the program is only going to benefit 20% of the country’s 17-year-olds (money not enough). Then I learnt that duration of the NS is not 2 years, not even 1 year, but just 3 months (money not enough). THREE PATHETIC MONTHS! Many people have said it – three months ain’t National Service to train boys into men. Three months is summer camp for kids.
How the heck are you going to instill patriotism in just 3 months? These things don’t just grow on trees overnight. Patriotism is something that require the victims to be subjected to lies and deception and propaganda over a long long period of time one, you know?
I reckon the only way they’re able to effectively instill patriotism in the minds of our youths is by using some bizzare mind-control technique.

What really went on behind-the-scenes during NS.

Jolene wrote about having to attend racial integration classes. Its fun and nice and all, but in a way, its also quite sad to see that the country has to resort to programs like these to promote racial harmony among the Chinese, Indians and Malays. I’m no expert, but I do know that forcing cross-cultural interaction in a formal classroom-like environment is about as effective as forcing a chicken and a duck to talk about the latest EPL soccer news.

Its only gonna work during supervised sessions. As soon as that’s over, the Chinese is gonna stick with their Chinese friends and likewise for the other major races. Most of them anyway. For many, a comfortable common language is still a barrier for interaction to take place.
But hey, at least they’re trying.
The biggest joke of all is that the Malaysian National Service isn’t providing any military training at all. Heck, the trainees aren’t even given the chance to handle weapons! All that pretty army uniforms and they don’t even get to hold a gun. What the hell, right? I wonder why the Ministry of Defence is running the program ‘cos all these “racial integration” and “character building” exercises seem more like the Education Ministry’s job.
There are military drills. Its just that at most, the trainees are taught to climb ropes, do monkey bars, and run. But geez, what are these kids gonna do if Malaysia came under attack? Throw sticks at them?

Yes, I feel very safe.

(Just in case there’s any government people reading this who thinks I’m criticising Malaysia’s NS program, I’m not lah ok? I think Malaysia is good, and I agree Badawi is the best thing since Elvis. Yeah, baby.)

– Kimm confronted me today and explained her hostility towards me this past 2.5 months. I didn’t even know I missed an appointment with her until she told me about it. Apparently she had to cancel invitations just to meet up with me and I didn’t even turn up because I had completely forgotten about it, and that was her last straw. Sorry, Kimm. I’m glad that’s all sorted out. 🙂
– Craig David is back and he’s bounced back with a vengeance from that disastrous second album. Make no mistake about it, ‘The Story Goes’ is Craig David’s best yet.

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  1. Oh I so agree with you. I hated the idea of NS from the very start. I didn’t think it would work anyway. It’s not like it’s going to help make us patriotic. They claim that it will get us off out lazy bums.
    3 Months in the Malaysian bush? Good God. >__>

  2. malaysia lah, always like that one.
    see something good want to implement. see rakan muda? other campaign / project? once the heat is over, they forget about it an invest in something else.
    the NS program was implemented in a rush – merely 1-2 years from “whiteboard” to actual camps. this is a project that concerns, what, 70,000 people. at least planning of 3-5 years is necessary!
    look at how many subjects students need to take in school. there’s ‘Moral’ AND ‘Civic studies’ (wtf!? aren’t they the same?) according to the star not long ago, there’s this road safety kids need to learn in primary 1. there’s so many various other things students need to study because the big guys said they have to and it’s good.
    but where how far we going from there?

  3. I do emphatise with the younger generation who have to endure this guinea-pig experiment. Don’t forget the trainers who have to suffer the antiques of both the camp commandants and the trainees.
    Honestly, NS is like PTK, suppose to do you good but were not planned properly. Good framework and concept, but bad implementation. Like having a first-class facility with 3rd world’s maintenance.
    Wonder whether the National Automotive Plan will be the same…

  4. I have no comments on the NS thingy but Kenny, can comment on my blog so that more people will read it? I am kidding! I dont even have a blog that is up and running.

  5. hahaha…
    ur all right…sigh.
    it does suck to be a teen of this current generation/period…lotsa rubbish and shit we have to endure…
    but hey, i’ve heard there’s actually good side’s to the NS thingy…apparently, the subjects…i mean participants…are being paid to just waste their life…
    and that they actually make lotsa good friends and go thru major bonding time…
    and homos wud love the bathroom concept too…
    see, not ALL that bad also…

  6. i’m not really sure NS does anything to instill racial harmony, or even patriotism for that matter. those are things you learn by your life’s experiences, by seeing what your country and constitution stand for.

