(A Very Lousy) Lee Hom Heroes On Earth Concert Review

Return flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur: RM150
Accommodation in Bukit Bintang: RM130
Tickets to watch Lee Hom live in concert: RM138

Have your camera battery died on you 30 seconds before the show starts: PRICELESS!
Despite returning without even a single photo of the actual concert, I gotta say I find myself thoroughly entertained by this Chinese-American singer. Though I paid good money to go to his concert, I am not by any measure a crazed fan of Lee Hom, which is why sitting next to an auntie screaming like a 15-year-old schoolgirl the whole night through felt kinda weird.
Worst, the auntie looked scarily like my high school teacher.
Lee Hom belted out classics after classics, showcasing his incredible talent in guitar, piano, violin, drums, a traditional Chinese instrument called “er hu”, and even thrown in a surprise in the form of JJ Lin much to the delight of the 25,000 strong crowd packed to the brim at Bukit Jalil stadium this past Chap Goh Meh.

The closest thing I have to a photo of Lee Hom in concert – his shadow.

From a guy who’s not even a big fan of Lee Hom, I must say I’m very impressed.
If only I had the photos to show you guys.

Thanks to the guys at DiGi who invited minishorts and myself to share our blogging experiences at your totally cool headquarters at Subang Hi-Tech this past Tuesday. I thought I’d be cooked alive because of the Prepaid Wars entries that I wrote a while back, but I never felt more like welcomed.
Wish there would be more companies out there that will encourage their employees to blog.

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  1. Ehh, kenny, too bad no pics this time! Yaloh, nowadays the aunties very different from 10 years ago! Age is in the mind only! Maybe some one else can send some pics for you!

  2. aw mannn…….WASTED NIA!! Would love to see what you would have commented if u had pics *crossing fingers that somebody will upload the concert in youtube! -_-

  3. woah.. so nice.. its LEE HOM’s CONCERT!! u get to see him live!!!! i dun care if i can’t see him, if i can’t hear him.. havin him jus metres and not KMs away satisfies me enough!!!!! love wang lee hom!!!

  4. Initially I thought the (A very lousy) ==> was a pointer to the Lee Hom concert, and I was ready to be mad at you.

  5. Sad that you didnt have pics. I was given free tics to go (same level as yours), twice, but couldn’t find the time to go. Next time I guess

  6. I heard it’s good. But unfortunately, the one that I went to in Genting like.. last year (or 2 years ago?) wasn’t good. I was actually yawning away (gosh!). No thanks to the bad sound system cuz’ I can’t hear what he was saying or singing. It would have been good if the sound system was good.
    I’ve paid RM350 for a concert, sitting at the 1st ROW!… only for my camera to be confiscated by the organiser.. shish! paid so much and I can’t take a picture (but managed to snap a real nice one .. very clear.. and up close before that).
    So, kenny, they didn’t check your bag for your camera?

  7. OMG!!!.. u were there kenny? i was there too..am dead tired now having to wake up so early to come to work.. and you actually can go back, and blog abt it? thats like less thn even less thn 12 hours after the concert.. *salutes kenny*

  8. Wow YOu actually can fly to KL, go for a concert fly back to Kuching, blog bout it, get minimal if any sleep, then go to work the next day?? hehehe you’re even more impressive then Lee Hom lar….
    I’m personally not a big fan of Lee Hom, Cuz initially I thought he was just another pretty boy out there which preys on young girls to support his music, but as he came to M’sia more often I get to see that he is actually fairly talented, even though I still think that his old songs sounds better then his new ones…..
    Hmmmmm…..may consider going for his concert the next time he holds it in M’sia again, hehehehe his concert gives a rather bright oppotunity to pick up girls since almost any girl you ask to go on the concert with you would say yes…. =P

  9. phewittt…. u went to the Lee Hom concert… cool. I almost went… but decided not to. I must say Lee Hom has a nice voice to sing….

  10. So sad for you…not being to snap photos and all…but glad you enjoyed him.
    I had better company, wifey + sis who are a fan of him…so I guess I had my share of fun watching them shout like young gurls…
    Even better when we saw other fans fainting and even crying. We thought this on happens else where, I guess wrong. 🙂
    Well to all you homaniacs…thanks for the wonderful time last night.
    And to you kenny – will see if I have any picture to share :p

  11. wow..you actually went?
    A few of my friends went and they went gaga all over him!!!
    Did you fall in love with him?

