Easy Victim Of Consumerism

Over the weekend, I headed over to Rigi Team to have my haircut.

Old hair

I wanted to the a review of the salon like I always do, but Ah Kwang the boss refrained me from taking photos inside the salon. Too bad.
Anyway, the Kwangmeister was happily snipping my hair away when suddenly he made a remark that nearly choke the kolo mee outta me.
Kwang: You seem to be losing some hair in some areas.
Kenny: Whaddya mean I’m losing hair?
Kwang: Here, let me show you.
*brings along a mirror*

This is not right. I’m turning botak at my age. Hey I thought I’m turning 24, NOT 42. Damn tulan. Why am I’m growing hair on my LEGS but not on my HEAD!?
Kenny: What should I do?
Kwang: Welllll… you can put on some hair tonic…
Kenny: So where do I get this “hair tonic” thing you speak of?
Kwang: Funny you should ask, ‘cos we happen to sell them right here!
Kenny: OK I BUY.

Bonacure Men Phytobiogin Tonic by Schw#$%^*arzkopf. RM45.

Kenny: So how do I use this thing?
Kwang: You just squeeze some onto the affected area and massage it in.
Kenny: During shampoo?
Kwang: After shampoo. Oh, speaking of which, you should get some of our shampoo. It will REALLY help with the hair growth.
Kenny: OK I BUY.

Bonacure Men Vitalising Shampoo by Schw#$%^*arzkopf. RM38.

I ended up spending RM83 more than I should at the salon.
Heh. Tell a man he’s losing his hair, and he’d do anything for you.

New hair

Yes, yes, I think that Valentine’s Day is the worst con job since the Nigerian Scam, but I still went out on a date this past Tuesday. She’s not doing anything and I didn’t wanna be alone so I asked her out. It’s a friendly date, and as it turns out we had a casual and enjoyable evening. πŸ™‚

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  1. Perhaps you should get a second opinion from someone who doesn’t have an hidden objective?
    Maybe it’s just temporary balding due to stress, but “Kwang” took the opportunity to sell you some koyok? πŸ™‚

  2. Your hairstyle damn kesi! But I must say, Ah Kwang is a damn good salesman. But I notice a minor irony there, if Ah Kwang really cares about your hair loss, instead of selling you the so called vitalising shampoo, he should just decline cutting your hair. Thus saving you RM93. Sisuahlai says the way to prevent hair loss is NOT to have the hair cut in the first place (and the extra hair can cover the bald patch!). No need shampoo, just old fashioned common sense.

  3. Maybe they actually stole your hair just to get them to buy their products. No matter, your hair looks mighty fine. πŸ™‚

  4. you have to start to save money now
    now japan has new technique to plant hair on men’s headskin,and it looks nature,will not drop even you pull it,shampoo it

  5. And i heard from a guy before that there are only two things men dread the most about ageing: balding and becoming impotent. So it’s true. Look at the money you were willing to spend for it…

  6. New haircut. Looks kinda cute. Ever think about coloring it? Perhaps Ah Kwang can recommend some more Schw***%*^*^8f products. However, my verdict on the Schw***^(&(8f hair color is it doesn’t last and overpriced. Don’t waste your precious ringgit.

  7. I know this is irrelevant but I think you should have stayed home during valentine’s nite – after all nicole is prob home alone too. you guys could have chatted on the msgr or something – i would hate to have my bf spend that nite with someone, not knowing if that nite might spark something off for them……

  8. i find it a common phonomenon among guys right now to lose hair. even college students, i noticed. so yeah, take care…dont scrub your hair off your head! eat right!

  9. haha, i encountered the same thing and ended purchasing some hair tonic, though not Schwarzkopf but Wella…does seem to work after a while, actually.
    anyway, you’re right – when it comes to our crowning glory, men would do almost anything to salvage it!

  10. I had falling hair problems when i was in my late teens. & Yes, I am a FEMALE.
    So I went to the National Skin Centre & the doctor told me there’s nothing I can do about it. Basically I’m just sensitive to the male hormones. Hair tonic will keep your hair on your head longer for a short period of time. After that, your hair will still fall off.
    For males, best thing to do is to do a crew cut for a few months to create less stress on the hair follicles. Did you use too much hair products? Sometimes, that will temporarily cause your hair to drop more.
    & take oral supplements for hair for precaution. Stop using it when you want your wife to get pregnant.