  7. Pah, yeah, I gotta agree with what you say. 3 months is just too little, and already most of my friends are whining (heck, they even cried) when told that they would have to attend NS training. The school was not in peace that day… teachers would be teaching, students who don’t give a flying fuck would just come in and out of the class crying. That’s the “spirit”! If NS goes on for 1 or 2 years as you said… I guess we can expect some “Student commit suicides upon learning that she was to enrol for NS training” (Err.. I think that is correct.)
    I’m also selected to undergo training next year (form 5 this year). To be honest, I don’t really care about the whole 3 months, save for the first month with all the rope climbing and running and marching crap. Especially marching. The rest 2 months are probably just like vacations. Ah.

  8. hey, just wondering if malaysia’s soldiers are allowed to go home during the weekends? or do they have to serve the entire 3 month periods without going home and stuff?

  9. Giving weapons training to a bunch of kids who is taught to hate one another due to racial backgrounds worries the government.
    They might just shoot at one another! 😛

  10. Hey dude, that camouflage should work pretty good in a computer lab at night..blend in really well with the Microsoft’s blue screen of Death.

  11. haha ehh I went through NS whatttt not tooo bad laaa. maybe just a waste of time a bit laaa. but fun also marrrr. of course, quite useless towards the country’s integration and all that jazz la. but got new friends and money also good right? haha. k.

  12. WTF lah, after reading yor NS in Malaysia, I imagine its just for a real F@$%king sexual intergration as oppose to a social/racial intergration mess. Wah instructors sure ‘see bay siok.’ Chio bu, big neh neh semua boleh…Uugg one semua kena toture. Its only human, I suppose.

  13. I went for NS. The very first batch of all. Siri 1, Kumpulan 1.
    It’s a bleeping waste of time!
    Sure, you make new friends, you get a so-called holiday (until they bring in the FEMALE Tentera Wataniah (who are more MAN than the MEN!!!), then we’re treated like a bunch of juvenile delinquents. You get bleeping yelled at for walking justthismuchslower. It’s 6am in the morning-lah. I don’t leap out of bed and start running! And that was not even the Physical module. That was the Community Service module.
    The Physical module was fun, though restricted (we only got 10 minutes – tops! – in the water, kayaking. The water was only up til thigh deep, and I am SHORT. Lame.).
    Oh, and all that nonsense about curbing the smoking habit? That’s all BS. My friend LEARNT HOW TO SMOKE there. And the fascilitators gladly SUPPLIED cancer sticks. Huh. Some of the ex-army fellas were posing there, puffing away, oblivious to the girls pleading them, “Cikgu, cikgu! Tolong jangan merokoklah…”.
    You wanna talk about money? RM300 is NOTHING. Everyone knows a decent job would easily pay you RM4 onwards per hour. And they said the “allowance” is for those poor kids who could’ve gotten jobs during that time to work to support their family.
    I could go on, but this is not my blog, so…

  14. I was hoping for a six month training after which they will put us in the Territorial Army. Instead, it was three months and social stuff which are not working.
    I’ll join the Pulapes, thank you very much.

  15. This so-called NS program was a no-brainchild of N***b which was intended to help his relatives if not cronies in supplying the uniforms and all those necessities.
    What can one learns in 3 months? I have a friend whose sister was “unfortunately” selected (she wished such luck cud happen on her Magnum 4D bets) and I had a good laugh after hearing her experience. Like what -munz- had shared with us, it’s like going to Disney playhouse. You learn how to cook maggi mee, wash dishes and sing negaraku.
    Nice going N***b! Your relatives and cronies are eternally grateful to you. I think when actual combat comes, the NS instructors will wet in their pants!

  16. Hey Kenny, I too read Jo’s entries on NS and found it very interesting. It sounds like tolerable and she’s coping well. But the other day I came across this site . I read her entry, a very long one and she detailed how it was torturous there till it made her leave. Interesting read, totally totally different from Jolene’s account of NS. Poor girl.

