Foot In Mouth

It was great meeting up with Cynthia, Nadia, and The Great Swifty last evening in an impromptu bloggers meet of sorts.

I thought I was freak walking around with my digicam, until I met “Swifty” Edmund Yeo who walked around with his GODDAMN VIDEO CAMERA.

One of the highlights of the night has gotta be my conversation with Lena, one of Cynthia’s friends who tagged along to Farrell’s cafe in Victoria Park. I don’t know who the heck Lena is and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read or even know much about blogs at all.
What’s strange is that as soon as pulled a seat next to her, she started to quiz, grill and interview me CNN-style.

With Cynthia (who reads my blog) and Lena (who tagged along for the meet).

Lena : What do you hope to achieve in the world today?
Kenny : *giving her the wtf-are-you-nuts look* Err… world peace?

Lena : What do you think of the current Malaysian prime minister?
Kenny : What is this? Some sort of beauty pageant interview?
Lena : No, I heard you’re a blogger so you must have lots of thoughts. That’s why I’m asking you what you think.
Kenny : Well, I reckon Badawi is doing a great job. I certainly like him better than Mahathir for sure. Mahathir’s burnt too many bridges with the Western world for my liking.

Lena : What do you think of beauty pageants?
Kenny : Why are you asking me this?
Lena : Just now you said something about ‘world peace’, so I thought about beauty pageants lor.
Kenny : Err… It’s great opportunity for us to cuci mata (feast the eyes) lor.
Lena : What do you think of this year’s winner?
Kenny : Gloria Ting? Other than her elvish ears I think she looks pretty good. Certainly better than (Miss Universe Malaysia 2004) Andrea Fonseka.

Lena : What do you think of Andrea Fonseka?
Kenny : Gee… I don’t have much nice things to say about Andrea Fonseka. Don’t wanna risk offending people in case some of you guys know her.
Lena : It’s ok. You can just tell us what you think.
Kenny : Look, I’m pretty sure she’s a nice person, smart and all that. But looks-wise, I don’t think she’s ready for it. First and foremost, she looks horrible in a swimsuit. She looks as good as I do in a bikini! This is a BEAUTY pageant and you have to expect to be judged on your body. I think irregardless of how smart you are, you gotta at least look a certain standard before you sign up for it.

My Chocolate Devil cake. Deliciously evil.

Lena : *Unimpressed* It’s sad how society thinks that women have to have an hour glass figure in order to be beautiful. The other contestants in the competition can’t even string a proper sentence in English! By winning Miss Malaysia, Andrea is the ambassador for Malaysia. And you gotta have someone smart for that position.
Kenny : I know, I’m not saying it’s her fault she won the competition. All the contestants that year were pretty bad anyway. But still, brains shouldn’t the only thing you need to have to win the competition. If that’s the case, anyone can just pick the smartest professors off the University, put them in a beauty pageant and expect them to win Miss Universe.
Lena : Hmm ok. You gotta admit that she has a lot of guts going for that beauty pageant.
Lena calmly took a sip from her vodka orange. I was still puzzled why she seemed so passionate during the conversation, so I asked “Why are you asking me all these? Are you related to Andrea Fonseka or something?”
That’s when she put her glass down, looked at me dead in the eyes and said “She’s my sister.”

I just wanna crawl my ass into a box, lock myself up and throw the key far far away.

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  1. Haha damn…. If only I could’ve joined you guys there…
    The thing is… I had an appointment elsewhere for the night and I didn’t wanna get myself lost in Victoria Park (never been there yet).

  2. Hey, small point…but it’s a common mistake to use the word ‘irregardless’ when actually it should be ‘regardless’. There’s no such word as ‘irregardless’. Cheers.

  3. That’s when she put her glass down, looked at me dead in the eyes and said “She’s my sister.”
    They look very alike.
    She’s the elder or younger one? :p

  4. OMG ! So pai seh leh ! Always say nice things about what strangers asks, you never know how they are related to the topic 😉

  5. jesus christ! lena is going to kill me. i hope she is not reading. kenny! i wanna kill you! jesus christ… amitaba.. allah “wan pound”.. oh my god.. hand shaking, chill..jesus christ..

  6. dont worry about it. lol you should have said. “She’s a fatass and only won because of her parent’s influence”.
    honestly. what other country in the world would send someone with that figure?
    put two and two together.

