Hide And Seek

Jayden calls me “jiu jiu”. That’s “uncle” in Chinese.

At 3 years old, Jayden doesn’t have a lot of friends of his own to play with. That’s why everytime a new visitor comes around to my sister’s place, he becomes very excited. So excited until he sometimes abandon his own dad.

I am never good with kids. I don’t like them, they don’t like me. But Jayden just adores me.
He adores me so much he even drew a portrait of me.

Ok fine, he made me look like a happy version of the ghost from Ju-On.
But I’m pretty sure he still likes me.

On my last evening in New Zealand, I took Jayden out to this massive supermarket called Woolsworths. It was near closing hours so there wasn’t much customers around except for us.
I was holding Jayden’s little hand when suddenly I just felt a bit mischevious and decided to play an impromptu game of hide-and-seek with the 3-year-old.

First, it was all fun and games. I hid behind the shelves, but Jayden was smart enough to spot where I was going.
So I ran a little bit further.

And hid a little bit faster.

Until I heard somebody cry.

At least I bought him chocolates in the end lah.

This is somewhat of an old entry. The only reason I post it up is because my sister passed me the memory card that I left at her place in NZ.
Anyway, I just got back from KL. Had heaps of fun. 🙂 More on that later.

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  1. Haha.. he’s so cute..! You’re quite terrible loh.. You’re gonna give him nightmares about this. I remember how terrible i felt when i lost my mother in shopping complexes last time while i was a kid.. I had all these images of me going into the orphanages or dying or something lidat.
    But really cute though! =)

  2. Hey kenny. What song did you use for your video? Would really appreciate it if you let me know what song it is. Really nice song.

  3. How come there are no tears? Maybe he was just acting blur and conned u for a chocolate. And one more thing, it’s Woolworths. Without the ‘s’

  4. You are a meannie la!!HOw could you do thta to a young kid?! Hes so adorable and you do that to him!! WICKEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!!!! NAUGHTY!!!! Reminds me of my darling naphew and missing him lotz too!! But am not the mean Aunty to do that to my nephew!!Anyway,the video is good!! Might go over to hamilton to Visit ur sis this xmas aye?! If i can find her place la..!!

  5. your nephew so cute! u damn horrible lah u go and purposely make him cry…but funny at the same time…hahaha (ok i sound weird)

  6. hahaha… the big bag jiu jiu!!! btw, he didnt really recognise you is it??? he thought you are just a passerby is it??? how come he didnt know that you are behind him??? or was it that he is just to freaked out at not being able to find you??? hehehe… the speechless embarassed look at being caught crying and all by jiu jiu at the end of the clip… classic…

  7. One day kenny, you will have your own children – if you are not infertile – and then you know how does it feel to have monsters clinging over you. no… no… i don’t have my own, i’m still single but to be around 2 nephews and 3 nieces is a nightmare coming true…

  8. he so cute can die. especially the video when abt to end he dint notice u are just right behind him! hahahha. make me smile. =D

  9. He’s gonna grow up one day and kick your ass for this, I’m sure of it.
    “Put me up on youtube, would you?! Huh?! JIU JIU?! Answer me!”

  10. My my. This is too funny! Haha. The kid is so cute la. But cuter when he cries! You are so bad and mean!! xD
    I can’t believe he didn’t know you were behind him. This made my day!

  11. Jayden is soOOooOOooo adorable! ^_^ can see his true happiness when he found you again … !! it’s fun to read ur blog everyday! keep it up! ^_^

  12. lol so funny and adorable jayden is so devastated of his ‘lost’ uncle who was actually behind him the whole time… but yeah i’m sure to play that with my son too one day. that’ll teach him not to run around without me. HOHOHO :p

  13. man, that jayden…not very smart id say…maybe he just got panicked and couldnt think straight…mind went blur and blank

  14. cute!view the video twice already,its fun,everybody here enjoy reading it,dont know why you find it boring,angela…u must be a rare species,ooh,a cold blooded one.

