How Do Couples Keep The ‘Spark’ Alive In Their Relationships?

Keeping the sparks alive in a relationship can be difficult, especially if you can’t find the matches.

Believe me, I’ve been in a long-term relationship before myself. When you’re committed yourself for such a long time, there comes a point when we no longer feel the need to impress each other anymore.
Girls stop wearing make-up and contact lenses. Out goes the pretty little pink dress and in comes the baggy tracksuit pants.
Guys aren’t any better.

Something went terribly wrong some where

After commiting for so long, there must come a point in a relationship when a guy asked himself, “Who the hell is this girl and what does she want from me!?”
The thing is, in this world where people have priorities, responsibilities and multiple commitments, it is inevitable relationships do go stale after a while and routine tends to get a little bit boring. But it doesn’t have to remain that way.

The trick is to break out of the routine and do something out of the ordinary.
A holiday getaway together always works. It’s so cheap to travel to many places now. And besides, it could save your relationship. When you’re in a new place and new environment, you tend to learn new things about each other that you never knew.

Relationships also go stale if couples spend too much time together. Stop being so possessive and give each other some space.
Most guys I know have big aspirations when it comes to building their career or achieving some life-long dreams. Pursuing these dreams require what we call “man time”.

Girls are not allowed during “man time”. But give your guy some “man time” to pursue his personal goals and trust me, he’ll appreciate it and in return reward you with some “sexy time”.
Meanwhile, learn a new skill or pick up a hobby yourself. Can’t possibly leave yourself out of the rat race too right?

But above all else, there’s nothing more important than telling your guy (or girl) “I love you”. Constantly.
It’s incredible how these three simple words get taken for granted so quick into a relationship. Us guys are especially to blame, because we think that words like these are not really neccessary since it’s understood.
Hey, even I used to think that way in my previous relationship.

And then I broke up.
A friend of mine once told me that the ‘spark’ in a relationship could only remain alive if you put in the effort.
Without effort, without sincerity, without care, there is nothing.
I couldn’t agree more.
Of course, there are thousands of other ways couples keep the sparks and romance in their relationship alive. Nicole has some tips for the guys too.
What have you or your partner done to keep the sparks alive in a long-term relationship?

Tell me your tales and I’ll reward the best male and female commenters each a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Contest ends 12:01am 8th November. Thanks to HUGO XY for him and HUGO XX for her – Harmony is Overrated.

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Why Do Men And Women Need Each Other?

Men need women, but sometimes I’m afraid that women dont need men as much anymore.

With the advancement of technology and the changing mindsets of society, I am sometimes quite afraid that girls do not actually need guys anymore.
In the past, women are mostly confined to the kitchen while they depend on their hubbies bringing home food and money to feed their children. That was last time.

Now, a lot more women I know are graduating with good grades and securing high-paying jobs. In many cases, women are now very much self-sufficient do not need to rely on men for cash anymore.
At the same time, flip through any papers and you’ll read news on technology coming up with interesting ways for women to replace the traditional needs they require of men. Reproduction is replaced with IVF, sex is replaced with dildos, and companionship is replaced with pet dogs.

“Who needs men when you could have a pet sausage dog?”

All these led me to believe that maybe in the years to come, women might actually not need men anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, I like a smart, independent and self-sufficient woman any time. But I was demoralised when I read what Nicole wrote on her blog, because she pretty much suggested that the only reason why women needed men now are for “entertainment purposes”.
ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. That is how insignificant our role is right now!

Why are you doing this to me.

So it’s slowly becoming clear that girls don’t need guys that much. But the sad thing is, the same cannot be said for us guys. In fact, guys still NEED girls in a lot of things.
The obvious one is sex. Blow-up dolls just wouldn’t cut it.

My birthday gift for Su Ann. It’s a tissue box cover. NICE RIGHT?!

We still need girls to bear the fruits of our loins. Babies don’t just drop from the skies. And even if they do, us men can’t milk outselves like a mother could. (Actually we could, but let’s not go there)
We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.

More than anything, guys need girls to be their companion, to show them admiration and to tell them how awesome they are. Don’t laugh, ok! I’m serious. Men will DIE if girls don’t feed our ego.
We need to know that we are the hero in our women’s eyes.
Which is why as much as I applaud the feminist movement and how women are being treated more equally now in the modern world, I still fear that our roles as men in women’s lives are diminishing.

Perhaps men’s biggest need of all, is that we need to be needed.
Nicole thinks women still need guys, but do you all agree or not? All you feminists out there better comment!

Best male and female commenters stand a chance to win a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her, thanks to our sponsors. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends 12:01am 5th November.

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