U mad?


Drug smuggling and weapons trafficking from your RM3 cigarettes

They say you can buy a pack of cigarettes for RM3 all over Malaysia.

Poster-Anti Illicit Smoking.jpg

Considering the average price of cigarettes are usually RM10 to RM12, it goes without saying that these RM3.00 cigarettes are probably illegal.

Heck, we all know cigarettes are bad, but illegal cigarettes are badder-er.

These are smuggled into the country without duty paid stickers. Not only do they carry unimaginative names such as John, Canyon and Luffman, they are also the works of criminal syndicates.

If buying illegal cigarettes just a case of enriching one or two fat taukeys to pay for their China dolls, maybe it isn’t quite so bad.


The problem here is that the sale of illegal cigarettes have been linked to funding criminal syndicates who are also involved in drug smuggling and weapons trafficking. Yeah I know, smuggling cigarettes may look innocent enough, but its links to greater crimes has far more sinister societal implications. Cigarette smuggling provides a lucrative form of funding for criminal syndicates because of its high demand and low risk. It’s worth it to smuggle cigarettes because the law enforcement of it is piss weak. And the penalties for getting caught are piss weaker.

Well, when the buying stops, the crime stops too. If you come across any smuggled cigarettes in your neighbourhood such as John, Canyon and Luffman, go ahead and report them to the Customs Department at 1800 888 855.

And stop supporting those damn criminals!

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  1. Re the statement about “China dolls”, this is not a criticism of Kenny, but it is not as harmless as the above post seems to suggest.
    The “China dolls” phenomenon is actually human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of women.
    Human trafficking generates even more dirty money for criminals. It is even more profitable than drug-trafficking and gun-running. A trafficked woman gets sold again and again (as sex workers, slaves, etc) repeatedly until she is so physically damaged that she is un-sellable and thus worthless to the human trafficker.
    Please think about that the next time you notice a sex worker or GRO etc and please do not support the criminals’ business.

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