  7. I can just picture you turning as red as a beetroot when you heard Lena’s statement. Aha! Well, at least it’s her sister you’re talking to, not her parents! But of course, if it’s her mom, you would’ve been able to recognise her. Well then, was Lena mad?

  8. wow dude,… nice one… so much for being honest hehe 😛
    happens all the time… kinda remind me of the time i was saying how stupid it is to bust 14 dollar on a photo in one of those supposedly “cute” booths when i could take one on a digi cam, put some photoshp bg on it and print it A4 at home for cheaper. Guess what.. the owner was just standing behind me… :/
    Hey everyones entitled to their opinions .. for what its worth i woulda said the same

  9. …. no wonder cynthia ask me to look.. i dunt read your blog one.. but ah.. i think you shouldnt have use that topic man.. cynthia is shaking like a cold bitch.. i can imagine what lena gonna do to her if she reads this… hai… i guess we might need to go there again soon.. not to farrell’s but the one opposite the road.. the funeral homes :X anyway.. cynthia dunt believe in jesus christ and all i can hear her say is all prayers in all religion and stuff.. lol… now lena is gonna be a hot topic :X hahahaha… anyway.. i am one of the person in the gathering (non-blog related personel)… 😛

  10. Ouch!
    Unlucky mate… perhaps u can show her your Kenny Sia Bikini(or XX) pose to mellow her abit? Show the more “Beauty on the outside” side of you~

  11. she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    she’s my sister.
    if i were u, i would be haunted by this statement for a hell long time =,=.
    so embarrassing!!! wakakkakakakakaka ^^

  12. haha i was just wanted to write a msg before i read the ending that if u’re in perth andrea’s sis is studyin pharmacy there. hmmm… kena lah u. kesian

  13. hey nice post man, love that devil cake! miss ozzie cakes! hey that Lena, girl looks really cute, got her email by any chance 😉

  14. Kenny, SO FUNNY!!!
    i’ve had something in my mind that i need to know the answer.
    what do you think about alleged rumours that President George Washington Bush actually is a racist? Is he reaally a racist?

  15. Andrea was studying in NUS last year! Heard that she’s an exchanged student here. I saw her a couple times and I swear she’s really pretty in real person. 100x prettier than Sandy Chua, the Singapore pageant. She’s also thinner than the bikini pic. But ahem, I have to say, she looks like a clubbing queen more than a pageant. But she got very good skin and hair.

  16. wow…shit.
    or is lena juz plotting u? she doesn’t even have the andrea fonsenka look. ivory skin, big shinny eyes.

  17. Of course guys watch beauty pageants for the intellectual stimulation. It requires a great deal of deep analysis and massive brain cycles to decide if Miss Slovenia or Miss Canada has the nicer rack, just so you know.

  18. This post is disgustingly sexist – I didn’t see anything wrong with that girl’s weight or looks.
    Or maybe it’s just the all too common problem of Asian men wanting stick insects as girlfriends because they’re afraid they’ll be emasculated if their women weigh more than 40kg.
    Congratulations, your blog is proof that male prejudice is well and truly alive in Malaysia.

  19. To Anonymous..
    There’s nothing wrong with her weight or looks.
    It’s just that in the context of a ‘beauty pageant’, she might be lacking in certain qualities. It’s a beauty pageant in the traditional sense where physical beauty is an important judging criteria, not too forget intellectual qualities as well.
    And Kenny is not being sexist. He’s just stating FACTS. People hate the truth. Would you rather he state LIES that are sugar coated?
    Take the example of bodybuilding contests. They’re similar in a sense to female beauty contests, just that for the former, men are judged, and on their physical qualities, albeit different from female pageants (muscularity, size, definition, symmetry).
    If a less deserved bodybuilder wins the competition, people have the right to critique and give comments and honest opinions, no?
    and why bring in the topic of Asian men and gf tastes? what’s that got to do with the post? no relevancy at all. that’s a whole different can of worms altogether. Kenny’s talking about the Msian beauty pageant winner, and what he thinks about her, not what he feels are qualities a potential gf should have.
    on another side note, it is true most men PREFER slim females. however, that is a preference, and if you look around, men’s gfs come in all shapes and sizes. and men, do value intellect and other intangible human qualities too. it is just a fact of life that physical assets come into play in mate selection as well, and more so for males than females, since we are primarily ‘visual’ beings.
    it’s not prejudice. it’s preference.
    just like most females would PREFER strong, confident, albeit average-looking, ballsy, guys with great personality rather than needy, wussy, meek, no-backbone, pretty boys, no?
    would you call that prejudice? it’s a genetic preference. i’d call that genetic neural wiring. Don’t diss the Creator…
    don’t put down and slag all the men of msia just because of this one post in which you have grossly misinterpreted and come to such unintelligent, subjective conclusions. u sound so bitter? “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..”
    woops.. got carried away..
    on a lighter note, great post…
    Quintessential Sua Ku Kenny.. (QSKK)..