  17. ALL the politicians raving about how successful and well-received the NS is; it’s splashed all over the newspapers and tv. Even after, disasters like girl leaving camp with instructor and getting raped/molested, girl trainees leaving with fake uncles and not returning to camp and the poor girl with such a bad outbreak of a skin condition (conveniently blamed on pre-existing lupus).
    ALL mainline (government-owned or government-linked lah) newspapers give glowing reports of how everybody ENJOYED their stint in NS. Maybe they should read the comments in blogoshpere instead.
    What a waste of money and time for a jaunt in summercamp.

  18. But you guys have a regular army right (as in they go to the toilet regularly and eat their fibers?). I hear they’re as big as Singapoop’s reserves and standing army.
    I suspect when it come down to war, it’ll be like scissors, papers, stone or something. Why the F**K would I shoot at a perfectly good Malaysian? Someone has to fuel the Singaporean economy. We need bus drivers, mailmen, engineers, lawyers, architects, odd job laborers, freeloaders and bums… And the Bangladeshi workers sure as hell aren’t going to provide us with the bulk of it.
    (Note: All tongue in cheek)

  19. its a scam.
    remember this guy that was supposed to do the catering? each victim was given 15 bucks for food in one day. he only used 9.
    EH? 6 GO WHERE LE?
    i guess i’d like to go only for boot camp. other than that, stuff it. i love my country enough. i love every other race.

  20. NS sounds like National Submission. oh.. what a waste of tax payer’s money. France used to have NS for a year. I guess they figured out that it was just a waste…

  21. it wouldn’t have been so bad if they just admitted up front that it’s a ‘brain-washing/lets-waste-taxpayers-money-national-plan’ than to call it NS. So malu-fying for us citizens to tell other ppl abt our NS while they laugh at the stupid idea.
    my sis got stuck in that a yr back, and besides the usual complaints abt the lame-ass national-unity-propaganda, she did highlight that NS was where u could really see how bad the disparity is between the rich/educated and the poor/uneducated in m’sia. Kids from all backgrd end up there, but can’t communicate well with each other. The poor & underprivileged can’t even speak Malay/English after dropping out of school, while some of the rich continue to act snobbish. So much for national unity huh? THink the money would probably be better spent if it’s put into fixing the public school system than making kids camouflage against the sky in their blue zebra outfits.

  22. LOL that final picture is a classic.
    yeah NS has it’s merits, but for all the character building, racial integration that it is meant to carry out, it’s just marred with too many flaws to be considered effective.
    my dua sen’s worth.

  23. just a thought.. what would make NS better? besides turning it into a 2-3 year thing like singapore and letting the kids use guns (they throw chairs at each other and beat each other till they bleed already.. imagine if u gave them guns…). all this saying it is stupid and not saying what could be done to make it better is so… (for want of a better word) malaysian…..

  24. The pic which shows the different bfore NS and after NS,at the very first glance,i actualy tot the different is from dick turns it2 ass. Help,i nd 2 get myself a new pair of specs! =p

  25. I’ll like to point out to everyone here that Singapore has been running racial integration programmes ever since we were young. So maybe that’s the direction it should go rather than to start so late in life.
    But Singapore still does have its fair share of racial discrimination, so we’re not that perfect as well. But we’re probably the only ones in the world to have so many religions and people staying under one roof and not complain MUCH about it.

  26. no guns? count me out 🙂 I wonder what this is supposed to achieve? since Kenny has pretty much said what any ordinary person would immediately realize about racial integration classes…. and I don’t see significant “service” for Malaysia going on there.
    Well intentioned, though.
    Pretty much all I can say about it.

  27. heheh. i went for ns. it wasn’t too bad at all at my time. i still think it’s a huge waste of time and money but at least i didn’t suffer or anything (enjoyed it in fact). it seems like the batch now is going through a much harder time. jolene’s coping well though, i know her and she’s the kinda person who can adapt in any kinda situation. but imagine if the person going through all that is not as strong willed i think NS will only make them have a grudge against the country for forcing them into it.

  28. yesss yesss i just wanna say yess men in uniform (army uniform not civil defence uniform hor) are SO HOT!! yummy.
    dat said – no offence but the malaysian blue zebra stripes one is just…

  29. Ah…NS, brings back memories. Got chosen last year but deferred and went early this year.
    It was an experience. The first few weeks was hell. But it got better later. I agree with those who say tat NS didnt really achieve it’s purpose. It’s rather sad to have to “stage” racial harmony.

