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Friday, 03 August 2007

Short Talk:

kennysia.com has outgrown itself once again. Barely 6 months after I switched to VPS hosting, I had to take its servers for yet another upgrade. My webhosting bills now costs me RM500 a month.

That's a crazy amount just to run a personal blog!

WWE Smackdown Summerslam Tour Singapore

This past weekend, the World Wrestling Entertainment came to Singapore and brought along their leaugue of "superstars" and "divas" with them.

I used to be quite a wrestling fanatic back in the golden era of The Rock and Stone Cold. Although now I don't watch wrestling as much as I used to because the storylines are getting increasingly predictable, I must say I still get kick out once in a while out of the man-trash entertainment it provides .

The WWE don't come to South-East Asia very often, so when I found out I grabbed hold of the opportunity and book my flights to Singapore for the show.

Premium Tickets to the event cost me SGD$150 but I got a pretty good seat about twenty rows away from the ring.

Don't be fooled by the word "premium" because they're actually one level below the SGD$350 "Diamond" seats. It's funny how ticketing agencies always use bombastic words like "Diamond" or "Gold" or "Premium" to describe their tickets when in reality everything apart from the first few rows are second-class crap seats.

I arrived at Singapore Indoor Stadium about 10 minutes before the official starting time. By then, there were such a huge line of people outside wanting to get in that I ended up missing the start of the first match.

The queue actually went from the front entrance alllllll the way to the other side of the stadium. I was already bouncing impatiently when I heard Chris Masters' theme music playing, but the line was still moving so slow in a lemming-like fashion.

Props to the Singaporeans for being so orderly. You won't get something like this back home for sure.

Everyone would be all pushing one another like barbarians and the RELA people would be screaming their heads off.

Despite being late, I still stopped by the merchandise counter and got myself a Summerslam Tour T-shirt (SGD$35) and a Tour booklet (SGD$25) as souvenirs.

I then settled down at my seat at the Premium box to watch my first live WWE match in four years.

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair Vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

Chris Masters is this much younger wrestler going up against Ric Flair, an older veteran who's been around since the times of Bret Hart and Ricky Steamboat.

Chris Masters getting ready to give Ric Flair "The Masterlock"

Ric Flair is 58 years old! The last time I saw him in Perth, he had only just returned to wrestling and I thought no way is this old man gonna last in the WWE for too long. Who would've thought four years later, "The Nature Boy" is still making regular apperances in the ring.

But surely he cannot be called a "BOY" anymore right?

Chris Masters tried to lock Ric Flair with his finishing move, but the old man moved away and instead made Chris Masters tap-out with his famous Figure-4 Leg Lock. The crowd went nuts for that move!

WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino Vs The Major Brothers

Deuce & Domino came out dressed like James Dean to some horrible 80s love song, which sounded kinda out-of-place on a wrestling program. The Major Brothers were so new that I haven't even seen them on TV before.

No one was really into this match. Predictably Deuce & Domino won the match since championships never change hand on untelevised events anyway.

After the show was over, we hung around the car park area where the wrestlers were making their exit. Brian Major was nice enough to stop by and autograph my tour program book.

Michelle McCool Vs Victoria

I always thought the name "Michelle McCool" sounded like some sorta new drink from McDonalds.

Anyway, Michelle McCool came out to cheers and wolf whistles from the appreciative audience. She was wearing long black pants and a white sports bra, proudly showing off her body so fine it could make all the fat girls commit suicide three times over.

Victoria, the more ruthless of the two divas, followed next. At one point, each "diva" took turns standing on the turnbuckle to see who could get the most cheers out from the crowd.

Michelle was clearly winning by a large margin, which irritated Victoria to the point where she stomped up to her turnbuckle... but tripped and fell flat to the ground unceremoniously. That got a few chuckles out from the crowd.

Even the referee was terrified by the ladies

The match was quite brutal for a women's match.

I was actually quite into this match myself, but some of the horny crowd members were chanting "We want puppies!"

I don't think they meant dogs.

Victoria was womanhandling her opponent at first, but the tide eventually turned and Michelle McCool emerged victorious in the battle of the silicones.

Michelle McCool was another one who entertained the fans backstage after the show.

Elijah Burke Vs Stevie Richards

Next up was a match between ECW wrestlers Elijah Burke and Stevie Richards.

ECW used to be a another brand other than WWE and WCW. The matches in ECW those days were famous for being very violent thanks to the heavy use of weapons like tables and barbwires.