  15. he’s adorable…. its a good entry to share with us… i feel really pissed off when some ppl comment negatively when they don get to read what they like in ur blog.. kenny, blog wad u feel like to, that’s urself. js like when u started this blog..cheers =)

  16. Awww. What an adorable little boy… the way he runs – so cute! 🙂 But you don’t be so mean lar 😛 Bully small kid like that!

  17. Evil, Kenny, evil! But other people’s misery is my amusement park, so nice entry!
    Guys, Kenny said it was “near closing hours so there wasn’t much customers around except for us” =) Too distracted by the cutie, eh!

  18. He’s really cute. so that makes you a bad uncle! haha. how can u do this to him…? but then again.. he’s quite blur huh? 🙂 how come ur nieces and nephews are so cute.. but.. ure … like this?!
    HAHAHAHAHA. I’m kidding. u know i heart u hahaha.

  19. haha.like how i play hide-and-seek with my equally mischievious Shih Tzu.But he has advantages cuz he can sniff me.lol. =D

  20. U STUPID BASTARD!!! How could you do that to a 3 year old kid?!!! He might be traumatised by this..
    And you have the balls to post your stupidity in your blog??!!!! It’s not even cute!! It’s just plain stupid!!!! If I’m his mother, I would have severe our blood relation and throw you into a dungeon!!!

  21. Woolsworths in NZ is really HUGE. Most Woolsworths here in Europe are quite small, but we have Tesco, Asda and even Carefour which are about the size of Woolsworths there…. and some even bigger.
    I like Jayden looks really decent..hehe…not like his JIU JIU….nasty.

  22. oi UNCLE fatty izit u lost weight until ur nephew dun reconize u. anyway u like little kid la..run arond in suppermarkat and kachiaw ur small fren. Haha.

  23. next time he’s gonna grow up and come slap u.. saying :
    “ni you mei you post youtube!!??
    ni you mei you post youtube!!??”

  24. Princess Shin, I know I know. I was terrified everytime I lost touch with my parents when I was young.
    JoyceTheFairy, Fai’s nephew is Jayden and your middle name is Kirsten! So much coincidence!
    Angelina, good idea but my sis and her kids aren’t in New Zealand right now. They’re back in Kuching.
    Knox, ain’t my son. 🙂 But I still adore him nonetheless.
    yl, I thought he saw me but he didn’t. You know, kids lah. 🙂
    desperate addict, procreate? yes but err… you mean with each other ah?
    Angela, I’m not talking about New Zealand, I’m talking about Jayden.
    Me, too bad you’re not my sister.

  25. cute cute cute…
    if only i have a son like him..
    haha…since ur sis can hv such cute son, there shudnt be a prob for u too..
    jiayou jiayou!!

  26. Lost kids look funny.
    When my brothers don’t listen to me and run too fast. I hide one corner or behind some tress and they’ll come running back with the worried look. Both never fails to make me laugh. 😛

  27. Kids are like that. They cry at the smallest things. You could have hid behind an aisle and when he comes toddling by, shout BOO! Actually don’t have to buy chocolate, just hug him and tell him to give you a wet kiss.

  28. when he grows up he’s gonna play hide and seek with you in ‘Giant’… put it up on you tube and blog about it.. and people are gonna leave comments on how cute his jiujiu is~
    so comell!!! he has such an angellic smile~
    dont make him cry la.. so “xim tia”…>.

  29. meaner you la kenny hahaha…bully small kid but funny at the same time to see you enjoying the whole hide-and-seek..it would be terrifying for me too if i hv to run around looking for jiu jiu with all the tall shelves around me hehehe…make sure when he grows a little older and things start to make sense to him, he don’t come kicking your ass for making him terified + cry hahhaa

  30. One day Kenny….in your near future lifetime as a dad, I foresee, you’re gonna lose your son one day in a supermarket. The blur daddy you will be. Choi choi choi…of course you’ll find him at last.

  31. Did you show the video clip to Jayden? And explain to him, “Nah, Jayden.. These are bad people.. Don’t play with them next time…”

  32. It’s called tunnel vision. Happens during adrenaline rush e.g panic situation. Which was why Jayden couldn’t see you.

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