  30. my bro was in the 2nd batch (last year). at first he doesnt really enjoy but after the whole process… he thought that NS is kinda cool.
    so i think everything has it good and bad sides..

  31. i still think de NS is a stupid idea…cuz i’m one of de unlucky chosen one..arGh..asking a ger to go for such thing..idiot. but i ask for defer..hope de govt forget abt mi..

  32. Without NS, what are the chances that you will get to hold a real gun or weapons of sort? I was a police cadet during my secondary school days (many decades ago) and the highlight of the entire stint has to be the opportunity to dismantle and re-assemble of the M16 riffle.
    I agree that 3 months may seem wee short but anything more than 6 months may have significant impact to one’s life.

  33. Spectrakia, Malaysia’s NS is unlike S’pore one lah. They don’t get to hold any guns. For guys, the closest to it would be his own gun while taking a piss!

  34. Heh…very hard to take this NS program a little seriously…especially when other countries’ training and compulsory military conscription includes Basic Weapons training.
    That might actually shock our boys into taking training seriously. 🙂
    Btw, nice find on that forest-camouflage MARPAT, kenny.

  35. aiseh. it’s a good thing that i didn’t get chosen for it last year, otherwise the government might need another knee jerk reaction to some random problem. i’m very much the heretic/revolutionist/visionary type, which is cool surrounded by a bunch of dissatisfied thralls, i mean comrades. IF ns had done what is was supposed to (i mean the real reason, not the given reason, namely to make mindless conscripts), then it would be a fertile ground for revolution. wouldn’t that be cool? i’d rename the country to the land of the pale pink pansies.

  36. Jibai ah KennySia…
    Why do u have to mention about man’s testis in most of your blog?
    Do u have one big one small ball?
    or are u so proud of your gigantic balls that they make loud noise flapping at your thigh each time you masturbate? Kenny Ah Ma Bo Ka Si Ball Lang Jiao!

  37. hey i totally agree with u on the NS shit. Its totally useless and a big waste of money. looking on the bright side, our country is a “safer” place now.

  38. hey i totally agree with u on the NS shit. Its totally useless and a big waste of money. looking on the bright side, our country is a “safer” place now.

  39. I’ve gone to a school where there is only one other Chinese in my class (and a total of 8 non-malays in the whole form). So, naturally had a lot of Malay ‘friends’. Unfortunately, there will always be a barrier in my friendships with them of a racial nature. If Malaysia really wants racial intergration, all they need to do is give us non-Bumis equal rights. Also, this NS sounds like Outward Bound School that I went when I was 13 (but longer period and with the ‘intergration’ stuff).

  40. OH, forgot to ask. WHY in the world are the uniforms BLUE? better target practice in the jungle? Or are they supposed to head for the antartica sometime soon?

  41. singaporean boy here, waiting for my NS letter, just that my Malaysian fren which is a PR here choose to do national service in singapore(2 years), instead of going for low-class unprofessional OBS for 3months, guess that will tell also about the malaysia national service, which i think you all got to admit just plain sucks

  42. IMHO, NS is just another “brilliant” plan of someone up there to make their work look good, just like our ever-changing education syllabus and exponentially-dropping quality of education and other shit.
    As far as I’m concern, apart from mamak and great food, I’m done with M’sia and out of here as soon as I can, for the sake of my kids in the future. The last thing I want is for my kids to get the same sort of “equal” treatment like I did all through school times…
    Some might think this sort of thinking is anti-patriotic… call me an ungrateful ba$tard or whatever lah… but there’s just too much crap to endure anymore… Lost case liao…

  43. don’t you know that the ns is design so to create a contract for a ‘company’ to supply uniform and guess if the ‘company’ has anything to do with someone from the defense ministry…..another conspiracy theory

  44. If you too many complainment about Malaysia.
    Ayoo friend please la don’t stay here. ….
    You can go and live in Iraq or Afghanistan or Better place is GRAVE…….