  20. Karen – Irregardless, he’s gonna use that word anyway! 🙂
    Swifty – You are in Victoria Park Perth? How many Perth people here? When we having blogger get together?
    Kenny – I think both Andrea and Lena look okay. Do either of them date forty year old munchkins. 🙂

  21. dat is so embarassing.. omg.. .: )
    dats y..dun judge beauty by the exterior
    don’t be fooled by our discourses..and binaries we were brought up
    just who are we 2 define “beauty” putting beauty into little lines of a box..
    : ) anyways.. is she mad at u? ehheheheheehe

  22. *ROTFL~!!!!*
    That almost killed me.
    Andrea’s confidence is admirable. She was very active in school, an eloquent speaker, intelligent. I remember listening to her speech once, and boy can she deliver!
    That said, I’d say I credit her win to her confidence and personality. Period.

  23. HEllO Bloggers! 🙂
    Okay…Kenny… you are right… I dont read your blog. 1st time today. You are also right, I dont know much about blogs. Didnt even know it was such a big thing… NEVER knew that this “blogger of the year” thingee existed…
    I am not at ALL UPSET or pissed off with yesterdays events… it all boils down to differences in opinions.. in fact I EXPECTED you to say what you said… and I was right.
    I like getting in to peoples heads… ppl watching and getting in to peoples minds.. figuring ppl out, seeing what makes people tick…trying to predict ppls reactions.. two of my very many varied hobbies.. ppl watching, and getting in to ppls minds..
    I HAVE TO SAY A FEW things though
    #1 ThAT I AM surprised that the HIGHLIGHT of your night was how -as “Silencers” just said YOU GOT OWNED! 😉 Shouldnt the highlight of your night have been meeting up with your ‘fans’ or fellow bloggers?
    #2 I REALLY didnt mean to make you feel uncomfortable… or “OWN your ASS ;)” IT was not premeditated…
    You missed out some bits there dear… It wasnt that YOU SUDDENLY asked me if i am related to Andrea and then i told you…
    it was more that something was said to Cynthia…
    and she sorta let it slide that we (cyn, Andrea and myself) had coffee the day b4 and that she (cyn) thinks Andrea looks like my mom…
    THAT is when your brain clicked… and when you looked at me wide eyed… and asked “Are you related to her or something?”
    To which I looked you in the eye and said… Im her sister…
    Sorry I made you felt uncomfy…
    It was pretty damn funny though 🙂
    Also… someone made the joke about how I was interviewing you cos I was asking you some questions PRIOR to that question about “what do you hope to achieve in this world?” which is when I asked that question… in a very “Miss universe” style … mocking the joke lar 😉
    Sorry you didnt get the joke…
    #3 EVEN if you lost 40 pounds and shaved all your body hair off… I still dun think that youd look ANYWHERE NEAR presentable in any form of feminine swim wear… 😉
    And the picture you posted…of Andrea is a bad angle, bad photo and bad day for Andrea….
    Women have ‘fat days’ 🙂 YOu know? The time of the month when you put on 1-2 inches everywhere??! Even hollywood celebrities have bad photos taken of them ALL the time… cos of bad angles and bad days…. Eh where are the pics of the OTHER ppl present last nite?
    Post it lar….
    #4 No I do not date 40 year old men.. 🙂
    #5 YOU very bad lar… you know that cyn damn stress? She called me and was like damn stress?
    We were talking last night and we mentioned how I prefer my life to remain low profile? and that Cyn knew that? and you were there…so i assume you heard Cyn apologising for blowing my ‘low-profile-ness”
    And then you published this post about your meeting with your fellow bloggers… and the BULK of it is about my sis and I…. Cyn damn stress..
    She called me nearly in tears… she was scared that id be upset with her…
    So to clear the air… I am not upset…. 🙂
    Takes a WHOLE lot more to upset me…
    ALSO MALAYSIAN and MOST asian men… PREFER THIN women… its depressing!! The extent that women are going to achieve unrealistic bodies…
    To the point of damaging their health…
    I know a number of women who throw up their meals and it REALLY saddens me…
    AND MEN DONT YOU DARE CALL YOUR GFs FAT/chubby/ or say things like you could AFFORD to lose a lil weight…
    okie im starting to ramble here….
    nuff from meeeee…. 😉

