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  1. This post brought a smile to my face…can’t wait till you do the big “reveal”of who she is…will we get to “meet”her one day? 🙂 Congrats.

  2. Congratulations, Kenny! Have been your silent reader for more than 5 years and I never commented on anything. But this one is an exception. Won’t ask you to reveal as I respect privacy 🙂 All the best to the both of you. Hope you guys can make it to the very end of life.
    -lotsa well wishes.

  3. Congrates dude!!! Happy for both of u…
    Sigh!! I’m not that fortunate enough as i just broke up.. 🙁 Already 2weeks but still struggling to let go..I’m lost and living in sorrow…

  4. Getting attached is a major achievement, some more have to blog? Yawn….. Even getting married is no big deal… Unless it is for Kenny. Poor thing…

  5. congrats kenny and Ming.
    where’s the first trip you and Ming took together at Disneyland Hong Kong and stayed in the same hotel with Jacuzzi inside the bathroom gone to????????????!!

  6. YAWN…kenny has a life now. bashing kennysia is so 2007. you should move on from bashing kenny and get your own life too. YAWN.

  7. No wonder lar kenny hasn’t been so active updating his blog, now we know what had just happened to him. Way to go Kenny! You guys look so sweet! eh I mean in the shadow.

  8. finally you have found someone to tame your wild coconuts CONGRATZ. So now onto producing some little coconuts…

  9. there are many more things to do other than bashing someone, name calling, etc. like… getting a life of your own and minding your own business. oops, double standard. i’ll just be on my way 😉

  10. glad to know another couple is making their way to a future together. all the best to the both of you, and God bless 🙂

  11. i’ve been following your blog for years. I’m happy for you, and what you’re going through now makes me see light in my own situation. Cheers mate.

  12. I think I saw this type of picture some where..yes, it’s in an Taiwan idol drama “Channel X”..but the one in the drama is much more beautiful as it is shot in a church..but the behind story is sad..hope yours one not..

  13. I know it’s like…a year late….but congratulations…I wish you many many years of happiness and joy…. =)

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