About Me

Kenny Sia.
That’s my name. If you happen to come to this site, chances are we’ve met in real life and you already know who I am. If not, here are some quick and simple facts about me.
22 years old.
Kuching, Malaysia originally.
Perth, Australia currently.
When asked to give a subtitle to this website, I thought for a while what best describes me. When routine isn’t exactly normal. I always thought my life has been so normal, and so similar to most other people. But its usually when you start thinking that way that life throws you a curve ball. My life is routine, but its not always normal.
I graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Perth in November 2003. My academic title is BSc (Applied Physics), BEng (Electronic & Communication) (Hons). At the moment, I’m working as a Software Engineer with Spectra.
I go to the gym. I drink socially, but I don’t smoke. I hate it when people I care about smoke. I love my computers. I love my family.
I started this blog to keep in touch with my loved ones, to expand my creativity, and to re-discover myself. Why does one need to re-discover himself? Because I thought I’m normal. I was wrong. The only thing constant in this world is change, things change, and I change. This time next year I might be writing a totally different ‘About Me’ page.
There’s not much else to write about myself. After all, this whole website is dedicated to me. Talk about how vain one can get.
But this is me. I am Kenny.
UPDATE 14/05/05: This is very out-of-date. But I can’t be arsed editing it right now.

32 Replies to “About Me”

  1. hmm.. where’s i started this blog because Kim keeps on asking about it? *grin*. Don’t I get any credit? at all?! *sniffles*
    Btw. didn’t realize you were a dog. Heh.

  2. If I say that, people would think I kena forced by you lah. Don’t want people to think you’re so bad mah! 😉
    Don’t you know I’m a dog? I’m born in the year of the dog wat. Same as you. At least I’m a male dog, you on the other hand…. heh heh heh. Kidding.

  3. hey, u’re the one who commented in my X-blog, remember? the one u say u hav to tilt ur head 90 degree.
    i’ve read few of ur most recent blogs and i find them rather amusing. i mean, the way u put ur words bout ur life and stuff like tat. =D
    i would love to keep in touch of ur new updates or posts.

  4. heyy!!~~ omg..new here!!~~ ^^ as u already know if u read ur chatterbox…hehe..omg..APPLIED PHYSICS?!?! i dont even undastd year 12 physics…damit…oh wells…will check back soon…takeee careee!!~~ ^^

  5. OMG! I’ve been reading your blog for a week and only just realised you are part of 207 building! I graduated 1 year before you. small world =)
    Do keep your blog open. =)

  6. i know yeah….. applied physics is helluva difficult thing !! let alone year 12’s physics.. i cant even pass year 11’s … hehehe… =D
    hey your blog is pretty good… keep up da good work baby!!

  7. Hi Kenny, I’m not sure if you’ll still check on this. I’m interested in taking up courses about computer related design. Just like what you have done on this blog; the graphic (photoshop) and the designs itself. What major will this course be under? Thank you!

  8. hi and hello….
    how do you…? i already link you and your blog at my blog. could you link me and my blog at your blog as some favour for me, here some code for you

  9. Halcyon-Blog
  10. Thank you

  11. I like some of your blog posts. Good job! But why would you dedicate a portion of your blog for “Blogs I Never Read”? Weird in my opinion. 🙂

  12. hey kenny, im in now in perth too…i graduated from Curtin Uni in November 2005.. we should go out for a drink… and i want to see how crappy you are (as you are really crappy in your blog)

  13. I didn’t know you before, but now that I read who you are…I know you are. So now I can say “I know you, too!”…..Hello, Kenny!! Nice to know ya!! Ya know?

  14. I don’t really know you, got to know about your blog through my colleague, and my colleague got it through his friend..
    Your impression to me is that you are vey funny and … interesting…
    well, just wanna tell you that I enjoy all your pics and funny stories….
    Looking forward for more…. =P
    Have a nice day ahead!

  15. hey! how come people’s comment bout u is so little compare to your complaint bout others…
    you must have deleted all the bad comments, mesti ada main tipu, betul betul ada…
    mai keh keh, you must accept others opinion since the complaints you give to others is not little la….

  16. hi kennysia, u got a very succesful blog here. so, can u pls write about something or hot issue about political things. something that is hot now. are u a BN supporter or DAP? speak out ok, so that the youngsters who are viewing your blog, they got to know wats going on around in Malaysian politics. Because now very less leng chai and leng lui will read newspaper……all the do is just `Pat` around. see ppl blog la, play frenster la………thanks!

  17. If you happen to come to this site, chances are we’ve met in real life and you already know who I am. If not, here are some quick and simple facts about me.
    No, I dont think i know u at all! But do view my weblog… And gimme some comments, pls? Thank u.

  18. how come your website don’t have coverage of Miss Sarawak/ Earth 2006? i was looking for details and results about the pageant as now i’m currently in Perth n my friend joined it…was hoping to see whther she win or not 🙂 but i got some info from a website roger forwarded to me…
    but ur page was my main referance site, because so many pics and comments to read thru haha very interesting! but nasty at times… here i just wanna say congrats to my fren Marlene on her double victory in Miss Sarawak Earth and Miss Malaysia Queen international..all the best yea…n waaa, Sarawak girl really not bad ah..

  19. Kenny, nice decent hair of yours , will b nice if you can spike up your hair at times to show you are in the ‘mainstream’ , may be more babe will be sucked towards you. and guys too 😉
    like to see you in hot and funk … oya!

  20. hi Kenny
    seen yr photos with some amazing babes in Miri.
    i am a hot-blooded guy from KL & will be flying in Miri for work sometime in Nov.
    do you mind introducing some of your hot babes to me ?
    i am sure you have to many to handle & don’t mind sharing…..he hah hah !
    anyway, i posted a note on 16 oct. you can reply to me, there

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