  11. when you were out on that date, im pretty sure that behind her back, you were wishing that she was me! *wink*
    anyway back to your falling hair.
    old sayings that hair means trouble and if you drop them, means u lost your troubles and that’s why monks and nuns go bald.
    but they don’t look half as fashionable as you. try a skin head with some funky designs to hide the balding.
    alternatively, take some XO/brandy/whiskey and rub it into your hair/scalp.
    Wear one of those auntie shower caps, take a picture, blog about it and then wash it off.
    U cut your hair more often than me!!!

  12. haha!!!
    I know of a fren who is also balding and he also spends a lot on his hair…
    I agree: Tell a man that he’s blding and he’ll do anything…

  13. Aiya Kenny, no need to buy Schwa products, they’re much more expensive than the normal L’Oreal. Just buy some olive oil from those malay jamu shops, preferably Mustika Ratu Olive Oil. Rub some onto your scalp, massage, concentrating on the bald spots. Do that nightly for 2 weeks and you’ll see some results. Continuous use will make your hair grow naturally.

  14. quoted from Lainie
    “cut your hair shorter, try a different parting? :)”
    I agree..try different parting…
    try rubbing XO on ur head…and pray for a jungle…

  15. XO on your head? Kenny would be labelled an alcoholic cos he would smell like one, plus the risk of it catching fire in case some fantical fan decides to light up Kenny’s hair. Now we don’t want ot aggravate the situation right people? Haha!

  16. Real man dont bother about hair. Bald is sexy for Hulk Hogan sake. You are so sissy la Kenny. Save the money for a gun and shoot that pondan Ah Kwang to death!! That Ah Kwang is playing mind game turning you into pondan just like him. You are a wimp not to realize that!

  17. extra RM93? i tot RM45 + RM38 it’s RM83 ler. Wat’s the additional RM10 for eh? consultation fee? kaka nvm la at least there’s solution to it and better use it before u regret it when u really become botak jor O.o

  18. hmmmmm ….. hmmmm …… a lot of it is hereditary ….. maybe inspect your brother’s hair and then you can expect what is install for you in the near future lor!

  19. BAD NEWS: It’s genetic, and there’s probably nothing much you can do about it.
    GOOD NEWS: You’ll have another big Coconut to proudly display.
    I think it’s a good tradeoff.

  20. hmmm… i think all the stylists are the same. after a while, they will say they notice we’re balding… though that in a way, it is true… as we age, he tend to bald.
    but how come its always the same… u r badling. try this tonic. better than the rest (incidentally, its not what your stylist recommended… so wanna try the one my styl;ist recommend – said to be the best… lol)

  21. Kenny, I also started to lose hair in my early 20s like you do. Since then, I have tried all sorts of hair growth products in the market over the years and sad to say that just NONE of them actually worked. So just don’t waste your hard-earned ringgit on those useless hair tonic or whatever hair growth products which the opportunistic money-minded vampires are trying to tempt you into buying them. These marketing people are just exploiting your psychology and lead you into believing that your hair loss problem has become so damn serious so that you will actually give in to them by buying something that have not been clinically proven to work. I think the causes for hair loss, particularly in men, are more towards hereditary and hormonal factors. So I don’t really think those externally-applied tonic would effectively work in salvaging your hair loss.
    What’s more important is to have adequate rest and don’t give yourself too much pressure. And watch your diet as well. Reduce the intake of too salty and spicy food. Take more nutritious food. Then you will slowly see your hair growing back naturally without having you to spend a single cent on those useless tonic! Sometimes, the more tonic you apply, the worse the problem will become. Because if that tonic has not been clinically proven to work, you just don’t know what ingredients it has inside. And it may actually damage your scalp and do more harm to your hair. Who knows?

