An Ass Of Drink

Guinness, The World’s Most Enjoyable Ass.

“Over 10 Million Asses Of Guinness Enjoyed The World (Every) Single Day”
It’s the most popular drink ordered at gay bars around the world.

I’m in KL now. No time for the Internet. After tonight, I’ll be the only one sibling left in my family who is unmarried.
I’m so gonna suffer next Chinese New Year, when I visit those aunties who love to ask “KENNY AH! WHEN IS YOUR TURN TO GET MARRIED!?”

62 Replies to “An Ass Of Drink”

  1. trust me on this…guinness stout, warm, with an uncooked egg thrown in n mixed. performance enhancer.
    no im not gay.
    btw that poster looked like the asses was short for glasses with the G and the L kinda white out.

  2. Kenny, been to a gay bar before? Full of gay asses dancing on the floor and **** around the place with their guinness bottles. Pretty erotic sight if you are gay, you are not gay, Kenny, are you?

  3. hey kenny…it’s my favourite drink. my mum bathed me in guinness to take away the impurities off me as a baby… my dad worked in guinness for 26 years till he retired… i grew up with guinness… how could you… it’s the best alco ever… smooth and foamy.
    and i love gays… they are entertaining and handsome. 🙂

  4. Kenny, if you are a gay its ok to come out from the closet. By reading your blogs, I sense that you are already one because you seems to be wanting to express your innerself…..hahahhaha
    Anyway, its ok to be gay so long you are truthful to yourself !

  5. hehe….real lame…but ya…when wil u be getting married…so many ppl wanted to go for ur bday, so i can imagine ur wedding ceremony with all kennysia lovers there…not bad not bad…

  6. Hey…
    Do anyone know that Guiness is from Ireland? Guiness is just a alcohol drink doesn’t mean that anyone like guiness is GAY.
    Most GAY did wearing Jeans and this doesn’t mean that those wearing jeans is GAY…same principle.
    USE OTAK sometimes…ok.

  7. I believe its not proper to re-phrase names. Its funny, I admit, but what will happen if ppl could not see the funny side to it?
    You might just have civil war round the corner.

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