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  • Priorities
    Wow~ So i assume you will choose the 2nd one over an iPhone6 eh~...

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  • ADV: How To Pretend To Be American / British
    Black Friday... some ppl are too much. You know, a few years ago a poor employee was trample to death by the psycho crowds trying to get a good deal.

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  • ADV: Fighting Gallstones With Good Habits
    May i ask.. What happened to your gallstone now? Are u still swearing off oily food? I had gallstone too earlier this year....

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    Angie Lim
  • My Gallbladder
    So because you don't want to cut out something you were apparently 'meant to have in your body otherwise you wouldn't have been born with it' you're going to sacrifice the joy of hanging out with friends over some nice extravagant meals and a few drinks here and there? That's...

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  • Pulling An All-Nighter

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