  24. Fonseka ??? Curious Spanish Name, or probably the surname is Italian. Fonseca, that is the correct spelling, but the surname is pronounced as it was previously spelt, Fonseka.

  25. Thanks for the clarification, Lena. Sheds credible light on the other side of the encounter 🙂
    Cheers, Kenny for have the (coconut) balls to share your life experience, much to the delight and amusement of blog readers world-wide.
    Anytime you want to come visit Vancouver, Canada, drop me an email!

  26. Amen to that, Lena..
    Kudos to you for the reply!
    I agree with Kenny to a certain extent, pageants are all about perceptions of beauty, there is no doubt about that… But thats why I think Andrea won, she has a charisma thats almost tangible and it is sad that certain people view these contests on such a superficial level.
    Not everyone has a chance to meet a pageant winner, so of course its unfair to blame them for a one sided point of view, but it would be interesting to at least try to see the contestants as people and not a meat market =)
    But that was a classic line btw: She’s my sister.
    *ouch* LOL.
    (ps lena: hope you guys had fun on friday!)

  27. Oops….it’s a real small world afterall….(for you to have met Andrea Fonseka’s sis in Perth :p )
    Although I’m a female, I agree to one of the comments saying that this entry does not mean to represent all men’s taste in women….it’s so wrong to say all men like skinny women…coz we can see that men DO like chubby women. Look around in Malaysia and Australia (I’m currently studying in Perth), there are a lot of lengchai (handsome guys) who have fat girlfriends and they look very happy together (and those ‘fat’ is really ‘fat’ one you know….not the average fat). I think there are some qualities in those girls that attract their bfs, and so we cannot conclude that men only like skinny girls, but they do love fat women, too. Like what the previous comment suggested, it’s individual’s “preference”.
    Btw, Kenny, I really appreciate your previous entry about food in Perth coz my friends and I are getting bored with the same food we have everyday (been here since this year’s February). Gotta discover those eateries you recommended. So far I’ve been to Conca’s for 3 times and the chilli mussels are damn finger-licking good!!!! :p

  28. metal, way to go on the personal put downs. Couldn’t think of anything else eh? Of course, it’s much easier to slag off someone you’ve never met and isn’t likely to on the internet. But think what you want, it hardly matters because I don’t know you.
    The point I was trying to bring up is one that Lena Fonseka herself said: Asian men WANT skinny girlfriends. This is also something that Sarong Party Girl has noticed and pointed out in her blog as well.
    This is bearing in mind that most Malaysian men aren’t exactly up there on the ‘hotness’ scale themselves. Don’t you think it’s a little unrealistic to expect your gf to be a size 2 model when you’re carrying round a beer belly yourself?
    As for your argument that it’s biology that causes people to seek out mates – that’s just random bullshit. Humans are also biologically programmed to hunt for their meals, but you don’t see Kenny, for example, go out to catch a rabbit with his bare teeth and bring it home for dinner. There are things called ‘evolution’ and ‘civilisation’ that culls the more undesirable traits out of humans so they can form a society together.
    While Asian bodies (this applies to both genders) do run towards the slender side naturally, most girls aren’t programmed to be a size 00. They have to work towards it, and this usually involves a lot of unhealthy habits such as anorexia (not eating), bulimia (throwing up after you eat) or manic exercising.
    I’m not saying this happens to ALL Malaysian men, but we are talking in general terms here, and MOST of the ones who live in Malaysia are like that.
    Asian men will quite happily tell their girlfriends to shave off a few inches from their waist and hips and say sexist things like: ‘She’s only a girl, she doesn’t eat much’ (I overheard this on a trip back to Malaysia a couple of years ago) – it’s bad enough to declare you want attractive, model-size women but to dare to think on their behalf as well!
    Lena was right – Kenny picked a bad picture of her sister, taken at a bad angle to prove his point that he thought she wasn’t worthy of being Miss Malaysia. She’s a beautiful girl, of a healthy weight, and he thinks she’s ‘fat’. You tell me if you think there’s anything wrong with it.
    Whether you like it or not, it *is* a cultural thing…and an Asian cultural thing, for men to want an unrealistically slim women. And girls, if you sit around all day moaning about how fat you are and counting calories with your friends, you’re only buying into male propaganda. You’ve got the power to change this! Come on!