  45. First thing first..I love Kuching, I love Malaysia.
    Jason, you didn’t say anything nice other than telling ppl to go to h**l. Pls go bang the dunny doors, thks.
    Yes they should improvise the NS make it better you know.
    Malaysia is not so poor la. There are some nice things said about the defense of Malaysia, I shall quote it here:
    “April 17, 2005: The Malaysian military is a force that is rapidly gaining combat capability. This country, while smaller than Indonesia, spends $1.69 billion a year on a military that is very high quality compared to its larger neighbor. This spending is roughly twice the spending as a portion of GDP when compared to Indonesia’s $1 billion budget. What has it bought? The answer is that Malaysia has a pretty capable force.
    The Royal Malaysian Army has 80,000 personnel, organized into four combat divisions. Equipment includes 48 PT-91 tanks, a Polish variant of the T-72, with smoke grenades and a laser-warning system, plus 14 support versions (recovery vehicles and vehicle-launched bridges). Malaysia also has about 180 SIMBA vehicles with 90mm guns, 25 Scorpion light tanks, 400 German Condor APCs, 100 Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and about 200 Adnan IFVs (a version of the Turkish Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Malaysia’s artillery includes a number of modern systems (18 ASTROS rocket launchers, 28 G5 howitzers from South Africa, and 15 FH 70 howitzers) and over 200 105mm lightweight howitzers. This force has often taken part in UN peacekeeping missions, and also took part in the 1993 firefight in Mogadishu (one Malaysian soldier was killed). The Malaysian military has also conducted exercises with the U.S. Army. This is a reasonably well-trained force, capable of holding its own in a fight. It is particularly effective in jungle warfare.
    The Royal Malaysian Navy is small, but very modern. The backbone of this force are five frigates, two Lekiu-class frigates (with Seawolf surface-to-air missiles and Exocet anti-ship missiles), two Kasturi-class frigates (with Exocet anti-ship missiles), and the old frigate Rahmat. Malaysia is adding a number of more modern vessels. It acquired four missile boats from Italy (originally built for Iraq) equipped with Otomat anti-ship missiles and Aspide surface-to-air missiles to go with eight smaller missile boats equipped with Exocet. It also is assembling two MEKO A-100 patrol ships and building at least four more (some reports indicate the class could be as large as 27 ships total) to go with the two Musytari-class patrol ships. Malaysia is also in the process of acquiring two French Scorpene-class submarines. Malaysia is also looking into the purchase of additional frigates. This is a very potent force, one that outclasses Indonesia’s, and is getting better.
    The Royal Malaysian Air Force is rapidly modernizing. Malaysia has purchased 18 Su-30MK fighters, 14 MiG-29Ns, 8 F/A-18D Hornets, and 18 Hawk 208s. These modern aircraft far outclass Indonesia’s, and have relegated Malaysia’s 13 F-5E/F Tigers and 30 A-4PTM Skyhawks to reserve. Malaysia’s force is about the same size as Indonesia’s, but it is much more modern. This gives Malaysia an edge over its larger neighbor, and places it on par with Singapore’s Air Force (which has a large number of F-16C/D Falcons).
    Malaysia’s military is turning into one of the more technologically advanced forces in Southeast Asia. This force is also very professional, and while it has turned to conscription, it is one of the better forces in Southeast Asia. It has often carried out peacekeeping missions, including East Timor and Kosovo. This force is trending upwards and will be a tough one to defeat in battle. – Harold C. Hutchison (”

  46. Late comer to this blog.Dun really wan 2 talk about NS. But Jason’s knowledge bout our military toys quite impressive. Care to share more? If u know more..

  47. Hmm… I would be glad if Malaysian government spent the NS funding to provide RMAF pilots 200+ hours of flying time a year or acquire some Kidd class ship…

  48. I was in the first NS batch of the country. Its fun and all but whatever goes on in camp is never told outside. When there were riots in camp and they brought soldiers in, harsh punishments were dished out. Some guys who didn’t attend classes had to do push-ups on tarmac, some had to hug fire hydrants and roll around on tarmac as well. The media never got wind of this though. The implementation was NS wasn’t planned properly before it was carried out.

  49. diaoz, it’s army. army should and must be harsh to instill discipline. why waste money training ppl in the name of racial harmony? if they wanna recruit ppl thru NS they should do it well – the harshest discipline in the most humane way. life is not a bed of roses when you have to be out there fighting for your country.

  50. What i see from my friends, my siblings as they were chosen to go for NS were so toturing and suffering. But you know what, after 3 months, they was like kept hugging each other, and my sister even went back to the camp to sleep there because she and her friends miss the life there!!!! so i think once you adapt it, it will be real nice to participate NS. I wish to be chosen but i dont have the chance.