  12. I was there last night too..Took lotsa picts,I must say I really enjoyed myself.A great event since I’m just back from Japan for my hols,it was a great way to relax and enjoy..I can’t believe I’m just a few rows away from you..

  13. HI, a great concert, truly agree with it. By the way, we saw u n said hi to u when we r leaving the stadium. Hehe…

  14. Now adays auntie & uncle also want to have some enjoy life & good time like the youngster loh..
    nothing wrong what !..

  15. I was there too with my friends, and i must say, its one of the best concerts i’ve been to. Comparatively to Jay Chou, Lee Hom has so much more stage charisma and charm than Jay, who doesn’t really interact with his audience. There were a few guys around me who came with their girlfriends and was talking pictures rather coolly in the beginning but was waving their glowsticks and screaming along with other fans towards the end. Hee hee.
    I saw old amahs, ahpeks and parents bringing their 10 or 12 years old child in the RM353 section! I guess he just appeals to the old and young alike. I took some pics and video in the beginning but camera too died on me halfway through *kicks laubeh 4 year old Canon Ixus 400*
    My favourite parts were the piano and violin sections. Lee Hom and JJ run a close second too.What i would give to attend another one, or to relieve yesterday all over again…. sigh. Can’t believe it’s over.

  16. hey kenny,
    I was in the 5th row and managed to snap a few shot of him (though not very impressive shots).
    I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I must also agree that he is a great performer….

  17. He is a good performer and his show is just so enjoyable. Jay’s Incomparable concert pales in comparison.

  18. your title very misleading! I thought you were referring his concert lousy. kekeke… yes very talented musican! Should watch his Taiwan concert DVD. Different stage setting and surprises.

  19. Glad to read about LH’s concert on your blog. Thanks for the review. I did not go this time… maybe I’ve seen too much. However, invitations are still welcomed and DT never forget that.

  20. OMG!!!! You actually flew from Kuching to KL for the Concert??? YOU are mad!!!
    I couldn’t even buy a ticket!! Sad…. 🙁
    I like LEE HOM tooo!!!

  21. I lost my handphone there :~( anyone saw my k750i? I love the concert,but the PRICE i paid is way too much

  22. i actually live about 1 km away from stadium nasional..but i didnt go..what a waste.. Lee hom is really talented..woot. I’m attracted to American born chinese guys..haha.

  23. the title was so misleading! i thought you were going to thrash LH’s concert and only read on to find out that it was the review which was lousy, not him. swt.

  24. Shoudn’t it be “Heroes of Earth” instead of “Heaven on Earth”?
    I enjoyed the concert a lot by the way!

  25. It was a good concert but the organiser Galaxy sucks big time compare to Absolute Entertainment. They changed the stadium from Stadium Merdeka to Bukit Jalil and the tix(RM263) me n my friend bought were suppose to be in the front middle but we ended up sitting at the side of the stadium.
    But anyway,we did enjoy the concert and yes…Rain’s concert IS much better than Lee Hom’s. However,Lee Hom is more talented in music and instruments la. For those who went to Rain’s concert, do you know that he said the same thing during his concert in M’sia,S’pore,HK etc etc? But who cares…

  26. Since so many of us were there, we could have planned to go to the concert together! Argh! Din manage to see Kenny around woh (isk isk).
    I think I enjoyed the part when he and JJ sang a duet on “That’s What Friends Are For”. But, sad that not many people know how that song goes. I was singing along when my cousin and his friends wondered how come they never heard of it. haha.
    Some clips are up on you tube. Go search for it. Worth the watch.
    Hope to be able to see you again Kenny!

  27. Kenny,I was there last night…
    maybe you also can mention here,that yesterday was a ~K~ night with Lee Hom, because everyone sang together with Lee Hom. (Until I hardly heard his vioce. They should improve the sound system!)
    ANyway, when everybody sang together, you can hear a very impressive sound surrounding the stadium. I did record it down with my handphone.

  28. Always charge your camera battery (or if better… keep a spare one) you’ll never know when you need one…

  29. i was there too. Excellent concert but i did not bring my digi cam.but it was great.it’s actually my 2nd concert for lee hom the 1st want was arena of stars in genting.but this is the bomb.