  22. Haha, if not mistaken, there’s a special barber shop in India that can make your hair grow in a miraculous way. How? Let the cow lick your bald head. πŸ˜€

  23. Ever wonder why all hot girls just wanna be freind with you sissy boy? Stop bitching about ur hair already! What’s wrong with you dude? What with pink color on ur page? Change the color now!!! Are you sure you are not gay Kenny??? God.

  24. How come not much difference between the before anbd after pics?
    Anyway, most of the shampoo/tonic/conditioner works!
    If your hair is already thinning at this young age (ahem!), try Propecia!!

  25. Hey kenny..i was loosing my hair since i was 10! Its been 10 long years since I had this problem. It might seem very alarming now but you’ll realise that hair is just something menial. No one will realise u r losing ur hair except your babrber, someone who is trying to spot a toupee and urself!
    I have a suggestion. Might seem a little extreme but..shave it all off! I did that last year and got some great response..Haha..beside..it take you like, less than 1 minute to dry it, you don have to bother checking your hair and stuff..besides..to judge a person whether he is really good looking is to take of all his hair..
    haha.try it..who knows u might like it!

  26. Before scrolling down, I can only see half of your second pic and I thought it is a FIREWORK. WTH, then when I scroll down somemore before realising it’s your head! hahaha. Cool pic!

  27. i like ur new haircut very much. look more neat weh. u shld try considering a messy look like that. don’t worry. girls have that all the time too. we called it ‘shopping-cart-syndrome’ (SCS). but ur case was slightly diff cuz it happen in a salon.

  28. think i have hair loss similar to yours not too bad at this stage though been applying tonic and on 1mg finasteride a day.
    i hear temp hair loss can occur at late teenage and early twenties so you nid not worry too much.

  29. hey! i’m 16 and i was told that i was balding too. Bloody hell. Actually, i was told i was balding at age 15.
    Then i cut down on my use of hair gel, bought hair tonic (trust my mom to get me these things), bought anti-hair-dropping shampoo, anti-hair-dropping conditioner and anti-hair-dropping hair cream.
    Believe me, Kenny, that cost much more than 100. Hell, it probably even cost way more than 500. But I wasn’t too surprised about the balding thing. My dad’s bald, both my grandad’s are bald, two out of three of my blood-related uncles are bald.
    Just chill out and cut down on the hair gel/cream/wax/clay/styling oil.
    Anyway happy blogging, Kenny.

  30. Duh! U take too many Ajinomoto/Chemical food lar! No need use anythings. Eat more organic food my brother. If everythings doesn’t works, shave botak. I believed you look more handsome than monk! ~.^

  31. off the topic: as an international student staying with malaysians i just want to know that why most of the malay and tamil youngsters shouts and scream for no reason at all. i also noticed that they really lack on common sense. I’ve also met some really gentle malays. they were excellent and the chinese youngsters i see around are far more better in understanding others problem. no one in this world is perfect. but these malay and tamil youngsters i see around, they are totally pathetic.
    forgive me but this is how i feel.

  32. i heard that having extra testoterones making men bald/balding. u need to get rid of those and then become a faggot to keep ur hair. see how harisu have all her hair? right on. hahhaa
    ahkwang is the best salesman ever.
    [[Short Talk:
    Yes, yes, I think that Valentine’s Day is the worst con job since the Nigerian Scam, but I still went out on a date this past Tuesday. She’s not doing anything and I didn’t wanna be alone so I asked her out. It’s a friendly date, and as it turns out we had a casual and enjoyable evening. :)]]
    sound so bad meh

  33. hehe,,,,,,nvm baldness is quite common in our society nowadays……..so kenny, u won;t be the odd one around even if u shave bald.by the way, no offence is ur mum losing hair as well cos i heard the hair genes is from the mum’s side

  34. eat too uch maggie mee….bcome botak
    Mee Maggie,
    cepat dimakan,
    cepat dibotak
    …u look gud in dat hairstyle tho
    hides ur baldspot.;)

  35. Haiyooo…. just take a spray can and spray the bald spots black (or whatever your hair color is). Alternatively, pluck some grass, stick them together and spray them the color you want.
    OK i’m just talking rubbish. ;P

  36. hey kenny, i know this sound a lil hard to believe but instead of using shampoo, try rubbing olive oil on those bald spots……hair sure grow back 1. it really does work ya know…

  37. haaha.. relax la kenny. Your hair is jet black and shiny… it’s healthy. (schwarzkopf means Black Head in german btw. I think.)
    btw… wht camera are u using? love the quality!