  51. NS — wasted time and money. Just a 3months, what can we really learnt. The food is bad, the drink is dirty and smell. Why are all Malay Commander and Trainer?? That’s not fair.
    Why the government don’t use the money to help the poverty problems in our country?

  52. i attend it b4… well i did manage to get along wif other races even out of the class ( we all human k?), but seriously the whole programme talk crap. i join the youth cadet in school b4 i say ns training is much more ezier than anything i undergo b4 (as a prove, i gain weight (8kg) and waist (4 inches) and lost my muscle(coz all the crap food)

  53. come.what’s this sh* think NS is good? but tell you something….it sucks and horrible…i will never go there..anymore…this thing is bad and it wasted ppl’s times…if you give one more chance..tell you wat i will not live in M’sia just stay in much more better….

  54. i was on ns last 5 months n its a great use gun n all well its gonna take a time,n little by little the program is improve.yes,u may use some bizzare mind-control technique to instill patriotism(if u got one),but d thing is,d govt still trying to help us teenagers rite??who said its a waste of time??rather than not chosen n just doing nothing at home,not to mention some of u here talking crap like u can come out with better idea than ns.for 3 months n not enough money..huhhh..i think y’all just nvr wanna say ‘Malaysia Boleh’ out loud..

  55. I hate NS to my core~~~ It was just z waste of my time and money!!!! Please stop doing stupid things that will make a fool of the country!

  56. NS = SUCKS !
    At first i thought it just some entertaiment tat our good country provide to it’s kids but since so far i heard dam lot cases cause in it….i start thinking ”the game is just not for kids is for adults”
    and soon i getting nervous n so…..OH MY GOSH !! i got tis adults gaming(means i got NS)…..
    Nothing much i wil just running after it n act like ”I hate tis game”…..So,anyone there is experience escaping NS giv me some clues n hope all coming generation kids can save life in tat sucking game.NS = sucks,ns = sucks !!

  57. now, they are thinking to extend it to 1-2 years ! Fucking hell ! Parenets do not send their kids to NS to get hurt, raped, molested or even worst, to die. someone must be benefiting in a big way from the NS program.

  58. a lot of people doed in NS.Its not safe at all.why should we get torture when we contribute so much to the contry.? all our money are used to invest in our death? malaysia? HAHA

  59. Hmmm…having read all said and heard what’s mention all over the media and news and among my political friends. I’d say by extending another 2 more years they might as well give us our own private rooms and bathrooms, agood television set, a good Play Station 3 Console/ Game Cube/ X Box 360 and a high speed computer with great graphics card allong with couple of best selling games every month or maybe a model to have sex with since the only guns we can hold are our natural pistols. If not just forget about the idea of extending it to two years after all the minister’s own sons and daughters never have the need to attend it and all the spoild are the ones dominant over there.
    Then again, remain a question do they actually to host that huge ammount of people-people coming in, existing people and leaving soon people? And what are we going to do during the additional time? Fuck eachother and all be homos? I bet yer Elton John is gonna like that there. Seriusely, by extending the program the effects would not be any different as they make no room for improvement by making it any more life like. I mean at least give us some paintball gun activity or some out door deer hunting, parachuting, dismentaling and reassembling course, or motorvehecle raparing course. I mean come on we just learn text book stuff and you expect us to fight the enemy reciting the Rukun Negara or Singing Patriotic Songs? People just say that we are good to avoid directly humiliating us, if one have the skin and cheek to accept what people say without thinking on how to improve it further then that person must be a total retard.
    Not to say I’m anti-everything this country does but the corrution, the thick headedness and the “new broom sweep clean” mindset has got to go. Give me this country for one day and I’ll show you what a man can do with it. Morning would be public display of brutal exercution on peoples who fail in running this smoothly, afternoon would be the “cleansing” of the country where the military and the police department would be literally picking up trash on the steets (Those who fail to obey would be excecuted)(This goes on for 10 months so that those who are in capable are gotten rid off). In the mean time, I will have our country’s constitution and law ammended. And yeah, there will be more casino, less haze and no more haze creating “Neighbours” well, through using some balistic and some of our storage Fuel Bomb to “Negotiate” with them. In the evening, if every soldier or police man do a great job then there’s some free show and some drinks. Life in the country goes on as usual except for the KPC people who loves meddling around and giving comment for their own interest. Well, if such is found and their reason not valid, I’ll gladely have an excecution (The law calls it manslaughter) there and then itself infront of everyone to give them a reason to KPC about.
    Sure it sounds gothic, gruesome and cruel, but hey the world is never a lovey dovey place…at least not for me. Then again, it is for the good of the people and country, that’s what politics is for “form the people, to the people.” and that laws are mean to be change “for the people and the balance of harmony of the country.”. If my action is not taken, do you think people would unite under all the nonsensecal Article in The Constitution and Law? The answer…NO. Therefore, changes are to be made, opinions are welcome but if anything comes in between. Well it is adios to it. So if there’s a chance and when I am elected some how, these are the event everyone is going to witness. Me deprive of love you say? Ask yourselves is there such feeling of love felt in a political world? The answer…NO. People just use you then dispose you when you are no longer needed.
    To Kenny, nice jokes all together, but for the balls part I don’t think that anyone’s balls the size of an elephant’s.
    By the way, for those who came late Jolene’s blog’s account on National Service has been taken down due to certian reasons.

