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Friday, 01 April 2005

Oh Dear, What Have I Done?

And with that one single entry, I've booked myself a one-way ticket to eternal crapdoom. The horror!

Well, there goes my reputation...
My reputation

Goodbye my friend, I shall miss you!

Heh, you guys RULE!

minishorts called it "the BEST APRIL FOOL’S PRANK in blogging history." Dr Liew called it the "Best April Fool Post 2005". (Am I starting to sound like that voice we hear in movie trailers all the time?)

At least everyone had a good laugh about it. And that's good, right? Instead of pulling a prank on some innocent dude, hurting his feelings then blaming him for getting upset on April Fool's - we're all here laughing at my hairy legs.

Gee, I never knew the jungle on my legs could bring people together! :) Something to tell my grandchildren about when I grow old.

Silly, silly me!

*Kenny makes a mental note to never turn up to any future Bloggers' Meet*



Your toilet bowl very damn clean woh, Kenny! :D Haha! Did u purposely scrub it before you flush your reputation down the drain?


hey, i thought it was funny and novel...the april's fool post. it took a lot of guts to post that, my hat's off to you.

p/s - this photo is very creative as well, wish i had thought of it first (this is the highest compliment coming from me :)).


In fact, I photoshopped the strands of pubic hair off the bowl. You wanna see the original picture?


Wats wit the Numanuma recently?!

Wasnt it centuries ago?! =P

Anyways, check tis out:

Local version of the numanuma. ;) ;)


reputation down the toilet for that? where got?


you're good. i'm plugging you in. welcome to the blogosphere, dear... we'll see a lot more of you in the future i think.


Tell him to enter the Matrix first lar.....hehehe........entrance it the same toilet seat.... hehehehe ;0


HB, coming from you that's indeed high praise. Thanks and thank you again for having a sense of humour allowing me to do a parody.!

Allysa, that's the MMU version! Yea I know, I love it!

kljs, well, i'll be sure *not* to wear shorts when I go out next time.

minishorts, whoa! thanks for the welcome. I feel so damn honoured here lah. Like this is some induction ceremony. :D


Hey Dude, in 10 years...



Great April Fool's pin up!! Gee Kenny, this is one blog I've to take my cap off!! Go Kenny go, Kenny go!


come on and fight like a man !

let's see whose legs are more hairy ???

I bet my forest can beat you forest anytime ..

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