  29. Ahhh..Lena was quite the athlete back in school..Im surprised she didnt carry you and toss you around ala WWE!!
    Andrea was in a different comments..

  30. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.
    I think SHE’S a b***h for setting you up like that. She’s probably got a major chip on her shoulder about her sister being “less than deserving” and goes around trapping unsuspecting people like you. How the heck ar you supposed to know she’s family? Lena’s WEIRD.
    And..err.. going into Grammar Police mode now: There is no such word as “Irregardless”. It’s either “IRRESPECTIVE” or “REGARDLESS” – both mean the same thing. 🙂

  31. Visitor: I think Lena explained herself pretty well – if you even bothered to read her comment. She’s not a bitch and I think the eight other people at the get together that night can vouch for that too.

  32. I think Lena ROCKS! Kenny totally spills how he felt about the whole encounter, being frank and honest, and Lena reciprocates by coming onto the Comments section explaining her side.
    Enjoy life people! Love your blog Kenny.

  33. I too am impressed with Lena’s blog post and comment. Totally “nothing personal, no offence taken”. That’s someone I’d like to get to know 😉

  34. HEHEHEHEHE… you’re a funny boy… you seem to have a case of foot-in-the-mouth-disease.. but at least we know you’re always honest which is admirable. 🙂

  35. I like the video, Eliar … especially the soundtrack 7/4 Shoreline. Quite dynamic. Do you have any more soundtrack-able catchy recommendations?

  36. Eh… Ok, I’m digressing a little bit to talk about the photo of Lena that Kenny posted. A couple of commentors said he obviously chose a bad picture of her, that was taken at a bad angle, etc etc, but look at the picture again. It’s a normal photo, it wasn’t taken at some weird angle. Many pageant particpants are photographed in this position and from the same angle as well. It’s just a normal, straight-on, 3/4 body shot. And although I am all for women uniting against men who seek “unrealistic” bodies (if they exist they can’t really be that unrealistic right… Yes I know for some–including me–it takes work to achieve, but it’s not unrealistic for everyone), but Andrea does not look good in a bikini. Something about her middle. Here’s another look, here.
    Her face is gorgeous but in the context of beauty pageants, her body could be slimmer. Otherwise she looks good.

  37. Dave: Thanks, man. Well, Broken Social Scene’s stuff are generally pretty good, but most of the time, I just go around downloading random stuff I’ve never heard of hoping that someday, they might fit my needs. My previous videos used the music of Kahimi Karie… a Japanese who sings French songs. Talk about weird.

  38. Dave: Thanks, man. Well, Broken Social Scene’s stuff are generally pretty good, but most of the time, I just go around downloading random stuff I’ve never heard of hoping that someday, they might fit my needs. My previous videos used the music of Kahimi Karie… a Japanese who sings French songs. Talk about weird.

  39. Visitor: Lena’s no bitch, and if you don’t know someone well enuff or even the other side to this story, don’t call them names. You have no right to.. No matter what you think your opinions matter.

  40. OMG this is hilarious the way everybody is trying to be a moral police!
    ‘our society prefers thin women’ ‘inner beauty counts’
    Goddamn its a bloody beauty pagent ok. If inner beauty counts all that much in beauty pagents, how come there is a swimsuit competition? This isn’t a case of what you want your girlfriend to be or how you want your spouse to look like. Its a bloody competition to see who looks better.