After the WWE bought ECW over, they completely screwed it up by taking away the hardcore matches and left us with stupid matches like Elijah Burke vs Stevie Richards.

Coming up... Elijah eats boots

I didn't care about this match but I must admit Elijah Burke was pretty funny.

He spent a lot of time trying to get the audience "to shut yo mouth!"

The guy was getting so annoyed by the crowd booing him that he didn't wanna start the match for a good ten minutes and at one stage threatened to walked out, which made the crowd boo for him EVEN MORE.


Elijah Burke dominated most of the match and not surprisingly, won it by cheating.

Finlay Vs Kane

This was easily the most entertaining match of the entire night.

Irish tough guy Finlay came out to a good crowd reaction, mainly because he was the first big star to come out since Ric Flair.

But when Kane's music came out the crowd absolutely blew the roof of the stadium off!

Even from afar, The Big Red Machine looked intimidating with his imposing figure stomping slowly to the ring.

The crowd was firmly behind Kane throughout the match. One guy from the audience even yelled, "Eh BOTAK! Faster chokeslam him lah!"

The match was back and forth, but as Kane was setting up for his finisher, Finlay's leprechaun Hornswoggle suddenly appeared from under the ring.

Immediately the crowd erupted into cheers! It doesn't matter that Finlay was supposed to be the bad guy. Everyone can't help but to cheer for his little midget sidekick.

Hornswoggle distracted the referee enough for Finlay to knock Kane down with his Irish weapon.

But not so fast! Just like his half-brother The Undertaker, Kane sat right up like that didn't hurt him at all. Finlay and Hornswoggle froze in shock.

Here's where the funniest moment of the evening happened.

After Kane threw Finlay out the ring, Hornswoggle found himself standing face-to-face with a very angry seven foot monster.

Rather than running away like a scared pussycat, the midget remained in the ring and challenged Kane to a fight.

Even putting his green hat on Kane's bald little head...


If that's not the funniest scene I've seen so far in professional wrestling, I don't know what is!

Needless to say, he didn't succeed and Kane swatted him off like housefly.

Kane then showed him how its done by planting a big chokeslam on his boss for the win, much to the crowd's approval.

There's a short intermission at this point and I changed into my Summerslam Tour T-shirt. By this the crowd had flooded the merchandise store and bought every single thing they had available.

When we resumed, ECW returned again with...

ECW Champion John Morrison Vs Tommy Dreamer

John Morrison looked great on TV and even better in person

John Morrison got on the mike and introduced himself as "the new face of extreme". The guy was parading around like a snob, getting heat from the audience.

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer didn't like that one bit and whacked him senseless, at one point even wearing his opponent's fur coat and imitating him swaggering around. The crowd loved it!

Sometimes, men put their hands around another man's crotch real tight

Everyone was rooting for Tommy Dreamer, but John Morrison pulled off some spectacular moves and got the win with his finisher.

I actually got a good 1GB of video from the event of the wrestlers doing some really cool moves but I'm not sure if I had enough time to edit them and post them up.

Chavo Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio

I kinda feel sorry for Chavo Guerrero. He's a great guy and never ignore his fans. But within a span of two years, he lost both his uncle Eddie Guerrero and best friend Chris Benoit.

In this match, he's going up against family friend and former World Champion Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio showed up on the ramp the crowd went absolutely ballistics!

This was actually our first Mysterio match in a very long time. He hasn't been on TV since suffering from an injury some months ago, but the little Mexican fella looked to be great shape and didn't seem like he has lost a step in the ring.

Something amusing happened during this match.

Apparently. the technical guys forgot to switch off a glaring spotlight during the match, and that affected all of us sitting in my section because we couldn't see.

Everyone in my section started a chant to tell the technical crew to turn off the lights. But because we're in Singapore, instead of chanting in proper English to "turn off the lights", we shouted in our most Singlish accent ever...


The chant actually got so loud, Chavo Guerrero stopped wrestling for a while to listen, probably wondering what the hell "off the light" meant.

He thought it was some kinda Singaporean swear word! :P

This was the easily most fast-paced match of the evening and there were a lot of high-flying action everywhere.

When Rey Mysterio finally hit Chavo Guerrero so hard he dangled dazed on the ropes, the crowd (including me) went absolutely bonkers. It was time for his 619 finisher and the returning hero did it beautifully to claim his win.

