Damai Lagoon

Nicole has been in Kuching since last Wednesday. I brought her here after our new year celebrations in KL. We caught up with some old friends and spent some time together before she flies back to Perth tomorrow night. It’ll be another 11 months before we see each other again.

Just yesterday we drove down to the idylic resort of Damai Lagoon at Santubong, about 45 minutes away from Kuching city for a bit of beachside R&R.

The resort is set amid acres of landscaped garden and there’s a huge beautifully-decorated pool situated just next to the beach. The hotel’s brochure said this is the largest lagoon-shaped pool in Sarawak (as opposed to those boring rectangularly-shaped Olympic pools).

Then again, this is probably the only lagoon-shaped pool in the whole of Sarawak. Compared to Sunway Lagoon in KL, it’s actually kinda sad.

There’s actually not much else to do at Damai Lagoon apart from swimming, walking by the beach and admiring the sunset. It’s just a calm, quiet and peaceful place to get away from the city to wind down and relax. Even the seabreeze itself is strangely hypnotising.
I was looking to try some water sports, but the waves were a little strong this Monsoon season.
Then I spotted these massage beds lying by the poolside.

Nothing like a good massage to round up the holiday. I was about to call Nicole over, until I read the fine print.

Eww… Why would I pay to let some other men touch me?
I’m not homophobic but I’m damn scared of letting other men touch me ok. Handshakes and buddy-buddy hugs are perfeclty fine, but I freak out big time if a guy is about to massage me or touch whichever one of my body parts sensually.
I mean, what if he got a hard-on while doing it? What am I gonna do?

Mannn… wouldn’t go nude even if you pay me.
Then again, what does going nude during a massage have anything to do with preserving a country’s customs and heritage? Odd.

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  1. and i would rather have some cute guy massaging me instead.. then only i would be totally relaxed… *wonders*
    *stops wondering*
    but what if its this ugly fella? with big belly and stinky breath? with very strong grip and very perverted one… yeerrr… cannot be..

  2. they dunwan u to go nude when massage because the guy will be terrified if you get a hardon.. what is he going to do? hahahaha

  3. hee hee, i’m reminded of that certain Gotcha episode about a male masseur who was massaging a man, and he wore this bikini thingie and acted like a pondan.

  4. oh damn, do u think the guy would massage u in nude? later he get hard how? maybe u two just play ‘sword fight’ lo

  5. Kenny,
    So most (if not all) of the great night view photos on your site have been taken with your Sony T9 as well?
    Would you recommend buying a Sony then? or Canon? or some other models?
    Thanks Kenny! 🙂

  6. Wow, looks like a great place… I’m suddenly reminded of my vacation to Puerto Vallarta… mm, must post those pictures.
    As for the masseurs… I’ll have to agree with you on that :p

  7. Hey kenny 🙂
    HOpe you had a good new years 🙂
    FUnny post as usual btw…..
    hehehehehe i think you ARE homophobic… you just dun know it!
    Take care and have a great year ahead!

  8. hmm…
    i would think ther’s advantage gettin a male masseur. at least more strength so more ‘shio9kness’ n relief the tension too mah…

  9. Hmm…. sounds better than Sunway Lagoon actually, with the sea and hills close to the recreation to add to the scenery. Only the last bit about the massages is potong stim la… Doesn’t look like there’s much to do at night anyway. Whatcha do at night there?

  10. OOOO Damai Lagoon…Haven’t stayed there since i was 13 i think… 🙁
    Kenny, where do you recommmend i get cool html scripts/templates and tools for extra blog stuff like dropdown menus to other sites etc? hehe…trying blogging currently…everyone’s doing it! hahahah

  11. Fuck. I went there on 30th. They charged us for Rm250. Small bedroom without Breakfast. I saw that sign too.. Actually Damai Resort is much better because of the beach of course.. and bigger rooms that has the same rate

  12. Hmm you might wanna rephrase your statement:
    “I mean, what if I got a hard-on while doing it? What am I gonna do?

  13. Looks like a great resort, might consider it for my next R&R trip….
    it would be kinda stupid to go nude on the beach (in the open) for massage…

  14. Hmm..havent been to Damai in ages. Last I went thr was for that Rainforest Fest. Never knew they offer massage service or is it a pretty new thing? Btw, I think that nude notice is mainly for foreigners. I doubt locals would go nude anywhere in the world, unless they wana show what big coconuts they’ve got. 😛

  15. I know exactly how it feels like to see her for a few days, just to be apart for almost a year again.
    So much you want to do, but none can be rushed.
    I was the one who was leaving then, but even that its bad enough. I’ve never been the one standing in front of the gate, watching her back as she draws on each step, away from me. So I can’t say I know how you feel.
    Do yourself a favor, get your ass in Perth soon mate.