  30. Ooooh…thought LeeHom is cute and some of his songs are cool but never a crazed fan of his too. But his Taipei concert spurred me to buy a tick 2 see him in Singapore last year. Big mistake. It sucked big time! He rushed to sg in between his bz filming schedule with Ang Lee, din have enough sleep, stage was too small, sg audience was too passive, etc etc. Man, I can go on n on n on n on….
    I was a victim of their marketing strategy. The sg concert was promoted as “The Last Heroes of the Earth Concert”. What they conveniently forgot to mention was that it was da last in 2006. I thought he wasn’t coming 2 m’sia n bought de sg tick.
    Anyway, when i heard he was coming 2 msia, I thought, “dang, it’s gonna rock!” But I wasnt gonna go 2 another concert after I splurge on da sg tick (it cost me rm416). I had great expectations for his msia concert bcoz he’s finished his filming so can concentrate on his music, msian audience is great from my own past experience.
    Just as I expected, fren of mine who went came back with rave reviews. She said the crowd n LeeHom were damn high! A few guys who went with their gfs acted cool but all went nuts at the end! Well, exactly like when I was at Jay Chow’s concert 5 yrs ago. A geeky bespectacled guy sat next 2 me and acted bored all thru, which irked me. But during the last few songs, he suddenly came to life and yelled like a nutcase!
    Well, my point is, going 2 a concert in Msia is always memorable. Msian audience ROCKS!

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  32. imolog
    do you take any other photos?
    I want.
    or video?
    fuck your mother ass hole, u want sucking photo???

  33. i think this chicken misunderstand of ur title. i don think she/he understand english…pity this china ppl…only know gan gan gan…

  34. Awwwww I LOVE LeeHom! Good-looking, Tall, Talented, Hot, can speak great english, smart, great voice….etc etc need i go on?!?!?! LOL
    Have only watched his concert on DVD…loved it! Would have been so good if i could have gone to one of his concerts!!! T_T

  35. omg, kenny u were there????
    that was really bad luck to hv the batteries die on u…i brought extra batteries …lol…was sitting in the vvip section right in front of the stage!!!!! photos n videos (I’LL UPLOAD EVEN MORE WHEN IM FREE, STILL GOT LOADS OF VIDEOS N PICS) on my multiply
    and blog review to be posted up soon at
    wish i met u kenny!!!!! it would hv been awesome!
    Leehom RAWKZZZZZZZZZZ to the max!!!!! his concert is the best i’ve been to so far!!!! LH RULES!!!

  36. They didn’t allow cameras too ? Well, seriously I feel that people who go to these concerts just want to have fun and have memories of it. Another way of keeping the memories is to get some pictures during the concert. I once went to Linkin Park’s concert back then in 2003, they promised to come back but they didn’t and no cameras are allowed in that concert too. Luckily I managed to brought in and until now I still have a picture of it.

  37. I went there too! What i would like to say is overall is ok, just the “SPEAKER” is lousy…cant reallyl heard clearly on when Lee Hom speak!

  38. Lee Hom’s concert was FANTASTIC. Bect concert I have ever been to.
    When I read the title I was ready to boil and leave a really nasty comment…

  39. i support u chicken, let me help u with the translation:
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  40. Oh, Gosh… battery flat at the moment of (tooooooooooot)… Battery died… that’s pretty “suey” man… Make sure you use the right credit card.

  41. The concert videos are up on Youtube.
    This concert is the best!! Should be concert of the year. Definitely a zillion times better than TV3’s Sure Heboh…
    Leehom rules!!! He’s the man!!
    P/S: What are chicken and duck doing here? Aren’t they supposed to be in the pot somewhere?

  42. chicken, get out of here and fuck yourself! pls behave yourself.. dun visit this blog if u don’t like.. don’t waste your energy to comment here

  43. chicken,
    you dunno how to read english, isn’t it?
    Kenny said he was very “impressed”
    Please~ finish the story before you comment.
    Listen to your mother, dun waste your energy to comment here.

  44. Lee Hom wears white jock strap. Saw it when he did his walking handstand.
    He walks onstage like damn precious like that.
    First he dances, then he plays the guitar, then the piano, then he raps, then he dances sumore, then he plays the violin, then the drums, then the erhu. Then he dances sumore.

  45. Was there for the LH’s GSYX too with my bf!
    Absolutely fantastic concert! His unlimited musical talents at playing the instruments was totally jaw dropping.I melted at the collaboration with JJlin.The way they merged 2 songs together,was pure genius. His transition from song to song was fast and pure fun!WLH was witty and so darn cute that night,I’m sure his frens that were there fell all over in love with his personality again. Such guys on earth are certainly hard to find!
    LH fan-4-life

  46. LOL,i went to the concert s well..i love lee hom..nyway most of the time i was looking at the big screen tv for leehom’s “clearer” face..lol

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