If I Could Be A Blogging Musical Baton

Oh dear. The entire blogging community is going through ‘meme-mania’ right now. Please excuse me while I go into exile.
Except I can’t. I’m supposed to be whoring for votes since its Blog Awards season. Alright, so I’ll do the memes, but under one condition.
If you choose to send me a meme, then I reserve the right to:

A) Post up photos of you, if you’re a girl.
B) Post up photos of your wife/girlfriend, if you’re a guy.
C) Or if all else fails, I’ll just post up photos of your mother.

Its kennysia.com policy. 🙂
Let’s face it, a long and texty entry can be quite boring when there’s no pretty pictures to look at. Without further a do, kennysia.com very relunctantly and not-so-proudly presents to you this Super 3-in-1 Nescafe Mix Meme entry.
The If I Could Be Meme
Tilia is a little-known Malaysian blogger who described herself as “technically, every men’s wet dream”. It isn’t that far from the truth considering she’s one “hot little cheerleader” through and through.

What? She’s the one who passed me the meme? I don’t want to play already.

I didn’t believe her at first because the name ‘Tilia’ sounds like the name of that wrinkly old hag ‘Twila’ from Survivor Vanuatu. But I just checked and Tilia is confirmed a real cheerleader.
Here’s one interesting thing about Tilia. Instead of calling her comments ‘Comments’, she called it ‘Orgasms’.
I wanted to leave her a comment, but I felt kinda guilty giving her an ‘Orgasm’ and walk away just like that. Hey, I don’t think many girls would appreciate getting an ‘Orgasm’, only to see the guy head for the shower room without at least some cuddles and kisses, right?

Meet Tilia. Looks like she received multiple comments ‘Orgasms’… on her blog.

So anyway, Tilia tagged me with the ‘If I Could Be’ meme, which basically requires me to choose 5 3 occupations and complete the sentence “If I could be a scientist / doctor / rap artist / CEO of Microsoft / priest / world famous blogger etc…” you get the drift.
If I Could Be A Priest. Then I’ll be staying with Michael Jackson at the Neverland Ranch, baby. Good things are meant to be shared.
If I Could Be A World Famous Blogger. I’d accidentally lose my digital camera, plead for donation, suddenly find my digital camera, then refund my donation again. 😉

If I Could Be A World Famous Blogger, this would be my site.

If I Could Be A Missionary, I’d wondering why I ain’t a Cowgirl or a Doggie.
The Blogger’s Baton Meme
This one is from minishorts.net

Minishorts is the small one. Not the big one.

The best entry I’ve ever blogged is:
All my favourite entries are filed over here. Considering I got two ‘marriage proposals’ and an award nomination out of my April Fool’s entry, many would say that’s my best entry. I’m happy I made you laugh. 🙂
But for me, the entry I wrote the day I scattered my father’s ashes still affects me the most everytime I read back.
The five blogs I read that may be better than mine:

1) Lainie Yeoh. Breaking every social norm there is to break. If life as a lesbian is that interesting, I want to be one too. Actually I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.
2) HB. Breaking every social norm there is to break, and MORE. Widely regarded as one of the blogging pioneers from Sarawak. My layout of kennysia.com is inspired from his site.
3) Finicky Feline. I’ve only just started reading her and I’d be lying if I say her entries didn’t crack me up. Her “Guys Suck” thread blow my “Understanding Women” thread to smithereens.
4) Wendy Cheng. Because she’s my *cough*wife-to-be*cough*. 😉
5) Scarlett Ting. Because she’s my “other wife-to-be”. In all seriousness, she’s the first person I can honestly say I got to know through blogging. If you read some of her entries, you probably can’t understood what the heck she’s writing. Don’t blame yourself though, her entries are indeed more cryptic than dialogues in The Matrix.
As for me, I just enjoy looking at the pictures.

I know my readers are addicted to my blog because:

OH COME ON! Quit lying to yourself! You know you love me coconuts. 🙂

The Musical Baton Meme
QUESTION: What do Scarlett Ting, IngHui and Lainie have in common?
ANSWER: Yes, they are all girls. And they all want to see me play with my ‘Musical Baton’.
I wonder if their ‘Musical Batons’ are battery-operated.