  41. to lena’s defence… she’s neither a bitch nor any names that you might call her.. she’s very opinionated well on nearly everything.. she’s nice, cheerful and all round nice person to hang out with..
    So please don’t judge her when you don’t even know her..

  42. Andrea has a beautiful face and sorry… she does NOT have the body for a bikini. and its poor etiquette to bait another for opinions. No matter how you look at it…its poor taste to put another in a “spot”

  43. Hahahahhahahhahahahhaha….
    Damn jialat man Kenny! ;P
    Hey, but I don’t see anything wrong in what you are saying…
    Whether it’s her sister or not, EVERYONE knows she won becos of connections! It’s a beauty pageant man! She IS pretty actually, but the image she portrayed while wearing that bikini just shows how much she cares about her health! You don’t need to have figures like Nicole Kidman or Halle Berry or Jessica Alba, but at least try to look like you exercised and eat healthily!
    Lena will of course feel hurt about people criticizing her sister’s “curves” (or lack of ;P), but c’mon, I bet if it’s another contestant she’s not related to, she’ll be joking about it with her pals just like ppl do about her sister!
    But she’s right though, I applaud Andrea for having the guts to sign up and wear that bikini in front of millions of audience all around the world! (No. I’m not being sarcastic here, I really meant this)

  44. Actually…. not just asian men want skinny girls. GENERALLY, all men want skinny girls.
    Slim bods for them to feast their eyes on.
    Just like how girls drool about the muscular arms and six-pack abs of male Hollywood stars etc.
    The “attractive” physical outlook thing goes both ways actually. So, I think some people might have gotten too much into the “feminist” mode.
    When it comes to settling down with a lifelong partner, that’s when people really look through those makeup and D-cups and falls in love with the inner beauty. God bless those who doesn’t! :p

  45. The funny thing is…
    Woman always ask men: Am I fat?
    Man: No..
    Woman: Really meh?
    Man: No lah
    Woman: Tell me the truth leh
    Man (finally pissed as hell): Fat lah fat lah.
    Woman: Wah lao you so mean say I fat…
    Man: …
    So… you see.. we’re content the way you are…just that…

  46. Visitor: Im totally dont agree with you. you cant judge Lena by reading few sentences. You dont even know her. Plus, you didnt not attend the gathering at Farell’s Cafe, you dont even know what was EXACTLY going on.Lena is quality, she is cool. The rest of the ppl attending the gathering know this very well. For God sake, visitor!

  47. Whoa, Kenny…. why so quiet, man? It’s seriously not that embarassing….indrectly, maybe it’s a good thing that Andrea will now go on a diet because of your comments.

  48. To callandor: For me it’s always my bf who asks me if he is fat, and not the other way round. And afterwhich, I also go thru the “No, you’re not fat. I love you dear” process for very long. I understand how much guys hate it when women ask that. You get it worst when a slim woman think she’s fat and still want to go on a DIET. I almost had to use threat to make my bf not diet.
    Not only women think they’re fat when they’re not.
    Cheers to May, you’re right abt the settling down with a lifelong partner. But it doesn’t have to be a lifelong partner. When you consider going into a relationship with a person, even if you don’t intend to settle down, u still look for the inner beauty. 🙂

  49. seems lyk eliar is just another one of the mani attention seeker advertising his blog in kenny’s… but that doesnt really matter… does it?

  50. Hurray ..for Lena..!! you just spoke my mind.. about the unrealistic expectations of asian men.. of their spouses and g/fs… it is just sad.. to be honest..!
    I used to know a family.. who make fun of their brother’s wife.. behind her back.. because she is chubby..!! and you know what.. they finally call it quits.. because she can’t take it anymore…!! and guess what.. she is in the States right now.. happily married to someone who thinks that she is the “perfect” size..!!

  51. i think that she tricked you into saying what you really think but then condemn you to it when in fact you have warned her before that you had nothing good to say about that girl.
    so in a way, i think it’s her own fault. you have a right to think your own opinions no matter if it’s right or wrong in other people’s eyes.

  52. ??? This incident so small also so many people commented… wa.. kenny… U are getting more and more famous… Be my god-father/brother/uncle wateva… when u get rich, pass me some money.

  53. Aiyoh, all you people condemning Lena… for god’s sake she was not condemning Kenny and we were all actually laughing about the way things played out.

