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  • ADV: Fighting Gallstones With Good Habits
    May i ask.. What happened to your gallstone now? Are u still swearing off oily food? I had gallstone too earlier this year....

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    Angie Lim
  • L.O.V.E.

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  • Hallo, Halong Bay
    1st? hahahaha at ur last pic :P...

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  • Random Amusing Little Things
    OMG THOSE CUSHIONS ARE CUTENESS. I MUST HAVE THEM I MUST HAVE THEM! BUYYY FORRR MEEEEE. Hmm..why 2 pics of each scene? they look SLIGHTLY diff, first one of the street i'm supposing it's to show the haze but the one on spectra?? always pretend to be a newcomer? wouldn't...

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  • Feedback from "Think Happy Thoughts"
    hmm.. how do you know they visit you cause of me..not like they say ARE YOU KIMMIK's FRIENDD?? bleh bleh. you're pretty popular also mah, no meh? otherwise i wouldn't hang out with you. *grin* omg tht dog is SOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. and yes i wanna rub him all over me...

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