ADV: Kil Me

Kuching people should know what I’m talking about.

Many many years ago, Soho was the undisputed king of Kuching nightspots. Back then, if you rocked up to Soho on a weekend, 9 times out of 10 you’d bump into somebody you know.

The most happening guys in town goes to Soho. The hottest chicks in town goes to Soho. Christmas Countdown, New Year’s Countdown, Chinese New Year Countdown… it’s all at Soho.

Everyone knows that.

Heck, at one point, the place became so packed that they opened up Ipanema next door just to accommodate the crowd. Ipanema was a wine bar and its chillout ambience was perfect hideout from the deafening music at Soho.

Because of Soho, old-school Jalan Pandungan became the hottest party central among the hip 20-somethings in Kuching for the longest time.

Since then, new owners have taken over both Soho and Ipanema.

From time to time, DJs from KL takes over the decks, injecting a much needed tasteful vibe into Kuching’s night scene.

To lure back the younger crowd, the new owners have also dropped the "wine bar" label from Ipanema, gave it a cool Irish vibe and renamed it…


Scary name. Maybe the new owners don’t like me very much. 🙁

But nahhh.

The ex-Ipanema is still the same, except the focus has turned away from wines and into Irish beers. To me that’s a very good thing, because I don’t care a lot about wines, but dammit – I LOVE Irish beers.

Kilkenny’s obviously got its namesake from the beer Kilkenny Draught – the "Irish Cream Ale", which in turn got its name from a city in southern Ireland where it was created. I learnt about this and its fascinating history at

Truth is, I never had Kilkenny before I visited this pub. I just thought it’s a bit funny for a Kenny to drink a Kilkenny. But since this beer is what the pub is promoting, I thought why not?

A lot of people who drink Kilkenny tends to compare it with Guinness. That’s perfectly understandable. After all Kilkenny is produced by the same people who made the stout.

I’d say it’s like the younger brother of Guinness. It’s poured the same way, served the same way and produced the same kinda foamy head. The only thing different is that it’s ruby red.

In terms of flavour, it sits somewhere between a stout and a lager. Kilkenny is velvety smooth, not too bitter and got that creamy aftertaste to it.

It’s a great beer to celebrate with during this festive season, when all I wanna do is get some alcohol into the system, but not something strong like my grandfather’s Chinese medicine.

Just party, celebrate a happy occasion, pair with a plate of good food then chillout afterwards.

At the pub, I ordered a mean plate of umai to go with my beer. Umai is our Sarawakian version of Japanese sashimi – raw fish marinated in lime and chilli padi. It’s SUPER SPICY, goes well with Kilkenny and I highly recommend it.

Yes, as wrong as it sounds, Kenny drinks Kilkenny!

To Kenny!

22 Replies to “ADV: Kil Me”

  1. I was a medical student in Dublin and was once posted to an outskirt hospital named St Colm Cilles. guess how you pronounce it? -> saint colum kills.
    How nice.

  2. Cowardly Anonymous Chicken, Kenny was writing whatever he met which interested him. Let him write whatever he wants.
    P.S. I can’t believe Kenny posted the second top picture with those ladies partygoers. They were probably drunk, or stoned from drugs.

  3. I agree with Reader, what matters’ what interest HIM, then his readers who understands that he doesn’t have that much time to blog these days. you assholes who’re in here to pick fights stop wasting your time & get a life!

  4. i agree with follower, seems like Kenny is only keen on $$$ nowadays. But to be fair, he does not owe us anything, we should get a life and not rely on his for entertainment or enrichment.
    However, it is a cause and effect situation, if what he writes is motivated by $$$ or adv, then slowly readers will move elsewhere and once he no longer commands the readership, he will not get as many adv.
    just a pity that a reader named Hayabusa has limited vocab and has to resort to name calling and foul languages to address others…

  5. liar! he drank my kilkenny before in kuching when he was all into stout. pfft. and to think that i thought this was an honest man.

  6. Uh…umai! Yumm. Never in million years I would have thought people eat umai at the pub which sound so raw and Melanauist..sweett!

  7. I love kilkenny! LOL..
    Did u take the pictures last night? Cuz I saw u. Haha.. And I’m wondering what time u actually took the pictures.

  8. was a regular at soho till they renovate it, and it was not the same anymore, the feelings the dj’s.. aaahhh, miss the ole soho ! haven been to soho almost half year d.

  9. Dear Kenny,
    I hope you can help spread the word to expose the dirtiest bastard in the world:

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