Kuching City Council gave me a Present

A few days ago, I went to Satok Shopping Center to have my Xbox machine modified. Upon returning to my car, I found out that I received a gift from the Kuching City Council in the form of this…
Green green paper from Kuching City Council
Yes, barely 2 weeks back in Kuching and I got a parking ticket. Its not that bad though since its only an extra 50 cents. But what gets me is that they have the audacity to charge me an extra 5%. For what? SERVICE TAX! Gee thanks, you’re doing me a great service by giving me a parking ticket!
50 cents! YO YO YO
53 cents isn’t much to pay for an overparking fine. But if you don’t pay it, you’ll cop a larger fine. The question is, where do I pay? I found the parking inspector who issued me with the fine and I was ready to give her 53 cents for her effort. She said she couldn’t accept it, and that I had to pay at the pondok (booth) instead.
Now, since I’m sure many poor souls like me have to go there all the time, you would have thought that the pondok would be in bright striking red colour situated in a prominent location, maybe even decorated some neon lights advertising itself. Well, lets just say after some good 20 minutes of circling the carpark, I found the place behind the shop lots.
The pondok
Seriously, it looked more like a cubicle where you chuck a shit than a place where you pay a parking fine!
No signs!
To top it off, there’s absolutely no signage at all to tell me that that’s the place I pay I parking fine! What lah… I thought my girlfriend is the only one who wants me to guess what she wants.
Speaking of parking in Kuching, the city utilizes a coupon system. Each coupon costs 20 cents and enables you to park up to 30 minutes at any marked public parking spot. That’s definitely cheap!
A Kuching parking coupon
There’s only one problem: everytime you park, you have to poke holes.
Now, it isn’t so bad if the holes are big, loose and allow plenty of space for manouvre… but the holes here in Kuching are so fucking small. With my overwhelming girth size, I have so much trouble trying to poke the correct holes. So every now and then I would have accidentally poked the holes too hard…
A Kuching parking coupon
… which would cause pain, breakage, and the undesirable expansion of holes. 🙁

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  1. who ask you lah. never put coupon lah.
    but eh.. i kinda enjoy poking parking coupons, and never had problems with them =) u must have fat fingers lah

  2. Another fat story? 😛
    I think it is all due to being accustomed to the convenience of the white man’s world. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be nitpicking alot of annoying things when I’m back in Malaysia. Just shows how backwards it still is, sometimes.

  3. 20c for parking. wat is the point? and 53c for the fine??? i say, just don’t waste time to put the coupon, and pay for the fine everytime!

  4. well, 53 cents is the overparking fine. if i had put another coupon for the next 30 mins slot i’d be fine (no pun intended). Seriously i have no idea why they even bother doing it. the paper, the pen, and the labour involves in issuing me a fine and then administering the fine would cost more than the nett 33 cents that they profit! Bahhh… how am I supposed to know?
    Hsin, you’re already nitpicking even before you get back to Malaysia! Hahaa
    Rodney, are you Loo Meng San? That famous swimmer from Penang? 😉
    Anon & Rom, that’s like the best tip I’ve ever received since my mom taught me how to tie my shoelaces. Much thanks!

  5. CCCP, not everyone like u thinks that way, why, if kch had ppl like u, we wont need to pay taxes anymore.

  6. hahaha mate, even though I can tell you it could always be worse, I gotta hand it to you: that’s pretty stupid heh heh heh man, that booth does look like a loo =D how much of a hard time wouldd you have trying to find it? haha

  7. eh no la.. not famous swimmer la… famous floater (not the shit okay) in the pool then got la.. 🙂
    hmm.. since when you went back to kuching? i thought you were having fun in your workplace? and kauing the first year students in curtin? 😉

  8. Ure from Kuching???…i went there on april…stayed for a week or so. first 3 day…restaurant and restaurant…no shyt…seaFOoD yeah…then…wad else…yeah…went to earthquake near erms…wad u call dat area again???…dang…kinda like no business. Last two days i stayed at damai beach resort. Darn…it’s kinda nice feeling. My friend lost their specs over there. thinking that the beach is like Sentosa beach…so went down with it…few secs…it’s gone…washed away by the waves. LOL.

  9. aiya,what U don’t know is that the paper PT is meant to recycle ..a useful PAPER system for the simple kuchingites to save 20sen….the next day

  10. pay up or else you’ll be charged another RM10 if u exceed the time limit..which is 3 days i think..
    problems wif holes.? ahem. LOL.sorry.

  11. i use keys. and at least u REMEMBER to stupid coupons. i forget them totally. everytime i come back, sure kena a 5/- ticket for forgetting to put coupon. and u noe the worst part? THEY FREAKIN ASK YOU TO GO ALL THE WAY TO FRIGGIN MBKS BIG BUILDING OFFICE TO PAY TO STUPID FINE!!!!! Throw them off civic centre ah….pay at the indescript little booth la whatla is your problem….. 😛 sigh…heh..

  12. hiaya u … big brain but slow to think.. ya lor people say use key to poke, that’s why every car comes with keys.. then about paying ur tickets, no need to go to the pondok also can bah, just pay to the parking attendance, the one in their uniforms one ba. That make life easy.. :))

  13. talks abt parking coupons…i got smth 2 complaints .last month 15 may,i went to (wat the hell) KCPS to buy seasonal parking coupon..then the staff(it was a gal)told me come on 22may,ok fine..i went there on 23may then the staff(tat malay gal again)said finish already coz limited parking space only,she said why dont u come on 22may morning 8am! then i say ok i will come on 22 june again morning.then i go again on 22june in the morning 8am to que and buy the coupon.then the stupid staff again say u come tomolo 23may bcoz hvnt started to sell!! im very angry n ask her :”last month u told me to come on 22june 8am,now u ask me to come on 23june again.Then she denied,she say,i dint ask u come on 22june,u should come on 23june!(said in anger voice).Such attitude talk to a customer??and i wanna complaint that stupid staff but dunno where 2 complaints..complaints to wher?MBKS?DBKU?….

  14. Hei….kenny….
    tell u something interesting…
    since u r complaining about d stupid pondok…continue with this stupid plan as well….
    go to jalan petanak on 23rd august n have a look on what ppl r doin there…u go there around 3.30 am or 5.00 am la….n go to kuching parking counter on the left side ….same bulding with madam tang….the corner left…..
    sure can get many things to write on ur blog…wtf…..damn ppl queing up just to buy parking coupon….the famous areas is 2 1/2 MILE near NAIM CENDERA n THE BATH SHOP there….such limited place……

  15. Hei….watermelon….can complain that stupid lady at the counter there….i complain her many time liaw….and, u know what…every month of 23, she got complain from many ppl…serve her rite….DAMN that lady….go back la if dun wanna work….like we hutang her RM1 billion….FUCK her

  16. hey u know this just give u 3DAYS only pay if over due charge u RM10.53… just same like AH LOAN license AH LOAN cannot argue that is say a (F) DBKU

  17. did anyone know where to pay the fine ticket in johor by online payment. i heard can reduce 50% if pay online. tks u

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