  54. 1) Reminds me of the time I met this guy (A) through a mutual friend (B), and we were chatting and found out that we knew this girl from my tuition class. So he asked me what I thought of her, and I frankly said that she was an arrogant, pretentious brat born with a silver spoon up her derriere and that she has the personality of a mobile toilet (or something to that effect… hey, I’m an honest guy too).
    Then the A turned beetroot red and B sheepishly whispered to me that the girl is A’s new GF. So I stared at A square in the eyes, and said “Hey, you asked me for an opinion, you got it”. And I walked away, without any guilt. Can’t handle the truth, don’t ask the question.
    2) Lena: Nice of you to clear things up like that.
    3) I just couldn’t resist taking a dig at those who are upset that some men prefer slim women. Ever considered that some women want to be slim not coz they want to cater to us nasty males’ tastes but also because some of them prefer to look good? And be healthy? And don’t mind working out to look and feel good?
    Don’t go overboard with the drama and paint all Asian men with the same brush. I think it’s wrong to make fun of heavy ppl, or to impose expectations on one’s mate to try and attain a Kate Moss-like figure. But there’s nothing wrong with liking a hot bod is there? And I don’t think only men have preferences. Girls do too. Must be of certain height lah, must have a nice ass lah, musn’t have beer belly lah, etc. So get a grip.

  55. this Lena’s sister Andrea, goes to the same university as I do… stay in the same hostel floor as my crush …my crush’s good friend too.. a smart girl, met her recently in a club… she’s gorgeous!

  56. Haha…nice one….
    Oh well…everyone has had their embarassing moments….but it was funny reading it anyway…

  57. gosh~!!!!!!! well,that happens to everybody sometimes…it certainly does feel bad.VERY.I once commented bout a girl and she was actually right behind all the while.When i realised bout that,all I want to do is to run and join the circus!Haha…chill,man…

  58. So funny ^^
    Nothing wrong with giving your honest opinion, it wasn’t as if you meant any malice.
    (I think Andrea looked bad in those bikinis too. But her face is good! But as long as she has the brains and personality to balance it all out, it’s all good 🙂

  59. You are just being honest. Don’t feel bad. She is too fat, isn’t she? Well, that’s my opinion and I won’t apologise for that.

  60. “That’s when she put her glass down, looked at me dead in the eyes and said “She’s my sister.””

  61. hey..just came across this blog and also about Andrea Fonseka..I must agree that she was a bit plum when she went in for the Miss Universe Peagent. But have you guys seen her lately after her Marie France thinggy?? She IS HOT!!!

  62. It was a set-up. The sister played you delibrately. Some insecure females are like that. They delibrately plod over to a guy who’s minding his own business, delibrately throw questions at you, get you to say something wrong or controversial and then wait for your reaction.
    These females are like that. They love playing this type of juvenile mind games. They love getting a reaction from a guy….even tho’ the guy is just quietly minding his own business.
    That’s why she kept throwing questions at you. She wasn’t interested in the answers. She was interested in your reaction. Females are always doing this. They delibrately throw questions at men in order to get them to say something wrong. (“Do I look fat”? All guys know any answer to this is always the wrong answer).
    *I just wanna crawl my ass into a box, lock myself up and throw the key far far away*
    Why? You didn’t say anything wrong. You had the guts to speak your mind. If the sister can’t handle your answers, then she shouldn’t have thrown those lame questions at you.
    It seems men are easier for this type of female to pick on.
    I’ll bet she’ll never have the guts to try the same tactic with another woman. She’d probably be afraid of a catfight.
    *It’s sad how society thinks that women have to have an hour glass figure in order to be beautiful.*
    Women always blame “society” for their own shortcomings. Ever notice that’s it’s OTHER women who criticize women more than men? Men compliment women more than women compliment each other. Don’t blame “society” for wanting a woman to have an hourglass figure. Blame other women. They are their own worst critics.
    **It’s sad how society thinks that women have to have an hour glass figure in order to be beautiful.*
    Well, men are judged (by today’s materialistic females) by their pay packets and the type of car they own.

  63. Hey .. Andrea looked wayy better now than how she looked during the competition ..she def lost a lot of weight and looked better

  64. yea…
    i went to school wif lena…
    when i was reading this post, i was actually thinking whether this lena could be the lena fonseka that i know…

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