A Change In Profession

This week, I started my new job.
I apologise I can’t say too much about the company I’m working for (no, its not the FBI). Suffice to say that I’m now on the company payroll, working for my father, wearing suit-and-tie to work instead of Tshirt-and-shorts, and addressing my workmates by Mister and Madam instead of by their first name. Still, the working environment here is very different to what I am used to at Spectra Engineering.
What I used to wear Vs What I now wear
Oh, to those who are related to me, much appreciated if you keep the existence of this blog to yourself. To others, I hate the fact that I can’t just say it here. My apologies for being so secretive. My job is not that much of big deal to be honest. But Kuching is a small place, many Kuching people whom I don’t know read this blog and I rather them not know. Anyway, if we ever do meet in real life ask me again ok?
I hate it when the forms you fill ask you redundant questions.
I visited the newest gym in town today, a government-owned gymnasium called Gym Masyarakat. I was ready to give them my RM250 to sign up for an annual membership, but instead they asked me to fill in the application form and wait 2 weeks for approval.
I wave RM250 cold hard cash in my hands, and they want to wait for approval. So I ask them.
“Why would you need approval for going to the gym and staying healthy? Have you ever rejected any applications?”
“Yes we have many rejections!”
“Mainly because they didn’t submit their photos.”

Go figure.
Stupid Gym
So fine. I was presented with the stupidest application form I ever had to fill.
Full Name: Kenny xxx xxx xxx
IC Number: 821127-13-xxxx
Date of Birth: 27-11-1982 (What the fish? Can’t you read my IC number?)
Age: 23 (Can’t you bloody deduce my age from my birthdate?!)
Nationality: Mongolian (OF COURSE MALAYSIAN LAH! I just gave you my Identity Card number didn’t I?! Bloody!)
Damn angry. I had to pay RM10 for a single visit because they need TWO BLOODY WEEKS to have my formal membership approved.
The gym itself was pretty crap. Its nice to see familiar faces though. There’s the heavily tattooed guy who spent all night doing bench presses, the steroid-induced muscle dude helping a scrawny kid spot as he yell profanities at him as a form of encouragement, and that la-la girl who wore hip-hugging jeans and stiletto heels to the gym just to use the threadmill. Nice.
Does anyone know of any good gyms in Kuching?
Fitness First is the only gym I know that seems to get everything right. I’m struggling to find another fitness center here that can deliver a similar quality of service.
Went to Red Tea Road for bubble tea this morning when I noticed this sign.
To Run Business

20 Replies to “A Change In Profession”

  1. OOOhh! Huffing and puffing to accentuate your mighty man-boobs pecs, I see.
    You know Malaysia lah, like to make things as complicated as possible for us so that ‘they’ don’t have to do any work.
    Good luck at your new job! Gambade!

  2. to kiss ass run business. i dono bout kuching but those private clubs should have better facilities right? of course the membership fees would be higher.. kenny your blog is darn good, keep kicking 🙂

  3. i use to go to an all female gym in kuching but i know of one at rock road. its on the 3rd floor or something like that. in front of KFC donno still alive or not lah. ehehehe….

  4. where this gym masyarakat eh? rm250 is xtremely cheap but how are their facilities like?
    most ppl i know who do go to the gym go to the one at the Club. u a member or not? free leh if u are.
    and did u seriously dress like tht back at spectra?
    and ppl! see. what did i tell you guys about Kenny’s incredible male titties. *cackle*

  5. Man those folks at the gym must be pretty stupid hahaha as for your work attire, I think it will do you justice to wear something like that, although Nicole mightn’t like it because you’ll be pulling all the girls hahaha oh well, it mustn’t be foreign for you even if you did hahaha (ref. check-out chick entry) heh heh heh… that must be some seedy business venture they’re running! (ref. kissy photo)

  6. Hsin, the odd thing is… I didn’t even huff and puff. I just naturally look like a freakin’ gorilla!
    JzT2J, I know. It makes as much sense as your nickname.
    Thanks for the compliment, MunKit. 🙂
    Felicia… an all-female gym sounds exactly like the thing I need! *fantasizes*
    Kimberley, its at the civic center at the old planeterium. rm250 *is* cheap but you get what you pay for. Honestly speaking I wouldn’t wanna go back there. And yes, I dress like that to work in Perth. 🙂 I’m not meeting anyone big-shot watttt…
    applegal, you don’t like the pink shirt?!?! *gasp* I would wear a white shirt, but I’m gonna end up looking like a waiter from some restaurant or Agent Smith from the Matrix.
    Bek, dammit when you quote references like that its kinda hard to argue with you! I’m flattered. 🙂
    P/S. How sexy can a bubble tea business be? Maybe they should have a tagline that goes “Mmmm… I wanna suck your balls… your sago balls!”

  7. Sorry Kenny, I’d prefer a pink shirt with a very dark gray suit, no tie, yummmm 😉 Maybe it’s because I hardly wear pink myself 😛

  8. urm.. why not try ur luck at ClarkHatch (Hilton) or the one in Merdeka Palace (used to be RM99 p.m a few years back..) oh wells, u can’t compare the two to fitness first thou, no group X classes, no high tech eqiupments to wow u away… but it’s gonna be a heaven vs hell contrast if compared to Dewan Masyarakat… *Grinz*

  9. applegal, u’re the first girl I know who doesn’t like to wear pink!
    iDaz, much thanks for the info! 🙂 I went to both places you mentioned and hell… they’re both smaller than Gym Masyarakat! ClarkHatch even had the balls to charge RM600 joining fee/RM95pm for a sad, small room they called a gym.
    I actually liked the Sarawak Club gym, which is well air-conditioned and have longer opening hours than all the others I knew, but I’m not paying RM5000 a year for the Club membership! Regardless, thanks. I think I shall accept my fate and sign up for Gym Masyarakat. *sigh*

  10. Kenny, come to think of it… 5k annually isn’t that much if you plan to work out alot. besides, this will be the driving force for you to work out more as you will have to keep telling yourself that you’ve already paid the $$ and you’d better make full use of it.

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