  38. they say that balding genes come from the mother’s side of the family so if don’t have then you are less likely to be bald. Anyhow, maybe next time just try changing your parting/style so it’s not always combed a certain way which causes stress to the same section(s) of your hair.

  39. The water in Perth which you had been drinking might be one of the culprit. I have a few colleagues who were in Perth for 3 years, half of them came back to S’pore with a sign of balding. I was lucky, I stayed in Perth for 1.5 years and no hair lost problem for me πŸ˜› My boyfriend was worst, he was mid 20s and he went to Sydney for 3 months only. When he came back, his hair was exactly like yours, started to become bald.
    Well, doctors said there is no reverse-engineering on hair lost, as the hair pore has dried up and closed. What the doctors could help you is to prevent the rest from falling.
    Cut down on MSG. Always keep your hair as short as possible. By the way, your new hair-style looks great on you πŸ™‚

  40. blue panda is right. olive oil is good as a hair conditioner. i had used it before… and no, no olive tree sprouted out of my head. πŸ™‚
    i was in the same boat as you before, kenny – getting sucked into consumerism while having my hair done.
    the hairstylist said my hair is so dry, i need to use something for it so recommend me one of their ‘hair mask’. i bought it and said but this one very mah-fun must wrap with hot towel and wait, so she recommend me a leave-on moisturiser and i bought it too! ended up spending buying thier produts as much as i paid for styling my hair.

  41. blue panda is right. olive oil is good as a hair conditioner. i had used it before… and no, no olive tree sprouted out of my head. πŸ™‚
    i was in the same boat as you before (no, not that i’m getting bald), kenny – getting sucked into consumerism while having my hair done.
    the hairstylist said my hair is so dry, i need to use something for it so recommend me one of their ‘hair mask’. i bought it and said but this one very mah-fun must wrap with hot towel and wait, so she recommend me a leave-on moisturiser and i bought it too! ended up spending buying thier produts as much as i paid for styling my hair.

  42. if you feel you are indeed loosing hair, you probably need to see a doctor (probably a skin specialist) and get real help, rather than use stuff from a salon, which might make you loose more hair….

  43. The hair grows from the inside of your skin so how is something you put on the outside going to make a difference. Hairloss has to do with hormones and it’s hard to do anything about that. Im pretty much bald by now, it’s very common for white guys so I never really bothered about it, just have to make sure that the hair I have left is always really short, then it looks kind of cool actually.

  44. last time my bf and bros,including me,have the same prob…
    well,the solution is – almond oil or olive oil. very cheap,but it works.use it after every bath.and dont use this 2 brands– pantene and rejoice(shampoo or conditioner) it makes my hair and also my bro’s,thinner and falls out easily..maybe for some people it suits =)
    and of course,make sure u choose the right brand for olive oil.some olive oil,they mixed it..so the smell sometimes… =P (i am not sure which one smell better…the virgin or not) but my bros and i chose to wear almond oil and sometimes olive oil.bcs it is less greasy and smells good too.
    but really,no need to buy those expensive products..just bcs of it’s name. better buy those indonesian or indian products.ahh..talking about indian products,go and find indian shampoo that got this ingredient in it — shikakai. it really works. u can used it at every bath! u would have great hairs.black,shiny and very thick.no kidding!(look at samy vellu’s =D) but of course,find the right product laa..dont just simple pick…some product might have just lied abt it’s contents…
    but shikakai+olive+almond oil=really works.
    gud luck!

  45. oh and another thing… eat less salt.
    (this even apply to cats and dogs…if u want them to have nice furs..)
    so Kenny,for this one month,go eat friskies or whiskas. hehehee.. sure ur hair would grow everywhere… =P
    Happy trying!