  60. Crazy!& all thats happen after NS,are girls getting raped by their officers,missing people,more missing people.

  61. lies and deception and propaganda grows patriotism???interesting..
    when malaysia’s under attack, no. they’re not gonna throw sticks. they’re gonna impress the enemies speechless with their monkey bar skills so much so they’ll surrender..”wow…we can’t climb monkey bars like they do..nothing like Malaysian Monkey-bar-climbing..” got the picture?

  62. I think the NS started by the Malaysia govt is a good start. Its a big step and requires a lot of coordination, cooperation, initiatives and hardword and understanding from the people, govt agencies and staffs running it. Defence of a nation lies in the hands of its people too. Ministry of Defence must take the lead and the people must support all initiatives. South East Asian nations are fast becoming attractive to big powers to extend their influence and due to that they can be subjected to being bullied. I think the think tank of Malaysia defence are thinking far ahead with the introduction of National Service. A good thing indeed!

  63. Malaysians must know..the natural resources of Malaysia are the envy of many nations..Malaysia has everything..from tin, timber, natural gas, oil, agriculture and various industries..

  64. I agree that the reports coming out of NS is bad (and sometimes scary), but I don’t think they will stop the program. That being said, what can the government do to make NS improve its image? Because now, a lot of people have negative image of it – and that is no way to build patriotism. To love your country you must first like it…

  65. everything in ns sucks. my friend got to experience for 3 days if not mistaken. she found some lizard poop on her plate. gross. wats with the shared bathing btw?not all of us r gltb. enough facilities, parents dont worry, thats what i read in newspapers today. what bullshit. some of my seniors dislike msia n the gov more after ns. ns:patriotic? LOL. they fleeing to other countries, particularly sg

  66. wtf is with ns?????? cant the gov realise it did nothing much except wasting most of our time and money? i would much rather the gov use the money to help the poor! like what ‘yeah’ said, people end up hating msia and the gov more after the horrible experience, and im one of them. i was unlucky to get chosen for ns 2 years ago. i dont want to describe what ive experienced. FUCK SCREW NS

  67. Contrary to my belief, my friends have put on weight instead of losing it during the national service programme. They explained that they took five to six meals which were the breakfast, morning tea-break, lunch, afternoon tea-break, dinner and supper in the training camps daily. However, they commented that the food is unappetizing and as a result some of them ‘learned’ to throw away the food. Rather than eating the food, they cook themselves instant noodles such as Maggie Mee and Indomie, you name it.malasyia boleh…semua pun boleh xP

  68. not only death but also bully, rape, abuse, etc.
    what racial unity? my friend who was a chinese kena bully like fuck by malays in a camp thats filled with malays.

  69. Bullying is rampant in ns camps. I know because I was one of the ‘fortunate’ 17 year old to be chosen for national service last year. Patriotism in 3 months? If that were possible, beauty queens won’t still be citing “world peace” as their main agenda after all these decades. It’s funny how our politicians wax lyrical about racial harmony and such when they continue to brandish the keris in our faces as well as bring up the sacred constituiton card every single time they’re cornered. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other races. I just find it irritating that our hypocritical politicians seem to act as though the problem of racial harmony has nothing whatsoever to do with them, when they continue to endorse economical apartheid.
    Gee, I wonder if the ISA will get me for this.

