Cecilia Cheung

I don’t know why they bother putting a "Wet Paint" sign on Cecilia Cheung’s star in Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars.

Everyone knows Cecilia Cheung is wet all the time anyways.

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  1. If we had a life we wouldn’t be reading about the lives of others. lol. I think i need to be going to get me one of those things they call “a life”. 🙂

  2. Losers read kennysia.
    Eh Kenny, don’t take a cheap shot at Cecelia lah. We know you are one big horny wanker lah.

  3. Oh I’m glad she had divorced with Nicholas Tse :p
    I don’t understand the Wet Paint sign either..but maybe they don’t want people to touch or step on it.
    By the way, I just saw u on TLC in Out & About with Janet..u look great! ^^

  4. enjoyed your blog and had a lot of respect and admiration for you prior to this post.
    not anymore.

  5. after reading so many comments from others, are you feeling guilty? Then take down the post unless you wish someone to write about your mother’s bottom being wet, your sister’s bottom going to be wet or some of your good friends can no longer get wet? If you father is around, what will he say to you after seeing such a post? you have a huge following (maybe not many after this post) i think you should act responsibly… sometimes no blog is better than putting up such a hurtful post…

  6. Absolutely tasteless “humor”. Kenny, you need to find something else to do lah. Your blog is now terrible.

  7. I made the comment before, about your blog, which I find too commercialised. I stopped reading for a while until tonight, I access kennysia.com and the first blog I read, disgusting.
    Maybe you have run out of idea, maybe you should relax your mind, out from business, before coming back to blog.

  8. Si si si fu, dont let a small but vocal group let you down. Some people come here ‘expecting’ to be entertained all the time, but without realising the bigger picture in place. “With great power comes great responsibility”, please continue Sifu…

  9. So many haters come to comment. It’s good thing kenny, that means you still have the popularity there otherwise these haters wouldn’t give a damn. Where have you been Kenny? Get back to blogging now.

  10. Kenny Sia has finally got a life, and this blog is going to the dumps.
    Good for Kenny, not so good for advertisers and readers.
    It was good while it lasted!

  11. I don’t know why i bother to keep coming back to this blog, everyone knows you don’t update much anymore, sadly

  12. Kenny Sia grown up? Or maybe its the readers that are ‘grown up’ and have a more serious approach to life and therefore are less likely to find anything ‘funny’ anymore. THINK ABOUT IT….

  13. guys, if you don like his blog, don’t read it.
    You HAVE a choice. duhhh…don complain if you wish to read it.
    Just like how you don’t complain about the government if you don even bother to vote.

  14. It’s the first time I read a blog, yr comment on Cecilia ( I do not know who she is) is distasteful. I think you do not have sisters and mother.

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