Cannibalism In A Kuching Kopitiam

Take a look at this seemingly innocent picture.

Cannibals discussing recipes.

If you think this is just another one of those kopitiams you can find in Kuching, you couldn’t be more wrong.
Its true that Kuching is a city famous for its cheap and delicious kopitiam food. But I do wonder how many people would be willing to sample this latest addition to the menu.

Our Cantonese cooks are freshly imported from Hong Kong!

I heard that its very popular. Out of curiousity, I asked the ah moi there to show me how they prepare this yummy dish. She happily obliged and I was led to the kitchen at the back.
I wasn’t disappointed.

Best served with meatballs on the side.

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  1. Dude, you really have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you ever sleep? Very sang nang hor. haha.
    Anyway, this is a clear transliteral conversion that went really wrong. “Fried Cook”.
    If they put Cantonese Fried & Cook.

  2. There are other flaws in the sign too: Can you fry the mee and put soup in it too (Fried Soup Mee)? Fried Tomato Mee-is it a speciality in Kuching? Never tried it before and seriously tomato and mee doesn’t really make a good combination. And WTF is ‘Chowchai Honka**’? And why the combination of English and BM in Fried Rice+ Ikan Masin. And ‘mee’ is a very local word as others commonly recognise those edible long thick wheat threads as ‘noodles.’ Last but not least and unrelated to the sign, should it be ‘curry chicken’ or ‘chicken curry.’ The latter is more internationally used. P.S. Would love to pay a visit to Kuching to taste these unique combinations of tomato+rice and salted fish+rice.

  3. aiya mac, it is fried cantonese style, not the fried cook should be cantonese.
    so people, one cantonese fried cook coming up – how do you want it? chinese? malay? indian? female? male? 🙂

  4. Pragmatist, I don’t sleep. I am a robot running 24 hours a day writing this blog. I’m powered by Microsoft Windows 98.
    Jason, cannnn.
    Howsy, tomato mee is the best Kuching dish invented since belacan beehoon ok.
    Mac, oi! Stop being so anal, can? Cantonese means Cantonese. Stop thinking they look like Malay and they’ll look Cantonese. While you’re there, stoping expecting my funny posts all the time and you won’t be feeling that I’m trying too hard. Sometimes I feel like writing something down simply because I find them amusing.
    minishorts, too free? Hey I’m not the one sluttifying Rapunzel.
    merv, nope. Petanak.

  5. Jason,
    I suspect the tomato mee/rice is probably a close relative of S’pore’s Malay Mee/Nais Goreng.
    Not sure what;s the diff between chicken curry or curry chicken. Perhaps it’s
    Chicken curry = putting chicken in curry
    Curry chicken = putting curry onto chicken…*??*

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  7. betbet ah, I am very confused with this entry. Pardon my slow wit, but are we suppose to focus on the bad direct translation or the ‘whatever-is-cooking’ that looks like tomato-ed fried worms? will kee siao 1 leh

  8. They actually let you go see how they cook their famous meals? What if you steal their recipe and open up your own restaurant Kenny? What if?

  9. They actually let you go see how they cook their famous meals? What if you steal their recipe and open up your own restaurant Kenny? What if?

  10. kenny, after belacan bee hoon shud be kolo mee ! other place like singapore, west msia dont have kolo mee bah. tomato mee still ok lah.

  11. thanks for making me crave for tomato mee. 😛
    i miss it so much
    all the way from australia.
    december is just too far away..

  12. Hey Kenny, You got the picture of the Kuali from an Indian restaurant huh? Its got Jalebi(the orange coloured stuff) in the strainer man…looks good…sweet!!! Ho Chiak!

  13. Hey, late post, but as always, late is better then never.
    anyway, what that dish is supposed to say is, “Cantonese Style” stirfried/cooking.
    most of the time in Hokkien its called “Kong Hu Cha” or in Mandrin is called “Kuang Dong Chao Zu”.
    a normal “Cantonese Fried Cook” consists of firstly strifrying the “ho fan” (“kueh tiaw”) or rice vercimilli (“Bee Hoon”) until they are nicely cooked, with all the other added delicious food stuffs like “cha seiw” and most of the time some veges.
    to complete the “cook” part, basically a stachy clear soup is added. this soup is cooked with eggs stired into it, which makes the entire soup look excitingly interesting with traces of eggs.
    pour this onto the pre-stirfried kueh tiaw, then you’ll have the wonderful “Cantonese Fried Cook”.
    hahha. 🙂

  14. this place is near HSBC Bank!! Near KITARO cafe~ i love the foochow foods there! All are delicious! Especially their fried zhao cai bee hoon and fried rice cakes~ Mee udang is the best~ its simply delicious! visit there thrice every week~

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