Life as a Fugitive

Today, my blog was discovered by my brother. He googled my name and found out my site.
Not good.
What I get later is a 30 minute rant disguised as a friendly advice, littered with words like ‘privacy’ and ‘family’ and ‘competitors’.
For those who do not understand what the fuss is all about, my family is a high profile family in Kuching trying to keep a low profile. Obviously they do not appreciate being thrown into the public limelight.
Although I started based on impulsive decision, I did think through possible consequences of putting myself on the online realm. I figured if people want to know what I look like, all they need to do is search for my name in Friendster and that sepia photo of me striking a pose will pop up. That’s provided they know my name. Why go through all the measures of “hiding” yourself like a fugitive. If people are smart enough, they can get any piece of information they want by any means necessary. Even high profile entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs (Macintosh) or John Carmack (iD Software) keep blogs.
In terms of respecting the family’s privacy, I took measures. I never mentioned the names of my family members, and I never mentioned the name of family business. So in case anyone googled, say, my father’s name, my blog won’t show up. Sure, if people googled “Kenny”, this blog would pop up. Then again, that’s provided they know my name in the first place. Even so, what I wrote here are things that I am happy to share with anyone. I am not ashamed of what I write, including the crude ones like the UCB Condom experiments and the Moan Tone. I tell crude jokes all the time, and if people want to judge me for that so be it.
Heck, I didn’t even put Nicole’s picture up on my blog because she requested not to.
I would like to think that I have control of my own privacy. I would like to think that I have control on how much or how little I want to tell people. For example, I will not tell people the size of my penis (its gigantic btw). I would never reveal any company secrets. I would never reveal my home address or anyone’s phone numbers. Try going to and query my site – you get nothing.
I would like to also think that I respect other people’s privacy. I will never put up unflattering photos of people without first seeking permission. I am not ashamed of putting my father’s picture up, because I am not ashamed to be known as his son.
Right now, my parents do not know about the existence of this blog. One thing for sure, if they knew, this blog is going down. So below are the counter measures I have thought through to protect this site.

  • Deny all Malaysian IP visitors to this site. Sorry everyone! Obviously not, 90% of my friends are in Malaysia.
  • Block my site off Google permanently. Allow no search engine to crawl my site. Therefore losing the ability to gain new visitors.
  • Bask in the limelight of Google, but use a pseudonym instead of my real name. So instead of being known as Kenny, I shall be known as Kenny Sim. 🙂
  • Stop blogging about my personal life, and start blogging about some mundane things instead, like book reviews. It will be like Mum-Mum, but for books. And the web address will be changed to Watch, as my readership free fall.

This is bloody ridiculous. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it naturally when the time comes. Meanwhile, if you do happen to log onto one day and find that it no longer exist – you know what happened, and I apologise in advance.

10 Replies to “Life as a Fugitive”

  1. hi kenny, glad to know u r continueing to blog. it is a dilemma everyone one blogs comes up with sooner or later. to remain anonymous and not blog stuff pertaining to family and friends or to be open about it and take what comes. when that day comes and u have decide to shut this blog down to go anonymous with another, thanks for inviiting us to have a peek into ur life and thoughts. i take my figurative hat off to any blogger who simply be himself and not mind what comes.

  2. Hi Kenny! My surfer instincts has brought me to your webpage..haha! The first honest blog that doesn’t talk about clubbing and daily routines(no offense to those who do..:P )that I’ve read..
    Sorry to hear that you have to leave Perth..Nicole must be very do seem to have a very interesting life..either that or you made it look interesting!
    Keep on writing..because I’m now a convert!
    PS-I wish I’ve got brains like yours, that way, I don’t need to waitress my ass off…

  3. haha all my sis have blogs. but thank god non of them i hope put the family name in too. u know how nosy malaysians can get when they wanna play dirty.
    dont u just hate it at times when we cant be ourselves backhome.
    ‘dont dress like that’
    ‘dont go out with too many boys’
    ‘dont go drinking too much, not nice if ppl know’
    i guess what our parents created back home, we just have to live with it. kinda sucky aint it.
    mmm 9 inch really? haha

  4. Don’t you hate that? God, my family is actually also a very high profile one trying to keep it on the low (we live in Brisbane)I feel u man

  5. Anthony – I know I know. I want people to know about this blog, but I don’t want some people to discover it. But heck, I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings or telling anything that’s not already public knowledge. So I’ll just continue doing what I do.
    Hsin – 9 inches? Pfft… you underestimated me. 😉
    Kher Ying – You nosy chick! Please do keep coming and keep commenting and I’ll keep writing. And my brain is no better than yours lah… I sure do wish I have one quarter of your photography skills. So at least I would have some artistic photos to put up, instead of those staring at the camera and smile sort of pics.
    Chrissie – Its the whole ‘face’ value thing lah. Kuching people love to gossip. But if I were to judge myself, I don’t think I went overboard in revealing my private info or anything. I’m not perfect, but people who gossip about me should know that they are not perfect either.
    And you know what? Saying “sucky” and “mmm” and “9 inch” in the same post can be quite misleading. 😉
    Beck – I guess I can’t blame them. They’re just trying to take precautions after learning what Paris Hilton did for her family’s reputation.

  6. Kenny, grow out of it, I think you are old enought to not let your family run your life.
    Nice blog, keep it up, say whatever you want, do whatever you. It’s your life.

  7. WHAT? I just discovered this great blog and you want to shut it? No way, marn. I like to believe that we should express what we think. Keep it going!

  8. hey kenny… just happen to drop by your blog. anyway pretty interesting how you manage to block yourself from google and other stuff. as my sister chrissie say its preeety sucky that most malaysian ppl are nosy!! i hate it. so you got to give me the secret on how you block yourself off the google and yahoo.
    and i agree that if someone wants to find out something bad or good about you they will try all means anyway.

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