IngHui passed her ‘baton’ to me. I don’t know what to do with it.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
30 Giga-fucking-Bytes. That’s 5817 titles, 406 hours of non-stop hits.
The last CD I bought was:
David Tao autographed album
I still wanna sell it though. Hey, I can even autograph it if you want – but I think that’s gonna make the CD go down in value instead.
Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
I’ve uploaded the songs so you can download them here. Be quick though. The links will mysteriously disappear in 3 days time. 😉
1. Jasemaine Gan – Thinking of You
Jasemaine Gan is a singer/songwriter/composer/blogger. She sent me one of her songs titled Thinking of You in an effort to cheer me up following my father’s passing.
I’m honoured. Of the many things writing this blog brings me, one thing I cherish the most is that it puts me in touch with people I wouldn’t possibly be meeting otherwise in real life.
2. F.I.R – Love Love Love
Its a great up-tempo song to sing-along to. Never fails to put me in a perky mood.
3. George Michael – Roxanne
I enjoy this bass-filled jazzy number by the toilet-incident man himself. One of my goals in life, when I have the time and the money, is to operate a cafe/jazz lounge. If I do succeed in that, then this song will be playing in my cafe 24 hours a day, effectively driving my customers away and putting myself out of business.
4. Corrinne May – Fly Away
What can I say? Its the one song that reminds me so much of my own situation.
5. The only song I listen to EVERYDAY is Oren Ishii’s Theme from Kill Bill Vol. 1
Why, you ask? Its my bloody alarm clock ringtone THAT’S WHY! I tell ya, nothing prepares your day better than imagining yourself as Oren Ishii marching down that corridor in Kill Bill Vol 1 as you drag your sorry ass out of the bed and into the loo.

“Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with samurai swords.”

Phew! What a lengthy link-ridden entry this one is.
Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten to pass the baton on to someone else! Silly me.
Here goes.


Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this to come.

Alright, that’s it guys. Have some mercy. Please don’t meme me anymore!

33 Replies to “If I Could Be A Blogging Musical Baton”

  1. Oren Ishii’s theme? Isn’t that ‘Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honour’? I kind of grew bored of it already 😛

  2. Wah kenny, you see, this is why I hit you with the pow-ka-leow meme; I thought you would get the meme vaccine. But then, I suppose you also are doing your own pow-ka-leow meme in your own way.

  3. Is meme just a malysian thing? To be honest I did not know what it was till today but it looks like a chain mail to me. I think you finally sent it where it belonged.

  4. i happened to come across your page couple of days ago and i’d have to say, that your page is somewhat addictive. funny guy, you are. perhaps i should start a kenny sia fan club or something. =)

  5. What had I done to deserve such honourable mention here?
    And to be ranked among the best?
    I guess it must be the marriage proposal.

  6. WAHHHH…My photo on Kenny Sia’s site!!! I didnt even consider that you would find out that I tagged you. I’m so honoured!! I WANA MARRY YOU TOOOOO!!!!

  7. WAHHHH…My photo on Kenny Sia’s site!!! I didnt even consider that you would find out that I tagged you. I’m so honoured!! I WANA MARRY YOU TOOOOO!!!!

  8. juli, Kennysia Fan Club? We have them already. We call it KFC.
    kimberlycun, yes. Look what it has done to me. Now I don’t think I’m gonna be participating in the interview meme! 😀
    elb, yea that’s the one. You gotta use it as your alarm clock ringtone mannnn.
    Gambs + minishorts, what’s the whistle theme?
    J Schnorng, sorry man I didn’t see your pow-ka-leow meme earlier! Else I would have pow-ka-leow them here. PAISEH.
    Avi, meme is an internet phenomenom that everyone likes to copy. Think ‘All Your Bases Belong to Us’.
    wil, at least its a horse’s one.
    8555, with your doof-doof-doof subwoofer? I don’t think so. 🙂
    belacans, feel free to stick it up, literally.
    NSDS3, heh heh heh… you’re asking for it!
    e, man if I do that I think I’ll be too traumatised to use my left hand ever again.
    Ting, its the marriage proposal.
    Aileen, depends on the length and the number of photos I post up.
    coppersnare, where’s the lager?
    tilia, oh dear! *contemplates practising polygamy*

  9. @ former post :Hey, thanks for the April Fools entry you pointed out – spec. Narciscism is Hairy .I spat mango juice out of my mouth leaving my laptop in questionable state.
    @current entry :..with great traffic comes great responsibility, you did good with the cursed thing.

  10. Wow.. I’m honoured that one of my song is on your list! I’m glad it brought some comfort to you Kenny. 🙂 Have a great day ahead.

  11. dude, that last photo of you reminds me of the old school wolfestein FPS. that’s it, i think i’m gonna make a flash game of your hairy ass hand holding a dildo in first person running around semi 3d corridors pluggin horse arses.

  12. Wow, you have 30GB of music but me have 40 Gb ++ and still counting…
    impressive blog you have, spent time editing all the pictures, just started visiting ur blog..
    def worth bookmarking!

  13. reka, sorry about the mango. 😉
    8555, too bad man, you gotta drive elsewhere to find someone else generous enough.
    Jase, no no, thank YOU.
    Aileen, I’m in Kuching now leh.
    Claris, eh? Now that you mentioned it…. SHE DOES LOOK LIKE EUNICE OLSEN! Tilia should work for Wheel of Fortune. Heh.
    Jin, holy cow. I wonder who the big boss is gonna be. And that’s not a dildo dammit! Its a torch light handle!
    Leonard, *in Apu voice* thank you come again!

  14. kenny try using “crazy frog”‘s voice. damn you’re gonna wake up immediately. it’s voted the most annoying yet most popular ringtone.
    i works on me. lol

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