Batista Vs World Champion The Great Khali

This was supposedly the final match and main event of our night. Coincidentally, it was also the main event of the upcoming WWE Summerslam show.

Muscle man Batista made his presence felt in front of the Singaporean crowd who gave him a thunderous standing ovation.

That guy is built like a TANK. His biceps are bigger than my head and his chest larger than Tara Reid's.

Kinda strange to see a half-Filipino wrestling an Indian for a WWE main event

Next came the Smackdown World Champion The Great Khali, who is WWE's giant-sized wrestler from India.

That's good enough for one member of the audience to yell out "Eh Khali! Murtabak satu!"

Singaporeans, I tell you.

"The Animal" Batista did everything he could to knock Khali off his feet, but the giant didn't react much except raising his two arms and roar.

When The Great Khali was finally brought down to the mat, Finlay suddenly interfered and attacked Batista, causing the match to end in a disqualification.

MASSIVE boos from the crowd!

Kane then rushed into to the ring and even up the odds. The good guys cleared the ring and the baddies retreated back up the ramp.

This led to Batista issuing a tag-team challenge to The Great Khali and Finlay. He said, "Khali! If you do not accept my challenge. That means you're a CHICKEN!"

That was when the Singaporean crowd came up with the BEST CHANT of the whole night.


Only in Singapore, I tell you.

The Great Khali & Finlay Vs Batista & Kane

The match was pretty standard with the good guys having the upperhand, right up to when Hornswoggle made another appearance.

This time round, Kane and Batista picked up the little bastard and and instead, used him as a MIDGET BATTERING RAM.

The crowd was loving this! After they had enough fun, the good guys decided to end the match the old-fashioned way.

First they put away The Great Khali with a massive double chokeslam.

As for Finlay, let's just say uhh... Batista decided to handle him in his own "special" way.

Hmmm... *sniff* *sniff*

No wonder they said wrestling was homo.

That's the gayest shit in the history of gay!



seems not many top stars came for the event. Nice review Kenny.


-_-" lame


khali chicken...wahahaha :D


it's been some time, kenny. great post, got a good laugh out of me. kenny for WWE champion, yeah!


我以前也是 WWE 迷,但后来发现太戏剧化便不看了。
Chris Benoit 的事应该也造成一点影响。

Well, I stopped watching WWE few years back when I found it's too dramatic.


i prefer the WWF era. electrifying!


wow. baptista and kane are good guys? i tot they are the bad ones....can't blame me..too many years since I last watch it




woaa... how you can enjoy the match and still manage to snap so many pictures at the same time. You watch the match from your camera screen ah?? LOL


haha that's really funny... nice one kenny


OMG ! power sial !

khali chicken = curry chicken !

that's is like so cute man !


Off the light and khali chicken, hahaha. I don't even like WWE but this post was so entertaining!


walau, the q so long. why so little girls photos?


good photos :) May I know u taken using ur Sony T-series or ur Nikon DSLR?


i used to be a crazy wwe fanatic but when i grow older(current20) i feel it looks so lame becoz everything is "acting"

anyway, good post. i wish i could really go to there and watch it in live. i believed it will be a different feeling, and most important is get to see those divas....so sexy

maybe i can get ONS with them:)


chokeslam? do they have choke the chicken?? lol


Hahah! nice shots!


no offence but you don't make a very good WWE commentator...


Kenny , if you liked this kind of thing so much, then you should watch UFC or PRIDE. At least, they are not like professional wrestling where everything is 'written' and 'acted'.


Kenny how did you manage to take such good and steady shots from afar? You must have used a tripod or it's a really good camera! :)


Hey Kenny,

The Irish weapon is called a "Shillelagh", pronounced, "Sha-la-Ly".

- D


yeah same, i don't like wrestling but this post is damn entertaining. lol



i laughed so loud i get weird stares from the colleague next cubicle! *blush*

*psst* ur blog is entertaining! keep it up!


Didn't bother to attend the show because I felt it wasn't worth any amount of money, but it was good to see your pictures!

Thanks for the post!


I have to admit I am a girl who don't watch WWE but Kenny dear, after reading your post, wrestling sound interesting what more to say, entertaining. geee!! ;)


haha this sounds like a cool summerslam tour with the big names of both smackdown and ecw.


KHALI CHICKEN.........priceless!!!

Love to watch WWE back during WWF era...The Rock, Triple H, Stonecold, Undertaker, Cactus Jack, Hardy Boys, Rikishi, etc...Too bad John Cena wasn't there...I'd love to go and watch live wan though...


