Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2

Malaysian Dreamgirl is finally back!


This time round we’ve made our audition process bigger, funnier and lengthier.

And you know it’s gonna be better because I won’t be functioning as an on-screen judge this time round. Apparently I topped last season’s complaint list. Heh heh.


Replacing me on the judging panel are two substantially more qualified professionals, Judge Julie, a cosmetics entrepreneur from local brand Beautilicious and Judge Andrew from the very well-known local modelling agency Andrew’s Models.

Expect lots of diamonds in the rough, lots of terrible Manglish, but more importantly –


Lots of delusional wannabes, which what makes the show so very entertaining.

Best quote from the auditions comes from this girl from Ipoh.

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Elaine: What do you think is your main selling point?
Girl: Ummm, I just like to… shoot myself in front of the camera.


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