  46. Notice that the hair thinning is around the back of the head, you may wish to consider Pfizer’s over-the-counter treatment Rogaine (http://www.rogaine.com).
    It’s definitely better than most of the treatment or shampoos out there. The only tedious thing is that you have to apply the liquid twice a day and for 2-3 months before you see any improvement.
    Good luck.

  47. Just shave it, it’s not worthy to spend so much on all those products. Bald men are sexier…don’t ever do the barcoding thing where you leave one side of your hair long, and horizontally drag it to the other side, just to make it look like you have hair…just shave it.

  48. Can try Beijing 101 or Yunam hair care. Definitely need to change shampoo.
    most of all, must learn to relax. cheers. πŸ™‚

  49. You are losing your hair because of genes, and secondly your heightened level of testosterone.
    So even though you are growing hair everywhere else, your chest, legs, and even on your face, you are losing hair on your head.
    The only solution my friend is Propecia + Minoxidil mixture, which is aka Rogaine.
    Better go see a skin specialist soon. Beijing or Yunam are just bloodsuckers for money. They do not offer one-off solutions but repeat treatments over and over, with no end in sight.
    Suggust you start ASAP. Cos, the later you start, the least likely, you will regain hair loss.

  50. jus dun do a donald trump hairdo.
    i more concerned abt the weight than hair.
    heavier = higher chance of heart attack/diseases
    bald = 1st step of stepping into shaolin to learn some fat trimmin arts. as compared to martial arts

  51. aiya, kenny……my bf purposely shave his head n he’s still looking fine…..sexy u might say?
    He himself say, save money from having to buy shampoo, conditioner n wht not….oso u dun haf to worry about the wind messing up your hair!!

  52. dude! my hair stylist (i’d refer to him as a barber, but he got all hissy last time i called him that) pulled the same shit on me last year! he mentions something about thinning hair. next thing you know i’m walking out with my pants around my ankles; 300 bucks worth of hair rejuvenating crap in hand, muttering “oh lord, did i just…huh??”

  53. Kenny, this hair tonic stuff is snake oil. I too fell for the scam previously and bought a bottle of “hair tonic”. It’s useless! All it does is aggravate my dandruff. Since it smells good, I currently use it to spray my daughters diaper pail to get rid of the smell…

  54. i felt like i was a fine looking stud.. until i went to a barber who changed my life completely.. all he had to say.. was the same thing he said to u.. ‘eh.. lu eh mo chin pok ki..’
    i was like wtf? and he start to point out where my hair was ‘thinning’.. such a nice way of putting it. made me damn stress.
    so i went to see a professional.. doctor tat is.. he sed it cud be genetic or blabla. went online. did research.. damn stress. then he prescribe this med for me.. after taking it for 3 months u shud see results.
    so kenny.. let me tell u the good news. its caused by testosterone overload. if u get extra horny all the time.. yeah.. u know wat causes u to lose hair haha!

  55. Kenny, i am 22 and starting to go thin at the front. It wasent a problem till i started getting my friends noticing to.
    Well i done a bit of research and decided to see my Doctor, after a long discussion he basically told me i had Male Pattern Baldness which is a hireditary hair loss condition.
    He aslo told me that the saying “its in your mothers genes” is a old wives tale it can be taken from either side.
    He also explained a lot of the sprays and miricle cures offered by your hairdresser/ friend of the family is often a scam and wont lead to regrowth of hair or if so fuzzy unatural hair which will fall out.
    He did however after assesing me proscribe me with propecia like a lot of people have suggested on here, it works by surpressing a chemical in your testosterone called DHT, DHT is the chemical belived to cause male pattern baldness at a young age. Treatment is 1mg tablet each morning every morning for as long as you want to keep your hair for. Results given to me was it will stop further hair loss in 9-10 cases and in 1/3 will regrow healthy hair where you are thining.
    However a big consideration is the tablets are never to be handeled by pregnant women or women if trying for a child as the dht supressent when absorbed either oraly or absorbtion through the skin in females can cause mutation to the genatailier of a unborn child.
    Hope i have been of some help

  56. Yes, hair style is very important in preventing hair loss because the hair styles in which hari are tightly pulled over the scalp causes hair loss and even more as hair loss counter described that such hair loss is very difficult to regrow.

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