That is interesting, never expected WWE would tour in Singapore.


R-rated..... not suitable for children.


who's dat man behind the massssk!!

rey rey rey mysterio!!


Hey Kenny, funny stuff - but you do know it's all fake / acting, right? :)


NIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiCe. i lIKE!


I only know about half those wrestlers. I really miss the guys from 5-10 years ago like The Rock and Jericho.

"Off the Light," bwahahaha.


I stopped watching wrestling when i learned it was all acting. The stunts are impressive though. Kinda like an art. But yeah, the monotonous story line makes the whole scene lame nowadays. Where's the surprise when you can see it coming a mile away? The script has been recycled ove and over again. I guess that's how they sustain the entertainment for many generations to come.

Though I don't watch wrestling anymore, some of my friends and family still religiously talk about it and dish out play by play reviews. From the twisted plots right to the mighty smackdown, the fans stand strong and feed on the raw action.

And boy, aren't you a happy and satisfied fan.


u get so excited when u talk about wwe... haha, boys stuff~~~


Lol... this post is interesting... And the last photo really funny... haha....


haha!!!!!!!!! gayest sport!!!! lol. but then the picture was pretty misleading.

Khali Chicken!!!


whatever happened to the 2 skinny Japanese guys in wwf back then? scottie 2 hottie? rikishi? hardy boys? the dudley boys? x-pac and the dogg guy? gosh and shawn michael too! and the mcmahon family!

what happened to triple H? all these were my all-time favourites!


singaporeans like curry chicken whaat..! haha..
and singaporeans like food so much still got shout murtabak! what did that fella mean by shouting "murtabak satu"?


I love watching girls fight!
but ur so lucky!!!! I've been dreaming for WWE to come over to Adelaide!not tat it ever happens!


wah nice post. although i dun watch wrestling anymore i enjoyed readin tis post


Isn't wrestling an act?

Not really into stuff like this but hey, you got me reading your entire post. Nice work. (;


actually, i thought someone else'd comment on this before me.. but the term "midget" is actually an insulting way to call a "little person" or a dwarf... maybe you should alter the word you'd use to call the little person in this post. =)


i don't like wrestling


The last pic..



LMAO... khali chicken !!! nice post kenny...really funny...


woah. cooooool~


Kenny, you ROCK! Nice post.


ahaa..curry chicken in malaysia~

hope I'd have a chance to watch live oe day too~

with the rock!(eyebrowser)


wow, that is pretty cool to watch it "live". My boy will surely be impressed!


ok. i die 3 times reading your post.


boring entry apart from the "khali chicken" part.


awesome pics man.. i must say.. pretty awesome post well.. lol.. u just narrated the whole event..


Khali chicken??Sounds like Curry Chicken...lolzz..=p


it's been quite a long while since i've stopped watching WWE(some gals also watch this d ok..=p),the whole thing is like so made up and this was the reason why i've stopped.anywayz,luckily i can still recognize most of the wrestlers from your picture.nice review btw.and Khali Chicken is soooo darn funny.hahaha!


LOL..didn't c u anywhere. I won 4 Gold seats tickets and took my family there.

When the crowd shouted "Khali Chicken" they actually meant "Curry Chicken!"

Hahahahahaha. Really enjoyed my trip there!


WWE Diva Victoria posted the following on her MySpace blog yesterday:

"So I was on the WWE Asia/Australia Tour. We fly from California to Bangkok, perform in Bangkok, then fly to Singapore. As I'm going through customs to get into Singapore, my purse goes through the x-ray machine. The security guy tells me they have to look through my bag. I didn't see anyone else get stopped, so I figured nothing good was coming out of this. A couple other security people come over.

They pull a bullet shell casing out of my purse. Let me explain that. I think I mentioned a few months back that my uncle passed away when I was in Europe. I didn't get to go to the funeral, and because he had a lengthy career in the U.S. Air Force, they gave him a 21 gun salute at his funeral. My brother collected the spent shell casings from the salute and had them engraved with his name and the date he passed. I appreciated that, and I keep it with me.

Well Singapore Airport security wants to know why I have a spent bullet in my purse. They pull me aside, and pretty soon, police officers come up with some kind of investigator. Meanwhile WWE office folk realize that something fishy is going on, so they step aside with me. The investigator questioned me for a while. They really asked me the same questions over and over. The whole deal took about 30 minutes.

