I couldn’t verify the source myself, but thanks to reader kk for sending this in.

“My buddy in Shanghai recently sent me this poster he found at a posh Mexican restaurant/bar which I thought is really hilarious and a classic example of bad translation done by mainland cina. And I thought if the prostitutes can read the england, they won’t be prostituting liao leh as China is so in need of england speaking ppl. Anyway, hope you have a good laugh.
kk “

Zapata's Mexican Cantina

Excuse me, do you think I’m a whore?


African drums – vibrators without batteries.

Man. I just got back from the Rainforest Music Festival and I am so totally spent. I shall leave the update till tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s my lame joke attempt for the day.
Do you like this building name?

Well. If you don’t like it, Fook Off.

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  1. There used to be a Bar along Old Klang Road with the small signboard of Hai Chow Bar
    There’s also a noodle seller in OUG called Ng Tew Lee 😛 gotta snap their photos someday.

  2. i once saw a restaurant somewhere in KL , no idea where as it was a long time ago , but the restaurant’s name was ” Wee Ken Fatt ” ironicaly , opposite of the restaurant was another restaurant ( whoa….actualy , more like a hawker center O_o ) called ” Soo Ken Wee ”

  3. These cina pek neber learned one..maybe they didnt learn phonic in their england classes last time. There is this Chinese resturant in Bangsar (opposite the mamak stalls) called Fook Yu Resturant…just imagine when you call in to make a reseravtion.

  4. A couple of months back, I happened to stumble upon this eatery called ‘Hai Yan Restaurant’ somewhere in Cheras. Imagine if one is making a reservation:
    Customer: Weiwei, i want to make a reservation for 10 for lunch at 12 this afternoon, can ah?.
    Owner : Can, can. no problem.
    Customer: Ok, ok. but one more thing. the table got hole in the middle ah?. i also want a private room.
    Owner : ???!!!. har?. why you want hole in the middle?. for fuck ar?. where to put the food then?.
    Customer: Aiya, you dun care about the food la. just give me what i want, ok?. dun worry, i won’t fuck your ass. i only want to fuck the table. hahahaha…
    Owner : Sohai. chi sin. *hangs up*. tuttttttttt.

  5. Frankly, I don’t find anything wrong with the translation, except for the word “sponsor”, if they substitute that word with “welcome”, it would have made a hella of a sense.
    The hilarity arises from the intent of the sign, as in would any prostitutes, really care about what management wrote. Or about “friendly guards”, and that prostitutes don’t know if they are prostitutes. hahaha.
    Just feeling in the mood of pretending to be a erudite 4 2day. hehe.

  6. hi kenny, nice blog you have here.. been following your posts for quite sometime now, and this is the first time i’m commenting…
    just as commented by pragmatist above, i too, do not find anything wrong with the translation. even the word “sponsor” seems correct, although i have not come across anyone using it in such context (english is vast and, err.. weird sometimes)
    n 1: someone who supports or champions something [syn: patron, supporter] 2: an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc.) [syn: presenter] v 1: assume sponsorship of [syn: patronize, patronise] 2: assume responsibility for or leadership of; “The senator announced that he would sponsor the health care plan” 3: do one’s shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of [syn: patronize, patronise, shop, shop at, buy at, frequent] [ant: boycott]
    so arguably, you can say that the translation is perfect!
    the meaning we get from the english is exactly that of the chinese, so i guess it’s probably a notice with a tinge of sarcasm (or wry humour) directed at the prostitutes…
    keep writing!

  7. IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with the England translation. The sign’s supposed to be sarcastic.
    If you are unsure if you’re a prostitute, approach our guards, and we can conduct a “test”.

  8. seriously speaking, i’d still prefer your older post because you’re blogging on your thoughts ( eg, reflections on perth ) which somehow teach me new stuff…
    oh well.. i think u get what i meant.

  9. Well winz, my boy, though technically you are right but if you look at the underlying chinese words…
    “Welcome” would have been a more literal translation of “欢迎”, and “sponsor”, though it’s a synonyme, would have been a little more archiac and legalese and would not be suited for the “target audience” we are aiming for, which presumably would understand the basic word “welcome” better.
    And that’s why I said, it would make more sense to use “welcome” instead. heh.

  10. I’ve actually visited Zapatas when I was in Shanghai 2 months back…hrmm…didnt see the notice, but quite sad cuz Zapatas frequent lots mat sallehs…. think Beach club (in KL) with better looking Mat Sallehs…..

  11. hmmm… isn’t that building found somewhere in boat quay? if it is… i’ve always found it hilarious…

  12. Do you mind if I share that poster with my frineds on my blog? Of course with a link back to you lah. I think you might enjoy my post today. You will never look at a turtle the same way again, garanteed… I think the turtle will be to me, what coconuts are to you 😉
    Im not wooorrthhyy!!

  13. oopss…now i remember seeing lotsa slutty china chinese hanging out there but then i was bz drooling at the hunks…and no… I wasnt the PROSTITUTE…(jus to clarify…*wink*)

  14. oopss…now i remember seeing lotsa slutty china chinese hanging out there but then i was bz drooling at the hunks…and no… I wasnt the PROSTITUTE…(jus to clarify…*wink*)

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