Fun Kuching

Some months ago, Janet flew into Kuching to film an episode of Fun Asia for TLC.


I’m so ashamed I had never even heard of the show before this. After the episode had gone to air, I kept getting phone calls and SMSes and tweets from people who are surprised to see me on the show.

For those of you who missed it, this is me showing my hometown to the pretty Taiwanese travel host.

I think she likes me.

21 Replies to “Fun Kuching”

  1. i absolutely love her.
    she is a great host!
    she’s pretty without being intimidating, thus girls wont hate her just because.
    she’s super funny and super game for anything.
    she’s very effectively bilingual (and some too!)
    her personality just shines through! totally love this girl.

  2. Hi, I really like you and the show. I am travelling to Kuching with my cousin and just the two of us (gals). I am just wondering if you could tell me a little bit of Kuching please…We will be staying in Kuching town and which hotel is the best in budget and convinience? Many thanks.

  3. Kenny you are too stiff around her la.. maybe you got a “stiffy” when talking to her?
    Also, Janet looked so bored when you talk to her. So many “uh huh…”

  4. The expression on your face when Janet was in awe of the Monstrous size of your Kuching banana is absolutely PRICELESS 🙂

  5. Kenny, I watched this show on astro..thanks for promoting Msia on your best effort. For Janet,thanks for for visiting Kuching and i love your shows….you are just gorgeous and I like you very much!

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