Everyone was very polite, and I absolutely understand they have a reason to be cautious, but the whole thing was quite surreal. They ended up confiscating the shell casing, which I hope WWE can get back from the Singapore government, and sending me on my way."


pretty detailed description... sure to one entertainment night in singapore


Tat was hilarious and v Singaporean audience. :)


This is your longest entry ever....


pity diva victoria


What can I say? Its just another great and funny post to read. I am not a WWE fans at all but I had fun reading it. You are good!


Off the light! Off the light!
Guerrero probably thought the audiences are asking him to knock out his opponent as in 'knock the light out of him'.
But I bet the whole WWE team is still confused about Khali Chicken.


hello kenny! i'm the one who said hello to you at citylink mall and you were initially stunned but yeah. ahha. glad you had fun on your trip here :D

should've taken a picture w you though. darn!


it's spelt as league. =D

and great post. i loved the funny remarks from the audience. guess that's how you enjoy local flavour. too bad the wrestlers probably didn't catch much of the humor in them


u r one lucky shit who can see wwe.... sigh
when is my turn


kenny, really great post ther dude!! maybe u should cover d whole Olympic thing in Beijing next year n blog thru... that way who will need a TV anyway?


yea.. WWF 6 years ago with The Rock, Stone Cold,Steve Blackman and Mankind used to be really cool haha.
cage matchs, backstage were really entertaining ^^


Ah, i dont understand...too lazy to read about kicking and punching actually.hehehe.


Cool pics,kenny.

I was there too. check out the pics here:

and on my blog:


That looked awesome, I wish I could have been there. Great seats.


Wow. Long post. Must say I'm impressed with all the names. They all look the same to me though.. =p


My mom loves watching those woman pulling each other hair out.Wahaha!


the golden age of wrestling, imo, is Bret the Hitman Hart, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, British Bulldog, Jake the Snake Roberts, Undertaker (the way he was meant to be) w/ the paul bearer, Lex Luger, Diesal, Shawn Michaels (and The Rockers), Legion of Doom, Hacksaw Jim Duggen, The Bushwackers, Yokozuna, Virgil, Million Dollar Man, Big Boss Man, Doink.. omg.. brings back memories does it?


and how could i forget Macho Man Randy Savage? ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh.. lol


OMG dat was owesome! hey post some vids! am a big fan of WWE! ey where was CENA?


Hehe Kenneth T, you forgot THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!


omg im SO jealous.

i love rey mysterio.


geez ~ those people look plasticly gay ! swt ~ !


hahaha....yea..i like the khali chicken so much...singaporean r damn creative....=)

even the famous the big red machine oso can be known as botak..=p


Ric Flair to OLD to wrestle. I hate Ric


too fake...dun like wrestling




oways tot WWE too fake for me....but yeah,they do look too gay man.


yeah.. last tme when they were in Msia (the time THE ROCK still "available") i was there too :D nice show indeed.. :D


I don't know if I'm supposed to feel this way, but this entry made me feel proud to be Singaporean.

The murtabak and the khali chicken? Priceless, man.


freaking funny narration.


cool like idiot




oh god kenny...you really made my day...had me laughin crazily wee hours in the mornin..."khali chicken"..."murtabak satu"..yeah my very singaporean...


John Cena,Baptista, Kane Undertaker,Mysterior andBob Lashly i love you guys. you are wonderfull.

long live.


i was there n i was shouting khali chicken! n it was my bdae. it was a blast. i was wf my bf, who ot de premium tixs as a bdae gift. best bdae eva.


Because they are on tour, they will make a good happy ending esually of the winning results for face characters, however I still cherish the era of The Rock and Stone Cold, and a lil bit later Goldberg and Brock Lesnar..


I was there. Awesome event. Nice blog entry by the way.


Posted by a chicken with no name? LOL


MANA JOHN CENA? no wonder he always say "you can't see me". Saya memang tak dapat nampak dia.


eh A.Man.La! this is SMACKDOWN lah! John Cena's in RAW..


I was at the Silver seat but it was upgraded so I can move forward. Had to rush as people were grabbing the front seats.

People keep shouting Curry Chicken lol.
one guy shout "Fuck you Mr.Green"




whoa i was such a huge fans of WWE last time

i bought themagazines da poster da DVD and many many

but i love LITa so mcuh


when is the next wwe show in singapore


Pity I wasn't a wwe fan back then.
If I were a wwe fan I WOULD have gone man...


How much is the VERY FRONT seats?

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