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  • 15 Things To Do In Macau
    awwwsssomme man..... I wish i could be with you at that time....

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  • The Best of Europe
    I think Italy came up more times than any other country in Europe. I'm glad we've made the right decision to go there for 16 days. It's an amazing experience....

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    Neoh Soon Hueng
  • EO Tour de Malaysia
    Good write up. Anyway, I think it's time to make your blog more RSS friendly. I can't read it from feedly....

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    Cowardly Anonymous Chicken
  • Inside Old Trafford Stadium
    Looking at the tetek we know that's ROOney....

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    Giggly Groo
  • A Letter To Gym Masyarakat
    hey! did you mail out this letter as well? haha i would be irritated if i were you! anyway i'm actually a frequent reader of your blog, but i've never left comments.. just wondering, don't you feel the stress? especially since the readership is so big??...

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