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  • 12 Years
    hi kenny! just started reading your blog few days back, and couldnt help myself tracing each and every blog you've written dated back to when you started off. your dad shall be very proud of you from where your were to where you are as of today. The progress and...

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  • 11 Years
    Just stating thanks will never just be adequate, for the fantastic lucidity in your composing....

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  • ADV: Put Your Face on an Ad, Get Paid
    wah..730am 3pm ad stil 90 comment? wht happen to the popular kennysia la??...

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  • ADV: Duty Of A Child
    well done kenny. what goes ard comes ard... I am sure you will have good karma. send my regards to ur friend's mum. hope she gets well soon....

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  • Bad Engrish at the Education Expo
    lol aiyak speeling polise in my engred also impeccabel one.. how :(...

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