  70. hello there, I’ve tried it n I hate it. After attending it for 3 wasted months, I sunk into depression for 2 years..thanks to ns. NS thaught me nothing but to sleep anytime, anywhere. I can sleep 24/7, and anywhere even when I’m standing, cool isn’t it? Once again, I would like to thank ns for training me to be able to sleep.

  71. Hi guys. I’m a Singaporean here, and I have to say I do feel sorry for you guys. Imagine paying your own government to teach you propaganda they don’t even abide by, to spread disease and illness to you, to rape you and perhaps eventually kill you…
    Well take heart in the fact that it lasts only three months… In Singapore here, it’s two years. Kinda sucks because only guys in SG have to go and get themselves tortured, frankly the Singaporean government has always been more lenient towards the female sex. I would probably rather be in malaysia and be picked for this because at least it would feel more fair with girls having to go for it too. Here in Singapore our NS time of two years severely retards our opportunity to get higher qualifications and also for career development, and meanwhile the gals are all slacking it out, or using the time to further their education. Also, I find it totally unfair that the Singaporean government allows caning for male criminals, even underage delinquents, but not for the females, no sir. It is totally unreasonable; Girls here are allowed to get away with things much longer than guys are.
    All I’m saying is that Singaporean GUYS don’t have too good a deal either; the girls are given a 2 year headstart to get higher qualifications and further their careers, and meanwhile they laugh at us while we get torture. If it’s any consolation at all…

  72. I wish my parents would get a job offer far far away to someplace like australia right after I got my qualifications and before I entered NS… I would run away to a better future!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Singapore very much as my country, but the sexist thing has got to stop. Not many people here, or anywhere at all, realise or complain about it, but the fact is there is preferential treatment for girls under the law… If I ever become a minister, even a small one, I swear this is the first thing I would want to change.

  73. Do you people know that some of the people join the NS programme and died at there?
    More than 10 person died at the NS programme.
    I think the government should scrap this programme. If you don’t know about it, you can read yesterday’s The Star newspaper and search for it.

  74. really agree of what you people think !
    scrap it off LAH is the gov thinking?
    im 17 yeard old this year
    i might be chosen to join NS next year
    hope im not that ‘fortunate’ to be chosen >_>
    dirty water, shared bathroom, ‘yucky’ foods
    i cant imagine how my life would be after the 3 suffering months i might have to go through
    depression for the rest of my life i guess

  75. I wish I was chosen and witness it myself.. I hear interesting stories from my friends .. maybe it’s not so bad… but they should not call it the NS camp.. cuz it’s more like giving those 17 year old an exposure especially to those teens that only know how to scream when there’s a cockroach(like me hehehehehe) somehow it sounded more like the leadership camp i went…

  76. wah, hate ns so much i dono wat to write..
    Msai (or msia) govt tooooo kiasu to scrap this shit off. wats wrong is wrong la. Scared ppl say they fail e project izit?
    Tell u(msia govt) wat! U already FAIL.
    oh ya, this is msia, not china.. we cant afford to lose so many ppl?

  77. i guess all im reading about are what crap ns really is
    i tink its really only one side story
    because those who actually learnt something from ns are NOT GONNA WASTE THEIR TIME slamming their own country n its effort to make malaysia a better place to live
    i mean sure the program dont really worked out
    but at least they tried!
    u guys are so funny
    sitting in front of ur computer and talk shite bout ur own country n dont do anything to make it better
    n u blame others who tried

  78. I don’t know. From what I’ve read, it looks pretty bad? This is an old article, but some of it still applies today.
    I’m worried – not only for myself though. I might not have to go, I’m only 16 this year but I’ve got friends who are cheering for joy because they didn’t get chosen and others who are frantically devising a way to get out of it.
    This scares me.

  79. fuck ns la, screwed up program. ppl not so free for their deadbed program. go college more important than dying in a shithole. lolll isa gonna catch me for this? -.-

  80. This NS program was initiated by that shaitan Tun M, so don’t expect it’s for the betterment of the country.
    Looking at the army, navy, air force, we know what is going on.
    What is the real intention of this NS? Don’t you think is obviously understood?
    This shaitan Tun M (mother fucker)is a racist bastard with black soul , so is this NS.
    This mother fucker Tun M (M for masturbation himself 5 times a day) would not be at the site because when he came out, it would be his carcass ridden with NS bullets.

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