  16. wow…i study in Bintulu but have not had the chance to drop by there yet, must go there one day. thanx kenny for sharing:)

  17. i can picture how massage was done long, long time ago…
    husband in sarong goes to wife…
    hubby: backache… can massage?
    wife: can… come lie next to me…
    (hubby begins to take off sarong)
    wife: aaarrrghhh… wat u doing?!? massage must be waith sarong on la… else we dun up with more than just massage…
    that probably explains why kenny dun wan guys giving him massage…

  18. Mr. Kenny Sia,
    Better forethought and common sense could have been used in the writing of this entry. The intent of the signboard notice is obvious, for the reality of asian culture is clear: nudity is not openly accepted in most asian cultures; and exposing parts of your body in public is taboo and goes against certain ‘traditional cultures and heritage.’ Your challenging it (whether for laughs or for real) AND asking the obvious reflects a clear insensitivity and ignorance towards your own culture. I find it offensive and as an expatriate living (and loving it) in Asia for 5 years, it is really repulsive that as an asian you question this norm. I would appreciate if you embrace the conservativeness that has made asians so unique, and not shun it by pretentiously proclaiming tha you do not know.
    Paige Bucknell

  19. nice place. will try to convince my mum and go there during sem break 😛
    well i hope you’ll have more reviews about holiday resorts in sarawak 🙂

  20. OMGGGG.
    The most innoccent entry… bout a holiday and massage… and u STILL get hate comments from idiots like Paige Bucknell.
    Just fuck off.

  21. Dear Paige,
    What makes you think that we asians are conservative?? What gives you the right to stereotype us??

  22. he he I basically agree with Paige Bucknell.
    I think, what she(he?)was trying to convey is THERE IS NOTHING ODD WITH THE SIGN as it is a norm for MOST Asian ( and even most ppl in the world ! )not to go nude publicly or in front of strangers !
    Thus preserving the traditional CUSTOM ( of not going nude in the said conditions ).. Ah hah ! That what the sign really means IMHO..
    Kit Fan, Chris chill out !
    That is far from being a hate comment !
    And there is nothing dead wrong of being “conservative” either ( unless if you have problems with the real intrepretation ).
    He he.. I shall take Kenny last remark as a joke.

  23. Chill, everyone… Kenny’s not challenging our Asian ways and traditions, he’s just poking fun at it, like how we Singaporeans laugh at ourselves for our Singlish (though it’s part of our culture, it’s also not really something to be proud of). Paige Bucknell’s comment isn’t really a HATE comment either.
    Where has everyone’s sense of humour gone? X)

  24. damai resort, cool place to get away
    but driving there its like… kinda scary especially at night, considering i’m from KL and never see such empty longgggggggg street with pokok all around u.

  25. I am an American who travels often to Malaysia. I would never think of giving a lecture on respecting your own society or culture to someone in their own country and was amazed you were reprimanded above by Paige. I now know where the term “Ugly Expat” (insert choice country for Expat perhaps Ugly American) comes from.
    (Quoting Paige Bucknell) “it is really repulsive that as an asian you question this norm”.
    Yes only she is allowed to question you, you have no choice, you have to follow what she views as the norm for your culture. Silly Asian man, you know she is now an expert because she has lived in Asia for 5 years.
    I especially love comments like
    (Quoting Paige Bucknell) “I would appreciate if you embrace the conservativeness that has made asians so unique”.
    Wow that’s a heck of a stereotype. I didn’t realize all Asians were conservative. I guess she hasn’t gone out at night in KL, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Etc. Conservative isn’t the term I would use. It must also be true that all Asian girls love white guys too and are shy and meek (rolls eyes).
    I apologize for all foreigners who don’t stereotype and wanted you to know we all don’t think or feel that way. I found your comments humorous and your thoughts similar to what any young person would say. I don’t find any part of your blog conservative. It is often a breath of funny bit of fresh air for me when I’m having a bad day at work. Keep up the good work.

  26. For the second last sentence:
    The fact that Kenny refuses to go nude (even if paid) implies that he is a conservative person. So I wouldn’t be too worried about his comment. I would be quite disturbed if he says he will go nude if paid enough.
    As for the last sentence:
    As an Malaysian, I would be quite uncomfortable seeing someone nude while having a massage. You can argue that its due to my upbringing. So, is my upbringing = customs/heritage? If yes, then one should not go nude in respect of our customs/heritage. If no, then going nude has nothing to do with customs/heritage.
    You decide.

  27. massage should always be in The nude,people Who have such extreme hang UPS about the human body, including erections , need to grow up, your born naked, erections are normal for health men to get often, getting an erection in the company of male Friends does not mean that your have gay tendency’s, it doesn’t mean anything , except your health , human , male , and your dick’s hard, you idiots who wrote all this stuff about naked and erection , are pitiful, and should get over the fact that you have small, probably very small Penis
    s and that is what your real worried about being seen hard or not , or naked, learn to love your body little dick or not , women don’t care a clitoris is not deep inside, 2 inches will reach just fine , Boys Grow up! be a man , Love your Erections , it’s god’s Gift

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